Nico Hulkenberg's Super Sub Race | 2020 Eifel Grand Prix 

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Nico Hulkenberg was a late replacement for Lance Stroll at the Nurburgring - watch him storm to a P8 finish after starting from the back of the grid!
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Elvin Alegria
Elvin Alegria 7 órája
amazing nico!
ahmad Essam
ahmad Essam 14 órája
the song choice is fire!!!! totally intentional 😂😂
André Garage
André Garage 14 órája
This guy is a. legend
Oriol 15 órája
The real heroe of the race!
Juliancito 19 órája
Nico, Lance is richer than you, can you confirm you understood the message?
AppleLauda Napja
R.I.P Hülkenberg Podium
Raketen Kim
So schade hat er keinen Vertrag.Besser als viele Fahrer die jetzt drin sind
Rafi Fajrul
nice hulk
Junio Queiroz
Step outside and leave it to the expert
Erwin de Gruil
Hulk is one of the most likeable drivers and is there when needed. He deserves a seat next year and I hope next to Max in a RB. A pairing of old and young (age wise, not necessarily experience) might bring just that what is needed.
ArmAMajor Napja
I hope he will do well in the RB17 next year.
Blue Steel
Blue Steel Napja
Give this man a seat ffs, what are people doing?! He clearly a top driver? Very professional, and a team player. You you call me on a thur morning to drive, i would go straight back to bed. Must be crazy, he got no sleep, no full training and still delivers.
LN G Napja
But Lance Stroll is way better.
JP Teh
JP Teh Napja
Pure class
Sandy X
Sandy X Napja
Renault replacing Hulk with Ocon is the one of the biggest screwups in my opinion.. I believe Cyril did to save his own job.
Abhishek Kashyap
Get Hulk Red Bull
mayvb49 2 napja
I personally think Hulkenberg's race is how Winkelhock's race would have gone if he hadn't had problems with the car
Ahmad Ainun Najib
WCGW: Hulk joins Merc coz Ham is retired 😂😂😂
Ivan 2 napja
Hulk to mercedes instead of bottas. Cmon!!
Jason Mames
Jason Mames 2 napja
You have to give Nico the respect he deserves 💪
Vetri Forward
Vetri Forward 2 napja
Please come back to F1 bro
Dimitare Nedeltchev
How this guy is not a full time F1 driver is beyond me! Politics and money I guess?
Simone Costi
Simone Costi 3 napja
Give this man a f----ng car, for god's sake
Adriel Tampubolon
Hulk is the best Wild Card..
Tejas Manoj
Tejas Manoj 3 napja
RP:We’ve a hulk😅😀😃
Squadex 3 napja
He needs a seat
Άκης Μυκονιάτης
Another proof if not the ULTIMATE that this man deserves not just an F1 seat but also a competitive car !! Wish Red Bull take him for 2021 ... It will be sorry for Albon indeed but justice for Hulk finally 🙏🙏
Alex Axel
Alex Axel 3 napja
Why dont you make a button "driver of the century"
Janson L
Janson L 3 napja
Nico may have no Podiums, but he is Consistent. And Consistency is the Key to win. Thats why Top Teams should get him
Caner Altiparmak
Does anyone knows the name of the song when nico was racing?
Phil Coonan
Phil Coonan 4 napja
Red bull sign him. Albon can't handle it
DeLmo 4 napja
Demir 4 napja
overrated driver
TJ Bledsoe
TJ Bledsoe 4 napja
Hulk should have a drive...He shows up at a moments notice and brings results! BRING BACK THE HULK!
Sta99er 4 napja
Feels like racing point literally have 3 actively racing drivers
Nikhil Naik
Nikhil Naik 4 napja
Circus packing up . Coolest guy in f1
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 4 napja
Nico deserves a seat.
Leman Chance
Leman Chance 4 napja
Hulkenberg: They praise me SO HARD
HULK the boss
james pisano
james pisano 4 napja
Fun race. Amazing result for Nico!
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk 4 napja
Nico Hulkenberg the SuperSub! Long Live the Hulk! ♥️🍎🕯
Gelson Mwale
Gelson Mwale 4 napja
The Hulk!
Robbie Sampson
So humble with what he did on track . If F1 has any humility this guy should be in a top drive next year .Well done Nico such a talent
Dennis Gutknecht
Hülk never had a podium since now? Tell me the next joke...
P. Sethia
P. Sethia 4 napja
legendary drive
I want him back so much!!!
Sub Rung
Sub Rung 4 napja
one of My fav driver in few drivers list i like. Bad luck he never get top cars otherwise....
Jorno Gering
Jorno Gering 4 napja
He should be the next teammate of Verstappen
Lars JJ
Lars JJ 4 napja
When putting the game back to normal when struggling with hard...
Optimus Platinium
"if u need help, call me"- Hulk
Khizar Shabir
Khizar Shabir 4 napja
A brave drive indeed...
HEMz Pats
HEMz Pats 4 napja
Just make him Racing Point reserve driver now cmon
telefono movil
farmafan w
farmafan w 4 napja
I really hope he gets a podium some day
Amjath Barakathulla
He went from Bruce Banner to HULK mode overnight!
piano0b 5 napja
very impressive, hopefully he'll return someday!
Mirza Belaiyong
he is like some genius guy came late into class and quickly score the topic.
Yashwanth Kumar
Lewis may won the race, but Nico won the hearts!!!!
Yashwanth Kumar
Morris Strauch
giuseppe rosellini
StuntcatTV 5 napja
What a Boss. Badass move.
Lappin 5 napja
what a champion of a guy.... deserves a podium
juan nevarez
juan nevarez 5 napja
Give this man a seat please
Live Life Exotic
GIVE HIM THE SEAT! Hulk and Seb! Power house.
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander 5 napja
Nico and sergio to Haas confirmed. Also f1. Keep pumping out the amazing content. Ur the best
Nazia Vicente
Nazia Vicente 5 napja
He is the man 💞💞💞💞💞
Marko Zivanovic
This guy needs to be in a top team.
Reginaldo Ferreira Campos
UBERBERG. You call, i driving!
Ben Huot
Ben Huot 5 napja
Stroll is out and Hulk is IN, did you read the news? What was the sickness of Lance, no one knows... :-)
Dino D
Dino D 5 napja
He said no practice, he just didn't tell you he practiced on the Autobahn on the way to the track.
Ruel Apas
Ruel Apas 5 napja
This guy rocks!!! The HULK!! ❤️ from 🇵🇭
Michael B
Michael B 5 napja
Hulk is a BADASS!!!
Grant Ramm
Grant Ramm 5 napja
Just take a look at those likes. Respect. 👍
JoJo 5 napja
He needs a seat in 2021!
G Tanz
G Tanz 5 napja
Why doesn't he have a permanent drive
Blerk350z 5 napja
Red Bull needs to pick him up for next season! Or at least somebody does
Davie Man
Davie Man 5 napja
What a drive and what a driver. Unbelievable that he does not have a race seat this year.
XenonSlayer 5 napja
this guy has more points than the bottom 3 teams combined...
Shikiouji 5 napja
this is such an awesome way to highlight a driver..
My English is Broke
Roshan Jay
Roshan Jay 5 napja
Hulk deserves to be on the grid next year
Vinícius F. Monteiro
Was he adressing the fans or the F1 circus at the end when he goes "F1, you rock and SEE YOU AROUND" ?
daryll Hattingh
Great drive
Pierre Dole
Pierre Dole 5 napja
Hulk is The Driver of the Season.
David S
David S 5 napja
questions...did he pay for the ride...or did he get paid?
ShinyChillax 097
We need a Duo germany team 2021 🧐
Gavin St Cyr
Gavin St Cyr 5 napja
You know this video really gives some power to the inverted start from your championship position. I mean if Niko can start from last and get to p8, max should easily be able to chew through the field.
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith 5 napja
A este pibe le veo futuro.....😄😄😄😄😄😄
R kailaash
R kailaash 5 napja
What opening song is this?
Main Game
Main Game 5 napja
At 3:16 Nico can streamed F1 paddock to his IG (even used by F1 Official in this video), but Lando's twitch stream (in his room!) had to be stopped? Was it F1's doing or McLaren's decision? Anyway. Congrats, Nico. Nice job on the Eifel GP. Hope you stay racing in F1
brixxer99 5 napja
I have the feeling... This whole Hulkenberg thing ends in a Happy End... ***Go Hulk!!!***
Ayush Kawale
Ayush Kawale 5 napja
How is hulkenberg getting paid for one race?
Alexandre Trépanier
I love Hulkenberg, I hope he comes back next year
tyc00n 5 napja
f1 should form a team for people like hulkenberg so much deserving a seat but a without one
Marco Perelli
Marco Perelli 5 napja
diamo un macchina con la m maiuscola al nostro nico
Hydrus Noir
Hydrus Noir 5 napja
What a f"*king beast of a man!!!! The incredible Hulk!!
Newbie Sim Racer
Could have been P3 & P4 for Renault....oh well...
Aswin BUC
Aswin BUC 5 napja
Renault are literally regretting their decision.If ocon doesnt improve then gasly will go to renault in 2022
dnizzle18 5 napja
plenty of tire smoke/lock ups
pier6114 5 napja
If Hulk doesn’t get a seat for 2021... it’s only nonsense! Hulk in 2021 !
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