Nothing else is even close - Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor 

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Thanks to Samsung for sponsoring today's video! Check out the Odyssey G9 Monitor at bit.ly/3f6zvV3 or the rest of the Odyssey Line Up at bit.ly/38ym11E
The Samsung G9 Odyssey is something exciting, and currently, nothing comes anywhere close to the performance, looks, and even future-proofing
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2020.júl. 9.






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Lokesh Thakur
if you close your eyes you will hear michael from the office doing the review.
Melodias 2 napja
Imagine Linus watching this back hearing him self that Intel is faster in cs go from a review about less then a year ago.
Melodias 2 napja
Cant you just connect 2 display port cables to run it without compression at 240hz ?
Jay Mayuga
Jay Mayuga 4 napja
1000mm not cm
R.E. Brunner
R.E. Brunner 4 napja
OK...brilliant video..And i mean it so. Thumbs up! But....... 1.000 cm will be 10 m... "1.000r" stands for 1.000 millimeters of radius.(1m) I´m in love with the G9. I had ordered it for "Red Death Redemption 2 and other games like that... Will get it at third of may, 2021.
Mystoganz tv
Mystoganz tv 4 napja
Guys anyone having troubles with 240hz???? i dont see it in w10... i think isd working at 120hz. Whats goingh on? Help
Felipe Calani
Felipe Calani 4 napja
1:55 wow... fear.
kaimangz 7 napja
I just purchased this monitor for my new chassis it has Ryzen 9 5900x and a Radeon RX 6900 xt G card and am totally excited, but I have a question. Does this monitor have a included DP 1.4 cable in the box or do you have to buy one?
ananke kashada
could not LISTEN to this guy....that VOICE omfg.
DeadInSide 8 napja
Note: this is the most expensive version of this monitor there are cheaper options for it
BeeTS 9 napja
????? 1000cm =1 m, wtf. 100 cm is 1m
Bulldoza 10 napja
now try a triple monitor setup with those monitors
Aditya Shandilya
It is very small for my online classes .
NoXim FN
NoXim FN 14 napja
1000 centimeters is 10 meters m8
tydfil 15 napja
"1000CM! 1 METER!!" who added 900CM to a meter? it was 100CM to a meter when i went to school.
J M 15 napja
Lol, reach around.
Itz me solid
Itz me solid 16 napja
Which gaming monitor up to 450€ for xbox series x would you currently recommend? Many thx mate
kolakatten The fat squirrel
Linus: complains about getting a fps drop to 170. Me running my old pc with Intel i2 duo E8500 at 40 fps on roblox: a drop to 170 fps is not bad at all
heisenburger 17 napja
I don't see any comments on him having the pc setup in his kitchen
Jamisus Void
Jamisus Void 17 napja
As a sim racer i want and need this
ProphetZro2 17 napja
Me who can't even buy a monitor
sipi250 17 napja
can you use this like 2 screens
Alexander Verakanov
Yes, with two display port cables, you can use it as two separate screens.
ali vr
ali vr 18 napja
its a shame that razer doesnt have curved monitor . it would be so cool to have one
Mar B Rapstar
Mar B Rapstar 19 napja
The unboxing is so unsasitifying :3
Thành Nguyễn Công
Thanks for your video !, I've just bought one and im feeling really really satisfied with this screen.
Stephen Porter
Stephen Porter 19 napja
1000r will be be 2000mm in diameter ;)
Ronald Rudolph
Ronald Rudolph 21 napja
You give great reviews. I was wondering if you have a recommendation on a really good 4k monitor for gaming?
Kitty-kat Bang! Bang!
I can’t get CS go to run it black screens on me 😂
Mr Team trees
Mr Team trees 23 napja
So its just a thickkkk g7
ANTHONY 23 napja
This monitor is just ridiculously too wide!
Taigan Chalifour
You really should voice USD and CAD separately as I can't be your only Fellow Canadian Fan, yeah I can check up that this 1600$ USD Monitor is 2000$ CAD but the convenience of you voicing so in the Video would be Greatly Appreciated
WHITE LION 23 napja
G7 32" for me. 💪🏻🤓😎🤓😎🤓👍🏻
SJ M8 23 napja
I dunno seems legit intimidating.
locory locreshin
Wait how many tech channels is Linus on
Syndi 25 napja
I am trying to figure out how I can put a 24 inch monitor on my desk, and this guy's talking about 49. Wow. Just, wow.
Ferbyys the Duck
i'd have a heart attack if i touched that screen with a finger.
awin francis
awin francis 27 napja
i loved that windows wallpaper
Vergil Noone
Vergil Noone 28 napja
Does it come in black thoe?
Manalo K9
Manalo K9 28 napja
Is this still the best option if I'm not a gamer but I do much work in editing and work from home?
Jay M
Jay M 29 napja
Just bought this! I'm returning my Viotek 49" 32:9 5120x1440 cause it was making a weird buzzing sound. This was $400 more, I hope it's worth it.
Kali Ram Boro
Kali Ram Boro 29 napja
Love Form india
Shivanksh99 Hónapja
Linus failed in maths 1000cm is 10m
DjBenny Hónapja
WTF..... #Amazing ... WoW ;)
Pia Justynn
Pia Justynn Hónapja
I absolutely love mine! although there are definitely some things to this about this monitor that one has to know before buying 🧐
Jean Pachon
Jean Pachon Hónapja
The rich hook worryingly thank because existence extraorally permit save a exotic newsprint. heavenly heavy hellish, axiomatic position
Normand Bourque
Normand Bourque Hónapja
Where do you get the drivers for the monitor? i can't find them anywhere.
NAVVA3 Hónapja
we need a review for the new model 2021,once they lunch it ....The Monitor with Quantum MiniLED Technology.. (•_•)
Khal Drogo
Khal Drogo Hónapja
0:26 *Quick Maffs*
Michaels Advertising Digital Company
Hi there find a i5 PC gaming on this link, you can choose Dell or HP brand great price @t
Riza Sagun Plambeck
Hello I wanted to know if the ps5 is Kompatibel with the monitor
Sloan Eisenbart
Sloan Eisenbart Hónapja
try a roku 40" tv... just wondering
Zinix Hónapja
8:33 The Activate Windows is kinda funny
unclepuma Hónapja
Will they ever make ultra wide monitor but keep the height of 32inch monitor... pls someone
Harry Hall
Harry Hall Hónapja
yes absolutely brilliant but there are two models so which one
Le Furret
Le Furret Hónapja
I cant beleve the foot is so thin
Sebastian Hónapja
I think I watch these because there is always a solid possibility he will drop this expensive tech. All the allure of a tech destruction channel except LTT has content worth watching.
Nik Rogul
Nik Rogul Hónapja
No USB-C (thundelbolt), no VESA mount, no built in KVM like in Dell 49. No, thanks.
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Hónapja
Buy more of this monitor and make it into a circle
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Hónapja
Samsung : Lets make the monitor 1400$ Me : let me make my pc for 500$
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Hónapja
“Do you have dual monitor?” “Yes, but actually no.”
Thomas Friedl
Thomas Friedl Hónapja
Stop copying comments
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Hónapja
Wait a minute how do we know this is the real Linus lol
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Hónapja
Me: takes 4 of these and a swivel chair to make the ultimate experience
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Hónapja
Every pc gamer rn: “Imma need this for online school”
Thomas Friedl
Thomas Friedl Hónapja
Stop copying comments
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Hónapja
Imagine Overwatch on this thing.
Sergio De Gregorio
1:54 an inch from falling on the floor! hahaha
Xbox SeriesX
Xbox SeriesX Hónapja
Is the G7 Qled as well?
Brimz Hónapja
Man... and I thought my 34 inch wide screen with 120 hz was good lol
j. mac
j. mac Hónapja
Would a 1050ti support it? It does have dp1.4 or would it struggle ?
Jonasz Łuszpiński
why 3d computer games won't take account for curved screens? too-wide FOV edge stretching should be replaced with correct distortion. Cylindrical projection type
Jonny Fonseca
Jonny Fonseca Hónapja
I want to know if this is going to go natively wide on the ps5 or the new xbox? The ps4 (non pro) only lets me use hdr and force stretch wide. I don’t want to waste my money on a ps5 or new xbox if it doesn’t go 5120x1440 or at least 3840x1440. If you can test them please let me know! I’m seriously considering staying pc but I would get the ps5 only for gran turismo.
Aldhia Kiandra
Aldhia Kiandra Hónapja
thats 1700$
Franky Hernandez
This shit is badass just too big for my preference. I enjoy 27” and 32” ultra wide is max ill go
noomy 663
noomy 663 Hónapja
Whatever comes in a linear shape would bring us a slip for what the latest.
B B Hónapja
Personally I don't like curve monitor.
Space Jam23
Space Jam23 Hónapja
Darn sweet minitor so smooth 😎
73CHD3M0 Hónapja
What about multi-screen comparison? Is it possible to run a game at 2560*1440 (16:9) and still have windows like Discord or Teamspeak open on any other part of this giant? That would be the only downside at the moment that stops me from bying such a monster :)
Peter Burdick
Peter Burdick Hónapja
linus: I excpected rgb in the front the front: a panel of thousands of tiny rgb pixels
spoder man
spoder man Hónapja
Cody 2 hónapja
"Reach around Is Not Feasible" Yeah OK 👌 Linus, We all know you're good for a reach around by now. 🙃🤣😂😅
BreadInYoFace 2 hónapja
There's a Quantum mini led verison out now. It's insane
Uruziel 2 hónapja
6:13 - RELOAD after 1 bullet :D
UTbCanSkMyBawlz 2 hónapja
Wow, CS in 2020????? So proud it was my baby when it first came out. So glad to see it stands the test of time.
UTbCanSkMyBawlz 2 hónapja
for $1,600 , it better sk my dk every morning before I go to work!
Mrgoodatthat 2 hónapja
It doesn’t give me an option for 240hz anywhere
himura128 2 hónapja
1000 cm is 10 m.... right?
Juri 2 hónapja
Hm? It isnt OLED you say? The wait-game goes on.
Eray 2 hónapja
and then only 36cm height... fucking ruined the monitor
John Dave Arguilles
6:48 i thought linus is flexing that he killed 2 bots LOL :)
Theo SL
Theo SL 2 hónapja
gaming in the kitchen
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez 2 hónapja
so no one else concerned with how hard he set it on its face
sufi 2 hónapja
4:59 no words but giberish
riyaz2725142 2 hónapja
Is this monitor good for designers in terms of color accuracy?
Kim R.
Kim R. 2 hónapja
How would this be with the intel core i9 and nvidia GeForce rtx 3090
Kalem Chessor
Kalem Chessor 2 hónapja
when will these finally work in 240hz with the 3000 cards like advertised...... ITS BEEN A YEAR!!??....
we need odyssey gaming mirrors for the infinity core.
ME LIKE CAN WE GET THIS IN 8K ONE DAY. GOD LEVEL GAMING CAN HAPPEN. just hope we can before our grandkids.
bob von
bob von 2 hónapja
Such a shame that it’s still a va panel
uxmax 2 hónapja
Looks awesome. You would never play on this mon fps shooters in a competive way. max 1080p on 25inch or max27 depending on model. Anyway I could imagine any simulation game would be awsome. You dont need that tripplemon setup anymore.
Jim -Jam
Jim -Jam 2 hónapja
I have had this monitor for a couple months and I have been having some issues with it that have only gotten worse. The monitor seems to have no or improper ground shielding. The reason I say this is EVERY SINGLE TIME I get out of my chair the static that creates makes the monitor audibly pop and shut down. It then will not reacquire the video signal and requires you to unplug the display cable and plug it in. It also sometimes happens while I'm sitting down trying to use it if some static gets generated while I'm sitting. From the information i have found online this is a common issue people have been having. This is a
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