Origins of The Silver War (COMPLETE) 

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In 2014 Formula 1 introduces one of the biggest technical changes in the history of the competition, the new V6 Turbo engines. From now cars will be hybrid, combining combustion and electrical energy in the power train. The team which did the best job, adapting their cars to the new regulations was Mercedes. Both drivers of the team, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are the only drivers with chances to win the 2014 Formula 1 championship. Both are friends since many years, when they were childrens, but now they have to fight on track every race to conquer the glory in Formula 1. This is the story of a new rivalry between old friends: Lewis Hamilton vs Nico Rosberg. This the origin of The Silver War.
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FLoz 6 hónapja
WATCH the next part: THE SILVER WAR (F1 2016) 👉 hurun.info/to/vide/f56el4SjzqWOuas.html 👈 Origins of The Silver War take place during the 2014 Formula 1 season. It tells the origins of one of the best rivalries in Formula 1 between old friends: Lewis hamilton vs Nico Rosberg: 📣FANS Da Ju, Ioannis Spanias, Klaas Kramer, Mayhem, Quentin Laroche, Sandeep #teamfloz✊ *Become a Patron and your name will be written in the FAN list ➥ patreon.com/floz
Cavinson Mugaviri
Damians Underpants
It's getting strange seeing them "hugging each other" without masks.
Philip Stephens
Philip Stephens 2 hónapja
Xx xx xx
KILLER ZWEG 2 hónapja
Thank you so much. I really enjoy this.
Sylvain Vessier
Sylvain Vessier 4 hónapja
Isaías CDMX
Isaías CDMX 17 órája
Qué exelentes trabajos haces amigo ojalá tuvieras más suscriptores. 👌
Francesco Esposito
Francesco Esposito 22 órája
46:40 look at that, what a boomer😂
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 22 órája
makes me kinda sad how they were such buddies at the start
acrylup Napja
I mean ... Rosberg played it very dirty very quickly. Hamilton had too much bad luck... But he always played fair with him. That's why I tend to dislike Rosberg, I had so much respect for him before that.
Mister OhCee
Please make a Movie from 2016!
FLoz Napja
I made it! In this video I explain how you can watch it: hurun.info/to/vide/f56el4SjzqWOuas.html
Ali 96
Ali 96 Napja
Way better than Netflix's Hollywood show. Good job man.👍
FLoz Napja
Thank you!!!!
DARK GHOST 6 napja
Nico boos man 😎
Theresa Lavery
Brilliant loved dryed my eyes out Jules but great film
Jazz N' Rock
Jazz N' Rock 10 napja
1:02:06 just look at happy Bottas
Niko Eliyev
Niko Eliyev 10 napja
Rosberg ❤️
kish laungani
kish laungani 10 napja
I must admit i wasnt a huge Nico Rosberg fan at the start of this video, but he was a fantastic driver and an even better person. The will to complete the last race in Abu Dhabi really was the attitude of a champion. Gracious in defeat and took everything that came his way, absolutely brilliant. Great drive by Lewis all year round but must admit not very gracious in defeat.
Jack Dyson
Jack Dyson 10 napja
So easy to forget today, after 7 world titles; both what they mean, and the level of talent Sir Lewis had to overcome to achieve them. Both men, complete gentleman, racers and brilliant drivers.
Renato Bacchi
Renato Bacchi 12 napja
This video is sooo good. You could make your own Drive to Survive and it would be even better!
Jamar Ward
Jamar Ward 13 napja
This is better than bird versus magic This is better than Deion Sanders versus Jerry rice This is better than the yankees versus the Red Sox This is better than Lebron vs MJ. To have witness part of this to see this with my own eyes this has been some of the best competitive motorsports that has ever been able to be seen in human history salute this documentary. Salute Louis Salute Nico Salute Mercedes Salute F1
Luke Blackmore
Luke Blackmore 13 napja
Origins of the silver war 2 Hamilton vs Russell 2022😬
Aryan Barve
Aryan Barve 14 napja
I don’t know why but I guess Nico looks more like a 27 year old lando norris
Bald_Sta·bil 14 napja
Das war absicht....definitiv...
ma man ma homie
ma man ma homie 14 napja
i admire both, sometime nico act kinda cocky, i know he tired after race try to talk a little less cause make it look like he cocky
Hobson McMaster
Hobson McMaster 14 napja
mercedes fine car in p4 okk we need to retire
Keira Harris_20
Keira Harris_20 15 napja
This guy spent an hour on this damnn
A. S.
A. S. 15 napja
11:40 when Lewis starts to explain how he took over Nico on the last lap in Italy, reminding him with the polite voice he was better in that race also, and you Nico couldnt do that today because I am again better driver than you. Such a smart psychology move from Lewis, and also hypocrite.
hiyaaa 15 napja
the amounts of effort to make this video is insane
Riduan Zaini
Riduan Zaini 16 napja
Both have winning mentality.
Atomic Island
Atomic Island 16 napja
U can see how sad the reporters are for nico at Hungary 😭😢
Atomic Island
Atomic Island 16 napja
hyperbomb02 16 napja
That martini livery for Williams gives them an extra 100hp.
Guido Haverkort
Guido Haverkort 18 napja
Hamilton looks like afrojack in the thumbnail lol
jibeesh Thallasseri
Nico know that he can’t compete with Hamilton ..That’s why he retired from F1 quickly after winning the Championship . HAMILTON ❤️
Kenneth Joseph
Kenneth Joseph 18 napja
someone send this to bottas 😢
Bimon Solivar
Bimon Solivar 20 napja
1:25:31 look at Nando
Josh -
Josh - 20 napja
Could you do this for 2016?
FLoz 20 napja
I made it, check this video to know how you can watch it: hurun.info/to/vide/f56el4SjzqWOuas.html
heretustay 20 napja
this is better than drive to survive, to me
Bermuda5107 21 napja
I went to the german GP that year and I remember that as we were walking to our cars it started to rain.
Gustavo Barros
Gustavo Barros 21 napja
That Bahrain Grand Prix, man... Chills!
Gourab Kar
Gourab Kar 21 napja
Rosberg shows class, in his demeanor in public space. Lewis clearly shows desperate insecure and frowning behind his smiles.
Keschoo 21 napja
After 1h 30 min I spot a tear in my eye for Nico problem at the final race
A Day in the Life Nico Y
Lewis pushed Nico wide everytime in Abu Dhabi
GreatWall1973 23 napja
Fantastic !
Molon Labe
Molon Labe 24 napja
This should be a documentary on a big streaming service! This is way better than most the documentaries I see on Netflix! Incredible job!
FLoz 24 napja
thank you!!!
Al Elwin
Al Elwin 24 napja
Nico played a dirty trick on Lewis in the Monaco Grand Prix during qualification. Nico was tied of finishing second to Lewis so he had to cheat. A low blow and a total disgrace to the entire sport. I'm very disappointed in NICO.. You win honestly with hard work, talent and luck. NICO you have no honor. You need to do better to reclaim your legacy.
Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore 24 napja
Extremely well done!
FLoz 24 napja
Thank you kindly!
samsonlovesyou 25 napja
This was so brilliant. I fell away from F1 for a few years so missed the 2014 season. I was absolutely gripped by this film. Loved the way it told the story without having any narrator.
FLoz 24 napja
Glad you enjoyed it!
Ant 25 napja
New to F1, but everything I heard about this rivalry gave the perception of Hamilton as bitter. I think they're probably both maniacally competitive brats lol. Lewis deserves more respect as a driver tho
Puttaraju R
Puttaraju R 25 napja
Best f1 editor ever.. thanks for this man. In other universe nico would have not retired and continued fighting Lewis.
FLoz 24 napja
Thank you so much!!
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 26 napja
@1:10:17 what’s Lewis doing 🧐😳
Luís Marcos
Luís Marcos 26 napja
Amazing job mate! Congrats on the video.
FLoz 24 napja
Thanks a lot Luis Marcos!
Daw00d 27 napja
Nico deserved to win
jjkhyl 28 napja
This video has the production level of a netflix documentary. At first I thought it was just screencaptured from a broadcast but after the comments I realised you created this, absolutely incredible.
FLoz 28 napja
Thank you! It's amazing to read that, really!
Daw00d 28 napja
So Rosberg congratulates Hamilton in 2014 for each of his 4 wins and when Rosberg wins Monaco Hamilton doesn't congratulate him? Hamilton really is an asshole
송현우 28 napja
forza jules
Danil Koovely
Danil Koovely 29 napja
Top-notch documentary, thanks!
Republika Dugave
Hamilton is to blame for that collision in SPA...closed the door too fast
Kane Shuppert
Kane Shuppert 29 napja
Also starring Daniel Ricciardo and Valterri Botas. Awesome video.
FLoz 29 napja
Thank you, yes... 😅
Andreas Hardenberg
Every time I saw Niki Lauda😥😥😥😥😓
chris kopats
chris kopats Hónapja
I have all your that you didn't show Jules crash and you made a tribute to him
Hunter k
Hunter k Hónapja
I really wish Rossburg didn't retire imagine him driving the 17 - 18 ferraris
Victor Herrero
Victor Herrero Hónapja
This Shows how good Rosberg was and how bad Bottas is. Rosberg was right there in the fight with Lewis...Bottas...well just being owned. Miss Nico....a great driver.
Rubén Beltrán Suárez
¿Por qué te retiraste Rosberg? LPTM
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Hónapja
Lewis is a sore loser Nico is a more stand up guy and a better teammate
HAHA Ye Man Hónapja
It’s crazy how in the beginning in Bahrain they were racing alone like they were the only guys in track
Ashish Hónapja
Back when Hamilton and Nico didn't hate eachother lmao
Mlu Michael Mbambo
This documentary defined Rosberg favouritism and keeping Hamilton back
s4c_carrilho8 Hónapja
I hated Lewis Hamilton at this point thought to much of a brat and a diva. Nowadays he seems to have grown out of this annoying little shit attitude. He is a lot more mature and he I quite like him nowadays
ekok da dekok
ekok da dekok Hónapja
Freakin awesome work....
FLoz Hónapja
Binay Shrestha
Binay Shrestha Hónapja
Egos ..... Between team mates.. Biased...... Team biased to Lewis Favouritism.... Team Favourite Mercedes to Lewis ..
XxXTobekXxX Edition
What an a masterpiece mate. Incredible job, enyojed every second of this material.
FLoz Hónapja
Thank you!
AJ Salas
AJ Salas Hónapja
Brilliant. Shows that when you are on that level you dont stop pushing, in the end there's no beef because you tried and it was healthy competition. We could all take a lesson from these two.
Daniel Satko
Daniel Satko Hónapja
Niko is good but not pro like Luis. SO MANY mistakes he made
Filip Krečak
Filip Krečak Hónapja
Lewis H have so so so so much lucky, Rosberg is better driver every time when Niko R first saftey car come and saves Hamilton.....
Verza Jr.
Verza Jr. Hónapja
I wish I could like this twice
Finding Your Light Within
Thank you for an excellent documentary. Absolutely gripping even though we know how it ended. Fascinating to see again how it unravelled and how it swung back and forth. Thank you again for a mighty work.
FLoz Hónapja
Many thanks!
Arthur Lau
Arthur Lau Hónapja
Nico > Lewis 100% Sign a better team to kick Lewis ASS
Syed Abrar Hussain
f1 is dead
DotMachine Hónapja
Love the stunt Mercedes pulled with Hamilton COVID pause. It’s a pattern we have seen with many so-called idols that think they are better than the whole. Nico knew better than to fight with a self-proclaimed prince.
rael kavuzi
rael kavuzi Hónapja
Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this..great job!!
FLoz Hónapja
Thank you very much!
Neil Hónapja
Big mouth on a cocky Rosberg ! You didnt win it -Hamilton lost it ! Then you shite your pants and went off claiming your the best ! Your not worthy to lick the bottom of his boots now ! Keep dreaming of greatness -theres plenty of one champion hit wonders laddie !
As33 Hónapja
He did win it. Beat Hamilton as the number 2 driver.
nwpify Hónapja
we need nico to go back to F1 race
Granny Faster
Granny Faster Hónapja
I don't think Rosberg is as good as Lewis but he was much stronger than Bottas. Watching this he also had much worse luck than Hamilton with reliability and when mistakes happened he wasn't lucky enough to get pace cars to help him back into contention. I also appreciated how despite in the end he could've just boxed the car but he chose to rather finish, that shows a true sportsman. We have to give him that he was a true sportsman even if he wasn't quite as talented as Hamilton and he made those seasons more exciting than the ones after he left.
wayden11 Hónapja
Absolutely brilliant 👏
Ravi singh
Ravi singh Hónapja
Well lewis is a sore loser.
karthik sivaji
karthik sivaji Hónapja
Totto support to Lewis so it's happened
TSM Esports Racing
why i hate lewis is its never his fault n cant take it as it is and acts like a tosser
Vivek Krishnan
Vivek Krishnan Hónapja
ur edit is awesome
Vivek Krishnan
Vivek Krishnan Hónapja
@FLoz so, there will be 2015 and 2016 coming up ?
FLoz Hónapja
Thank you!
Dave Jones
Dave Jones Hónapja
Jenson smirking in the Abu Dhabi press conference is, golden.
Chris Pellatt
Chris Pellatt Hónapja
It's interesting to watch the infamous "Nico hit me!!" incident. Lewis took Nico's nose off, Nico didn't hit Lewis. Nico was nearly front wheel to front wheel around the out side and Lewis just dove for the apex of the left hander. Where was Nico meant to go?? That pass is a fairly common one at Spa and can be pulled off safely.
As33 Hónapja
He chopped Nico. Can't believe how much Merc hammered Rosberg for that. That's when I knew Hamilton would win. Hamilton had more confidence whereas Nico suffered badly afterwards.
Wei Wang
Wei Wang Hónapja
we will look back at this era where mercedes dominated and wonder, only if toyota was an engine provider
Chris Pellatt
Chris Pellatt Hónapja
Wow it's interesting to look back on the battles. It pretty much stems back to that race in Bahrain where Nico pushed Lewis wide at turn 4. You can see Lewis' aggression level rise and then the "brat" emerges at Monaco with Nico causing a yellow in qualifying. Nico fought hard but fair and you could see the petulant child come out in Lewis. What did he expect Nico to do, open the door for him and usher him through??
DMD Hónapja
Is there going to be a sequel? Has to be a sequel!
FLoz Hónapja
Check this video: hurun.info/to/vide/f56el4SjzqWOuas.html
Sstillgar88 1
Sstillgar88 1 Hónapja
I nominate, Max and Lewis.... On the same team!!
Sharl legreg
Sharl legreg Hónapja
Ricciardo in the in the interviews be like : dafuq they doin ova der
Sstillgar88 1
Sstillgar88 1 Hónapja
I nominate, Max and Lewis.... On the same team!!
Ravi singh
Ravi singh Hónapja
Can't believe i just watched full 1hour 34 minutes of a youtube video. That was an experience.
Tanay Butala
Tanay Butala Hónapja
can anyone explain how hamilton jumped from 334 to 384?
Glyn Taylor
Glyn Taylor Hónapja
Evil to the core
nunya business
nunya business Hónapja
honestly that was really good. great video
Marc Ueffing
Marc Ueffing Hónapja
In my opinion lewis is a true racing driver with that killer instinct you need to be a 7 time formula 1 champion, and nico? He retired after winning his first title, at the age of 30! I suppose mercedes told lewis: come on, let nico win one title, after that you can keep on winning and winning championships since you are the number one in our team. And so he did... Nico may be a clever businessman with all the things he is doing nowadays, but he is not a champion. When the media asked him why he retired so early he said: well, i know that i can not keep up with lewis in the future. I mean, these are not the words of a true champion! These are words, in my opinion, from a guy who wanted to build his image of a successful formula 1 driver to have something on his resumee for future business deals. Maybe it is better for him to do that kind of business that he does now, and not keep driving in the midfield of formula 1.
cris joe velazquez
Habra sido toto woolf el verdadero protagonista es obvio que ya tenia a su primer piloto
Isra Hónapja
Rosberg loss the tittle for problems
Umberto Hónapja
Every things happen against luis is a shame....every things happen in him favour is ok....
erikbarrett85 Hónapja
It does seem like Nico pulled off on purpose in that Monaco race
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