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Sam Collins takes a look at the high-speed tweaks that made cars even quicker at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix, compared to the Bahrain race a week earlier? PLUS! We pick out some of the best fan questions as we look ahead to the season finale in Abu Dhabi.
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Ivonne G
Ivonne G 28 napja
And this is why the saying, "you should compete with yourself" .
Corliss Emery
Corliss Emery 29 napja
Hmm... these two Sergio Perez’s look awfully alike
GeoffIrishDrums Hónapja
We talking tech or making Sergio Sergio Perez Perez Jokes Jokes?
Thomas Navejas
Thomas Navejas Hónapja
Whats up with the eyeballs on the racing point??
Oliver Bryant
Oliver Bryant Hónapja
i love this guy
Leo Hónapja
Can the driver get seriously hurt when the mgu k light turns red?
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins Hónapja
Not really as he is insulated
FireKidGamer Hónapja
sergio perez is indeed faster than sergio perez
AD Riwak
AD Riwak Hónapja
What's about the red light at the back of each car ? Is it breaking light ? Or does it do something else ?
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins Hónapja
Shows when the ERS is charging
Mr :D
Mr :D Hónapja
Anyone else just like this: “Checo wins, right?” Sam Collins: “No Checo wins”
Tzeff's Main Channel
Wow! I'm back at school! I've learned so much in one video! 8)
Mr Cannon
Mr Cannon Hónapja
Will ferrari have enough wiggle room within the 2021 regulations to build a car to challenge against red bull or will next year be another difficult season?
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins Hónapja
They seem confident, but I think it will be tough
Aryan Thacker
Aryan Thacker Hónapja
Can you please explain why fire comes out of F2 cars when they downshift? thanks
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins Hónapja
Excess fuel in the combustion chamber gets into the exhaust and ignites.
david bokan
david bokan Hónapja
Whay dos checoz car have the E on the air box
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins Hónapja
Extinguisher switch located there
IlIIIlllIlI Hónapja
Well he talked a lot about Sergio Perez and Sergio Perez, but what about Checo?
That black guy looks like hamilton family.
Chris Wyett
Chris Wyett Hónapja
Maybe one day you'll see further than someone's skin colour.
Brendan McCallion
I love Sam Collins' tech talks. He makes me feel intelligent 😂
E M Hónapja
take a shot every time sam says sergio perez
Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores
I'd like to see Perez and Checo together in Mercedes, that would end the who's better debate once and for all.
Martti Hänninen
This guy should replace Crofty. I have heard him commentating Super Formula races and he really knows his stuff.
Twiistz Hónapja
This entire video is a meme
atokz nenekz
atokz nenekz Hónapja
Yea sergio perez is faster
Holiday Everyday
Mr. Glass
nuromie uwu
nuromie uwu Hónapja
Sergio Perez wins the Sahkir Grand Prix, with Sergio Perez and Sergio Perez following up in P2 and P3, and a fantastic race weekend for Sergio Perez as he comes around the final corner to beat Sergio Perez for P4.
GreaseMonkey Hónapja
true, as i age, my monocoque has lost a bit of its stiffness too.
Bagas Muhammad Alfatih
what are the consequences if the mechanics touch the car when the lights turn red? note: sorry for bad english
Bnio Hónapja
"VIN numbers, as you refer to tautologically..." You, sir, are my kind of nerd.
Bnio Hónapja
As a red-green colorblind person, it is much easier for me to see the difference between purple and green than amber and green.
Deplorable , Another
I hate this type of video. His "race winning" setup was surviving the first lap (without car damage) and having clean pitstops. If Mercs hadn't f'ed up, he's 3rd, if Verstappen hadn't been taken out, he's 4th. Don't pretend this was a win on merit (not a dig at Perez, just a literal analysis of Racing Point's car - we all saw Russell jumping in and going for a win so the car is everything, talent is secondary). It was a great recovery drive that should have resulted in a strong points hall, we all agree. But it cheapens anything you say hereafter when you try to argue anything different to that. Likewise with the Alfa/Gasley Monza victory - hardly anything to do with the car and more about other team's monumental f' ups.
Hichem Mettiti
Hichem Mettiti Hónapja
what a bunch of utter nonsense
Ryan Eggert
Ryan Eggert Hónapja
I've learned so much from this guy. He's incredible!
Ryan Eggert
Ryan Eggert Hónapja
Take a drink every time he says Sergio Pérez.
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan Hónapja
Formula 1: The war of The Checos
Sebastião Mendonça
Imagine how far RP (now AM) could go if they kept Checo and replaced Lance Stroll with Seb instead
Vicente Guerra
Vicente Guerra Hónapja
Sergio Perez seems so much faster than Sergio Perez
Alex Chai-Hong
Alex Chai-Hong Hónapja
Mike Official
Mike Official Hónapja
7:19 Why the light suddenly turned green before mechanics put on the gloves?
Mike Official
Mike Official Hónapja
1:40 Sergio Perez vs Checo
Henry Chan
Henry Chan Hónapja
Voltage limitation, rigid constrution and multiple layers of insulation protection barries is what they need to prevent shocks, even with a light it dosen't mean anything becasue guys sometimes may not notice it or it suddenly becomes live.
thejoeyg Hónapja
sergio perez gapped sergio perez
M K Hónapja
Perez is a consistent driver, no doubt but come one don't try to push him like you are a CNN news channel and he is Biden lol. He is ok, not a championship material. He should have a seat next year but again, he is not getting any younger...
baby yoda partake
How many beans does a Formula 1 chassis cost anyway?
Litre o' Cola
Litre o' Cola Hónapja
@ 1:40: In james mays voice:
Paul H
Paul H Hónapja
David Bellamy !!!
Dzaky Dipa
Dzaky Dipa Hónapja
can you please give the subtitles for this kind of show so the people can understand it easily
Mateo Frara
Mateo Frara Hónapja
It's a shame that those two drivers don't have a seat for next year.
Lord of the danks
Fun drinking game every time Sam say Sergio Perez u need to do a shot. This going to be fun
Diego Romero
Diego Romero Hónapja
Sergio Pérez of the day: Sakhir Sergio Pérez
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor Hónapja
Take a shot everytime he says Sergio Actually dont😂
James Cameron
James Cameron Hónapja
I did,,,I'm dead now,,,
Zac_LFC2001 Hónapja
If Sam started F1 reporting before social media was a thing he's older than I thought he was
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins Hónapja
Jorrit Kroes
Jorrit Kroes Hónapja
Sam is brilliant. Great insight!
Timothy Devenport
Saying Sergio Perez so much has ruined this.
Fr35HPR1NC3 Hónapja
can someone get this clown a haircut or a cornroll hard to take him seriously OMFG
Isaac Tapia
Isaac Tapia Hónapja
You know when you hear a word a lot of times and kind of lost his meaning for a while. Well, what does Sergio Perez means?
JD - AG Hónapja
Love this guy. Full Of knowledge
Bora Karasakiz
Bora Karasakiz Hónapja
Yesss tech talk
Gionata Stante
Gionata Stante Hónapja
I still don't understand why f1 doesn't provide cc subtitles...
Brent Robertson
Brent Robertson Hónapja
Sam Collins is an absolute beast.
KuimPlays Hónapja
Take a shot every time he says Sergio Perez
jeroen hekkelman
Love the video Sam! And loved the Super GT finale aswell. Great showing of racing skill. I'm hyped for next season.
Bradley Howard
Bradley Howard Hónapja
Well done, brilliant as usual . Love this channel it’s obvious Sam is in his happy place doing this
Jay Cee
Jay Cee Hónapja
Perez was so fast, he made fast people look... not fast! - The longest yard 2005
Bert Demeulemeester
As usual. Very informative
magz Hónapja
Was gonna write something witty but seems everyone else also enjoyed the Perez v Checo comparison xd
Monkey mania
Monkey mania Hónapja
Tongue twisting day for sam
How he can do this without laughing is the most impressive part here
Peter Paloniemi
Peter Paloniemi Hónapja
why are you lying at 4:00 its w11-1 w11-2 w11-3 w11-4 w1-5
Will Cashin
Will Cashin Hónapja
Take a shot every time he says Sergio Perez
PREDATOR 7 Hónapja
*The more You know. * My natural science teacher back in highschool.
mark bosco
mark bosco Hónapja
1:56 I do not have the need no more my dreadful 9-5 as a result of, *G R E A T E A S Y P A Y . C O M*
M A Hónapja
Sergio Perez in the sakir is faster than Sergio Perez in the sakir
BlackMagic Hónapja
The person I will mis most, the coming months, is my man Sam Collins
Andrea Brembilla
7:18 When you're an F1 mechanic and you suddenly remember you haven't washed the dishesh after lunch as agreed.
Daniel Kava
Daniel Kava Hónapja
Drinking game: take a shot every time Sam Collins says Sergio Perez. You'll die faster than the Merc engine from this Friday at Abu Dhabi 💀
Etta victor
Etta victor Hónapja
La guerra de los dos Checos
Aldila VoKRID
Aldila VoKRID Hónapja
Sergio Perez-ception
Jacen Grey
Jacen Grey Hónapja
Sergio was so excited about this episode of Tech Talk. He was beside himself. I'll see myself out.
bizling Hónapja
I'd have thought the Williams chaps would be more aware of the lights on the car as it came in.
Kahlil K
Kahlil K Hónapja
Thushar Teja Meruvani
conclusion : Sergio perez is faster than sergio perez.
hugotb97 Hónapja
What's the name of the intro's song
Filip Hornák
Filip Hornák Hónapja
Hope to see you next year, maybe during the testing huh? :) great stuff going on here, see you soon
alessandro rangon
This video sounds like a meme😰
moshe gelt
moshe gelt Hónapja
I'm confused... Were both Sergio Perezs fired from racing point?
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Hónapja
Haters going to deny it, but Sergio Pérez is a much better driver then Sergio Pérez.
Mahedi Hasan
Mahedi Hasan Hónapja
0:40 my entire life style changed fast with the help of, *G R E A T E A S Y P A Y . C O M*
TheHidalgo99 Hónapja
This guy is such a tech nerd. I love it!
Jacob Misuda
Jacob Misuda Hónapja
Take a shot everytime this guy says sergio perez and see how long your hospital stay is
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi
Keep this series for the winter break pls
Luis Aguirre
Luis Aguirre Hónapja
How the driver is SAFE in those situations of failure of the Electric systems of the PU?
Adit Malpani
Adit Malpani Hónapja
Take a shot everytime he says Sergio Perez
Vic H
Vic H Hónapja
Thanks Sam for all the knowledge this season!
Gábor Králik
Gábor Králik Hónapja
WTF1: Jarno Trulli is better than Jarno Trulli. Sam Collins: Sergio Pérez was faster than Sergio Pérez.
Renata Tostada
Renata Tostada Hónapja
"Checo, Perez is faster than you. Perez is faster than you. Please confirm you understood this message."
Luke Wood
Luke Wood Hónapja
Why didn't he talk about Sérgio Perez tho
ejokeregaming Hónapja
A video talking about Sergio Pèrez and yet the thumbnail has Lance Stroll...
steve bucuris
steve bucuris Hónapja
what is social media.
David Cifuentes
David Cifuentes Hónapja
Sergio Pérez > Sergio Pérez
Chillmott Hónapja
Sergio Perez: "Sergio Perez.. My only weakness!"
FireFoxuser2 Hónapja
awesome learning little things like this. its what ends up saving a car, money or even a life
Cyrus The Great
Cyrus The Great Hónapja
5:11 Unfortunately for McLaren, I believe their 2021 chassis will be different from their 2020 one, as they are changing power units. This means that they wont be able to use previous ones again.
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins Hónapja
They have to use the same one by regulation.
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