Performance Optimization for Environments | Inside Unreal 

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Join us as we dive into a work-in-progress Quixel sample scene and learn tips and tricks to improve your environment's performance. We’ll cover how to diagnose performance problems affecting your environment, how to resolve them, and how to ensure your environment is staying as performant as possible throughout production.
00:00 News
06:00 Performance Metrics Overview
09:20 Fps and MS breakdown
13:01 Scene performance breakdown
13:42 Launch apposed to play in editor
15:19 Unreal Insights
20:30 Console commands for stats
22:10 Performance blueprint
25:55 Performance analysis
26:42 Cascade Shadows
31:00 Distance Field Shadows
32:55 Basepass & Prepass
33:45 Dynamic Mesh Instancing
35:49 Occlusion
36:24 Draw Distance
40:53 Render Doc
45:37 Quad Overdraw
46:29 LODS
51:05 LOD groups
51:40 Bulk Edit
53:40 Foliage Grass Type
57:55 Frustrum Culling
1:00:40 Bulk Edit Property Matrix
1:04:10 Texture Groups
1:12:00 Construction without affecting visual quality
1:14:23 Merging Actors
1:22:19 In level blockout prototyping
1:23:30 Z Pass
1:32:15 Post Process & GPU vis
1:35:20 Material analysis
1:39:46 Performance budget
1:45:10 System scaling for different platforms
1:53:25 Q&A
2:28:07 Stream wrap up










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Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine 2 hónapja
Interested in additional questions that were asked? Check out the forum post for Performance Optimization for Environments: forums.unrealengine.com/unreal-engine/events/1825312 Want to join the conversation and engage with the Unreal Engine Community? Here are some links to get you started... Unreal Engine Website - www.unrealengine.com/ Unreal Engine Forums - forums.unrealengine.com/ Unreal Online Learning - www.unrealengine.com/onlinelearning-courses Unreal Slackers Discord - unrealslackers.org/ Communities Unreal Engine - communities.unrealengine.com/ Documentation for topics mentioned in the stream: Unreal Insights: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Performance/UnrealInsights/index.html RenderDoc: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Performance/RenderDoc/index.html View mode: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/UI/LevelEditor/Viewports/ViewModes/index.html LODS: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Content/Types/StaticMeshes/HowTo/LODs/index.html Virtual Texturing: hurun.info/to/vide/l6GfvGinrnPHxZo.html docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Rendering/VirtualTexturing/index.html Visibility and Occlusion Culling: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Rendering/VisibilityCulling/index.html Performance and Profiling: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Performance/index.html GPU Profiling: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Performance/GPU/index.html Actor merging: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Actors/Merging/index.html Project Settings: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/UI/ProjectSettings/index.html Rendering and Graphics: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Rendering/index.html Post Process Materials: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Rendering/PostProcessEffects/PostProcessMaterials/index.html Post Process Effects: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Rendering/PostProcessEffects/index.html Hierarchical Level of Detail: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/HLOD/index.html Source Control: docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/UI/SourceControl/index.html hurun.info/to/vide/e7GI25qsqGbO0K8.html Spyder: From Day Zero to Post-Launch | Inside Unreal - hurun.info/to/vide/hYuGz4iqrqTUq80.html
jo gogo
jo gogo Napja
What impostor baker did they talked about? Do we have any inside engine?
UnrealWorlds 11 napja
Super helpful lesson!
ishit realbad
ishit realbad 15 napja
Holyfuck the stat RHI is so fucking usefull. My 8kmx8km landscape with procedural foliage was 17FPS, with changes to the max draw distance per foliage type am now running at 42fps 23ms. Went from a like 15million + tris to 6million tris, 2700+ drawcalls to 1500+ drawcals!
geht sie gar nix an
1:26:40 you used quad overdraw and the cloud complexity is shown. this doesn't work for me. In fact one of the optimization viewports show the volumetric clouds. How do you show them ?
3Dev 18 napja
Where can I download this project from Epic? I thought they said in the video it would be available free after the stream at some point?
Henriko Magnifico
So incredibly useful video. Thank you!
Musicdude m
Musicdude m 25 napja
at 13:33 When he talks about setting up his cameras for profiling, is there any tutorials or explanations to do this step?
never assume that we arent gonna be up in the sky looking down. cheap shortcuts are immersion breaking and come off as lazy regardless what the reason is. If theres no roof on the building I'm going to end up seeing it and be disappointed
OhWhat World
OhWhat World Hónapja
Can anyone suggest a good PC setup to build quite graphically demanding games?
shimmen takezo
shimmen takezo Hónapja
My fps still goes from 120 to 20 fps as soon as I place a landscape and a light in a scene. That's my fault, I see too large and shouldn't use AAA concepts like lights, materials, meshes, rendering, programmation
Pablo Hónapja
you guys rock!
Kathode N
Kathode N Hónapja
3:06 this was when Victor took it personally after Matt tried doing his job lol
Kathode N
Kathode N Hónapja
@Nathan Lodge Lmao
Nathan Lodge
Nathan Lodge Hónapja
scrolls ahead 10 mins to see his baseline facial looks the same as that very "moment" xD
Jordan Service
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I see a deluge!
Jordan Service
Jordan Service Hónapja
Your community manger is about to hit the EDM / synth wave scene.
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Ngu Wai Hónapja
Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.
Rage RT Gaming
Rage RT Gaming Hónapja
Thank you so much this video is really useful for me
Evan Seccombe
Evan Seccombe Hónapja
This was terrific. Trying to transition from physical set design to virtual art prod., this was crucial to understand in building out levels. Cheers gang.
Mikkel Melby
Mikkel Melby 2 hónapja
wow, dense juciy smoothie
MatthewsFILMs 2 hónapja
Can anyone explain to me why all this is important if you can migrate your project to ue5 once it’s released ?
KaBASS Music
KaBASS Music 2 hónapja
Does anybody know what [unaccounted] includes?
Huckster 2 hónapja
53:00 I'd leave my wife for my mistress but I'd never leave my PC
Gratian Boghean
Gratian Boghean 2 hónapja
Thank you for this video, fully packed with amazing information.
Angulus Caput
Angulus Caput 2 hónapja
Hi, very useful video, first thanks for posting. My question is: how do I handle cull distance when I look through binocculars? The distance from foliage and camera stays the same, but it should be rendered, when looking through the binocculars. Is there a chance to change cul distance with blueprints?
OBrobzero 2 hónapja
HI^, thanks for everything Unreal! Can you please elaborate about debugging the hitch problem? Victor mentioned something about statStartHitch or something? If nothing else, maybe I could try async loading(about to dabble), but I was hoping to have a better understanding.
Matt Oztalay
Matt Oztalay 2 hónapja
If you enable stat dumphitches we should output files to the Saved folder with information about those hitches.
OBrobzero 2 hónapja
I think that lead me to the Output Log which clues me to most of my problems.. Haha! Still open for better understanding. Much appreciation!!!
Space Pirate
Space Pirate 2 hónapja
"stat gpu" is unusable for me. it makes the editor runs at 4 fps and the first thing eating all performance are "GPUSceneUpdate" and "VisibilityCommands"
Azeros 2 hónapja
Thank you for these videos, also I really do not understand the complaints about a long video, performance is a pillar of game making and has many different topics (As shown in the video). So thank you for this amazing lecture :)
iamisandisnt 2 hónapja
Ah, homework! Thanks, Epic!
Velu 2 hónapja
1:32:16 140 asset editors were open when the editor was last closed. Would you like re-open them? -Sure, why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Matt Kimmins
Matt Kimmins 2 hónapja
Thank you very much for this stream I appreciate it.
E-Frame 2 hónapja
"and that has all of my perf cams in it" haha xD Am I the only one getting the joke? :P
Der Sky
Der Sky 2 hónapja
Awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge ... now i have to install the 4.25.4 Source, reproduce your steps and get my 60 FPS back haha :D
Cleber Arruda
Cleber Arruda 2 hónapja
Cheers from Sweden! Very good info. I will be waiting for the source you guys promised. Peace and keep up the good work.
SkegakisInc 2 hónapja
Very informative. Also way cool you guys're going to hook us up with all the assets to follow along with this!
Get Rekt
Get Rekt 2 hónapja
@unreal engine It would be cool if you linked the resources in the video descriptions, like you do in the inside unreal forum posts: (forums.unrealengine.com/unreal-engine/events/1825312-inside-unreal-performance-optimization-for-environments?fbclid=IwAR1mOZwEoqXazssQEgWOLFTJOn0JdIYwsRNm7e40dynZEXVs-BFiyjrGaMk).
Alain Majdalani
Alain Majdalani 2 hónapja
Thank you so much, and it is very well explained!
Chris Hofmann
Chris Hofmann 2 hónapja
Does the virtualtexture sample parameter work with 4.26? In 4.25 we couldn't use landscape material instances for multiple rvts. Which made rtvs only usefull for non worldcomposition projects
B3DGameDev 2 hónapja
For the insights, I can't get the start/stop to work. When I launch the game with the commands (-trace=gpu,cpu) - it's a continuous recording. I use a very similar blueprint to record fps/snap shot/switch cams. You can name them too which is nice. But I can't start/stop this trace. I'm not using a source built project, could that be the problem?
Matt Oztalay
Matt Oztalay 2 hónapja
I think I forgot to mention that trace.start/stop is new in 4.26! Sorry!
Musicdude m
Musicdude m 2 hónapja
This is a great companion piece for Joe Gath's Unreal Environment courseee www.learnsquared.com/courses/unreal-environments
Mad Hadder
Mad Hadder 2 hónapja
we also need short and concise videos ...20 mins max. Your welcome.
Kantuva 2 hónapja
You are free to go buy these elsewhere :)
4Folhas Games
4Folhas Games 2 hónapja
I believe that there is no greater optimization than a well-organized project. So I suggest that you put an option to create a Skeletal Mesh Child, so I could create several skeletons with the same animations and the bones would be organized.
Patryk Barwina
Patryk Barwina 2 hónapja
where can I find the whole blueprint shown in the movie (from screenshots)
Aralegi 2 hónapja
@Patryk Barwina same question. Ping me when you know pls
Patryk Barwina
Patryk Barwina 2 hónapja
@Igor Konyaev i know, but when?
Igor Konyaev
Igor Konyaev 2 hónapja
It will be available on marketplace for free (whole project from livestream).
Rep Sharkey
Rep Sharkey 2 hónapja
10:55 Matt I need a mentor \^_^/
Alphα 2 hónapja
Thanks so much for covering almost all the topics! Very useful!
Whitrise 2 hónapja
Thank you guys! This helped me a lot.
Dan Dee
Dan Dee 2 hónapja
Damn that intro was trippy asf
Free 3D channel
Free 3D channel 2 hónapja
Thank you all! Very cool!
sQuare 2 hónapja
Satvik Amin
Satvik Amin 2 hónapja
Please support them 💞
Tajaloe - Personal
Tajaloe - Personal 2 hónapja
These are waaay too long man, timestamps or editing would be so ideal
Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine 2 hónapja
Apologies for the delay in the timestamps. They have now been added! :)
rxqz 2 hónapja
They mentioned in this livestream that they'll add transcripts for this video, also in different languages. So once they did that you can download the transcript and search in the document for your desired keywords. anyway, timestamps would make it much easier.
Jeff 2 hónapja
I have a hard time digesting all the info in these long-form videos. Maybe someone at epic could timestamp them?
Hassaim Al-Qarim
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Kathode N
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Evangelion 2 hónapja
@Unreal Engine btw. i am vegan
Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine 2 hónapja
The timestamps, as well as further documentation for topics mentioned, have now been added to the video. Apologies for the delay in these!
Suddenrebel 2 hónapja
Was watching this live earlier today, but had to leave midstream to attend class. Glad that this was posted as the subject is of great interest to myself and my team project!
Famoush Danish
Famoush Danish 2 hónapja
Thanks guys I’ll be watching tomorrow before I get to work on more of my game
Unreal Engine VFX Artist
Pls vfx and texture tutorial
Unreal Engine VFX Artist
Amazing check here also
Anton Ivanov
Anton Ivanov 2 hónapja
Зачем это показывают, если через 2 месяца выйдет Unreal engine 5?
sanilal kuttimon
sanilal kuttimon 2 hónapja
Joe Garth
Joe Garth 2 hónapja
47:37 - I couldn't agree more, the autolod feature is a massive gamechanger. A lot of people dont use it because they doubt its power. For 95% of static meshes it works perfectly.
Ceslav Sukstul
Ceslav Sukstul 2 hónapja
Works even with characters without breaking animations :)
Venkat Vadlamani
Venkat Vadlamani 2 hónapja
Hey guys, Joe Garth here.
One SilverLeaf
One SilverLeaf 2 hónapja
Oh Joe is here xD
CORE jake
CORE jake 2 hónapja
Used it for my project to fix bad lods of some free assets. Saved about a few days of my lifetime.
holycloudable 2 hónapja
Perfect timing as I will be working on environment for the next part of my Medieval co-op action adventure story-based game
Mahmoud Al-Farajani