Pierre Gasly Signs With AlphaTauri For 2021... What Next? 

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He's arguably F1's hottest property at the moment, and Pierre Gasly has committed his immediate future to AlphaTauri. So why isn't he moving to Red Bull, and who will partner him? Will Buxton and Lawrence Barretto discuss.
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Seph 19 napja
The Hulk would be a reliable partner for the Max.
Shreyas Anand
Shreyas Anand 23 napja
Red Bull : Gives you wings Also Red Bull : Fly away Second drivers
Ludarth 24 napja
I’m so happy for Pierre but also so angry at the hypocritical f1 fans who were sacking him so hard in 2019 and are all happy for him this year
About19wookiees 24 napja
My opinion: If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.
Szandor the 13th
Marko talked about Tsunoda?
Alec Hinshaw
Alec Hinshaw 24 napja
I’d honestly would want Gasly to get one more chance with Red Bull racing. And if he fails again, he can stop driving with Red Bull entirely, and go to a different team.
TboT 24 napja
I hate this Indian guy, it is so irritating
Malhaar Khaladkar
Will Buxton has made a brilliant point about Red Bull having form in one side of the garage.
gddd gooo
gddd gooo 25 napja
perez to williams russel to rb. Personally think russel's got more telent then mv
Sergio Molina
Sergio Molina 25 napja
Another ferrari's lost opportunity to sign with Gasly. The first one was when a young promise sebastian vetel won monza with toro rosso.
Rafael Coleto
Rafael Coleto 25 napja
He had a chance at a big team and wasted it. He's way better off with a second grade team. It's working out great for him at Alpha.
Sat's vault
Sat's vault 25 napja
What do you mean "what's next"? He's gonna race with Alpha Tauri, you just said in in the title. Unless the team changes name again
peter2recycle 25 napja
Seems like RB is a one man team at the best of times. Even in the past favouring one over the other.I am glad Gasly is staying at Alpha , he can move onto better Teams from there .
Dean S
Dean S 25 napja
You guys said it 4:56
Proteco International
Pas sur que ce soit une bonne chose il aurait mérité un meilleur volant pour progresser
ErAirlines 25 napja
Ngl I see Russel and Gasly at Mercedes in the future
Mr Blue Sky
Mr Blue Sky 25 napja
I just think Pierre doesn't want to come back at red Bull it would be a dumb move. I think he is going to keep performing with alpha in 2021 and replace ocon (or maybe alonso) during or at the end of the 2021 season
ManuBlack 25 napja
Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Well I think … Do they know other words?
A. AmOdd
A. AmOdd 25 napja
Alex vs Pierre with Alphas would be an epic rivalry. Then when Max moves to Mercedes they can compete with each other in RBs
LT Torok
LT Torok 25 napja
Who else’s thinks Hulkenberg is going to RB
Joe Kidd
Joe Kidd 25 napja
I guess a new engine should be next on the to-do list.
Fadhil Thicke
Fadhil Thicke 26 napja
Give him back the Red Bull seat. Albon clearly doesn't deserve his seat there.
Reynaldi Widjaja
Probably the best place for him, hopefully 2022 rule change AT can really develop their car right.
Lawrence Greene Jr
"The weather, as so often the case here; is just wonderful!"
Maciej Kossakowski
Pier will fly and the AlphaTauri better than the "original" - that's my dream
Nightmare Demons
Gasly is is the Alpha in Tauri. So, let him there and everyone will be happy. He is a big enrichment for the team.
John Gray
John Gray 26 napja
Wot happens if Lewis signs for red bull in 2021 still a possibility
Going to guess that "something" was said in private when PG was sent down from RedBull. Horner kinda seems like a guy who would hold a grudge.
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 25 napja
Engº Luís Felipe Gerhardt
I'm Surprised. I was expecting Gasly in a Red Bull...
TheZilla 26 napja
Red Bull has always been 100% about Max. The second seat is an afterthought.
ilaphroaig 26 napja
We want HULK! No Perez at RB please.
Wye Kit
Wye Kit 26 napja
RedBull is toxic. FULLSTOP
Ryan Walton
Ryan Walton 26 napja
Gasly deserves the Red Bull seat, however, that Red Bull car is built for Max. I would keep Pierre well away from Red Bull as he won’t be comfortable in the car. Either make AlphaTauri the 4th best team, or head to Renault in a few seasons time.
rusty_frame 26 napja
So many gasly fanboys. It is clear that gasly does not have the temperament to handle the pressures of red bull. That is why Horner and Marko do not want him back. Getting the seat is not just about pure driving skill. Gasly might have a chance in a few years once he starts to build up his confidence.
Геннадий Лучший
peoples looks like clowns in this masks..
Andreas Steinhart
K-Mag to partner Max please...
Francesco Mariani
Maybe gasly doesn't want to go to redbull 🤷🏻‍♂️ it might pose a stop to his career
TheMatheww94 26 napja
F1 journalists and they don't know something that even I know... Apparently when Red bull decided to move Gasly back to Torro Rosso he said a few sad/bad words to people in charge - that's why they don't want to see him back in the team :)
Shaun Dunk
Shaun Dunk 26 napja
Pierre is a very talented and brilliant driver.
Peeetrsn CZ
Peeetrsn CZ 26 napja
Horner and Marko just realised how big mistake they made when they demoted him. If he had that much time as Albon has now, i think he will be able to drive in top places
Nayab Masud
Nayab Masud 26 napja
The two most toxic career killers - The second Red Bull and Ferrari seats
Chris Turner
Chris Turner 26 napja
Gasly is doing well with the team at Alpha, why would he go to a high pressured team thst doesn't get his talents? Gasly will never be world champion and thats OK
Wyrm Limion
Wyrm Limion 26 napja
At what point will they stop looking at AlphaTauri as some junior team thats there to be pillaged for Red Bull. Gasly is doing some amazing work at AlphaTauri and if the keeps improving as they are along with him they could be real contenders. I for one as a Gasly fan am delighted hes staying with them as I can only see this as his perfect environment where he can florish.
Jude74 26 napja
It’s not the B team anymore for Red Bull. Plus he now has a guaranteed seat.
Berdugo Socials
Berdugo Socials 26 napja
Oh please stop making conspiracy theory Will!
Tejas Sharma
Tejas Sharma 26 napja
I have a feeling we'll have checo with gasly..anyone agree?
Lewis Hills
Lewis Hills 26 napja
Danni deserves a seat 2 tho
BoxBoxNow 26 napja
Its really hard to choose, between any available drivers option
Max Latishonok
Max Latishonok 26 napja
I still think if you compare albon/gasly/kvyat/ in red bull,kvyat was the strongest.
vN 26 napja
Gasly is redeeming his lost seat at RB by killing them on the Alpha Tauri. It is just awesome to see Gasly take the team to great heights \m/
Ryan Westwood
Ryan Westwood 26 napja
I don’t think gasly would want to go back even if red bull wanted him. Red bull is just so bias towards verstappen no 2nd drivers ever going to thrive there
Thibault Doumam
Thibault Doumam 26 napja
He deserve a better car. Hope he take Sainz's seat for 2022. Charles and Pierre as teammates, that could be the lineup for Ferrari's Redemption.
BoxBoxNow 26 napja
Be better when Ferrari really looking promising for frontrunner again
hahaha hahahaha
hahaha hahahaha 26 napja
It's a perfect decision. It would be a disaster if gasly go to redbull but still can't adapt to redbull car.
Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget 26 napja
RBR only has the space for Max, obviously there’s something not normal (maybe some relationship stuff with the lead). That’s why Ricc left even though he was a better fit
Roy Bakker
Roy Bakker 26 napja
How come they're not mentioning Hulk at all? Surely that's the most logical option for Red Bull now that Gasly is confirmed at AT and knowing that Max has the best relationship with Hulkenberg out of those four drivers (Albon, Gasly, Perez, Hulk)...
Felix Scarlett
Felix Scarlett 26 napja
Red Bull are following Ferrari’s lead. Only being able to manage 1 driver.
Harry Mogg
Harry Mogg 26 napja
Perez and kyvat to haas
Felix Scarlett
Felix Scarlett 26 napja
I wish, but probably not.
Harry Mogg
Harry Mogg 26 napja
There was nowhere else he could go. I feel like if he has another impressive season then Renault or someone else will sign him
Aswads Aswad
Aswads Aswad 26 napja
What's next,... Mid grid mediocrity
Erdem Özdemir
Erdem Özdemir 26 napja
pierre gasly move to mercedes
Juan Carlitos Jose Magno
Maybe they'll bring back Pierre in 2022 when the car's completely different. Keep Albon for another year to deal with the tricky car he's familiar with.
Terry Westmorland
How much is he getting?...$50K?... less probably.
chan doka
chan doka 26 napja
Gasly 。
OlliZei 26 napja
Use me as a Hülkenberg to RedBull Button
Michael Telemachus
There have always been issues with Red Bull management; even in the glory days. Changes are needed there from the top down
Larco D
Larco D 26 napja
The obvious thing to do is checko or hulk to red bull for the next year and let Albon and Geasly compete at alpha tauri for who gets the seat at red bull. So in 2022 red bull has a solid lineup and alpha tauri has a seat open for a junior driver.
TechGeeker 26 napja
I love to see hulk in RB seat 2, but that will end up being Bottas 2.0. On the other hand, Checo is a fighter and love to dominate in the team and would see something like Ham vs Ros for P3 b/w vers and checho
Maarten Midden
Maarten Midden 26 napja
We don't see what is going on behind the scenes, so its hard for us to judge why he is not going back. Besides that, gasly was unprofessional at times last year and this year when he was talking about the team. He put the blame of his underperformance on others. Maybe he should work on his attitude. He had his chance and i don't think he will drive for redbull again.
The Living Room
The Living Room 26 napja
I think Hulk would be a better match up, but unfortunately he doesn't get podiums so guess it's Perez - just don't see him giving up a race win if it's on the cards
Goran Zdravkovic
3:57 Will Buxton nailed it! Red Bull needs a driver that won't be in the way of Max Verstappen, but to score as much points for the team as he can. They need another obedient driver such as Barrichello or Bottas. Drivers like Rosberg or Ricciardo are the ones that would rather leave the winning team instead of dancing to the others tune.
Anil Narula
Anil Narula 26 napja
Alpha - Gasly + Albon Red Bull - Max + Perez Yuki in F2 Wishful thinking: Williams - Perez + Latifi Red Bull - Max + George I know i know won’t happen, but just saying
BoxBoxNow 26 napja
George in RB? never thought about that, and I think its really unlikely to happen, But interesting idea!
Tuna Tantan
Tuna Tantan 26 napja
No waaayyy
He just getting himself ready for that second Mercedes seat in 2022 😉
Tim’s Hot Takes
2nd Red Bull seat has gotta be Hulk or Checo
Div 07
Div 07 26 napja
2022 is gonna be interesting.
GG F 26 napja
Red Bull isnt upgrading Albons car ? , Now he is getting backlash from media.... Its all part of Red Bulls master🅱️lan
Andrew Metcalfe
Andrew Metcalfe 26 napja
I’m surprised that Renault didn’t rissole Ocon for Gasley actually
Chris 26 napja
They race Albon too hard.
Chris 26 napja
So Gasly has a better car than Leclerc for a 2nd year in a row. 🤣
Imran Mohsin
Imran Mohsin 26 napja
I mean RB rejected 4 time World Champ from coming back .. for sure Danial , Gasly and probably Albon will never get RB seat ever again
Jiaming Liu
Jiaming Liu 26 napja
The man who made his own Red Bull: Master Gasly
Mikail Qaisa
Mikail Qaisa 26 napja
Jacopo Gandolfi
Jacopo Gandolfi 26 napja
Considered the Seat situation that's the best option to do, what he was supposed to do? Going to Red Bull and destroying his career once again? Or going to Haas, Sauber? It would have been a dumb choice
David Smith
David Smith 26 napja
My silly prediction: Russell's a red bull for one year in exchange for Mercedes engines in 2021
John Twist
John Twist 26 napja
Red Bull need to look seriously at their man management any company failing so often at this role must look at their ability to manage it. Perhaps it it time the senior management should be changed
ra/ji/o 26 napja
Basically, Red Bull think Perez will be better than Gasly. That's the answer you're after
Curious Cat
Curious Cat 26 napja
For some reason RB doesn´t like Gasly. When he was at RB they slammed him every time he made a mistake. Now that he showed he can perform plus mental strength to rebuild himself (something Kvyat was unable to do), they ignore him. Maybe they are too scared he might beat Max now? Which would create problems internally? (Max would be furious since he´s comfortable in being the main focus of the team).
Mr.Dragon 26 napja
Albon goes to alphatauri Danil to Haas perez/hulk to rb
Siddhant Agarwal
Max is overrated
its2realj 26 napja
Lol did they say "put more pressure on alex", yea... That's exactly what he needs now is more pressure. Lol
Jacky Beck
Jacky Beck 26 napja
I think Tsunoda should sign with Alpha Tauri.
aluwani moyo
aluwani moyo 26 napja
Gasly and Albon - I hope!
Aaron Claydon
Aaron Claydon 26 napja
i dont think Gasly wants to go back to red bull realistically. whenever hes on the radio to his team hes having a great time which boosts his confidence and his performance. going to red bull he'll just get overshadowed by max again.
DataC0llect0r 26 napja
Red Bull keeps Gasly at bay for now, so he can replace Max when he goes to Mercedes in a few years. (Just a theory)
Goldenwolfteeth 26 napja
If only they'd given Danny Ric equal number 1 status (and equal pay) they wouldn't have this problem.
虎ちゃん 26 napja
Next year tsunoda will be giving him a hard time
Pravin Manogran
Pravin Manogran 26 napja
Pierre Gasly will bring AT to all new heights. By 2023, he will replace Alonso in Alphine and partner up his country mate, Ocon to bring the team their first world title. So many France drivers came and gone, but Gasly gave France their 1st win since 1996. 24 years wait is over but another wait for their 1st world title will end in 2023 through Gasly. 30 years since their legend won in Alain Prost won...m
Adithya Ramanujam
Even if red bull want Tsunoda, wont they want him in alpha tauri first? I am thinking that it is more likely that redbull is looking at hulk for partnering up with max.
Mista Fiftyone
Mista Fiftyone 26 napja
Red Bull cares about Max and Max only that is why they will not win the championship
Sayan Santra
Sayan Santra 26 napja
Remove max, that will solve all problem. 🤣🤣
Ericson Szeto
Ericson Szeto 26 napja
Checo in that RB seat next year
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