PS1 to PS5 - The Evolution of PlayStation 

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Join us as we chronicle the history of PlayStation, from the launch of the original console in 1994, to the PS5 launch in 2020.
Correction: The PS3 didn't require PS Plus to play multiplayer, that requirement came with the PS4.
We're on the cusp of the PlayStation 5’s launch, so now is a perfect time to look back at the journey that led Sony to this moment, and celebrate PlayStation's past.
In the video above, Lucy chronicles the history of the Japanese tech giant's foray into the gaming space, from the wildly successful launch of the original PlayStation back in 1994, to breaking into the American market, to the rapid growth over the last 25 years. From hardware launches, revisions, and partnerships to peripherals, and of course, the games that we love on PlayStation, we delve deeply through the history of the console family.
She also stops to examine the evolution of the DualShock controller, from its humble beginnings to its reinvention as the new DualSense Wireless Controller. We recently had hands-on time with it, and it's a marked improvement on the DualShock 4. PlayStation 5 launches on November 12 in the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, and on November 19 in the rest of the world.










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The Dollaazz Junior
Should do among us video LOL
Steady Cuzzin
I remember being 12 Years old owning the PlayStation 1. Now I'm 36 Years old and I now own the amazing PlayStation 5. Where tf did the time go???
PS5 how many sales in the first month?
Md ziz
Md ziz 3 napja
299$ for the PS1 killed SEGA same happen with the PS4 399$ damaged the XBOX 1 at 499$.
Md ziz
Md ziz 3 napja
The best games for lunch consoles was the PS2 with the : GTA 3, FF X, SILENT HILL & METAL GEAR 2. This games definitely worth to buy a console for it unlike nowadays. I’m proud to have owned all this consoles but this time I think I will own the PS5 & the Xbox S
HankTheTank 4 napja
The ad at the start of the video rickrolled me...
Moses Chan
Moses Chan 10 napja
This should be put in History lesson.
Klaus Fleishacker
There's no backwards compatibility, unlike they say here. You need to pay extra for it via a subscription. For Xbox there is though.
Gamerda Xtremz
Gamerda Xtremz 11 napja
Better question is why PS5 nor PS4 can't even play PS1, PS2, PS3 Discs.
Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones 11 napja
We have the psp the psvita the PS2 the PS3 the PS4 and the ps5
Na Li
Na Li 12 napja
I want to invite you to do a review for our newly released products. Are you interested in our webcams?
Isaac Santos
Isaac Santos 13 napja
Insane man
Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt 13 napja
Just got my ps5
Iets go Vlogs
Iets go Vlogs 14 napja
I have the ps2 slim
Crosby from bo2
Crosby from bo2 14 napja
Ps3 is my all time favorite console the controller was perfect for my girly fingers it felt really comfortable using free online play was great the games i played little big planet 2 black ops 1 and 2 deadliest warrior playstation all stars minecraft and the modern warfare series were all good they provided me so much entertainment for 5 years thank you sony for this amazing console i dont think i could survive 2011-2016 with out it
broken 14 napja
I Just Want PS2
PlayFortress Four
PlayStation: The King of Consoles Xbox: The Queen of Consoles
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson 17 napja
Half of my life is those 4 shapes. 🔼⏺⏹✖
Jose kolya
Jose kolya 17 napja
6:00 20 gb for 500 usd? i get samsung nvme 970 1tb for 99 euros wow....
Ryan Gagne
Ryan Gagne 19 napja
The fretful column intracellularly harm because chest superficially play during a wrong punch. luxuriant, foregoing leo
とみい Tommy Diistar
so 5 playstation over 25 years , by 2045 we will be on playstation 10 damn
Amiron Dugas
Amiron Dugas 19 napja
The ps5 is 8k not 4 and also say Astro’s playroom
Buzzimix 19 napja
Fortnite, le sang à 12:50
ryan xavier
ryan xavier 19 napja
You forgot PS3 super slim
Matthew gonzalez
@IGN what crash bandicoot 4 it's about time for ps4
Warrior48 20 napja
Samuel Kelly
Samuel Kelly 20 napja
I want PS5: The first of us
Sagar prasath
Sagar prasath 21 napja
Huh it seems like 100,000,000 units and you get a new console .....
TEJI ਨਿਰਭਉ ਨਿਰਵੈਰੁ SINGH
Ps1 came in 1994 but i saw it and played first time in 2004 🤭 🎮
jace888 22 napja
Playstation home was 12 years too early. Would do well now.
Jae 22 napja
I was born in 03 but I have 2 older siblings who have played the older versions, I’m glad to say I at least got to own a PSP, that brings back so many memories especially gta vice city stories
Cameron Mathis
Cameron Mathis 23 napja
Here's the Sony's timeline of PlayStation consoles history from the original PlayStation console to the newest PlayStation 5. This is the PlayStation's timeline between 1995 and 2020. PlayStation (September 9th, 1995), PSone (September 19th, 2000) PlayStation 2 (October 26th, 2000), PS2 Slimline (November 25th, 2004) PSP: PlayStation Portable (March 24th, 2005) PlayStation 3 (November 17th, 2006), PS3 Slim (September 2009) PlayStation Vita (February 22nd, 2012) PlayStation 4 (November 15th, 2013) PlayStation 5 (November 12th, 2020) These are all of the released dates from the United States region.
Cameron Mathis
Cameron Mathis 23 napja
Sony PlayStation console made it's debut in Japan on December 3rd, 1994. One year later, the PS1 console debuted on September 9th, 1995 in the United States.
Pete Zah
Pete Zah 23 napja
6:55 I think I remember playing a demo of this game, anyone know what it's called?
alexv0009 15 napja
I think that's Warhawk
Martin Sauer
Martin Sauer 24 napja
PS2 best generation No $80 games, no micro transaction bullshit, no $50 DLC to actually get the full game, no 40 GB updates Just you, the game and maybe a friend to play against
Sapiens Strength
Lol , I went through and watched the news segments on each Systems Launch. It’s funny seeing people talk about Killer Graphics for every installment
Big Forehead Gang
I have a PS3, PS4, and PS5
Liam Featherstone
Ps1 smashed Nintendo and Sega all over bet there gutted now
YellowStickManAnimator / Gamer
How about playstation classic?
DRTY D 26 napja
they really need to put more efort into back compatability! i would buy a ps5 tomorrow if i could download or stream play classic ps1 ps2 games. but as it is, there is nothing what so ever tempting me to spend the money on a new console.
We Game!
We Game! 26 napja
PS4 slim and PSP ❤️.........
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 28 napja
I have every single console from PlayStation including the PSX. And the latest PS5 got it day one November 12th
Dwijaksara 28 napja
Juül shock
Mattarific Wolf Link
I guess Nintendo might have regretted not taking sony up on the offer I mean sony now Makes consoles with some of the best graphics
Cumslinger 28 napja
Dreamcast is better
Yalancy Junior
Yalancy Junior 29 napja
The ps1 had no joysticks? Wow
The Gadget Guru
The Gadget Guru 29 napja
Ah tomb raider one of my childhood games ah memories 😀
DreBone1986 29 napja
Anyone else hearing Jewelshock controller from her?
ничего не знаю
psp 💕💕
idk Hónapja
She forgot about the huge classic that had two games on the same system
idk Hónapja
What about abes oddyse and abes exoddus
Nolan Gifford
Nolan Gifford Hónapja
Thank you PlayStation, you helped many people for 26 years.
Dilly dally Parry
I hate getting my hands on a ps5
gewoon kaas
gewoon kaas Hónapja
Why did you skip the PlayStation 3 super slim???
Kamal Akeem
Kamal Akeem Hónapja
playstation life
Socom Master
Socom Master Hónapja
They need to remaster Socom asap
Jesse Tragedie
Jesse Tragedie Hónapja
Still looking forward to PS9 with the Mermaid...
BloodSlayer99 Hónapja
Ps2 and ps5 best consoles
Jatavian Moore
Jatavian Moore Hónapja
The ps2 startup gave me memories
moi Hónapja
ps5 looks like a ufo. i guess it can fly a good distance when you throw it. i dont like the design.
Joopa Gipta
Joopa Gipta Hónapja
The ps2 was so good I played it as a kid in 2008 i was 7 years old and it was my dads before he gave it to me. It was my first game console ever and left a lasting impression on me.
Mr Oakley 07
Mr Oakley 07 Hónapja
You didn't need PS plus to play online on the PS3
Alija Aljic
Alija Aljic Hónapja
Aj hawe ps 5
Mr Oakley 07
Mr Oakley 07 Hónapja
Oh my the PSP brought back so much memories I almost played my PSP more than I played my PS3
Deon Spates
Deon Spates Hónapja
PS2 will always be my favorite console of all time!!!
Ardian Silva Kurnia
PS4 is still the best design (in my opinion)
Patrick Tuohy
Patrick Tuohy Hónapja
The original PlayStation dual shock never had rubber grips
Zhipeng Jiang
Zhipeng Jiang Hónapja
solid snake
solid snake Hónapja
nintendo awoke the giant that is sony
Rodion Leary
Rodion Leary Hónapja
you have to admit that X box series X is better than PS5
Orange Hónapja
I can't believe horizon and uncharted 4 was 2015. I feel old
Nate River
Nate River Hónapja
I wish PlayStation appreciated it enough for backwards compatibility
Levente Kapus
Levente Kapus Hónapja
I wait for ps5 pro or +
Tamer vlogz
Tamer vlogz Hónapja
12:55 finally found the game i was looking for
tucker12435 Hónapja
PlayStation was the coolest but I got a super Nintendo in 2000, then N64 2001, GameCube 2003, skipped the sony train as a child but love play the ps1 at my cousin's. Then in 2007 I begged my parents to buy me an Xbox 360, most selfish thing looking back because my parents were struggling. By my young adult years I was able to buy myself my own Xbox 360 slim and eventually Xbox one s but I feel bad for the parents that had to keep up with all this technology
Skydive Hónapja
the ps3 and ps2 will always be relevant, they'll never die. and yes, im also counting the ps3. the ps4 still has like 4 more years before it needs to be replace by the ps5
aliyu anua
aliyu anua Hónapja
Thanks to legit_hack4 for urbaning my psn successfully..
Mr Impossible
Mr Impossible Hónapja
The PSP was the BOMB!
osurocks 24
osurocks 24 Hónapja
What game is 1:10?
Muschglu Hónapja
I want a black PS5...
Rampant FPV
Rampant FPV Hónapja
PS5 Could be great. But most people won't know because of the failures of online retailers and money hungry BOT using scalpers!
Dark Bite Prime
Dark Bite Prime Hónapja
Schizo mantis!! Was revolutionary
thebossgang Hónapja
Know how she never talked about black opps coming out😑
DeAn H
DeAn H Hónapja
GameSpot and ign really do make videos about every single LITTLE THING
Phoenix Hónapja
Vasil Petrov
Vasil Petrov Hónapja
Bast Story :)
Itchy. Tasty.
Itchy. Tasty. Hónapja
"The PS2 had a dvd drive. The PS3 had a bluray drive". They still do by the way.
Commander Waffles
They failed to mention the lack of support for the peripherals they made, and how they doomed their own PSP creations because of their expensive proprietary memory card.
PandaMan Hónapja
All I remember playing back then on my PS3 Slim was Haze, Modern Warfare, GTA 4, Minecraft, Rogue Warrior, and alot more.
Tyler Bergen
Tyler Bergen Hónapja
Ah man...I remember when the PS One came out. I got my first one as an open box item at Best Buy in 1997 (I think like Spring...cause I was still in 6th grade). I was so stoked to get one, it came with a demo disc that I played through like 50 times lol. I think everybody did back in the day. The funny thing is that I still have that same system to this day, it's more of a sentimental thing than anything. I remember my mom got it for me, and she passed away almost 14 years ago now.
Drunk Souls
Drunk Souls Hónapja
I actually miss the PlayStation home. I met some friends that I played with for years on there. Me and my best friend still do the "rave" dance move as a joke. Jesus 12 years later
László Szabados
I have ps 4
Dustin Schings
Dustin Schings Hónapja
Most famous rapping dog? You must mean Snoop, right?
Mickeyminime Hónapja
Horizon :D
StellarForce Hónapja
Ps5 sold out in 1 minute xD
Sami Hónapja
What are you talking about? PS+ was never required for online play on the PS3
Ny Xs
Ny Xs Hónapja
Damn. PS Vita i love that portsble still own one till now. Hoping Sony could back to handheld again.
Theon _
Theon _ Hónapja
0:50 "299" ok but the PS4 and 5 Costs exactly as the others so "the cheapest consol" isnt anymore ^^
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