PS5 vs Xbox Series X - The Showdown 

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PS5 or Xbox Series X... Which next gen game console will you choose?
The Sony PlayStation 5 receives a completely new look while the Microsoft Xbox Series X aims to keep things simple. These new consoles are capable of playing games in 4K at up to 120fps. Whether you choose the PS5 or Xbox Series X you should consider upgrading your TV to take full advantage of their capabilities.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 hónapja
Which one would you choose - PS5 or Xbox Series X?
Farris MZ
Farris MZ 2 napja
Xbox series x. It has better graphics.
Rs Sport
Rs Sport 10 napja
Vinwar123VORT 11 napja
Declan Downes
Declan Downes Hónapja
PS5 all the way
Cordero Miller
Cordero Miller Hónapja
@Sean Chering better performance??? 😂 you must not know how to read specs! Xbox has the more powerful processor which means it has the better performance, it also has more storage space and etc.
Tedizz Órája
Anyone got that 14 day code yet?
Light_switch____ 5 órája
The problem with my series x is that when I change batteries in my controller it doesn’t want to connect to the Xbox , no matter what I do , if I connect it with a wire or just try to connect a new controller , nothing works, only restarting the Xbox will fix it . And I was in the middle of a gta heist when this happened
theboss turkey
theboss turkey 9 órája
I like ps exclusives thats why I'm going for that
hazzzaaa 9 órája
the ps5 controller is honestly in my opinion the best part of if
ॐAnuj Kumarॐ
ॐAnuj Kumarॐ 17 órája
Please give me a
Bryan Correa
Bryan Correa 19 órája
Love how quiet ps5 I literally forget it's on unless I look at light
_ also_ _also_
what are your thoughts on the heaven?
Salty Fry
Salty Fry Napja
Why!? nobody can see you're consul lmao if you have this system most likely you don't have friends over, ascetics don't matter. I love how people act like there gonna walk the system to the store with them or take it for a walk at a park. Trolls commence comments! haha ;)
vallejo ca
vallejo ca Napja
Xbox = MAGA. ps = antifa blm Biden
Startinglovefan3309 Felds
They probably won’t come out with any more consuls because PCs are going to take over
Bruno Lopes
I have never saw a console generation this pretty in my hole life
Wild Style
Wild Style Napja
Is it just me or is the PlayStation the best. The design is beautiful, the exclusives are breathtaking, and the controller is so good. Leave a like if you agree with me
King Davis
King Davis Napja
Ps 5 👍💪🏾
Denzel rex
Denzel rex Napja
xbox becouse it is more powerfull
Sunnybois Stuff
But the end of the day everybody is just waiting for the new Nintendo
Douglas Smith
Just depends on what you're going for. Xbox is better for third party games, which there are tons. Playstation is better for exclusives. Take your pick. Although in the long haul, if Xbox can come up with some great exclusives, their console will dominate considering it is much more powerful.
Ahmed Raheem
Xbox controls is sucks 😒
The Game Sound
Here’s the thing for me, I already have a Xbox One S. If buy a PS5 I will have to re buy a headset, buy all the games I want, and it’s also to make things worse $30 more. I only have $700, you may that’s in no that’s enough. But that’s $700 Canadian. Well it may say $630 on the price tag, taxes are going to shaft me so hard I’ll be broke. I already have game pass, a headset, plus I want to get dlc for Doom Eternal anyway and Bethesda was bought by Xbox. I’m also an Halo fan and well it may be delayed, I have faith in it. If I buy a PS5, I’ll have nothing to play. Sure Spider-Man Miles Morales looks great and I wouldn’t mind trying Ghost of Tsushima but I’m not interested in any other game. Buying digital edition could work but for the version of Spider-Man I want it would cost me too much anyway. I don’t understand the people who say get both, not everyone has the money, not everyone has a job. I haven’t finished the review yet, but I needed a place to vent. Sorry if this comment bothered anyone.
Jamarien Benton
Ik most of these people are mad when youtubers buy the ps5 for review and not playing cause they jus waste a stock
Abhishek Agarwal
Ps5 🇮🇳
FaZe_Fabes005 2 napja
It seems like almost all the games are just for Xbox
Arshdeep Singh Pannu
i Mr. Jetpacks
series X
SlumpDawgBars 2 napja
the reason for the ps5 size is because they use different cooling methods
Terp the Bandit
My experience with the last generation has determined my actions with this one. Xbox one(original): 3 years. Second year, disc reader failed(probably due to my heavy vaping at the time), this was the only problem I experienced until it got stuck in a boot loop. Now it sits in my room until I decide to take it apart, send it in for repair, or just throw it out. Ps4(original): bought after the Xbox kicked the bucket, 1 year as of right now. Significant and frequent WiFi problems already. Most annoyingly, it constantly switches between 2.4 and 5ghz channels while I'm watching Netflix and Hulu, causing constant buffering problems. OS boots up faster, but runs slower. It frequently lags on the transition between screens where my xbox always felt fluid, though it's boot up was at least twice as long. Controllers are crap. Non replaceable batteries, constant analog drifting, awful battery life and only a 4 foot cable included. By far, the worst aspect of the Ps4 is its bullshit excuse for controllers. Yes, I know they changed their design this time around, but considering they outright stole Xboxs design, I'm not confident they made any more meaningful changes. Additionally, I also had an xbox 360 and Ps3. Ps3 lasted 2 years, my 360 is still kicking, after about 10, though barely, I did play New Vegas on it just yesterday. So, I'm going xbox. I really love Playstations exclusives. In particular, I will be buying the ps5 eventually so I can play Days Gone 2 and the Horizon sequel, but Xbox earned my priority by creating a longer lasting product.
Rican VII
Rican VII 2 napja
The best remote ever made from Sony is the ps3 controller...ps4 remote sucked and the 5 is just as bad or a bit worse. I didn't like it.
Get a 3000 dollar oled 77 inch or dont buy this 500 console
vallejo ca
vallejo ca Napja
3500$. 80 inch oled thin q smart tv😁👌
Joevon Hill
Joevon Hill 3 napja
I got PS5 I tend to have a problem with xbox after owning a 360 plus I grew up on PlayStation
I VOTED 3 napja
PS5 all the way
Spencer Wyant
Spencer Wyant 3 napja
Imagine assasins creed black flag remastered on ps5 with motion control
Hashim Basheer
Yay I’m also a playstation guy !!! Xbox sucks
Sunnie 3 napja
Finally got lucky enough to cop a PS5. imo xbox has better value for their game pass but ps5 has all the juicy exclusives
Smith Catherine
Brzo i pouzdano hvala što ste mi, bez odlaganja, nabavili svoj omiljeni ps5, ocijenili ste vas sa 5 zvjezdica * Jimmy_hack1 * na Instagramu
John Hui
John Hui 3 napja
Tbh ps5 was super overhyped.
evil patrick
evil patrick 3 napja
Xbox series x: IM MORE POWERFULL Ps5: I have better games Xbox series x: ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
Blank Channel
Blank Channel 3 napja
Get ps5 cause Xbox just increase their price for Xbox Live Gold they are cash grabbing
Smith Catherine
Brzo i pouzdano hvala što ste mi, bez odlaganja, nabavili svoj omiljeni ps5, ocijenili ste vas sa 5 zvjezdica * Jimmy_hack1 * na Instagramu
Channel Monkeys Toss
Xbox series X does not play in service, really impressive that console came to crash in the world of consoles, Xbox Series X the best👍💪
HEB 3 napja
The Xbox is just the same but it has better quality and the storage is increased. The PS5 has completely changed and the controllers are so good they have separate updates and they also have a fitted in microphone which you can toggle on and off and the PS5 downloads things faster than the Xbox does. I just think the PS5 is better as I have them both, and i hate it when people say PlayStation are better or Xbox as better even though they have one of them. They just say for example, somebody with an Xbox says “Xbox are better than PlayStation” when they’ve never owned a PS which annoys me.
Brendan Lamborghini-Bus
Ps5 has better graphics
Jared Moore
Jared Moore 4 napja
The PS5 is more futuristic and has great features just like the PS4 did but the lack of game developers and franchises to back the system up will lead to an amazing console with no games to utilize it. Xbox is where it's at. Not to mention it has faster load times and a more powerful GPU.
Soldagg 4 napja
Can't believe they went with that design PS5. Looks so terrible
Cameron Jordan
Ps5= poo station 5
Cameron Jordan
Ps5 sucks Xbox will rule
Nathan On Gfuel
What if Xbox and PlayStation make a console together?
Nathan On Gfuel
@Cameron Jordan what you mean?
Cameron Jordan
Then it would be a disaster
Joe Holland
Joe Holland 5 napja
Xbox still using batteries will forever be a mystery to me.
apple _sauce6322
"It's it's it's bananas" 8:20
G Thr333
G Thr333 5 napja
Xbox can’t change their style. They are an X box 📦
Epic12 Luis
Epic12 Luis 5 napja
I choose Xbox Series X
VictorVlogs 07
Horrible video angles.
Hallo Byebye
Hallo Byebye 6 napja
30:49 After 8 plus year's not being able to play any console... God that takes me back.
FIFA 168
FIFA 168 6 napja
MMCGIRTH12 6 napja
Xbox. PS5 was rushed
Jimmy M
Jimmy M 6 napja
Xbox series x is better
Nikolay Gogov
Nikolay Gogov 4 napja
@Jimmy M you mean 0,2 differences specs
Nikolay Gogov
Nikolay Gogov 4 napja
@Jimmy M tell so others exclusives for next gen
Nikolay Gogov
Nikolay Gogov 4 napja
@Jimmy M ok only forza and halo exclusives man
Jimmy M
Jimmy M 4 napja
@Nikolay Gogov the specs and the GB ram also it is thicker and it has better cooling
Nikolay Gogov
Nikolay Gogov 4 napja
Ok with what exactly
Joezonyt 6 napja
I’m going to ask for a series x for my birthday this year
james sheehy
james sheehy 6 napja
Costs a bomb
Gearturismo 6 napja
PS5 Pros- Exclusive Dualsense XSX Pros- Gamepass Quick Resume Cons- Lame controller...button is really noisy when we push it...should introduce haptic like ps5 dualsense.
Tminus9 6 napja
Technical gurugi is best
Harry 7 napja
Angelie Fitz Cortez
I grew up with the ps4 because the xbox was so expensive at the time😂
Avil Georgescu
Pro Noob
Pro Noob 7 napja
Is it just me or did PlayStation destroy Xbox this time?
Avil Georgescu
nice vid
Ismail Ahmed
Ismail Ahmed 7 napja
Ps6: you read this comment because i said ps6
monsieur carlin
Ps6 to shoot a npc you need to shoot a real person
Mudkip 7 napja
I have both and I don’t think anyone can say they turned off their series x to play on the ps5
Rico 4 napja
Can I have one ? just sayin ill appreciate any of them. just sayin tho '-'
JR vids
JR vids 8 napja
I love both
dburford 8 napja
That storage expansion on the xbox sticks out so far 😂😂. I feel like the PS5 is the better option in terms of looks and value for money for e.g. a rechargeable controller comes with the PS5 and doesn't cost an arm, also the internal storage upgrade that wont snap off if you forget to take it out of the console when moving it, not to mention a whole new experience with the new controller and futuristic look of the console. Sony has clearly put more effort in this time and it shows in this video.
Raed Diya
Raed Diya 8 napja
Now at 4k at 60 frames on a beautiful 4k disply
Jahlil Gore
Jahlil Gore 8 napja
there was some people who didn't like the design of the new Xbox series x but I don't really know what they expected it's an Xbox meaning it's going to be in some type of box shape maybe not like an exact box but some type of box shape
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy
I wonder if we will have gta 6 before next gen comes out LOL
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy
My mans didn't even play gears 😭
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy
$30+ for this charger for playstation. But xbox has a charger (plus 2 good batteries) for like $15. Half the price.. plus you can play 24/7. When ur playing with one battery the other is charging (or fully charged)
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy
Guess who's broke and still rocking the ps3 on a box tv 😎
Psychology Nut
Nintendo switch- " i wasn't invited? WTF?"
Luiza Liha lianacova 2hjs
Video sorry
Luiza Liha lianacova 2hjs
I'm not gonna lie I'm watching this video bc I am getting a PS5 so ye that's why I'm watching this fideo
Luiza Liha lianacova 2hjs
Ye but I don't understand which one is better
Akash Panchal
Akash Panchal 9 napja
Please please please please join them back please be a team again please
Xloudy 9 napja
"You can blow into the microphone" Employees who listen to PS parties: 😐
MjSwindle Napja
Wait what?
RoySGaming 9 napja
I been a xbox user and fan for 4 years. Now I am thinking of switching...
John Brav
John Brav 8 napja
Dont change. X more powerful and new exclusives comes later. Its drivers are not ready its cause some performance issue but will be much better. Ps5 still good btw.
big dumb ass79
I just came here to see toxic gamers Edit: I didn't find any toxic comment y'all chill
Cameron R
Cameron R 9 napja
Not gonna lie, got the ps4 at launch and and I have rarely played it at all for its whole life. I feel like I should have gotten the xbox because halfway through its cycle, it seemed like a much better console with game pass and backwards compatibility. With that being said I will be getting the nee xbox and hoping for the best
Damiano Gartrell
Fucm all the bs...which one is better?
Its Masterfox
Its Masterfox 9 napja
Ps5 controller looks like it’s wearing a bikini
Pudding Roblox
Ps might make a elite controllet
Pudding Roblox
Instead of 220 dollar I rather save up and get a series s 😂😂😂
Pudding Roblox
Or Ps5 or switch
Ako Veronica Ene
I got mine without stress with an expert on inßtagrm *jackson_madrigal2020*
Rico Miller
Rico Miller 10 napja
I still got GameCast
Johnny Henderson
Why does everyone I see go for PS5 instead of Xbox? I have both and I feel like they both are great. I’m often on my PlayStation more because I can play Fortnite without PS+ but I need Xbox live to play Fortnite on Xbox. But I feel like they both are great and don’t have an edge over another unless you are a big fan of their IP’s. Xbox has an edge if you can afford the Elite controller but other than that there isn’t really anything that I can put to have an edge over one another.
DanAndPuppyDAB 10 napja
Oh look! It's my router with my paper on it! Give it back please...
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 10 napja
Xbox if it truly best unit get but they where designed in 2019 why got RDNA2 graphics card from AMD and Custom AMD zen 2 processor as well. So is Xbox series x model better than flagship ps5? Don’t believe me go online it verify everything I stated.
Timefall l
Timefall l 10 napja
Or just get both like me if you can. Not a flex.
Léo Savage-Laflamme
Question from nowhere: do you put you’r ps5 vertically or horizontally?
wdeth fors
wdeth fors 10 napja
i will wait for psxbox
wdeth fors
wdeth fors 10 napja
why playstation consoles, except ps1, are always designed with ugly and weird design
Shahnoor Chandwani
dumb and useless review, all i could get from it was xbox is rectangle ps5 is not...end of review
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