r/Prorevenge My Wife Cheated With 13 Men + 2 Women, So I Ruined Her Life! 

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r/Prorevenge In today's story, OP has an absolutely terrible wife who cheats on him with 15 different people! She gets blackout drunk around their kids, and she even leaves their two kids (3 and 4 years old) home along so she can go out to parties and hook up with guys. OP enlists the help of one of his wife's friends, who has become disgusted with her behavior, and orchestrates a plan to trap in her web of lies and destroy her future! If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to my channel for more daily Reddit videos!
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"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Love You
Love You 21 perce
Ignore this 8:45
Alan Rivas
Alan Rivas 5 órája
11:00 is where the cheating reddit starts
peepeepoopoo 14 órája
650 A MONTH WITH UTILITIES?!?!! Where the hell is that
Lil Quake
Lil Quake 18 órája
I have a window ac that cost 45$ a fucking YEAR
Demonic Entity
AIDS:ima do what's called a pro gamer move
Drew Bries
Drew Bries Napja
What does op mean
bruh Napja
Katerino has entered the chat
VolkingDeath 2 napja
Still not as many as Katerino
DaRealYoshi 2 napja
The fact on what Amy did would make her one of the most respected people in my life if I was Op
A Shot of Whiskey
Not only should the wife be denied custody, but she should be made to pay back the money she stole from her husband.
2wice4RICE 3 napja
Tf is this katerino shit
draxaggs 4 napja
Damn that guy was dating katerino
blaze 5 napja
*sᴜᴄᴄʏ ʟᴀɴᴅʟᴏʀᴅ*
GreenLion1411 6 napja
the divorce story was also covered by StevenD you should check him out if you like stuff like this. I'm not sponsored or anything I just think it's a good channel
Faustas Bruzas
13 men + 2 women, damn katerino has nothing on her
Des 8 napja
Uhhh.. Yeah that last one is a big nope in my mind. I mean, she’s obviously got some mental issues to work through and isn’t a fit mother as she is without help. But what the fuck is this idea the guy has of “we are swingers until I say we aren’t”. What an awfully misleading title. “I know we’ve both been sleeping with other people, but today I decreed no more! And so now every partner you have suddenly counts as cheating and a direct attack against me?” That should have been a conversation and something they agreed on together. Tbh sounds like he was jealous she was getting more ladies than he was at that point. But in all seriousness, I grew up with a master manipulator for a father, and all of that last story sounded nauseatingly familiar. This is one of those reddit posts where I would really like to see the other person’s side before passing any judgement, I feel like she would have a very different story. Seems kind of cruel to me that two of the people closest to her got together and basically plotted her demise and trapped her in it instead of seeking to get her the help she very obviously needed. What a shitty husband, what a shitty friend.
Ruben Hulshoff
The fact that people will give up everything just to ruin someones life is just disgusting
rip groot
rip groot 8 napja
My old teacher never did anything to teach students besides giving us essay after essay each needing to be atleast 5 paragraphs (beginning of the year) and about 10 paragraphs (end of year), each being half the essay a day. Keep in mind this was last year and i was in 6th grade. We had to do 10 PARAGRAPH essays in 2 DAYS, then the next 10 paragraph essay was assigned. Where on redit would i post this?
Wheely Boi
Wheely Boi 8 napja
But I have to
Wheely Boi
Wheely Boi 8 napja
I can’t believe the title
DearDeer 9 napja
Man I can’t even get a guy to LIKE me
Epic Tiger Studios
Damn that landlord from the first story must have been so mad😂 it’s insane that he didn’t prepare a speech either time in court. Kinda a bad move. Because he got an extra like 1200 bucks or more taken from him🤯
swab playz
swab playz 10 napja
Katerino is impressed
Luke Wiles
Luke Wiles 10 napja
Katerino is that you?
Micah S
Micah S 10 napja
Kudos to Amy, give it up for her everyone.
AlfieXJT 11 napja
For more revenge, OP should get with Amy
Jaxsnabs 11 napja
Amy is like sam from lord of the rings, she saved the man from gollum
EXENOX 11 napja
Bro he should've married Amy instead of his ex
Marcus Brown
Marcus Brown 11 napja
16:41 I would say they both took her down op was bugged for the time and ex got her self arrested ex went to amy and started a drug alcohol shopping spree then OP shut the account down and amy recorded what she witnessed it was a pro strat team takedown
Aussieiy 11 napja
KitsWorld 11 napja
You screw me over I screw you over Is a good way to sum up this subreddit.
Jimmy Love
Jimmy Love 11 napja
Narration uses too much unnecessary emphasis and it gets frustrating because nothing is that exciting.
Hokage Trump
Hokage Trump 12 napja
She belongs in the streets
Andy .-.
Andy .-. 12 napja
How does someone find 16 people to be with
Erick Arriaga
Erick Arriaga 12 napja
She don’t belong to the streets the streets belong to her
Kevin1242 13 napja
It's like almost 2 Katherio.
nathan higgins
nathan higgins 13 napja
(for the story about the landlord) after the landlord lost he basically tried to go for "double or nothing" and lost again. I've seen Studio Executives shoot themselfs in the foot and even they weren't as self-destructing as this guy.
Sleez7 13 napja
I think this is katerino
CJ 13 napja
im comment 1,600
I like Chickens
I like Chickens 13 napja
I bet Amy will be getting a lot of boyfriend requests. Maybe too much to handle. Also, f**k OP's ex.
Nick Voncloft
Nick Voncloft 13 napja
The title starts at 11:02 this is a click bait video
CoolSmile 11 napja
The story was told was it not?
L0ky Aurora
L0ky Aurora 13 napja
Damm this girl worse than katerino
Pivot Boy
Pivot Boy 14 napja
Cough Cough cough Kaiterino
ZLATENDAB 15 napja
CHEATED WITH 15 PEOPLE? The streets aren't calling her name she's calling the streets TO HER
THE LUCKIER 15 napja
7:18 I love that haha
mask_nojutsu 15 napja
S s s she got a day? This really crazy fam
Purple Knight
Purple Knight 15 napja
jeez, this deleted guy is everywhere in your videos!
OfficialDrago 15 napja
I wonder if
Jeff Hogging
Jeff Hogging 15 napja
Who else ships op and amy?
Echro 15 napja
Was the girl katerino?
Nebula草なぎ 15 napja
Amy came in with the clutch
Violet Motuku
Violet Motuku 15 napja
I’m trying to imagine LACSD as a person telling the bank to freeze his account
jag är ett brod
13 guys? damn katerino gotta leave some for the rest of us.
Liam Felix Santos
I now dis story
Pumking Ghoul
Pumking Ghoul 16 napja
yu have one mistake dude it not eighteen hundred its one thousand and eight hundred
Rordon Gamsey
Rordon Gamsey 16 napja
Wife : cheats with 13 men Me : wow what a piece of garbage Also wife : Does some weird shit with 2 women Me : Yeah I kinda saw that coming
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 16 napja
When I read the title I was like “Katerino, is that you?”
DeaniraDanae 16 napja
My old landlord tried to sue my husband and I twice. One time he gave no notice, and failed to show up. The second time he claimed he was in Colorado (a 12 hour drive away) working. He asked to have the court date move (this happened just before we were supposed to appear 🤦🏻‍♀️). The court told him no. He was spotted at his in town apartment within an hour of the court time.
professional Loser
That ex story sounds like experience living with my divorced parents. Haha, hah... damn that one is deep.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 16 napja
Katerino over here in the thumbnail
eccedentiast 16 napja
Who else realized this is a story from Steven D as well?
If someone cheated on me that many times I would act like I don’t know and when she comes home I crowbar her legs into a wheelchair and laugh every second, then explain that I saw
Jin Raigami
Jin Raigami 16 napja
Here is the animated version: hurun.info/to/video/coJ22KBvsXPNytU.html
Em Radford
Em Radford 17 napja
I hope the guy in the last story and Amy are together and married now. (Or Amy is still happily married, and the guy is happy wherever he is now too)
Is lacsd los angles clippers sherif department?
Mr Dude
Mr Dude 17 napja
Is it just me but his voice sounds weird
Lord Jesus Christ
Nevermind getting amy flowers you should marry her XD
Car Guy Gamer
Car Guy Gamer 17 napja
The Landlord should've been named S***lord I'm stupid
Angry tired nerd
I can't be the only one who feels sorry/worried for the ex-wife. I'm not saying that the actions taken against her weren't justified or that she wasn't a shitty person, but she clearly had major mental health problems. Nobody acts like she did if they don't. I wonder if she had PTSD or something.
Superman 17 napja
this is like Carson, on steroids
TUNE PD 18 napja
"she lost her mind she said- *if you have a team you should use monday.com*"
Beverly Balius
Beverly Balius 18 napja
Good Landlord story...
i m m x r t a l
i m m x r t a l 18 napja
Katerino 2.0
Celloj 18 napja
OP needs to marry Amy right fn now
You mean Katerino
Don Wald
Don Wald 19 napja
He should have married Amy instead.
Crow Rat
Crow Rat 19 napja
Welp Amy seems like a back stabbing friend and the relationship between Amy and the husband makes me think they were doing 'things'. Also is it cheating when both of them were swingers?
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 19 napja
*Misleading title: they were swingers for five years. 😐
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