r/Prorevenge My Wife Cheated With 13 Men + 2 Women, So I Ruined Her Life! 

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r/Prorevenge In today's story, OP has an absolutely terrible wife who cheats on him with 15 different people! She gets blackout drunk around their kids, and she even leaves their two kids (3 and 4 years old) home along so she can go out to parties and hook up with guys. OP enlists the help of one of his wife's friends, who has become disgusted with her behavior, and orchestrates a plan to trap in her web of lies and destroy her future! If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to my channel for more daily Reddit videos!
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"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Kemery Kreates
Kemery Kreates 2 órája
Who else is eternally amused with rSlash’s “I’m an entitled Karen/really annoying person/bratty kid/total nut/jerk and I’ve come to ruin your whole “ voice? 😂
Lord Lucius
Lord Lucius 5 órája
Ngl if I was that guy I wouldn’t be giving amy flowers I’d be trying to marry her she’s a lady-bro who’s willing to help out on your schemes, she’s a damn keeper
Happy ツ
Happy ツ 14 órája
omg she cheated with 13 men?! Future : She belong to the streets🙏
Kenzo Napja
The story were the girl cheated with 13 men i heard it from Steven D channel animated (kinda made scary) here hurun.info/to/vide--/coJ22KBvsXPNytU.html
DJcool Napja
If your wife/gf sleeps with a women and you are a guy, is it cheating? Just asking
Maia Fotheringill
I love this channel, so I don't really look at the titles and just click on the videos, like I did with this one when you said "Wife cheated with 13 different guys" I dropped my phone in disbelief.
The1980Philip 2 napja
The husband with the cheating wife made a mistake. He should have seen the spending spree coming.
Tobs W
Tobs W 4 napja
Swingers marriage goes down the toilet. Shocking
Cecilia Gonzalez
I hope he made Amy the kids step mom
Noname 6 napja
Always record !
Dennis Chapman
I always enjoy these videos but when the announcer attempts to try and make fun of someone by adopting that stupid mimic voice it is as annoying as someone dragging nails on a chalk board. It really detracts from the story and make him sound mentally challenged----so "ditch" the stupid mimic voice and vastly improve the quality of your videos. We get the point without the announcers inept "other voice".
Luke Lucky
Luke Lucky 6 napja
She lost her mind saying listen you can get crispy tenders.
Bringer Ebrethil
Amy! What a woman!!
Lol that is all I have to say just .lol.
The NoGoat
The NoGoat 8 napja
Why does Law enforcement arrest someone without prior questioning.... Like.. Seriously... I personally feel that it is a crime because the investigation is one sided....
bkingk8 9 napja
Leaving your phone voice recorder on your phone turned on can save your ass
Devil's Furry
Devil's Furry 10 napja
Because of creature like these actual women who are in abusive marriage don't get justice sometimes And that out of controlled creature still gets to see the kids get portion of money that is possibly that guys even after all that rage spending and no consequences of false accusations If it was the other way around the man would have been raped off of everything no visitation right jail and a lifetime of blame possibly ending in suicide I get women empowerment and all but this fucking sexisim needs to stop and these fucking sexist court needs to take men into consideration too
L S 11 napja
Don't get me wrong, I love the story lol, but how can just one member of a couple, close a joint bank account? I thought the whole point of them was the legal requirement to have both parties do the opening/closing, otherwise it could be contested in court as illegally done by the other? Sorry, but to skeptical me, it sounds more like a fantasy story rather than real life... :(
Remzi Cavdar
Remzi Cavdar 9 napja
Opening requires two (for legal verification etca.) and closing only one. It's also logical if you think about it. Nobody is forced to keep doing their business with somebody they don't want to anymore.
Itscloudybtwlol 12 napja
"I have made a severe lapse of my judgement."
Mike Hill
Mike Hill 12 napja
Good job OP of the land lord problem. Only notable thing I ever did to a shit landlord was get them thrown in jail for the property they rented me.
Sparpasws 2
Sparpasws 2 13 napja
So unless this guy has an over the top ac unit it’s not gonna cost him 100 for the elec bil because he’d be paying for 2 ppl including himself unless the landlord is an idiot and went with a shitty electric company
IggysDemon 14 napja
was hoping the guy got with Amy
Enric Winters
Enric Winters 14 napja
Letssss go amy
Chris 15 napja
I thought that guy would be with amy in the end of the story
Dave 15 napja
Wife cheats with over 13 different men, does that mean 14?
spoiler attack
spoiler attack 15 napja
The story that was with 13 men thing was also animated on Steven d and I was so happy it was here as well
Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036
well they were swingers, so both were pathetic people. So her "cheating" doesn't matter because it was already her lifestyle. For once I don't blame the woman.
Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036
@Beefcakes Mchunkerson I meant if you're in that line of lifestyle, "cheating" doesn't work in the first place. One partner can't just suddenly become monogamous and demand the same, when they were polygamous before and during marriage. Swingers' marriage is total whack and marriage "vows" doesn't mean anything, so as I said the woman wasn't in the wrong. She went in the wrong when she used false allegation of domestic abuse.
Beefcakes Mchunkerson
Consensual swinging is different from cheating
11kele 17 napja
It is unfortunate how many people end up screwed when there are no evidence against the false claims.
Congratulations Becky! !
I hate women who make false accusations, makes it harder for real victims
CJL BALDMAN 18 napja
the cops legit didn’t even give him one chance yet just made and try a arrest
TailStraw xD
TailStraw xD 19 napja
Amy is real waifu material
CyanCrafting 19 napja
What if OP of the 2nd post got with Amy Lmaoooo that would be perfect
Kiyamlol 19 napja
Its fun imagining this court case danganronpa style
Kernelpickle 19 napja
That dude totally needs to hook up with Amy, because she’s obviously into him if she was willing to do that to her ex friend AND put up with her living there while she helped gather evidence.
Asma Koya
Asma Koya 19 napja
7:17 The evil laugh brings it all together. hehehehehehehehe
H-bomb 19 napja
props to amy in this one. what a madlad
Alexander Derek Lim
that girl is just collecting infinity stones with extra stones
GamingWithMe 21 napja
Ex-wife: "cheats with 13 guys" Katerino: "pathetic"
Mr. Mugger
Mr. Mugger 22 napja
who is Deleted and why do they have so many posts
Ravyar The Actual Best
thats a lot of divorces.