RADIO REWIND! 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 

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A nail biting title decider at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but as you've never heard it before!
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2020.dec. 9.






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M4TR1X x
M4TR1X x 14 órája
If Kubica wasn't there Seb wouldn't have been the world champ. I'm glad he was there.
SoFast 18 órája
box box box box box box.
Lington Daniel
Lington Daniel 18 órája
Am I allowed to 😭?
43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava
I still can't believe he won this championship. That Red Bull was plagued with mechanical issues, and after the start Red Bull had had to the season, it didn't look probable at all that he would win it. This is one of the most special championships in F1.
Barwell Racing
I get Italians in my ear 😂😂
Alberto Tellez
Renault help red bull Because they were there engine supplier
Niteesh Menon
I think Fernando Alonso is the worst world champion in f1
Prakhar Napja
phil_osopher 3 napja
Box box box
Paul George
Paul George 3 napja
Race of the decade..
Harshraj Jadeja
We also couldn't see the overtake cause of the massive subtitles in the middle of the screen 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Patrick Cesalesta
1:29 this voice looks so familiar
Albus the Labrador
Vettel shouldn't have left Red Bull racing. You see he was already a part of the Big 3 club(Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull). As far as my understanding goes if a driver graduates to any of these teams he should stick to it and not migrate between the bug three.
nzo_ 2410
nzo_ 2410 4 napja
Me: 8:10
SiggeMusic 5 napja
Happiest day of my life...
black plasma studio
Chopin1995 7 napja
Best video in the history of this channel. We need more of this radio rewinds.
John Murton
John Murton 7 napja
This is when f1 was best so competitive
ScuseMeSir 8 napja
Why did it sound so amazing when the lights went out, like somehow it sounded like some of the V8s there harmonized
magic spell
magic spell 8 napja
The tall list oddly hang because quiet conventionally memorise round a weak support. garrulous, third bolt
XWC1 8 napja
7:36 “Safey Car”
Andang Yuniarto
These are the emotions we missed in F1..
Jm Ahn
Jm Ahn 9 napja
Please make 2010 Korea Grand Prix too!
Carl Marcus
Carl Marcus 9 napja
0:52 Have a great last race 1:06 Lol
jojo 3 napja
Фазиль Суюндиков
Феттель должен сказать спасибо Петрову
By. U
By. U 10 napja
Anastasios Lykopoulos
When i heard"DU BIST WEILTMEISTER" a tear has left my eye
alex veratti
alex veratti 10 napja
This track Is so difficult and so boring because it's impossible to pass on track and you have to do that with the strategy
Sagnik Pahari
Sagnik Pahari 10 napja
Feels like Alonso knew he couldn't win the race. He was just too concerned about others.
samar dawar
samar dawar 10 napja
hamilton congratulating vettel 2020 vettel congratulates hamilton
FRFM00 10 napja
This race was so annoying. right off the bat, renault did a deal with RB (their partnership), to use strategy to block Lewis and Fernando, in a legal way on track. It was mentioned by a few drivers but never made headlines. I knew Webber Fernando and Lewis got blocked intentionally. It was a fixed race, but in a legal way using Renault cars, I wont hate on Pet and Kub, and it was SWEET KARMA for Fernando BEING involved but never exposed about singapore 2008. so it balances out. its crazy how life comes full circle in F1.
JOhn Lau
JOhn Lau 10 napja
we need more races like this man
Yathish J
Yathish J 11 napja
I want to know the bgm which is played after vettels pit stop in the middle and after winning the world championship.. some one help here
charitra Jain
charitra Jain 11 napja
Do one radio rewind on indian grand prix too 🙏🏽🙏🏽
GTP Liquid
GTP Liquid 12 napja
My boy Rubinho having a casual chat mid-race about a class overtake.
Yashveen Balamurugan
So thankful that schumacher was ok he could have died in the first lap
Kuba Zieliński
Kuba Zieliński 13 napja
Next Brazil 2008 or 2009
Head Eik
Head Eik 13 napja
Why dont i see any comments about how scary that schumacker crash looked? Im a new fan so it seemed scary that there was no halo
Issa musharbash
Issa musharbash 13 napja
Ahhhh the chills
RandomAssDude 13 napja
Is this his first? I haven't been watching F1 just until receantly, but it sounds like it's his first
Javier Quirós Maneiro
Yes, it was
Aviation17 13 napja
7:36 the safey car😂😂
JrP 13 napja
WOW, they're all Professional, there wasn't no swearing, it was so intense.
Vihar Shah
Vihar Shah 14 napja
Du Bist WeltMeister! Hope This Happens In 2021 Again
ACC 14 napja
I don't even think Ferrari's strategy was so bad. I don't remember how bad tyre wear was in 2010, but maybe Petrov would've been in front of Alonso anyway after Alonso's stop, plus they probably didn't expect that they wouldn't be able to pull a single overtake. It's not like Alonso needed to overtake 10 cars, he only needed to overtake Petrov and Rosberg.
Lars F1
Lars F1 14 napja
Those renaults were such an obstacle for the others this race😂😂😂
formulafan 15 napja
asdwegfwes.... anyways formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
CimaFede 19
CimaFede 19 15 napja
7:18 When you try to stop Petrov ruining your race with a Safety Car caused by a Bollard...Poor Fernando ,that Renault made him crazy!
ShuriKunai 15 napja
Imagine if these cars had DRS. Shouldve been a different race.
xFuryAdaptx __
xFuryAdaptx __ 16 napja
7:25 it clearly shows that Alonso tries everything to get ahead of others cuz he can’t overtake so then uses a bollard as an excuse to try and get a safety car to come out
Tunde Emmanuel
Tunde Emmanuel 16 napja
A free for all, with everybody racing each other.
Putinkillme 16 napja
At 1:36 radio:remeber when safety car lights go out no erratic menouvres its anythink like that
Abhishek Waghmode
I m going to play this today and time at exactly when clock tcks at midnight and hear " Du bist Weltmeister"
nikolin zani
nikolin zani 17 napja
I haven't seen any intense moments all those years
John Martin Cantorne
Legend says Alguersari's still trying to understand what happened 10 years ago.
Javier Herrero
Javier Herrero 17 napja
Imagine this race with DRS...
Pieterpaul Piqueur
Ahh i Mis the time when 4 driver fighting for the world championship
Sameer Vats
Sameer Vats 17 napja
wth, why was algersuari asked to let webber by?
Bryan Lauter
Bryan Lauter 18 napja
When championships went to the end
Bernardo Bortolotto
Vettel: I need a moment.... Horner: SeBaStIaN VeTtEl YoU aRe ThE WOrlD ChAmPiOn
Henri FW
Henri FW 18 napja
We need more of these radio rewinds during the off season. It’s an excellent listen
enzop 18 napja
aha ferrari strategy ruining their championship hopes, haven't changed in a decade
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 19 napja
This 2010 Abu Dhabi GP has everything.
Mihai Matache
Mihai Matache 19 napja
DU BIST WELTMEISTER...."You kept believing in me. I kept believing in you!"
VibeZ XD
VibeZ XD 19 napja
I got chills When he said "DU BIST WELMEISTER"
Ørjan Hage
Ørjan Hage 19 napja
Italians in my ear
Vincent Wagener
Vincent Wagener 20 napja
Listening to this it really feels like Alonso was thinking about the championship a little too much. Some of his thoughts were on the scoreboard rather then in the cockpit.
Bibo Games
Bibo Games 20 napja
7:38 safey
Antoni 20 napja
Kubika p5
Ilan C. P.
Ilan C. P. 20 napja
The cars not having a halo made me feel so anxious
Jorgerally35 20 napja
That wasn't very fair that Red Bull had 6 cars on track, but bruh that is not Petrov's fault as he got a brilliant race and result for Renault.
Deekay 21 napja
Very proud of alonso to push that car to the limit and being a title contender 2x. Amazing drivers alonso and vettel both deserved 🙌🏾👏🏽👏🏽
Pixel 21 napja
tbh vettel just won because DRS.. saying that as a vettel fan lol
Saman Khaledian
Saman Khaledian 17 napja
Yes, this is a new thing as a Vettel fan. As a Vettel fan bluh bluh bluh...
L 21 napja
Brazil 2007 radio rewind? please.
Saurophaganax Gaming
@6:03 When somebody making a prank on you and its not working 😂
Karan 21 napja
Imagine losing a WDC just cause a slow car was in front of you on a unovertakeable track
Mohsen Zare
Mohsen Zare 21 napja
چرا در دسترس نیست؟
Saman Khaledian
Saman Khaledian 17 napja
اگه از vpn امریکا استفاده می‌کنی عوضش کنه، ویدئوهای فرمول۱ رو با vpn فرانسه یا انگلیس ببین‌.
Luis 21 napja
Well this is one of the many reasons why the Vettel era was so beautiful to watch but sadly new F1 fans only see him spin.
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 22 napja
moha is cool
moha is cool 22 napja
Faseegh Marcus
Faseegh Marcus 22 napja
can someone explain the points before the race started. Did alonso need p5 to win?
Faseegh Marcus
Faseegh Marcus 20 napja
@I S thats insane. these days we have Hamilton 350 everyone else - 200
I S 21 napja
Points standings going into this race: 1. Alonso- 246 2. Webber- 238 3. Vettel- 231 4. Hamilton- 222
Mauricio Hermoza
You just wait sunshine.
rachel fleming
rachel fleming 22 napja
Much better than the very poor BBC commentary that viewers had to endure
Alonso's mechanic sounds like Vale 46, Rossi
Shaun Levin
Shaun Levin 22 napja
Alonso's engineer sounded depressed when he said that it was the last lap.
Jeremy Gatewood
Jeremy Gatewood 23 napja
To all the people who doesn't know what Du Bist Weltmeister means it means You are World Champion
Timber land
Timber land 23 napja
At that time Alonso was allready blaming everybody else except himself... What a sportsman.
Şurzan Abatan
Şurzan Abatan 24 napja
2:38 - 2:50 sums up the ferrari's last 10 years hahahah
FaDezZ 24 napja
9:05 Best Team Radio Ever.
FaDezZ 24 napja
Give me 1 point in which this is worse than 2020 ? 2010 was better in every regard.
Logan Ramanatham
I miss this season... it’s chilling to the very end... THE VERY END!!
Louis En France
Louis En France 24 napja
it was so intense🔥
THM2008 25 napja
Was looking forward to watching this and then I remembered Jonathan Legards awful commentary
Shirtless Banana
10:14 😂😂
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Fun fact, this is the first classic team radio race that wasn't won by Jenson Button.
Nsd Fancy
Nsd Fancy 25 napja
Fun fact: this is my favorite most exciting f1 race in my lifetime
Nsd Fancy
Nsd Fancy 16 napja
@Louis En France that’s what I like about it
Louis En France
Louis En France 24 napja
i mean it was so intense about "strategy battle" between other teams
AdrianOst07 25 napja
I still remember this legendary race. I was 7 when this race happened and now I'm 18. Jesus time has flown by!
Sourojeet Dasgupta
Alonso behind you are racing him is a radio that still triggergs Vietnam flashbacks for Alonso
Vimal Beniwal
Vimal Beniwal 25 napja
Vettel's race engineer 2020 vs 2010. Haha haha
xnd 26 napja
Strigan 26 napja
Oooh, that times when you come to last race and you have 3-4 drivers fighting for championship. It was so intense to watch. Now mercedes win everything after 10 races.
Scooter Gang
Scooter Gang 26 napja
Wait, Hamilton didn’t win a race?