Raikkonen Scares Giovinazzi On Nordschleife's 'Green Hell' 

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The Finn gave his Alfa Romeo team mate plenty of frights as the pair sped around one of the world's most revered and feared racing tracks.
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Zane Wong
Zane Wong 52 perccel
'Kimi where're your questions?' 'I don't care.'
João Porto
João Porto 2 órája
This is the best Kimi footage on recorded history
Henri Aho
Henri Aho 2 órája
𝙼𝙰𝙳𝙴 𝙸𝙽 𝙵𝙸𝙽𝙻𝙰𝙽𝙳 🇫🇮 . ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎ ;)
Hanz Montecillo
Hanz Montecillo 2 órája
Now we need to see Kimi drive a rally car with Gio as his co-driver
LeKiD28 2 órája
Go go go go go go go go go go
Riley Balcombe
Riley Balcombe 3 órája
Only 180! 🤣🤣
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 4 órája
Gio is so scared it's hard to remember he's actually a racer
J 4 órája
'Don't worry, it's a round track, so we end up in the same place we started, so.' Best line.
Yung Hurn
Yung Hurn 5 órája
Giovenazzi is a Formula1 driver?! Im out
Petteri Punakuono
Emma 6 órája
I loved the voice cracks😂❤️
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 4 órája
Kimi made more jokes in two laps than in the entire career
Morten Berg
Morten Berg 6 órája
Kimi is the least likeable guy outthere ...
Luciano Dos Anjos
O homem do gelo rindo.
Jeff B.
Jeff B. 7 órája
I love that Kimi didn't even attempt to ask Gio any questions
Grzegorz Abramczuk
Dajcie Alfe Kubicy,to pokaże jak się jeżdzi po Nordschleife
Ian Flynn
Ian Flynn 9 órája
Honest question: did Giovinazzi seal his F1 fate with this video? He is scared and whiny the entire time Kimi is driving and then drives like a granny when it’s his turn. This guy is a race car driver!?
Brad Kalman
Brad Kalman 9 órája
you should have more nerve than that he's a race car driver if he's not a rally driver and Kim is one of the best and think he did rally too.
Zihan Zheng
Zihan Zheng 10 órája
Why does Kimi seems like the dad that likes to tease his son
stevefss1 11 órája
If you can't play it don't put it on you tube restrictive
Edchelle Du
Edchelle Du 11 órája
It's so refreshing to see Kimi laughing and smiling from ear to ear
Ghost808 12 órája
I love this video please more
berca76 12 órája
How can professional drivee not know Nordschlefe is beyond me :)
THX_ BananaPlayy
THX_ BananaPlayy 13 órája
Kimi: different breed
tazzina Sellout
tazzina Sellout 13 órája
Kimi numero uno!!! GIOVINAZZI, un giorno, in FERRARI?... 👍
TheDennytv 13 órája
Kimi made more jokes in two laps than in the entire career
Sebastian Polak
Sebastian Polak 13 órája
FORMULA 1 if you wanted a lot of views, you had to insert a video of Robert Kubica's ride from the Nordschleife track ;)
iava1981 13 órája
Kimi is a BEAST!!, When he drives is like a shark smelling Blood on the water. Antonio must to change his dipers
CHINMAYA 13 órája
When did the title change?
Ariel Navroski
Ariel Navroski 14 órája
Giovinazzi it's terrible... hahaha
great driving !
Valerya7777 15 órája
Green color on Gulia? If I am not mistaken that color isn't available for customers?
Dulanjala007 15 órája
are they speaking English ?
Atty1997 16 órája
1:15 Kimi's "ooopla" is the most Italian thing you'll ever hear
Frouch Itude
Frouch Itude 17 órája
"Stay safe"! lol ;-)
DevilBliss 17 órája
This is the funniest thing I've seen all week. Giovanazzi is bricking it all the way around.
DevilBliss 17 órája
It just shows how intimidating the Nordschleiffe is compared to a regular track.
Carter MacGyver
Carter MacGyver 17 órája
How to not love the iceman! 😂
Lord Teaington
Lord Teaington 17 órája
This was brilliant 🤣 Kimi you legend aha with the short one liners
Jamaica XX
Jamaica XX 20 órája
Quite funny they don‘t even know the Nordschleife in it‘s layout...
fahmy aziZ
fahmy aziZ 20 órája
u with f1 champion.why scares so much
The Audiophilist
The Audiophilist 20 órája
Thats why Kimi is still in F1. The F1 need guys like him!!! Kimi you are my hero!
Drew S
Drew S 22 órája
"Off-Track Antiques: Kimi's Hobbies Outside of Motorsport" by Antonio Giovinazzi
A F1 driver who doesn't know the layout of a classic racetrack.. 🤯 Kimi hire Hülk as your next partner, please.😊 Stay safe race fans🤘👽🇩🇰👽🤘
Ananay Joshi
Ananay Joshi 23 órája
It's not about money - Kimi we love you
Ananay Joshi
Ananay Joshi 23 órája
It's a beautiful color on that car
Almas Z
Almas Z 23 órája
Best video for years!!!
Vok250 Napja
Kimi is so relaxed ripping around that course. Must be slow for him compared to F1.
Muhammed Zaman
*Kimi Driving* : antonio : woahhh ohhh oooooo!! ahh !! *Antonio Driving* : Kimi : "look helicopter"
Andre Gerard
I saw it on Misha's channel
Robbie K
Robbie K Napja
Single best marketing stuff they have to do vid I’ve ever seen! Kimi plays big bro
Do you think they made them wear the watches on the right arm so you can see them in the video?
Mr. L.E.G.
Mr. L.E.G. Napja
Kimi 👏👏👏👏👏
Anisa Ayuningtyas
kimi is so funny
Tamas Radnai
Fire that italian immediately!
E. Heckscher
Jerez Patrese is less nervous in the passenger seat that Giovinazzi.
vboy720 Napja
That guy kimi is hilarious
benjamin Napja
he didnt..
Toniic Napja
This is godly
beedsj roiue
This just shows how much Kimi loves driving. He's smiling all the time.
vfifty Napja
Kimi. Very funny and humble guy. "Its not about the money, come on" Sheer driving Pleasure!
Wear masks until they get into the small box together, then take them off lol
Pieter I. du Plessis
Most entertaining - professional being most casual in performing his profession.
Mtxzptlk Napja
Aaaaah ooooooh, Kimi! ******, whoooooaaaa Kimi! *** ******* *******! whoooooaaaaahh Kimi!
beedsj roiue
Sergen Satır
Not trying to roast Gio but really, is that possible for a top notch racing driver to not know about the corners of the nordschleife? Am I missing some kind of a joke here?
Bálint Sitkei
Bálint Sitkei 10 órája
no joke :) he only drove formula cars, lmp cars in le mans, asian le mans series and like once a gt2 on le mans...
Gray Fox
Gray Fox Napja
Antonio: Ooooh woah woah, kimi !! Kimi: boaah, what !?!
Ana Silva
Ana Silva Napja
Keep Interlagos on the calendar
Abuelo Napja
First time in my life I hear a F1 driver say "I will go slow... I don't know the track"
SH Possibilia
"Video not available"
Riccardo Favretto
Ma daiii come cazxo da un pilota da F1 come giovinazzi a cagarsi in mano e non conoscere nurburgring???
John French
I have been watching Kim since he started and can count on one hand the amount of times he has lost control of an f1 car so why is Antonio so scared!
Beni Bubu
Beni Bubu Napja
As Kimi says it’s okay, that could calm me down in any situation. 😀
Arnold May II
Great video!
David Bressano
ANTONIO: Woah woah woah kIMY:"do you wanna drive"? In my head resounds "leave alone I know what I'm doing" 😂
Jamieson Currie
"If the kids were in the car, they'd already be asking 'are we there yet?!'"
The most animated I ever saw Kimi :D lol epic vid :D hahahahaha
MimM Napja
Kimi is like a mentor to him.
Paul Hope
Paul Hope Napja
Even sitting with someone I trust going quick, I'm not exactly a happy passenger... but sitting with someone I don't know and therefore cant trust, is an utterly terrifying experience for me. How Co-drivers can actually choose to do that I don't know... they can't be right in the head.
Anthony Leung
this is the most hilarious clip from official F1
Delay Napja
Kimi is.... smiling? Even laughing? What happened!?
Jacklamotta 001
Kimi is the best....!!!
Zeh Soares
Zeh Soares Napja
Que ver Kimi sorrindo uma vez pelo menos
Four questions in one lap of Nordschleife lol, Antonio definitely crapping himself the whole way round.
Kirpa K
Kirpa K Napja
I just watch this when I’m down
J Dam
J Dam Napja
1:16 Bwoah
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Napja
Don't worry ... it's a round track you end up where you started! LOL
Eva Laura
Eva Laura Napja
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Napja
Gio: I trust you Kimi: I wouldn't trust
Nene Seymour
Uqbah Kabir
0:49, 1:20, 3:11; Get your dose of Kimi's laugh here.
Rodrigo Felix
Now I would like to see a Farfus-Kimi duo to do a lap!
Klemen Škoberne
how can a guy being afraid of speed be a top tier racing driver?
Andreja Ssvab
wet track
nishesh Napja
Kimi antonio wrc 2022 confirm
joni jr
joni jr Napja
Kimi😎 Gio💩
So they wear a mask while being outside and far away from each other, and put it off as soon as they get confined to a closed space. Wonderful communication skills, Alfa Romeo!
Pietro Monteleone
Never seen kimi jocking
Crisoforo Martinez
The best the ice man
C V Napja
Two of the coolest drivers in F1 that didn't fall for that take the knee BS. Bravo!
Machete Goose
Machete Goose 2 napja
6:25 and you come on the back no context Kimi
Filip Kasiński
" oy yoy ... What a nice.. Nice Sunday drive " :D
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 2 napja
Gio: I trust you Kimi: I wouldn't trust
Donald Shannon
Don't worry ... it's a round track you end up where you started! LOL
Dave Roges
Dave Roges 2 napja
I’ve never been a great Kimi fan but this video changes that! He has huge personality and is hilarious! I’m a massive fan now!
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