Rapid Red Bull Get Max Verstappen Back on Track | 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 

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A tremendous effort by Red Bull Racing saves Max Verstappen's qualifying session after mechanical gremlins.
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Zoldergamer 24 napja
Was horner talking to sky via his own pitwall headset? Did not known they could do that
John Paul Dorado
Red Bull mechanics has the magic touch.
Mtruchado 25 napja
Red Bull is the best team for sure!
Kicapan Manis
Kicapan Manis 25 napja
Totally worth it for 0 points the entire weekend
Aman Gandhi
Aman Gandhi 25 napja
red bull has one of the best mechanics..the only problem is the fund and the engine which is a bit slower than mercedes.If they work on it, I am sure that they can beat Mercedes
haolee 25 napja
meanwhile Ferrari:
huepix 26 napja
I was a camera op in the garage at the wellington waterfront race. Wilkelhock stacked his BMW in practice and looked to be out for the race. The engineers went to work. In about 30 mins they had replaced all the front panels, fixed the suspension and replaced the engine. It was pure art in motion. A level of excellence that was just amazing to watch. He won
luiz guilherme moreira sales
Verstapen Is The Best
dr420 26 napja
Christian Horner: looks like a spark plug issue. Commentators and all fans: wow the mechanics are gods!
seb99 25 napja
Yeah try replacing that in 5 minutes kid.
Dani 26 napja
Imagine if he didn't have these DNF's .. He would still be so close to Lewis. And at least far ahead of Botas..
Nicolas Garcia Yebra
croft: "definitely ERS" RB: change a spark plug.
Mac 26 napja
Spark plug can be changed easy on a f1 car. Media make a fuss out of anything these days.
Genji Jr.
Genji Jr. 26 napja
Meanwhile it took Ferrari 13.1 seconds to change a tire....
Amir Budiman
Amir Budiman 26 napja
But he got puncture in the race ☹️
Rashad Arbab
Rashad Arbab 26 napja
Its one thing to be able to nail a 2 second tire change but being setup to change the plugs that fast on a moment's notice. That's insane.
james pisano
james pisano 26 napja
That was outstanding.
Anguilla01 27 napja
Gp2 engine 😕😂
suliasi uluilakeba
RB has the best driver in Max, and the best crew. now they just need the best car.
F1Memer 27 napja
Only to retire the day after 😭
Eugene V
Eugene V 27 napja
Tom Walsh
Tom Walsh 27 napja
They must be the most efficient crew in F1.
Paras Mittal
Paras Mittal 27 napja
mechanics better than 2nd driver
Paras Mittal
Paras Mittal 27 napja
@Deniz Yılmaz who knows what will happen and who will drive that second red bull seat.
Deniz Yılmaz
Deniz Yılmaz 27 napja
Will Albon get another chance in Turkey? Because hes out of points today by his own fault (verstappen had tire exploded)
Shubham prasad
Shubham prasad 27 napja
The bulls are OP🔥🔥
Terra Matela
Terra Matela 27 napja
Imagine if Red Bull got a Mercedes engine and Charles Leclerc for next year.... Impossible... But just imagine...
Aryaman Aagal
Aryaman Aagal 27 napja
What a great work done by Redbull and Honda Mechanics in no time, really appreciate the efforts.
Aryaman Aagal
Aryaman Aagal 27 napja
Red bull didn't let Albon out before Verstappen and it shows the politics going on within the team, they just want Verstappen to perform and Albon to back him up. It shows how team has become Verstappencentric. Overall, I just feel that Red Bull has been unfair to Albon during the whole season.
Red Special
Red Special 27 napja
Max and the Mechanics : "looking back...over my Horner, I can seeeee the look in his eyyyes..."
Mark M
Mark M 27 napja
Skilled mechanics and a cool Max to drive still into P4!
Frits Rab
Frits Rab 27 napja
Red Bull mechanics be like: I AM SPEED
Bobo 27 napja
Absolute legends
Ronald de Rooij
Ronald de Rooij 27 napja
In addition to "driver of the day" I would also propose a "mechanics of the weekend" award.
*maybe some of their mechanics works for WRC too*
MrHugaKuga 27 napja
It was mentioned that it normally takes 15 min to change a spark plug .... 👏
michał wiśnia
michał wiśnia 27 napja
1:50 my whole life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
The PineApple
The PineApple 27 napja
The red bull pit wall is on another level
AJ D 27 napja
Christian Horner 🐐
Ian Lu
Ian Lu 27 napja
Max is just testing them now hahah, showoff
P. Patrick Tukkers
They are fighting over who is going to put who on their shoulders. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
Lagibizar 27 napja
Now we know Honda's checklist does not include checking the plugs. Will definitely be in there now.
desaiankit145 27 napja
This 1min22sec video does no justice at all to the effort and feat achieved by the Red Bull Mechanics. None whatsoever.
Pranav P S
Pranav P S 27 napja
Red Bull mechanics + Mercedes engineers = invincibles
Lucas Dawson
Lucas Dawson 27 napja
The Red Bull mechanics are simply built different
DanielCornflake 27 napja
Another amazing verstappen moment while on his way to a glorious title win this year. oh wait......
Ryker Brand
Ryker Brand 27 napja
Incredible job by the mechanics
Rocky does it all
Listen to your driver.
Trendyloca 27 napja
Incredible jobs
Vipin P
Vipin P 27 napja
They did it again!!
美光伍 27 napja
Amazing team
nathansharma 27 napja
GP2 engine..what a yoke
Luis Aguirre
Luis Aguirre 27 napja
Still dont understand how HONDA is quitting when they have come to this point, amazing group of engineers, amazing PU, if we take it from the mclaren days....
2020 regulation by FIA "No more PARTY mode" 2021 regulation by FIA "No more SPEED mode for mechanics"
Francesco 27 napja
Sorry if it's a dumb question but are the mechanics also the pit crew?
ARIA2K 27 napja
Mercedes: we should hire em....ALL OF EM
Resize Films
Resize Films 27 napja
The Red Bull team is incredibly efficient, great job.
Alex Lake Kong
Alex Lake Kong 27 napja
This Red Bul team is the best Team Work ever
V N I T I N 27 napja
Horner sounds like SIRI male version
Horizon 141
Horizon 141 27 napja
Pitbull pitcrew and mechanics are OP af
Yehezkiel Rickjoyner
And once again!!! Red bull showed us they has the best mechanics
John Cash
John Cash 27 napja
Arguably the best mechanics in the world 🌎
Rob Bleeker
Rob Bleeker 27 napja
"No power, the engine is not working", keep pushing Max.... LOL
Sergio Cuellar
Sergio Cuellar 27 napja
Red Bull's pitwork is consistently astonishing!
Mark 27 napja
"Luigi... It's time!"
Mark 27 napja
WRC levels of commitment. They're wasting their talent in f1
itissrinivasan 27 napja
Geniuses. What commitment and drive ! Hats off !
Bass Dat
Bass Dat 27 napja
When you are the last on the list and the teacher start checking the homework from A to Z in the class...
M9H 27 napja
Red Bull is the most impressive team in my opinion
Yuma Amuy
Yuma Amuy 27 napja
Imagine a team with Mercedes engineering, Redbull mechanic, Ferrari driver. Just imagine, ok.
Amazing mechanic
nick 27 napja
They don't want this to happen, but they clearly enjoy doing what they are doing.
Googol 27 napja
Best Team ... IN THE WORLD! (/Clarkson)
SAM 27 napja
How they are rapidly working like that? Maybe drink Red bull a lot
woro 27 napja
*Max Verstappen gets engineers back on track
Zack Freeman
Zack Freeman 27 napja
I love watching max race so much he’s a legend man. Favorite racer in all motor sports. Seeing his crew being like this with him is awesome.
Matheus Henrique
the pits less than 2 seconds long the wing recovery they did in max's car in hungary and now this if u dont think redbull hasnt the best pit crew at this point you're just wrong
matthew 2779
matthew 2779 27 napja
He is always 3rd or 4th 😂
fxpiano channel - piano cover & karaoke
Redbull's mechanics: here we go again
Lea Artistry
Lea Artistry 27 napja
Team Redbull 💪🏻
urabus99 28 napja
Did Max show any appreciation for the excellent work by his mechanics???
Abcd Efgh
Abcd Efgh 28 napja
Dude why arent the honda mechanics helping out? Could it be that they essentially handed over the the tech to Red Bull?
Steve Iliev
Steve Iliev 28 napja
Mech’s were really really lucky cause it wasn’t the freaking knock sensor! Cheers 🍻
kkurzeid 28 napja
Red Bull mechanics change a spark plug mid quali. Just remember ferrari at suzuka in 2017.
Hiro 8637
Hiro 8637 28 napja
It was just a spark plug issue. Honda engineers can see this in their telemetry. Nether the less, RB mechanics were fast changing the plug though.
FlyByU 28 napja
Redbull mechanics are the perfect example of a Hive mind. Too many hands to even keep track 🥵
Joe Williamson
Joe Williamson 28 napja
Spark plug: needs replacing Nico hulkenberg: [searches how to be a sparkplug]
dunhillmarlboro 26 napja
Nico Hulkenberg could be turns into Denso
mikey380sx 27 napja
Nico Sparkenberg
vyzershock 27 napja
Lewis: "Tire's flat-spotted" Nico: *Becomes a tire*
DHL mao
DHL mao 27 napja
**blows fire out of his mouth**
Rblx_Fighter 27 napja
Nico Hulkenberg: literally becomes a spark plug
khairul jalil
khairul jalil 28 napja
If that happen in ferrari they will copy and understood
The Unknown Source
red bull just different
Ork The Bald
Ork The Bald 28 napja
Kwik-Fit really need to up their game!
J 28 napja
Settle down verstappen
Ali Fazal
Ali Fazal 28 napja
Sooo much faster than the sf1000
Jstage D
Jstage D 28 napja
The Toyota Le Mans 2016 syndrom is back
Peter Rees
Peter Rees 28 napja
Amazing in this day and age that a car can still be taken down by a technology as old as the spark plug!
Yoeri Weenink
Yoeri Weenink 28 napja
Ask Vettel and Kimi both had a problem with those in 2018 I think.
euler 28 napja
Well done for Red Bull mechanics and Max👏
Jacek Bambaryła
What a guys!
Blue 04 MX 5
Blue 04 MX 5 28 napja
It was nice of Max to give the mechanics credit after the session( sarcasm ). He didn't even mention it.
Blue 04 MX 5
Blue 04 MX 5 27 napja
@AnaalKabaalKanaal I must have missed it. But, I did watch the post race interview.
He did haha
meme GOD
meme GOD 28 napja
Nooooooooo No NO NOOOOO 🤣🤣🤣😂
bu kwok
bu kwok 28 napja
the best pit crew in circuit.
A IX 28 napja
Speed up! Red Bull mecanics aren't human anymore! GG!🍻
Speedrunning change sparkplugs any%
Alex Vrego
Alex Vrego 28 napja
tahoopp 28 napja
Please subtitles
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Diego Maradona - RIP Legend
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