Raucous Ricciardo, Sainz Wants Silence And The Best Team Radio | 2020 Eifel Grand Prix 

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Lewis Hamilton's record-equalling performance was the only hit playing across the airwaves at the Nurburgring...
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N2ZINN FF 5 napja
agr virou moda Vettel rodar kkkkkk
Arya Dwitama
Arya Dwitama 7 napja
Grosjean finger is in anti stall mode, that's why he get a point. 😆
James Newberry
Remember they font just race albon they race him so hard.
velsonline 8 napja
Any f1 driver: celebrate his win Lewis Hamilton: *They're getting fast man*
Caleb Black
Caleb Black 8 napja
You talk too much You never shut up
ᴇɪsʜʜ ᴅᴀɴɢ
You're talking too much!! Some people need that
John Vergel Lagrisola
by any chance, was VB's PU broken earlier because of using that one push in Spa?
israel koskas
israel koskas 9 napja
Mad max ha ha ha
Kinlong Canon Ho
Stop talking we are racing 🤣
Emmlegend HD
Emmlegend HD 9 napja
Yes, Lewis has 91 wins, but remember the Canada 2019 win?
Neil O Connor
Neil O Connor 9 napja
Albon:"they race me so hard" Isn't that the point?
Rakshit Jarawat
Kinda disrespectful what Lando and Sainz did
Joshua Fox
Joshua Fox 10 napja
Albon complaining that other drivers race too hard against him is classic, he is easily the worst driver in F1. Imagine where he'd be finishing (when he manages to finish) if he wasn't driving the second fastest car on the track.
Conor Farrell
Conor Farrell 10 napja
I am happy for Antonio I think he is seriously underrated
Intriguing name
Intriguing name 10 napja
F in the chat for Albon's career
Bethany Watson
Bethany Watson 10 napja
Riccardos laugh cracks me up 😂
Warden Freeman
Warden Freeman 11 napja
Bottas didn't say 'default' when his car lost power, he said 'limp home'
Christopher Robin Garrish
HAAS: Get some drivers. Hulkenberg and Perez appear available.
Littleman74 Bruh
Albon isn’t ready
DYN4M7X 11 napja
Engineers: * speaks * Carlos and Lando: shut up, don't tell me how to drive
Tiger516funny 11 napja
4:19. "Is that a f****** podium?!" "That's a f****** podium." A classic Aussie celebration.🤣
rozin salman
rozin salman 11 napja
Danny: It's a f*** podium Cyril: It's a f*** tattoo
Yulia Tchkhebelia
Ricciardo: is that a podium? Cyril: em... see ya in France
gameboy_ color111
1:17 sbinalla
That was a well deserved Driver of the day.
Barrie Butsers
Barrie Butsers 11 napja
What's the song in the background?
Cameron W.
Cameron W. 12 napja
is no one going to talk about the fact that Lewis team radio said "Get in there Lewis" hahaha 3:36
S 888
S 888 12 napja
Everyone trying to copy Kimi's badboy radio talk. But, their is only one Kimi.
Justus E
Justus E 13 napja
I do not wanna be that rude, but i think it would be better to kick Kimi out of the F1.
writwik ishmam
writwik ishmam 13 napja
rebeca abadie
rebeca abadie 13 napja
well both of the McLaren's weren't feeling it this time
Ashikmuhammad Jin
Finally lewis has equaled michel Schumacher
Zayn no
Zayn no 13 napja
Alexander Crybon
BoneYard 13 napja
Every team cheering Danny Ric on as he crossed the line. Even Racing Point or what ever theyre called.
Lenlen dela Cruz
2:29 Haaay na 'ko, Lando, kaka-computer mo 'yan!
Toby McDonald
Toby McDonald 13 napja
ThEy RaCe Me So HaRd Shut up Alex haha
Victor Manoel de Brito
The dialogue between Max and Horner is sensational :)
Aarish Kodnaney
Aarish Kodnaney 14 napja
Was George Russel dropped by the Mercedes driver academy?
Goazbox 14 napja
Fans: Hulk n Max at redbull. Imagine that. Ricciardo: Hold my shoey!
Nanoo21_ 14 napja
Poor Tom :(
Rodrigo Santos
Rodrigo Santos 14 napja
Malik Campbell
Malik Campbell 14 napja
and with five words, Albon loses lots of fans and support
The Football Experience
How is your Finger Roman
Jan Wlazlowicz
Jan Wlazlowicz 14 napja
Kimi: Right here we have a nice castle. Antonio: Nice.
IFlex WithMyCorrolla
"They Race Me So Hard."-Says the driver who replaced Pierre Gasly, who didnt even get a year to settle in at Red Bull(got only 5 months), while he is on his second year. Embarrassing message to send for an f1 driver.
Sukhwinder Singh
Man everyone loves Dan!! His Redbull mates cheering him along with Renault engineers. (4:38)
x kanna
x kanna 14 napja
Every gamer default chat : *my bad*
Nihar Bendre
Nihar Bendre 14 napja
Albon saying "they race me so hard" shows that he's got no steam left anymore. Pretty sure he won't be in that car in 2021 if he keeps his current form. Hulk or Perez will definitely replace albon.
homelessburrito 14 napja
5:20 "This club has it all..."
TheUKNutter 14 napja
Would love to see some more radio rewinds!
TheUKNutter 14 napja
Can you do a “best of team radio” of some of the much older races? Such as 2009 and earlier?
Tim Ariaans
Tim Ariaans 14 napja
"They race me so hard" .... end of career for you buddy...
Donovan Dolphin
Donovan Dolphin 14 napja
Song name???
Juan Touché
Juan Touché 14 napja
More love for Giovinazzi! He took over the lead in the Formula One C-Tier championship (Alpha Romeo, HAAS, and Williams) with this race. Go Giovinazzi! Get yourself that seat for next year!
Yuuka Kazami
Yuuka Kazami 14 napja
every f1 gp: Seb still sbins Mercedes 1-2 this need to change
Gustav Peter
Gustav Peter 14 napja
Gasly‘s engineer has the perfect voice for Team Radio. It’s so calming
TJ Bledsoe
TJ Bledsoe 14 napja
Gorjean radio is always entertaining! Edit: so is Lando, if he's not singing he's channeling Kimi! Also Ricciardo getting his well deserved podium and Hulkenburg racing up into the points from the back after a days notice...Dude deserves a drive!
Musa Khan
Musa Khan 14 napja
"they race me so hard" fam it's f1 of course you're gonna be raced hard tf
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 14 napja
Grosjean always excuses.
JD 15 napja
If only Dan & Max would have the same GOAT car as Lewis...
Alfredo Ricciardo
I think the outcome would be Max comfortably first with a neck and neck fight for second over the Championship season.
Andy 15 napja
Didnt realize how much everyone tells them to get off the radio lol
james pisano
james pisano 15 napja
Fun race! Great podium!!!
Matt 15 napja
4:59 Nico's Jeff has literally the nicest voice of all time
Fabrizio Pandolfi
I know Danny Ric watched the Supra meme and quoted that
DecentShot Gaming
F1 drivers are so rude
M. Julius
M. Julius 15 napja
For how many years now is Hamilton complaining about the safety car going too slow? Maybe somebody should finally tell he him, that the safety car can't go any faster.
The Savage Duck #Mick
I dont alex saying “they race me so hard” Dude theire contract tell them tho race for the win
Matt Rodda
Matt Rodda 15 napja
Sebastian Vettel is still the head stratigiest for ferrari
Grimm Fandango
Grimm Fandango 15 napja
Ferrari: Reported
Dennis Gutknecht
Three certain things in life: Death, Taxes and race day SBinalla..
[MxQ]SaucySev 15 napja
I love the way the drivers talk to the engineers when they’re talking too 😂
Rubén F. Guerrero
I dont get it now a single radio call from Checo Perez
Joaquin Valenzuela
Congrats Kimi for your 323 race star Kimi: “.......” That was the best radio team 😂😂
Ersu Gaming Tv
Ersu Gaming Tv 15 napja
Nobody Really Nobody Vettel:s🅱️inalla
Ron Baruah
Ron Baruah 15 napja
Grosjean getting P9 with 9 fingers Steiner getting ready with chainsaw for the remaining 8.
Omair Asif
Omair Asif 15 napja
A moment for Tom please
Daniel Popovici
Daniel Popovici 15 napja
It's "nice" to see this free youtube video is at a higher quality than the paid F1TV subscription, live and replays.
Peter Mpampe
Peter Mpampe 15 napja
Ι miss Ricciardo and Max at red bull.... Hope he comes back.
GameTV 15 napja
Grosjeans team celebrating more the fact he didn’t crash the car and brought it home in one piece 😆
tracey2109 15 napja
For all those having a go at Albon, I don't think he thinks he is entitled to be given places by other drivers, but people seem to have forgotten that when he was at TR, he was expected to let the RBs through without putting up a fight. I don't blame any of the drivers actually - it's their job to look after themselves. However ever since the days of Webber and Vettel, Red Bull's management have avoided being 'the adults' in the situation and actually running the team fairly. They seem to relish the turmoil it brings to the drivers, it's pretty sad to see.
Amanda Dias
Amanda Dias 15 napja
Clearly there’s some tension in McLaren
Joe Park
Joe Park 15 napja
can we see justice be served with the Hulk in a seat for 2021?!
Carlos it's Tom. Srry Lando. Hello Tom I'm Carlos
ThErE rAcInG mE sO hArD Bruh what do you want them to do?
Mearly 15 napja
Daniel's wow is absolutely....... WOW
Shahrul A
Shahrul A 15 napja
They are lucky Samir is not driving
Mr Mask
Mr Mask 15 napja
you sure that is not Samir?
Tomás Eduardo Palermo
Los ponen los diálogos así se escucha algo
Typically Thomas
"They race me so hard" Yeah, mate. They're Racecar drivers. You should try it sometime
asher 16 napja
Danny getting cheers from his ex team. Awesome
Bio 16 napja
1:05 You talk too much, you never shut up I said you talk too much. Homeboy you never shut up 🎶
Janardan Shivashankar
Sainz: “Lec Combes, les combes” Tom: surprised pikachu face
G1 16 napja
Sainz /Norris winging always
Ashton Lim
Ashton Lim 16 napja
why can't the safety car drive slow? what happens to the tires?
Matthew Leung
Matthew Leung 16 napja
Soundtrack: Ocean - Marc JB
Riften Guard
Riften Guard 16 napja
This will go down as the most embarassing radio messsage in the history of racing. Think i dont dont have to point at which one i mean. Hilarious
JJ Ortiz
JJ Ortiz 16 napja
I like Lando but I think he needs to chill a bit sometimes.
CT-8712 16 napja
Kimi should be proud of his McLaren bois 😂
AdzSONLINE 16 napja
Hulkenberg, man, what a drive
Kasallamacher 16 napja
Steers into him to provoke a crash..."What happened there, I gave him plenty of space"