Red Bull At Their Brilliant Best: Fastest Pit Stop | 2020 Russian Grand Prix | DHL 

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Red Bull took the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award at Sochi with the quickest time of 2020 so far, a sub-two seconds change of 1.86 seconds agonisingly close to the world record they set in Brazil last year of 1.82 seconds.
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Ryan 18 napja
If only their car was as fast as their pit crew
Patrick Koller
Patrick Koller 19 napja
Ahrcéus 19 napja
0:23 Formula 1: Drive to Survive
Jie Hao Khor
Jie Hao Khor 19 napja
The secret to the fastest pit stop must have been the red bull energy drink
Piotr Józefowicz
That sound
nealynealster 21 napja
I'm going to borrow a nerdcubed quote. 5.8 seconds to just rebuild my car! Why can't subway make a sandwich in 5.8 seconds?
Aryaman Aagal
Aryaman Aagal 21 napja
I'm wondering why Alex never have had this fast pit stop
Alexander van Amerongen
24 tasks in 1.86s. Just amazing.
Brian Tucker
Brian Tucker 21 napja
Mind blowing!!!!
MrAnonimoItalia 21 napja
Don't they have to block the wheel with bolts?
captainlanguste 21 napja
how many times you need to practise that pit stop? seriously, does anyone have a number?
Shanti shanti
Shanti shanti 21 napja
So what, i do it in about the same time, 1.8h
Fatah Nasreddine
Brillant MAN
Mishael Trivennios
HAMboring time zzzzz.
Teh Koon Teik
Teh Koon Teik 22 napja
Ads playing on HUrun is longer than this video
Matthew Nieken-Spence
If these guys get any faster the car won’t have to come to a stop
Adhd Andy
Adhd Andy 22 napja
To put this into context, this pitstop is around 0.7 to 1.2 seconds faster than anyone else. In F1, down the straight at 320km/h that can be from a 62m to 100m advantage
Danny Mejia
Danny Mejia 22 napja
Drive to Survive intro will be 0:24 I bet
SaKratic Ignorance
Gives me goosebumps, seeing that many moving parts working with such precision and timing!!! Don't got to be a fan off this team to respect this type of consistent performance and attention to detail. But so it's all clear, I'm a Red bull fan through and through, no matter how frustrating these years have been.
hockysa 22 napja
Red Bull gives pit stops wings
Pascal Meijer
Pascal Meijer 22 napja
Ferrari pitcrew..... 👀 say what???
squidward 22 napja
How many world records do you want Redbull: All of them
swimdeep 1
swimdeep 1 22 napja
Blink and you miss it.
Darren Boston
Darren Boston 22 napja
This is because Wheatley has them doing 40 practice pit stops in the morning & 40 in the afternoon in the factory, how do I know this because I worked there for 5 years on the raceteam. Then you have the practice stops at the track at the race weekend swapping cars of each driver at each race event.... Thank me later!!
Sportixer 22 napja
it's 1.80
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 22 napja
How does the gunner even have time to indicate that the new wheels are even on?????????? Lol
Aloïc Le can
Aloïc Le can 22 napja
0:26 Drive to survive
Frank B
Frank B 22 napja
Jesra Rumahlewang
What fuel?
Ritaraj Datta
Ritaraj Datta 22 napja
they are proving season after season, they are The BEST .. this pit completed within a flash of eyes .. during racing
Djordymans 22 napja
The best part is that they basicly do this every time. Others do between 2.0 and 3.0 The redbull crew basicly does below 2.0 every single time.
Tillmann Cook
Tillmann Cook 22 napja
Red Bull has some sort of super power. They can decrease their pit stop time, which will automatically increase Ferrari's
Robert Stahl
Robert Stahl 22 napja
Anyone know how they actually measure this? Seems like timer started a few tenths late... Which makes it seem faster than it is. Is this a human estimation? Or are they using the cars telemetry and measuring from the time speed=0 to the time speed is more than 0?
M&M 123
M&M 123 22 napja
M&M 123
M&M 123 22 napja
M&M 123
M&M 123 22 napja
Leeuwy 22 napja
I need a slow motion
Mohammed Cementwala
Red Bull : Gives you wiings :-):-)
Evan92Louder 22 napja
Imagine if they're in job to build your home:v
Cristian Patrascu
Álvaro Andres Jimenez Castrillon
Next intro for Drive To Survive: checked
Blackout76 22 napja
The 3 guys thst change the right rear tire are my favourite. They always celebrate and fistbump each other when they did a stop like that
FiFo Da Bahia
FiFo Da Bahia 22 napja
Melhor piloto , melhor equipe, que pena não tem o melhor carro do grid.
Remco 22 napja
Holy Jesus 😄😄😄😄😄😄
NOTAwesomeDanny 22 napja
next goal 1.69 seconds
MYM 22 napja
it is an art.
Joze Benz
Joze Benz 22 napja
Easy on the redbulls fella's you might actually grow some wings
Samyak Sahu
Samyak Sahu 22 napja
Red Bull definitely gives you wings!
Matias.K 22 napja
Mercedes: *suprised pikachu face*
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 22 napja
I wouldn't want to be a f1 driver coming to the pits supposed to be the one time you can actually take a breath in Motorsports but formula one you can't even do that 🤣
Roshan Jay
Roshan Jay 22 napja
Perfect pit stop! Eva!
Willem van Tienen
Best pit crew on the grid.
Amaan 22 napja
I guess netflix have their season 3 intro sorted
Dane Paulsen
Dane Paulsen 22 napja
We need points for fastest pitstop 😂
Zip-125 22 napja
00:21 Formula 1 Drive to Survive Season 3 Intro
12345farsh 22 napja
Vi Tang
Vi Tang 22 napja
Mercedes respond to Red Bull fastest pit stop. Let’s push this lap should easy to gain 1 second back.
Steven Donnelly
Steven Donnelly 22 napja
The car moves forward during the stop... Is this due to the jacks at the rear and front having different geometrical parameters?? I thought it had to be stationary during the tyre change (IE no forward movement during the all be it short time it's in the air)???
Sharan K Shetty
Sharan K Shetty 22 napja
Mercedes: Did Red Bull change tires? Ferrari: LOL, he just went past them without changing.
Belal Ahmed Khan
I bet they can do it without even stopping for a second...
Voyage 22 napja
The McLaren crew in front of them like 👀
hex 22 napja
Just immagine if they had Colombian magic powder instead of energy drinks
MilagroTV 22 napja
They should give a constructor point for this.
SaLaTaToe 22 napja
Mercedes is quicker, but red bull has some unique pit stops!
Kreez 2nerf
Kreez 2nerf 22 napja
jasper van herwijnen
They might not have the best car but they sure have the best pitcrew
Ondřej Topolánek
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Respect! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan 22 napja
Netflix can use this as their new shortest intro ever
Arbob Mehmood
Arbob Mehmood 22 napja
When the pit crew is on Red Bull, thus giving them Wiiiiingggsss
REDEX 23 napja
that was smooth af
Shivamani The Eclipse
Alternate title - *How to make a 2 Second clip a 40 Second video* !!
William Green
William Green 23 napja
Thats just amazing. When you listen to it, all 4 wheel guns together sound like just 1!
Mateo Miró
Mateo Miró 23 napja
Clouds Inc.
Clouds Inc. 23 napja
It's not really impressive because there is no refueling.
curious 23 napja
1000 fps
The White Recluse
All four wheels had to slide on without getting snagged on the hubs, and then all four wheel nuts had to find the bolt on the first spin of the gun. It's on video but still hard to believe
John Guest
John Guest 23 napja
As you watch and listen you notice that each of the teams of three for each tire move in exact unison... You can hear it easily but you can also see it. The number 33 car had such a great weekend because they made the most of every opportunity they had. From Max taking that tow to turn 1 in Q3 to this pit stop, it was totally flawless.
Michalis Roussounelos
I believe team radio "Box box... box box" time may exceed 1.8sec!!! These guys are unbelievable!
Joe Sheppard
Joe Sheppard 23 napja
The torque on those wheel guns must be insane.
Racer 77
Racer 77 23 napja
There are a lot of angles but the pit stop is so quick, that’s why the video is short
darvish2012 23 napja
If I was Max in that situation, I would've have said over the radio: "Yup, I'm buying all of the pit crew a drink tonight." even before going back on track.
Duvro 23 napja
amazing, just like the 2010 F1 game..!
Jesse Benitez
Jesse Benitez 23 napja
Last angle has to be the intro for “Drive to survive”
matip101 23 napja
They do it great in the space in zero gravity... why would they do it wrong on land?... They are awesome
Ðark Łight
Ðark Łight 23 napja
Indeed red bull gives wings
Altaha 056
Altaha 056 23 napja
i watch it like 100 times and still dont know when they change the tires
ExSapper Madman
ExSapper Madman 23 napja
Like the pit stop in "Cars" the movie........"Bizzzzz whirrrr, done!"......
Martin Sutti
Martin Sutti 23 napja
bruh they have all 4 tires off before the car stops moving like how.
Grimm Doker
Grimm Doker 23 napja
Es porque Red Bull te da alaaaaass
Xavier Morla
Xavier Morla 23 napja
Red Bull might not be the best when it comes to the car, but its pit crew smokes the competition F1 should add a Pit Crew Championship. Here's how it goes. Every pit stop time for every team is added in a race and whoever has the lowest total time wins that GP. At the end of the year, the crew with the most gran prix won is the champion 🏆
TSN 23 napja
Whats always seems crazy to me about pitstops in general is that the driver could swerve sharply in between two groups of people and bring it to a complete stop at an exact position.
Pranjal Jain
Pranjal Jain 21 napja
Practise, lots and lots of it
FreshTheFallen 23 napja
0:12 Guy on the right immediately knew that this was a great stop.
Valentin Bart
Valentin Bart 23 napja
Superb F1 art.
ItsJustRomario 23 napja
The thing is if it was haas ...
Alpaslan Gündoğdu
No 2019 brasil 1.82
Centurion Gaming
That pistolet man on the Right tyres is like : Hum hum , must do better next time
Mochammad Agung Hidayat
Mclaren crew : is max pit stop now?
Ayuub Osman
Ayuub Osman 23 napja
Ferrari : Slow and steady wins the race
Pluckaiy 23 napja
truly amazing
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri 23 napja
These guys are freaking legends
Dejan Zecevic
Dejan Zecevic 23 napja
First time i use playback speed on HUrun 😄
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