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Michael Schumacher's mechanic, Giancarlo Fisichella's race engineer, expletive-laden radio with Kimi Raikkonen - Renault Sporting Director
Alan Permane has some amazing stories to tell on the latest episode of our official podcast...
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AM75 AM75
AM75 AM75 Napja
Notice when Alan was talking about the top drivers on the grid in reference to Riccardo, there was no mention of Vettel! And rightfully so!!!
AM75 AM75 That's because Ferrari is a midfield team this season and Vettel is part of that midfield pack unfortunately😔 Just wait for 2021 when he's at Aston Martin
Derek Watson
great interview thanks
Ka1seR - CSGO Channel
Please make an episode of beyond the grid with peter sauber. I'm sure he got lots of storys to tell.
Helena 3 napja
01:07:17 He starts talking about the Honey Badger. 😊
Jack Priestly
Jack Priestly 3 napja
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 3 napja
Very surprised about Alesi being his favorite driver! Pleasantly surprised!
Muffaddal Attarwala
I just love this podcast series. I have listened to all of them. Thank you TC for your amazing work!
Palash Raut
Palash Raut 4 napja
and he call kimi selfish for replying to 'Get out of *****ing way' 😂
José Júlio Gonçalves
This could go one for one more hour.... So great to ear this kind of insight information.
Twin Turbo
Twin Turbo 4 napja
As much as I like Alonso, you really can;t take everything he says at face value. So his "I would have won in a Lotus in 2013" statement doesn't hold water
Chris Readman
@Allsports Athletics with that comment you clearly shown you know nothing about how a racing car is developed and designed. What is the purpose of the racing car to the driver?
Twin Turbo
Twin Turbo 3 napja
@Allsports Athletics ok
Allsports Athletics
@Twin Turbo excuses excuses excuses, that is all I see. A great F1 driver adapts, no team "BUILDS THE CAR AROUND" someone.. they build the car to go as fast as it can.. did they really build the car with so much understeer AND oversteer to suit Alonso? Dont make me laugh.
Twin Turbo
Twin Turbo 3 napja
@Allsports Athletics 2014......that car was built for Alonso. Ferrari were developing the car early for Alonso before Kimi came back to the team and too appease Alonso so he would stay with Ferrari. Thats not an opinion, its a fact. Its the exact same thing that is happening now in Ferrari with Seb and Leclerc. Ferrari are developing the car around Leclerc and Vettel has even stated that they aren't really asking his pinion
Allsports Athletics
Well in 2014 he absolutely destroyed Kimi so it would be fair to say that he would have been in the title fight in 2013.
Lurcher260 4 napja
Fantastic podcast with Alan! Can you do a podcast with Nigel Stepney next?
Farhan Islam
Farhan Islam 4 napja
He died in a car crash in 2014
Girija The Saviour
Fernando Alonso is not even fit enough to shine the boots of prime Kimi.
Snowcone Guy
Snowcone Guy 5 napja
You could have chosen a more complimenting photograph :P
Matt Black
Matt Black 3 napja
yea jesus christ !
Alex Iurea
Alex Iurea 5 napja
Wow Tom! I love what you do and what guests you have. Most of them. I have been listening to almost every one with some exceptions. The best ones are with the guys that have been for a while. They have seen and heard a lot. Maybe the kids you can leave them for the future 5 years. At minimum. Except Max. Keep up the great job! P.S. I am a bit jealous.
kris !
kris ! 5 napja
i need timestamps
Jere P
Jere P Napja
That's the only timestamp anyone needs:) thanks
J P 5 napja
Make them
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 5 napja
49:28, juicy.
Gareth White
Gareth White 5 napja
Love these more than the drivers interviews. 👌
Dan H
Dan H 5 napja
Anyone else here been a Permaniac for many years now?
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 5 napja
They should have asked him about Trulli beating Alonso in 2004. Missed opportunity Tom! Jarno beat Alonso in 2004. 46 points to Jarno, 45 to Alonso after Monza 2004, after which Trulli mysteriously left to Toyota.
Doug Judy
Doug Judy 5 napja
Alan Permane is one of the most knowledgeable person in F1
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 5 napja
49:28. I resent this. Alan, mate, literally everyone disagrees with you about his work ethic, and the reason Kimi may have come across as disinterested is because YOU WEREN'T PAYING HIM. Total clown, this Alan Permane. Nobody was faster than Kimi Raikkonen in the first half of 2013 on those soft Pirelli tyres, and Alonso is DELUSIONAL if he thinks anyone was beating Seb that season. I would loved to see Alonso's reaction if he wasn't being payed by Lotus in 2013. What a YOKE!
Nedim Mehmedovic
To me, never ever forgiven for his unprofessional behavior towards Kimi in India.
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 5 napja
Such an unprofessional guy. Never liked him. He argued with Kimi on the short-wheel base vs long-wheel base Lotus (Kimi wanted short-wheel base) and he bullied Fisi too. When you have a world-class, legendary driver like Kimi Raikkonen and he specifically tells you "I like the short-wheel base car", you don't argue with him. You give him what he wants. I would have fired Permane right there and then.
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 5 napja
@permane3 Your dad is unprofessional. He even admitted it.
permane3 5 napja
talking bout my dad like that
Alessio Pirolo
I love when there's an Engineer's chat on this podcast!
Aditya Vipradas
Aditya Vipradas 3 órája
Yes, liking it even before I listen to it :D
Piotr Kobielus
Casual Gearheads
Love these behind the scenes looks. More technical staff pretty please
Casual Gearheads I don't think this show will be going anywhere, at least for a while, because I'm sure F1 have got many guests in mind for the future for Beyond The Grid
Casual Gearheads
​@TheConfidentNoob I don't have any problem with 1-1, I'd happily listen to just one junior mechanic talk for an hour about their perspective. :) I just hope they don't bin the show after they've done all the big names.
Casual Gearheads I think they should keep the podcast just 1-1 tbf
SnapItMark 5 napja
Agree 😁
yashas singh
yashas singh 5 napja
Please add timelines.
Awab Abdullahi
”Kimi get out of the f*****g way” -Alan Permane😂😂😂
SiVlog 5 napja
"Giancarlo you are still 2 seconds a lap slower than Fernando, which cannot be possible. You have the same fuel load, I know you have some understeer, but you cannot be 2 seconds slower, come on!" Alan Permane, Australia 2006
Watermelon Banana
“Don’t shout there f****r” -Kimi
P M 5 napja
Love this series. Thank you F1 journalists Team!
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 5 napja
Maybe that's why they're not winning you gotta hire and fire new blood regularly
Thomas Cebula
Thomas Cebula 5 napja
first 500 lol
João Senna
João Senna 5 napja
190 !!!🔥
kareti koteshwar
When you go to the comments and all you see is "first"...
々Rahul77 YT
々Rahul77 YT 5 napja
Guess I'm early
Renzo Kuken
Renzo Kuken 5 napja
How can there be 7 likes, no views, and 3 comments?? Lol
Afiq Ahmad
Afiq Ahmad 5 napja
im second?
Zuhair Khan
Zuhair Khan 5 napja
Like vettel in turkey
Shix شيكس
Shix شيكس 5 napja
kareti koteshwar
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Anıl Kandemir
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