Safety Car Driver Bernd Maylander Shares Secrets Of The Job | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast 

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This week’s Beyond the Grid guest has led more the 700 laps in F1 - but you may never have heard of him. That’s because Bernd Maylander is the Safety Car driver, and has been for the last 20 years. When the weather is bad or there’s a serious incident, Bernd takes to the track to lead the field around at a safe speed. He gives us the inside line on his job, revealing who is the most aggressive behind the Safety Car, what happened with that massive re-start pile-up in Mugello recently and much more.
0:00 - Introduction
3:10 - On driving the SC for 20 years and leading over 700 laps in F1
7:50 - On how he feels about criticism of the SC going too slow
11:50 - On the different ways drivers behave behind the SC
15:07 - On the worst conditions he’s driven in during a GP
18:57 - On how he became F1’s SC driver and his own racing career
31:15 - On how the SC has changed over the years
38:00 - On what’s inside the SC
39:15 - On the big re-start crash at Mugello earlier this year
43:50 - On what a normal race weekend looks like for him
47:46 - On why he has two SCs
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PUB WIE 4 napja
This is such an interesting conversation. thanks
Tan Yohan
Tan Yohan 9 napja
The man infront of world fastest drivers
Jonathan Lewis
Jonathan Lewis 14 napja
I know he's German but he sounds just like Jurgen Klopp 😂
Tim Rafferty
Tim Rafferty 18 napja
What a great guy. 👍🏻
Owen Love
Owen Love 19 napja
TheSpanishiwa 19 napja
Bernd can just brake check Lewis if he felt like it. I think that makes him the most powerful driver on the grid, his Mercedes can take a hit and still keep going, the W11 front wing, not so much.
Aeslec -
Aeslec - 20 napja
jtrevrb1 21 napja
HAM and Safety Car incidents goes back to JAPAN 2007. It seems HAM likes to play the accordion while Bernd is taking the lead.
Meelu Jothish Danny
Amazing episode.. as a fan it's really interesting to know the BTS of a F1 weekend... Thank you for this episode.. More episodes of the unsung heroes of the sport would be great..
Jim Bass
Jim Bass 24 napja
Fascinating dude. Always impressive in the car, fun out of it by the sound of things.
Cayo737 24 napja
Isn't the whole point of bringing out a safety car, to slow down all the F1 cars in the event of an accident or incident???? It's for safety reasons only, they just need to be more patient.
Mad Max
Mad Max 24 napja
thank you both for this one, totally loved it.
Ndaru Arrow
Ndaru Arrow 24 napja
Keke Rosberg Please
deezynar 25 napja
What a great guy.
Greg Felix
Greg Felix 25 napja
Tom - A few mentions in various Mercedes related podcasts about Norbert Haug. What are the chances of doing a Beyond the Grid featuring him?
꧁Miss Marquise꧂
**very early wake-up - 6am LOL
J M 26 napja
shocking facts about his injuries: the shattered ankle while jumping over a fence and the mystery collapsed lung!
Liam Williams
Liam Williams 26 napja
Pleeease do an interview with Max Verstappen next 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
wodzekleaf 26 napja
very interesting podcast
navanit kamble
navanit kamble 26 napja
F1 is only really loved by 75K ppl :'(
Andy Yefimovich
Andy Yefimovich 27 napja
What a guy! I was waiting for this interview for so long! Amazing stuff! THANKS! (safety car collector:()
Vunene Mutarini
Vunene Mutarini 27 napja
Imagine Crofty say "The Safety Car has crashed!!". Scenes
PUMBAANA 27 napja
Give this man an AMG GTR black series!
The phrase should be ,"To pit,or not to pit". That is the question.
Bassic92 28 napja
A Beyond the Grid about the Medical Car or the medical system in F1 as a whole would be nice, please make it happen!
Arunachalam S P B
Waiting for the episode with Adrian Newey!
Stephan Maurer
Stephan Maurer 29 napja
Hearing a German say Porsh is really painful, especially since he sticks to 'Mertsedes' 😂😂😜
Stephan Maurer
Stephan Maurer 29 napja
Great insight, thanks!
Darmon SE
Darmon SE 29 napja
Why dont they change faster car for SC? Like a supercar... not road car..
stuart mcmahon
stuart mcmahon 29 napja
would love to see him drive an F1 car, so he can appreciate the speed difference and understand the drivers frustrations..
Varun 29 napja
Brake check Lewis next time
Mavis Vermilion
Mavis Vermilion 29 napja
Give him the black series 😂😂😂🙏🏻
Mavis Vermilion
Mavis Vermilion 29 napja
I imagine he dreams lewis is his supervisor and tells him to speed up 😂
sonnyreddevil69 29 napja
And what’s it like driving for a team like Mercedes?
Peter Spadaro
Peter Spadaro 29 napja
Best job in the world for sure
Romanische050 Hónapja
The next time when Lewis is telling him to speed up he should race him.
HaaS-19 Hónapja
video too long for me, wish you made the shorter version about his opinion on every driver behind the sc
snonsig 28 napja
Just skip to that part
K.A Faye
K.A Faye Hónapja
you think it’s a joke but i watched this in 1.5x speed bc they need to speak faster
Pedro Rangel
Pedro Rangel Hónapja
You should also interview the medical car driver and the chief medic.
Sash2888 Hónapja
Would be really interesting to hear if Bernd thinks that the saftey car in Imola 94 (that opel vectra) was indeed „to slow“ because it was obviously way too underpowered to keep up with the grids pace.🤔 Just to know his opinion.
J M 26 napja
read: Watching the Wheels: My Autobiography a Book by Damon Hill
Twin Turbo
Twin Turbo Hónapja
As soon as they released the AMG GTR Black Series, Ive really been hoping that they used it for the safety car.
Abcd Efgh
Abcd Efgh Hónapja
I think F1 needs to use a koenigsegg one 1...
Steve xx
Steve xx 28 napja
or a 911 GT 2 Rs
Steve xx
Steve xx 28 napja
@Abcd Efgh the amg gt blackseries would be better then
Abcd Efgh
Abcd Efgh 28 napja
@snonsig well some drivers complain that slow SC are equally dangerous to themselves
snonsig 28 napja
@Abcd Efgh so what do you think is more important? The safety of the race or the drivers complaining?
Steve xx
Steve xx 28 napja
@Abcd Efgh trust me it wouldnt be faster
Kane Johnsey
Kane Johnsey Hónapja
What was the blade thing called
Lurcher260 Hónapja
Great interview with Bert! Nigel Stepney next?
Audy Bharksuwana
Here's an idea, gather all the Safety/Pace car drivers from all of motorsport and have them compete in a race.
Parker:xgps Hónapja
No offense Lewis, this is F1's all time leader for me. IIRC, Nightraffic and Bluebat as well. 07 goons.
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin Hónapja
Why not safety car an F1 car?
snonsig 28 napja
Why would it?
Steve xx
Steve xx Hónapja
makes sense...
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin Hónapja
are the unlikes from actual f1 drivers?
Blackcain Hónapja
So the oldest driver is not Kimi. It's Bernd!
Mista Fiftyone
Mista Fiftyone Hónapja
Bernd hates Hamilton deep down inside lol
david cox
david cox Hónapja
Love this so much, really interesting to hear all about the behind the senses of the Safety Car
Racer Girl
Racer Girl Hónapja
Imagine hearing that you drive too slow on a regular basis....
What a nice, lovely and humble man. Thanks a lot !
Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock Hónapja
Thought I was going to turn it off after 10mins, but i found this interesting and informative. How mad is it that the car he drives is one of the fastest road cars in the world, yet it's 40 sec a lap slower than the f1 boys
D Gomes
D Gomes Hónapja
Bernd should brake check Lewis the next time he runs up behind the pace car.
Juan Hónapja
Petition to add SC onboard to F1TV when deployed
꧁Miss Marquise꧂
Oh yes!!!!!
Alastair Watchman
This video is still shorter than the amount of time the safety car was out on track during the Canadian GP in 2011
Sutan Syah
Sutan Syah Hónapja
They need to broadcast the safety car radio too when the safety car deployed
Ricsi Hidasi
Ricsi Hidasi Hónapja
What do you guys think? Is it possible that Mercedes will provide Project Ones for Formula 1 as a safety car?
Niels Hónapja
Put Bernd in a f1 car during a practice session
Ankit Shetty
Ankit Shetty Hónapja
This was so amazing to listen Such a different perspective to F1
Spencer Bell
Spencer Bell Hónapja
What a legend, this is a great interview
Nolen W
Nolen W Hónapja
Wow someone actually drives the safety car!?! Who would’ve thought
arjan0482 Hónapja
It's a bit worrying how much Bernd looks like Jacques Villeneuve in this photograph...
JK’s Adventures
This was great, wondered about the tires and brakes when he said they started to fall off after three laps, thanks for touching on that topic, even if it was at the end
Christopher Robin Garrish
Rashawn GT
Rashawn GT Hónapja
This guy drives too slow.
CarGaming Hónapja
I am surprised they did not talk about hockenheim 2019.
David Porter
David Porter Hónapja
Great insight into Rosberg. Not many people credit him with being as quick a qualifier as he actually was.
Robin Hónapja
Michael Hines
Michael Hines Hónapja
Racing Point reviewing the Mercedes AMG Safety Car aero ;)
ragebuzz Hónapja
mercedes may be the fastest in F1 but the road cars are far from the fastest. give this man a real car as a safety car
Steve xx
Steve xx Hónapja
what do you think about?
Blender Boy
Blender Boy Hónapja
Tell him to drive faster
Hans Helga
Hans Helga Hónapja
Just give us a race between Mayländer and Hamilton in 2 equal safety cars already. And when Hamilton loses he isn't allowed to complain about the speed of the safety car ever again.
Steve xx
Steve xx Hónapja
@john cale dont assume that
john cale
john cale Hónapja
Sadly, Lewis would smoke him... even in a car that he drives all the time Lewis is probably still faster than him. Probably any F1 driver would be faster. Bern does not drive on the limit anymore - Lewis drives on the limit every other weekend. Driving on the limit regularly is a big deal.
Hans Helga
Hans Helga Hónapja
@Mithilesh Patil I think Mayländer is probably the fastet guy in this car, I don't think Hamilton could beat him and thats why I don't like him complaining all the time 😅 I dont think you can go much faster around F1 tracks in a 'normal' car
Mithilesh Patil
Mithilesh Patil Hónapja
"When"? 😂
Xoron Hónapja
Can we cut out the ads for the F1-Release?
Tristan James Agsaulio
He might be slow but his a legend
V8Hilux Hónapja
They should give him a performance GT car, something like a DTM machine or something rather than a glorified road car. He might be able to go quicker then.
V8Hilux 29 napja
Going by the interview there isn't that much extra in the Safety car that couldn't be fitted into a modified race car. Its the medical car that has all the equipment etc inside. DTM was just an example, the point being get a GT race car, tone it down a bit, he will be able to go a lot faster in the dry as a result and most likely in the wet too, but speed isn't as crucial there , but you also don't want him flying of the track, hence toning it down a bit. Pick any series or just build a purpose built car. There's only so much you can do in a glorified road car. Give him the Black Series that he seemed to think would be better at least that's a step closer.
Spam Me
Spam Me 29 napja
Also, DTMs (just as an example) don't have the various driving aids, which is counterproductive when you want to go fast - but safely (especially in the rain). Plus, racing cars are usually somewhat more prone to breaking down than just a production car that's expected to do thousands of kilometers ...
P0k3rm4s7 29 napja
I'm pretty sure the Safety car has a lot of equipment inside of it, I assume making it an actual race car would take away from its principal function or would make the equipment harder to fit
arjan0482 Hónapja
There actually is a reason why they don't want the safety car to be too fast. That way there actually is a safe gap to clean up any kind of mess...
Jak3b0ss Hónapja
First driver who leads every lap on track.
Joe Robinson
Joe Robinson Hónapja
Hamilton listened to this episode on 2x speed and it was still too slow
Toby Howard
Toby Howard Hónapja
I was mentioned at the end!😁😁😁
Troll Gaming
Troll Gaming Hónapja
The man who is always first, the man who is hated by the top driverd, the legend..
Andrew Britto
Andrew Britto Hónapja
Watch this video at 1.5x cause it needs to speed up (just a joke)
Dara M
Dara M Hónapja
The slowest driver in F1.
katanezza prod.
katanezza prod. Hónapja
1:37 ...BRUH !!!
Dhanush Jayaraj
Dhanush Jayaraj Hónapja
If race ends in a safety car , they should give him a consolation podium.
Dhanush Jayaraj
Dhanush Jayaraj 29 napja
@Tim V With one practice session, Imola looks promising for a few surprises! edit: not really😞
Tim V
Tim V 29 napja
They should indeed haha. But in my opinion, in no racing series should they end a race behind the safety car or pace car. Let's just say then that if there needs to be a safety car in the last 5 laps, those laps shouldn't count down, but remain till the safety car gets back into the pits. Maybe an idea? Anyways, looking forward to Imola! 😃
Marcel Nasenbär
Best german driver this year 🇩🇪🇩🇪
Goldenslayer0422 - Racing and More
Gotta give it to this guy, man, led more laps in 2020 than Ferrari.
Sou Hónapja
@Lewis Levy He led half a lap in Germany
Lewis Levy
Lewis Levy Hónapja
@Sou When did Stroll lead in 2019?
Sou Hónapja
Even Stroll led more last year than Ferrari this year
Best Mercedes driver during the 2019 German Grand Prix
eugen qwertz
eugen qwertz Hónapja
Pls Narain Karthikeyan Beyond the Grid
Bjay_23 / Hope Racing
One of the best interviews, many interesting things to learn! And Bernd seems like a really chilled and down to earth guy, hope we will see him for many years in the Safety Car
Krystal P
Krystal P Hónapja
Props to whoever came up with the idea to have Bernd do a full podcast 👍
The Marauder
The Marauder Hónapja
Well...he drives like an old lady, Hamilton always complains about safety car pace saying it's too slow.
Sou Hónapja
Bro have you even listened to the podcast. He either isn't allowed to go faster due to circumstances or the car literally cannot go faster
BrainStorm4207 Hónapja
He's not the one who killed Senna is it?
Rob H
Rob H Hónapja
I dont think he did any steering column welding for Williams, no.
Kirpa K
Kirpa K Hónapja
The podcast episode I never knew I needed. Very interesting thank you!
TheVeyron623 Hónapja
1:37 Nice bwoah, Tom. XD
Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor Hónapja
Hope Mercedes make the the next safety car the AMG One.
Rentta Hónapja
Can't fit all the equipment in that. Safety cars have tons of it and are thus very heavy.
Γιώργος Βαρδ
The AMG GT Black Series is the most likely
mike cave
mike cave Hónapja
F1 must learn from the deploy of safety cars on LeMAn, WEC and Fia already have the procedure
Ilan Brami-Rosilio
200 km/h looks so slow on TV...
Deniz Yılmaz
Deniz Yılmaz Hónapja
On Silverstone you see how fast they are
BrainStorm4207 Hónapja
only if the camera is moving or the helicopter shots. not always, but i like the stationary cameras because you can feel the speed right through the TV
ALARiX Hónapja
Soo wut if he takes a break??? Hulkenberg?
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