Sainz And Stroll Smash The Barriers And The Best Onboards | 2020 Russian Grand Prix | Emirates 

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There were some epic onboard moments as the drivers fought for track position and valuable championship points around Sochi's street circuit. In partnership with Emirates.
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Johan Kaufmann
Kevin with the sicko mode start
LolKat 11 napja
4:44 - Codemasters' sterling physics at it's finest.
Team Lean
Team Lean 13 napja
i watch these for car no.7
FormuleNew 13 napja
Stroll, master of starts
nish vishnu
nish vishnu 14 napja
watch at 1.25x and thank me later..
xHannoi1896x 15 napja
First Lap in Memories of Esport Racing👌
Nick Guo
Nick Guo 15 napja
10:20 George!You are soooo bad!!!
Paula Whitcomb
Paula Whitcomb 16 napja
He is not but I will be back on
Paula Whitcomb
Paula Whitcomb 16 napja
Dvj the same time and place and place the GS to the GS cookies blggby coffer
Adriano Junior
Adriano Junior 17 napja
I just realize how Ric and Ocon respect eacth other...
Fabio Mucaj
Fabio Mucaj 17 napja
Fastastic start from magnussen
Mishael Trivennios
HAMboring time zzzzz
Ghulam Afzal
Ghulam Afzal 17 napja
Is it me or was Kimi short shifting when he was side by side just when he was about to overtake? I’m assuming he did it on purpose for better traction out of the corner to prevent wheel spin since him and Giovanazzi have had loads of oversteer in that car
Cesar Leal
Cesar Leal 17 napja
Where are Hamilton’s overtakes?
Ollie 17 napja
Lance is such a terrible billionaire. Like the rest of them.
Matthew Churchard
Love it when Gasly gets past Albon...
Logi PTASZNIK 17 napja
there smash why
charles joshi
charles joshi 17 napja
thanks for no commentary
Moses Wakarura
Moses Wakarura 17 napja
Strolls start is something else!
george's cousin
george's cousin 17 napja
Thats definitly a 10 second penalty for leclerc but ok
Woodrow Wilkins
Woodrow Wilkins 18 napja
Just noticed. The Albon/Norris battle, Norris short-shifts out of a few corners thus compromising his exit speed. You notice this especially from the rear camera few of Norris' car (and after watching it from Albon's front few). Albon has to back off a few times because he quickly catches him out of the corner.
Vapes Flavors
Vapes Flavors 18 napja
Leclerc still a rookie if he don't change, rookie for life
Baba Yagaシ
Baba Yagaシ 18 napja
Lando really is the best out of them Russel and Albon
Joshua Fox
Joshua Fox 18 napja
I'd love to see what Magnussen could do in a competitive car
DragonMaster937 18 napja
7:54 Stroll overtook 5 cars in turn 1
Paolo Ramírez
Paolo Ramírez 18 napja
Allow me to ask, but how is the second highlight (Kvyat and Ocon's battle) more relevant than Perez overtaking Riccardo, for example?
elconsorte123 18 napja
If it would have been Grosjean in Kevin's place he would have caused a 6 car pile up in turn 1.
elconsorte123 18 napja
Norris on his Maclaren held up albon who has a faster car and faster tires. Alex performs well one weekend and drops off the next one.
Sameer Ratnaparkhi
K Mag and Giovanazzi are the first lap kings!
Bass 'n Kitties
Bass 'n Kitties 19 napja
Whoever designed this turn 2 needs to be dragged into a dark room and beaten!
Matheus F1RST
Matheus F1RST 19 napja
that day even Kevin Magnussen drove better than Lewis Hamilton
pozhiloy igilovec
Looks so interesting how they all trying to find some clean air while fighting with each other.
Crevera 19 napja
Magnussen's engineer at Haas sounds like one of the Indian call centre guys who put on an American accent.
Aditya Chakraborty
That Norris defence on Albon though
Icehawk 19 napja
Not a Ferrari person, but Leclerc did leave pretty much exactly one car space to the outside considering the green area and strips are legal territory and Stroll went narrower than the maximum outside line. They were fully side by side at a similar apex speed, and there was no way Leclerc could give more space after the apex when they were both at the limit of lateral grip and the poor Ferrari with crippled downforce could barely keep that line without even accelerating much at point of impact. He didn't choose to run wide, that was his natural line given the speed they were both at. Sure, still more towards Leclerc's tolerances too tight apexing a few km/h faster than he should, but I'd call it a near 60/40 blame here, don't see why people say it's "exactly the same as Hamilton on Albon" because it's not, Hamilton hadn't left 1 full car width in the situations when he got penalized. Is FIA still biased towards Ferrari? Yes, they can do better and at least say the incident is under investigation ffs. But to be fair the ruling could have been either way, Stroll didn't check his mirrors properly as pushed the boundaries between inside and outside line to power out past Leclerc. A competitive driver like Leclerc would expect his opponent to keep riding half the green section when they see him in the way and they were fully side by side just 0.3s before they crashed. The key difference was that Stroll didn't have clear right of way as of the moment he floored it earlier than Leclerc, since he started to pull ahead for such a short time that you cannot expect another driver to reliably react to avoid it as a "collision from behind". Had Leclerc taken the apex another 10% slower, he'd be fully at fault.
Thibault Doumam
Thibault Doumam 19 napja
Look how stroll's steering wheel is moving, amazing
Carlos's mistake was a childish one
Quentin COLTIER 19 napja
Epic battle with Norris, Albon and Gasly ! These guys....they are amazing !
Schøn Kebab
Schøn Kebab 19 napja
once again kmag proving his worth
UnimatrixOne 19 napja
Sainz "hit" has to be the *onboard of the year!*
Old Gregg
Old Gregg 19 napja
Get Kimi in a Red Bull FFS.
Todd Cormier
Todd Cormier 19 napja
Magnussen in Beast mode @11:54
Old Gregg
Old Gregg 19 napja
4:00 Absolute badass ------------------------ 4:40 Absolute HASBEEN!
Matt Mor
Matt Mor 19 napja
Kimi: YUo WiLL NoT HaVe THe DRinK
jonas90 19 napja
Such a thin margin between K-Mag not being completely sandwiched in the straight! That was so close on the onboard i even got goosebumps xD
Carlos Augusto
Carlos Augusto 19 napja
The honda engine sound is like a music
lorenzo Kamakazi
honda engine giving me a eargasm
Ash Richardson
Ash Richardson 19 napja
You still can't sync audio 😂
Rafael Martino
Rafael Martino 19 napja
Muito legal!
C B F 19 napja
Norris has to have one of the best defences on the grid, holding off albon in a slower car with slower and more worn tires for as long as he did is incredible
iron mario
iron mario 19 napja
Magnussen 🔥🔥🔥
José Jordán
José Jordán 19 napja
Verstappen should be penalized
Saman Khaledian
Saman Khaledian 19 napja
2:24 is it just me or Kvyat changed the gears earlier than expected?
Arman Joe Lyndon
KMag on lap 1 tho, managed to keep it clean while being sandwiched all the way to turn 2 and then just sending it down the inside. Always has some amazing starts this man.
Vin_F1 19 napja
What a start from Kevin 🙏
Viper 19 napja
5:00 Normally the engineer will tell the driver to put the car in P zero. But we know Seb is the whole crew this year.😬
Viper 19 napja
Grosjean, lol. It's aways the car to blame if he goes off-track.😂
Kerem Ardicli
Kerem Ardicli 19 napja
These traction feelings man... amazing!
Pat176 19 napja
I feel Kmag gets possibly the best starts, massively underrated
Mads Husfeldt
Mads Husfeldt 16 napja
TheFirstK he means overall
TheFirstK 18 napja
Strolls Start was even more impressive but Magnussens Start here was pretty amazing aswell.
Hernan Squad
Hernan Squad 19 napja
Honda powwwer love sound
Jurijs Fjodorovs
Lando’s defence was mega
Santi A
Santi A 19 napja
6:00 weird. Its like Albon thought it was a right turn and tried to correct in the las moment. So out of the racing line
Santi A
Santi A 19 napja
Ok I saw later on Norris onboard that he was defending from Gasly. Nevermind
Stroll had a FLYING start, shame Leclerc took him out that early without penalty. Again, no check from his engineer whether or not he's ok... need someone more enthusiastic on the other end.
yuiayaka 19 napja
darkside lec…
Tommy McKeown
Tommy McKeown 19 napja
Number one spot goes to Kmag 💪 💪
Kenny Yong
Kenny Yong 19 napja
That was a smooth operator...🤣🤣
NL 1
NL 1 19 napja
Amazing maaaaaaan
fmg182 19 napja
Also, great bold movements by Stroll.. he went surpasing by left and right on that straight.
fmg182 19 napja
Lando's movements to keep his position -or at least make it difficult for Albon to get past- was the best onboard I've ever seen in real racing.. That moment at 6:00 when he breaks lightly enough for the stopping lights to flash, but still accelerating.. he then changes his line and gains kinetic energy.. he's a great driver.
Justin Désilets
Ferrari race engineering: c'mon Seb, go get what we deserve Vettel: crashes Ferrari engineer: what was that?! Vettel: This is what Ferrari deserves
justtwobe 19 napja
RBR, please give Alex a proper racing car instead of that shopping cart.
p1ra 20 napja
why is the rbr pit stop in this video
Antonio Buccheri
i don’t know why Kimi shortshifts so much all the time
Donair 20 napja
norris making albon look like a fool
Tiago 20 napja
*What are we doing, racing or ping pong?*
piano0b 20 napja
5:07 no flag?
Heisengame 20 napja
Anyway,What a start by stroll
Jon Booth
Jon Booth 20 napja
Excellent on boards . Thanks for putting this together .
Zekkai 20 napja
did u guys upgrade your microphones
crxdelsolsir 20 napja
Gasly qualifies far from Verstappen = People yell get him out! Albon qualifies far from Verstappen = ... Gasly finishes far from Verstappen = People yell get him out! Albon finishes far from Verstappen = ... No call from Lewis to give Gasly the drive. Diversity
pedro figueiredo
on seb crash, one more time F1 lights are not efficient enough, just like it was happened with hubert tragic in belgium. this time only leclerc skills avoided big crash so much technology and apparently F1 is not able to fix its poor light system
View from Lookout
Need to rename that Sainz goes off into the barrier and Leclerc takes out Stroll
mkaali 20 napja
5:06 why on earth there were no yellow flags? :O
Levy Asu
Levy Asu 20 napja
is kimi keep short shifting ?
Sam Boofle
Sam Boofle 20 napja
You can hear the wastegate opening and closing during kvyat's onboard, pretty cool
Nikolaj Hansen
Nikolaj Hansen 20 napja
5:00 Seb's face says it all Frustrated AF
Nick Govier
Nick Govier 20 napja
A) Pick the actual top 10 highlights. Perez pass is missing, yet two of these are just cars following each other. B) Put them in chronological order. Nobody cares which highlight your social media intern thinks is the best one.
Rane Strom
Rane Strom 20 napja
Kimi has his name on his gloves FOR WHAT!? So no one misplaces them
Kiath Unadriel
Kiath Unadriel 20 napja
Maybe he should have it on his drinking bottle as well....that seems to get misplaced from time to time 😉
Utopian Turtle Top
There’s a lot to be said for just being able to hear the sounds of the car. Throttle inputs. Gear changes, car bottoming out etc. No commentator (Croft) shouting over dramatically into the microphone. I like it.
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 20 napja
RoGro got away with it thanks to his proximity to Seb, but you could tell from his 'rear end' comment that he was flapping around for some excuse.
ฉันท์ สระใหญ่
Mrinal Pooniwala
Let's check the facts : 1) Leclerc's Steering input is already towards the right during the collision. So people saying he should have given space are just idiots. 2) Lance took a wider line to get a better exit speed. He should have realised that he opened the gap for Leclerc on the inside while cutting back onto the racing line. But you cannot blame him coz due to the angle, he could not see Leclerc in his mirrors. Stewards took the correct decision to call it a racing incident as you cannot pin the blame on either of them completely. Should the stewards blame Leclerc going for the gap ? OR should they blame Lance for taking a wider line and not realizing Leclerc while cutting back in ?
Long Hoang
Long Hoang 20 napja
1:03 a wild Max from the inside appeared
12345farsh 20 napja
Bozack Tbc
Bozack Tbc 20 napja
Love the sound of the RB & the Alpha.👍
Brian Andersen
Brian Andersen 20 napja
Someone please find Magnussen a more capable ride!
Bruno Parada
Bruno Parada 20 napja
Stroll was on a roll, I'm not sure who's at fault on that one. Magnussen destroyed that start.
TheCheesenChips 20 napja
Anyone hear gearbox whine on verstappens car?
nuromie uwu
nuromie uwu 20 napja
Giovinazzi really proved his worth at Sochi this year. All he needs to do is consistently produce such a result.
Jon M
Jon M 20 napja
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