Sainz's Stunning Start | Jolyon Palmer Analysis | 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix 

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Jolyon Palmer takes an in-depth look of "the most bonkers start to a race" in Portimao, including Carlos Sainz and Valtteri Bottas' opening laps.
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Frahman 6 napja
Palmer? Karma
Some One
Some One 13 napja
Palmer bring F1 tv to new heights. Amazing.
Icehawk 17 napja
Yes, Perez was holding a middle-ish line instead of a wide exit taking that risk hoping Verstappen would hug the inside like a mouse but in cold 1st laps it's sometimes just not possible to be precise within a centimeter. His false assumption that his rival had any choice over the line by the time he turned past the apex (still hugging middle line instead of going wide exit) caused the crash. For a corner that could have borderline handled 3-wide cars, it was obvious that the 2 cars would have done a slightly wider exit to use the full track. Verstappen clearly expected Perez to give reasonable space such that they both used the outer half of the corner exit rather than having to fully use the inside, and Perez got exactly what he deserved by not leaving reasonable space for 1st lap uncertainty. He's famous by this point of the season for pushing the boundaries of his luck rather than skills and it shows again here. He's making calls that are too risky for the potential gains, and the lesson is just to drive more conservatively before certainty comes in--jump cut to Kimi's 10 squeaky clean overtakes and you can see how much Perez still has to go back to school about risk management. His objective to make Verstappen have a terrible exit by squeezing him was a double edged sword that neither of them had total control over at that point.
Oero Legend
Oero Legend 22 napja
Δέσποινα Μαρκοπούλου
Not talking at all about Kimi's amazing start, passing 12 cars? That is a thumbs down mate... c'mon...
EA Art Creator
EA Art Creator 24 napja
Woww, Like ,. I also make formula 1 car models out of cardboard, how to make formula 1 car used cardboard , my.. channel , in EA Art Creator.🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli 24 napja
Great analysis.
alif zakuan
alif zakuan 24 napja
Fernando be like: KARMA
Daniel Hornby
Daniel Hornby 24 napja
First time we get to see the change of lead at the start of the race, something missed at broadcast and no replays of it either!
Alfie Aolomons
Alfie Aolomons 25 napja
Wow totally unbiased towards Perez👎🏿 jolyn Palmer all talks, I don’t remember you being that great on the grid bruv.
D T 25 napja
why should anyone give max more space!? he was keeping positions racing outside the track
Yvolve 25 napja
Amazing that these super fragile cars survive a bounce like the one at 8:17. Glad the FIA enforced sturdier cars, they would fall apart just looking at them not so long ago.
Great content, but what is he looking at lol
Some Enchilada
Some Enchilada 25 napja
Hi the “full episodes available globally” is fake news
Charles Prooth
Charles Prooth 25 napja
Excellent analysis, Jolyon!
DiabloDevilsBA 25 napja
I really love this guy, it seems he is a nice guy
Mohnish Magesh
Mohnish Magesh 25 napja
Race starts crazy End: HAM BOT VER
igroeG 1
igroeG 1 25 napja
What palmer is doing? He cut the chicken
Jason Farah
Jason Farah 25 napja
I swear this should be called captain obvious analysis
Joran Merlte
Joran Merlte 25 napja
I hate the paywall so much
k halliday
k halliday 25 napja
With great respect I am gonna have to disagree with Jolyon about Verstappen. He has punted off BOTH Racing Point drivers in almost identical circumstances this weekend. In both instances he ended up in the blind-spot inside of a car on a corner, and in both instances was the only one of the two drivers with a full and clear view of the situation. One would think he might have the brains just to brake, or back off, just once, he chose not to do so, he chose to force a collision, BOTH TIMES. If Max is ever to fight for a championship he must learn to NOT get involved in EVERY fight, to only fight the battles he NEEDS to fight. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour. Max is still a young driver but he has had years to mature, and has grown somewhat, but sometimes he still acts like a rookie. I am starting to doubt that he will ever learn the true skill-set of a championship challenger, he certainly does NOT yet drive like a mature racer. Contrast this with Lewis on that first lap, giving up a place or two in the full knowledge he can mount a challenge when tyres or conditions improve, or when he is better able to judge the race and the track. That is the true mark of an intelligent racer and a worthy champion. Just my two-penn'orth (two-cents).
P. Sethia
P. Sethia 25 napja
can we also talk about kimi?
Bozack Tbc
Bozack Tbc 25 napja
Thumbs down If you’d like to see the rest.👍
Gerry 25 napja
Palmer Is Back
Sašo Špoljar
Sašo Špoljar 25 napja
Kimi does probably the best opening lap in F1 history, and this guy barely even mentions it. Cammon, Jolyon, the guy got 10 positions in 1 lap, and in an underpowered car. Give the old man the credit he deserves.
Vijay Prashar
Vijay Prashar 25 napja
How is it Perez's fault? Look at 7:49. Verstappen went into Perez.
Ansaruddin M
Ansaruddin M 25 napja
They are team mates next year so no penalty 😁
Cyborg Cyrus
Cyborg Cyrus 25 napja
I felt the same too... Verstappen ran over that kerb also while taking that apex... I believe, I strongly believe that it's clearly Verstappen's fault... He has become too overconfident this season man
Markus Veko
Markus Veko 25 napja
*bruh* Headline more like Räikkönen's Stunning Start
Cloud7 25 napja
Awesome starts from Kimi...
Luckzie 25 napja
How isn’t this video about Kimi ???
Fox 1
Fox 1 25 napja
You guys a ruining publicity for Palmer by putting all his stuff behind the paywall!
Zombie Alive
Zombie Alive 25 napja
We need Jolyon Palmer Analysis feat. Nico Hulkenberg
Cristian Dinu
Cristian Dinu 25 napja
I still think that it was Verstappen's fault with Perez. Had it not been the golden boy, he would have got a penalty.
Ghostly Razgriz
Ghostly Razgriz 26 napja
Perez would have been on the podium without Max taking him out. How anyone thinks that Max didnt deserve a penalty is beyond me. Perez' turning angle was taking him to the edge of the track. It was up to Max to lift ifhe was still going to run into Perez. Theres a strong arguement that hamilton should have his Austrian podium reinstated. Im saying this as a mclaren fan.
Foxhound 25 napja
Maybe if you actually watch the video then you'll see that Perez could've left a bit more room and lost nothing as Verstappen was fully turned in but Perez wasn't. It was a racing incident, end of...
Sicco Zandt
Sicco Zandt 25 napja
If you lift with rear wheel drive you slide outside on a slippery track. Max tried to steer away, but had to less grip. Perez didn’t try to give Max room at all, instead he steered towards him. It all happens quickly in a difficult situation (slippery and first few corners), so nobody really to blame. But Perez should had been a little bit smarter in hindsight maybe.
Can we stop with "New Bottas". There was nothing new about him being smashed by 25 seconds.
tonberrykinged 25 napja
It's reference to his apparent improved racecraft. But actually this kind of gap is quite rare between them. Hamilton talked a lot about getting the setup right for the race, clearly it gave him a big edge on Bottas. And of course we all know Bottas wears through his tyres very quickly!
thejoeyg 26 napja
max' car must have a racing point magnet
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 26 napja
Raikkonen is Vettel 2009 mode.
LE 11
LE 11 26 napja
I am impressed by McLaren.Looking up to you williams
dayanish JOSE
dayanish JOSE 26 napja
Now we know why perez was not so critical about verstappen after the race.perez knew he didnt give him any space.I thought it was his potential move to redbull that kept him silent.
Blackcain 26 napja
I think he is a great pundit this guy but I can never get Alonso's "KARMA" out of my head. What a curse
Urville Maliper
Urville Maliper 26 napja
I wan jolyon to be the steward every race
PVP King
PVP King 26 napja
Don’t like how he is saying bottas is aggressive
jason delgadillo
alonso: "what is palmer doing"
App Racing Legend
Max can do no wrong. All weekend he was driving weird and every time someone else takes the blame. You know when you always let somebody slide there is no need for that person to get better. Everyone Laden Max verstappen with all of these praises and allowing him all of these excuses is making Max verstappen a worst driver. At the end of the day he's not thinking about how to make those problems bet he's thinking yeah it's not you Max someone else. That's a difference between Max verstappen which you guys give him everything and Lewis Hamilton which you guys don't allow him any graces. Remember when Hamilton did the same thing to Alex albon and totally destroyed Alban's confidence for the rest of the season. 5 second penalty 2 Weeks Later max does the same thing racing incident. That's what I'm talking about Max will never get better as long as you guys keep allowing him to get away with all of these lapses in judgment. Do you think those two five second penalties at Nurburgring made Lewis Hamilton more driven or less driven. When Lewis Hamilton came out and said they are trying to stop me, that is Lewis letting the world know if I have to work that much harder than I will work that much harder just to prove you guys wrong. So by all means keep babying Max verstappen Red Bull can keep turning the car just for him, which is one of the reasons why the car is so slow, and keep feeding fuel to Lewis Hamilton's fire.
BigBolt 26 napja
No way Perez needed to give Max more room.. Max had plenty of track to his left..
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 26 napja
@BigBolt ; I noticed. People don’t seem to forget these things. But the same people never talk about that period of 18 months in a row when he didn’t hit anyone. But mistakes happen. I can’t think of any driver who hasn’t had a couple of incidents over the years. But man, I feel for that guy. He’s had 3 DNF’s this year, due to engine problems or stuff he couldn’t do a thing about. He stood on that podium after every race he could finish. Even won a race and ended second a couple of times. He deserves a bit more credit than people give him, just because he was a bit more reckless 4 or 5 years ago. The kid was 17 years of age! Okay, ‘feeling sorry’ may be a little too strong, but I do feel the need to defend him every now and then. I mean, there are even people who genuinely believe that Red Bull builds a car that ONLY Max can drive (apparently he has an extremely strange and very different driving style than anyone else on the grid), hence the problems Albon and Gasly had driving that car. And Red Bull does it on purpose! Off course, you have to have a dog of a second car, so you make less money, reduce Max’s chances of a potential better position and..... THIS NONSENSE IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!! I’m not saying you’re one of those, but I get so uptight and annoyed by the stupidity of all those comments. It just doesn’t make any sense at all. None of it! Sorry, I let myself go. 😬😬😬
BigBolt 26 napja
@Mario Driessen Max still has that reputation on launching his car where it doesn't belong.. Peace
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 26 napja
@BigBolt ; If you say so. Max was lucky not to have his car damaged because of the ‘collision’. I know his reputation from the first years still haunt him, but he changed. He became pretty cautious, pulls back if he needs to. Fact is, there was enough room for both of them and I think Sergio could have been more cautious and Max didn’t have the intention to hit anyone, nor was there much he could have done to avoid the collision, otherwise he would have. Racing incident. Nothing more, nothing less.
BigBolt 26 napja
@Mario Driessen The ''entitled'' one. Max got away with causing an accident.. Bottas pushed him wide. .. That opened up room for Perez, who took the track position.. Max wouldn't settle for that. Hence he caused an incident.. Pretty sure these drivers know who would come off worse in an accident based on points of contact on each car..
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 26 napja
He didn't need to, but he better should have given Max a bit more room. It was a racing incident. No one was penalized, because there was no reason.
isshyfux 26 napja
umm.. you got Bottas and Hamilton mixed up
Nick Macrae
Nick Macrae 26 napja
7 teams have had a podium so far this season. It's incredible.
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 26 napja
Who could guess from this that Hamilton won by over 25 seconds .
Dez 26 napja
Most people who've been watching the last 6 years.
clansome 26 napja
Must admit I didn't realise how much of a corner there was when Max hit Checo, and in hindsight agree that Checo should have given him another foot or so. Having watched multiple replays of first few laps, my summary of the Lewis - Valtteri situation is more of a "I'll let you dry out the racing line first and then crush you" approach from Lewis. They both knew that Sainz's car wouldn't last the course in the front and they were quickly proved right. After keeping Valtteri honest and not taking so much out of his tyres for nigh on 20 laps Lewis then drew up to the back of Valtteri and passed him on lap 20, 3 laps of very fast laps (despite having complained to Bono !!).
Worlds Worst Musician
Nice bit of victim blaming there on Perez 🙄
Worlds Worst Musician
He looks like he just got out of bed!
Mahmoud Khaled Abo-Elmagd
I love this series
FanBoyStudio 26 napja
When Portuguese GP starts: McLAREN IS BACK!!! When Portuguese GP ends: _meh_
Jason Farah
Jason Farah 25 napja
If you really thought that then you are lost
Rx 1
Rx 1 26 napja
Verstapin gets away with everything, its never his fault. He hits Stroll, not his fault, he hits Perez not his fault, I wonder why that is
Francesco Francescato
I think FIA wants to penalize/"damage" Racing Point for what happened at the beginning of the year (remarkable also the incident between Leclerc and Stroll)
Ambassador Junior
He should have been penalised for Perez's first lap incident
Diego Souza
Diego Souza 26 napja
bottas 2.5
nfc14g 26 napja
That was Verstappens fault of you go by his comments on the later incident
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 26 napja
It wasn't, so calm down.
David David
David David 26 napja
This illustrates part of the reason why high downforce, high grip racing isn't as exciting. Here we saw the drivers all in different situations, and many of them really struggling, a bit like on a damp track. I know that F1 is supposed to be the fastest and most high tech etc etc, but that never has and never will result in the best racing
Dave Common
Dave Common 26 napja
Too bad that the aggressive new bottas still let's lewis pass half way through the race.
Sam Garrod
Sam Garrod 26 napja
It's a very different circuit from Estoril.
chatty veith
chatty veith 26 napja
People don’t give sainz enough credit in the low grip situations. It’s always max and lewis. Sainz I think is top 3 in wet/slick conditions
2020 F1
2020 F1 26 napja
Ok Thank you for your kind explanation.
johnnyxenon 26 napja
Awesome as always, but won't you please look in to camera?
TheObogo 26 napja
I find it off putting he's not looking at the camera...
Mike Spearwood
Mike Spearwood 24 napja
You get used to it.
Adam Cotterill
Adam Cotterill 26 napja
Where can we see onboard footage of Raikonen’s start/opening lap?
Blackcain 26 napja
it's all over F1 related social media (it's also on youtube) or you can even go to Kimi's Instagram
Enis Gusinjac
Enis Gusinjac 26 napja
Sainz? What a funny way to write Kimi
F1 with clay
F1 with clay 26 napja
Kimi: bwoah
DaniMacYo 26 napja
Eh?! Kimi just does this for a hobby that makes his start more impressive. Plus he felt the grip when there was none. With no pressure from Ferrari he can be himself an F1 hobby enthusiast. Bwoah!
nikodc2008 26 napja
Why don't they allow drivers to choose their starting position on the grid based on their qualification order?
KernzyP 26 napja
Great review, AND WHAT AN EXCELLENT TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome.
Carpe diem
Carpe diem 26 napja
This Palmer guy should do more of these kind of reviews.
Josh 26 napja
Is Jolyon's hair redder this week?
Atpisies Genādijs
this could be like half an hour, i wouldn't mind
Joan Lahoz
Joan Lahoz 26 napja
This guy knows a lot about F1, perhaps he should be a driver for a modest team one day
Yeolde GamerSteve
if only the race had ended on lap 5.
SoloXFuRy 26 napja
Background music on point!
berwick82 26 napja
Sainz is a diamond. Let's see him next year..
Diego Almaguer
Diego Almaguer 26 napja
2 things I can’t wait for are the race and Jolyon’s analysis after the qualifier. 👍🏼
GBA Videos
GBA Videos 26 napja
-Where is Palmer??? -Fernando Palmer is in HUrun -Karma!!
lange darm
lange darm 26 napja
so kimi overtaking like 10 cars in the first lap is probably not that interesting, eh?
STU86ART 26 napja
Kimi was so fast those first few laps
roberto iannucci
"What's the best moment of the race weekend?" "Jolyon Palmer's analysis of course!"
y1521t21b5 26 napja
It was clear the initial blinding starts wouldn't hold, but no less fun for it. As for HAM, he seemed to be toying with his teammate safe in the knowledge that, even in clean air, he wouldn't manage his tyres as well as he needed to maintain position...
clansome 26 napja
Exactly my thoughts on the matter.
Fabio Ferrari
Fabio Ferrari 26 napja
When the rain left us, we all cried so much. Shine bright Spanish star, your times will come! In 2040 when Mercedes finally leaves the sport, better later than ever
GloomGaiGar 26 napja
only to be replaced by another dominant team lol
Bongo Baggins
Bongo Baggins 26 napja
Justin Moreno
Justin Moreno 26 napja
6:45 wrong flag lol
Lea M
Lea M 26 napja
@the_carr _fan well its the portuguese GP so?
the_carr _fan
the_carr _fan 26 napja
@Lea M Portuguese flag
Lea M
Lea M 26 napja
why wrong?
İbrahim Ethem GÖZE
Why did this video end?
Bongo Baggins
Bongo Baggins 26 napja
Bongo Baggins
Bongo Baggins 26 napja
@David David I did a whole string of these, this was the last one. Yeah he's great, I just find the whole staring over my shoulder thing unsettling
David David
David David 26 napja
Why are you shouting? Palmer is excellent in this role, just what F1 needed.
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas 26 napja
Verstappen just gave Perez a taste of what is to come if they pair up at Red Bull.
Mark Scott
Mark Scott 26 napja
Surely Palmer should actually be looking at the camera 🙄
Ken Chen
Ken Chen 26 napja
Those of y’all complaining about not covering RAI’s flying start, get F1 TV and you can see it there
Bongo Baggins
Bongo Baggins 26 napja
Who is Jolyon talking to
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 26 napja
Bongo Baggins
Bongo Baggins 26 napja
Who is Jolyon looking at
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara 25 napja
gurrrn 26 napja
Cameras over here jolyon
JotaSE30 26 napja
Did they forget to turn on the camera Jolyon is looking at?
PdrTools.com 25 napja
I’ve thought the same thing from the beginning of these... what or who is he supposed to be looking at. But then I saw him taking directly to the camera on something else the other day, and it just felt weird 👍
Kevin 26 napja
Been like this since the beginning?!
Susan Tummon
Susan Tummon 26 napja
Was a bit odd wasn't it?
TheGamerTim 26 napja
Searched for this about half an hour before you uploaded it, end up watching it half an hour after, notifications be slow.
TotalMadnessMan 26 napja
And to Holyon Palmer: Your work has been incredible. I love your analysis. However that Albon diss was somewhat unnecessary. Other drivers were struggeling aswell, stop beating a dead horse.
emiel1206 26 napja
@TotalMadnessMan He wasn't criticising albons start, but just showing that the red bulls had a lot of problems finding grip in the opening laps eventhough they were on the soft tyre.
TotalMadnessMan 26 napja
@daniel wako He critisces his start and talks of him with his low confidence. To be fair, Jolyon is right, but why talk specifically about Albon? Other drivers were struggeling hard aswell.
daniel wako
daniel wako 26 napja
I haven't seen where he talks I'll of him
G Z 26 napja
Dead horse jajajajajaja
TotalMadnessMan 26 napja
People please, the full vid is on F1TV. This is just half the video.
TotalMadnessMan 25 napja
@Michael X Because what you see here is often only half if not even only a third of the entire video?
Michael X
Michael X 25 napja
@TotalMadnessMan why would anyone pay if they could get the exact same contact for free....🙄
TotalMadnessMan 25 napja
@Michael X Yeah I know. I pay too?
Michael X
Michael X 26 napja
You realise people pay forF1TV?
Ceri Jones
Ceri Jones 26 napja
Why doesn't Jolyon look at the camera?
Pranav P S
Pranav P S 25 napja
Guillermo Sanchez
Yesssss, my man Sainz fully sending it!
5 L O W
5 L O W 26 napja
sainz's start is underrated everyone is talking about kimis start
Steffighter144 26 napja
So do you think Perez will be Max teammate? 7:36
Princecharming 26 napja
do you really think such an incident will make a difference?
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