Samsung Odyssey G5 34 Review, A Value Ultrawide Gaming Option 

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Xiaomi Mi Curved 34 - geni.us/AVBv3Pa
Acer Nitro XV340CK - geni.us/HekIG
Samsung Odyssey G9 - geni.us/bqgvZ
Gigabyte G34WQC - geni.us/HaMP
AOC CU34G2X - geni.us/dIRa
How we test response times: hurun.info/to/vide/XpOd2qJjo6bRy9E.html
Testing performed using Portrait CalMAN Ultimate: www.portrait.com/
00:00 - Intro, Differences, How to Tell Them Apart
03:51 - Response Times per Overdrive Setting
06:49 - Response Time Performance Comparison
09:31 - Color Performance and Calibration
11:18 - Brightness, Contrast, Viewing Angles, Uniformity
12:53 - Final Thoughts
Samsung Odyssey G5 34 LC34G55T Review
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peterkray 7 órája
So basically G5 is just an old tech rebranded to cash-in on the Odyssey brand hype. Shitty move from Samsung.
Oliver Dawson
Oliver Dawson 11 órája
What would you pick? Stuck between Odyssey G7 32" (240 Hz) and Odyssey G5 34" Ultra Wide (165 Hz).
ZEMI 13 órája
In other words; get the AOC 34G2X.
Silas TW
Silas TW 22 órája
Hey I just want to know the exact difference between freesync and gsync? I'm looking to get a ultra wide gaming monitor about 34", and with gsycn the screens almost cost the double as the ones with freesync. So would it be better go get one with gsync or how much does it even matter? got a 3080
crochebo tamrelapute
RGB on a screen, what a siliy idea.. Serously.
Jhunly Cabaylo
Would anyone recommend this over the Gigabyte m27q or is the Gigabyte better?
Kachongui Kach
Dunno why I still watch these reviews of monitors I can't afford.
Bo Yu
Bo Yu 7 napja
no usb, no type C ? no speaker ? no good.
Ali Young
Ali Young 11 napja
could you review the ASUS TUF VG34VQL1B please?
Andreas Violidis
439 CHF
Marc GP
Marc GP 15 napja
Just got it for 399€ (479$). Gaming seems very solid, but watching movies is awful, whenever it enters a dark scene the brightness falls off a cliff, everythig tones down even parts that where supposed to remain illuminated, no matter the source: youtube, prime video, VLC, ... I have ordered a high-end HDMI 2.1 cable, I hope it will help.
Daniel Herold
Daniel Herold 11 napja
You should use a DisplayPort cable. HDMI hinders a lot its capabilities.
Captain Canuck
Captain Canuck 17 napja
Can you please review the Asus vg34vql1b
Edu Vivan
Edu Vivan 20 napja
Which camera do you use?
111lead 21 napja
this or the mi 34 ?
Dan Strike
Dan Strike 23 napja
Even despite its slightly better cost down under, it's still strange that Tim says the pricing in Australia is ok at all. Because if you're talking Australia then that means you also have access to the Xiaomi, which obliterates this Samsung (and the Gigabyte G34WQC) in price for very similar performance and a much better stand/height/swivel. When discussing Australia I would have expected this Samsung review to simply say: Do not buy because the Xiaomi exists. I got mine for under $480 AUD. Five places on OzBargain in the last 2 months have sold it for under $500. Why would you consider spending $200 more on this Samsung for no meaningful performance gain and significantly worse ergonomics? I thought the Gigabyte's ergonomics were poor enough already (I returned mine and bought a Xiaomi for that reason), but here in this review we see Tim saying how the Samsung doesn't even live up to that already-low standard. And yeah a shame there's no look at the infamous flickering freesync issue of some current 34" VAs. It's great to see the channel's already-thorough reviews getting even more clarification as time goes on. That explanation of the transition times and smearing was a great addition. Such a good reviews channel, keep it up guys.
Jafagh Alemya
Jafagh Alemya 23 napja
Have this monitor and have no idea HOW activate "Screen adjustment" in "Picture" in Menu. EVEN SAMSUNG SUPPORT CAN'T HELP ME WITH THIS
GC 23 napja
Does this come with a VESA mount/adapter? The beveled circle around the 75x75 screw holes seem like it would prevent most universal monitor arms (which are usually made with both 75x75 and 100x100 in mind) from fitting close enough.
Daniel Herold
Daniel Herold 11 napja
I use a VESA mount, no problems back there.
James Bond
James Bond 23 napja
What a shame. I would have paid $1,000 for this monitor if Samsung had used the same specs/build quality found in the G7.
Robloxian Flex God
thanks for the vid i was really about to go and buy this thinking it had the same performance as the other Odyssey monitors
ricky embers
ricky embers 24 napja
3:35 SOLD! Why didn't you just say that at the start.
Oru's and Or nots
600 bucks for a monitor this size isn't exactly value priced considering there are many 400 dollar options of this size and type on Amazon.
Benjamin 28 napja
Odyssey G5 34 for 470€ or Millenium md34 pro for 460€ ?
Treesapien 29 napja
"value ultrawide" is an oxymoron.
Chandra Wily Saputra
The screen is going blank when opening some application. for example Microsoft words or excel. someone know how to fix it?
Betafridge1 Hónapja
Im getting this as second monitor just for some story games and in my country it goes for 499. I have a samsung g7 as main monitor and a 4k ips as third vertical monitor
Lennart Mook
Lennart Mook Hónapja
realy sad you didnt test the ooverdrove modes... at such a high refresh rate i would be willing to give up on adaptiv sync
Derek Hall
Derek Hall Hónapja
Can you review the Acer Nitro ED270 Xbmiipx 27"? It's a 1080p 240hz panel at $220 USD on Newegg rn with a $20 off coupon too, making it exsctly $200. It's an utter piece of garbage and I'd love to see you test it! I bought one myself and returned it. My 144hz TN panel Dell was WAY better lmao
xIKirito_ Hónapja
Try the acer nitro xz342ck I think it could be interesting to see its performance, its also a budget 34 inch ultrawide with a 1500R curve and from looking at the specs it seems kind of too good to be true. I got mine yesterday and the built quality is by far the best I have had on any budget monitor so far, but gsync compatibility is broken and causes flickering though its not officially supported maybe it will be in the future.
Roger Oliveira
Roger Oliveira Hónapja
Would it also good for software development?
Abul Quamer
Abul Quamer Hónapja
Hey Tim, requesting a review on PRISM+ XQ340 Pro , priced similar to xiaomi mi curve , boasting really good specifications- 3440x1440 resolution and customer feedback on their site - 144hz refresh, 1 ms response time, boasting 140%srgb wide colour gamut, 103% dci-p3 ,quantum dot display, HDR 400 certification - I asked them directly about the brightness they said screen can reach 400 Nits of brightness also in SDR, supports adaptive sync. I am starting to trust companies like these since purchasing xiaomi mi curve 34 - a similarly priced monitor and honestly I don't miss IPS , as va provides decent contrast, for gaming needs it is highly satisfying to see colours pop at smooth refresh spending so less gives an incredible feeling. I am so glad few companies are making such monitors affordable for the masses. PRISM is selling theirs for $579 atm.
Giulio Di Rienzo
Please do you know a site that ships samsung monitors to japan? I am desperate
Boston quad
Boston quad Hónapja
RGB to save cost RGB lights are so cheap
Flesh-God Hónapja
Will you do a review the "Acer Predator XB273U GX" and the "Aorus F127Q-X" 240hz 1440p monitors? Would love to se one on them.
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams Hónapja
The Viotek 34 inch ultra wide 144hz monitor is a great option if you looking for a monitor like this. I paid $400 for it and don't regret one bit
CadetSparklez Hónapja
I saw complaints about va being va when it was being sold as the g73($/38@( and not branded as a g5)
CadetSparklez Hónapja
Oh and just got and WOW thats a solid line down the middle
Tod Soldat
Tod Soldat Hónapja
$600 isn't a value, it's insane
Cyan Hónapja
What about a review of one of iiyama G-Master monitors - for example the flat IPS GB3461WQSU-B1? I would be interested what you have to say about the panel.
Harrison Hónapja
Disappointing monitor
Rares Serban
Rares Serban Hónapja
I feel like this monitor is less expensive than other displays from last year for example, at least in my country. Anyways, should I get this or the Gygabyte G34WQC?I use it mostly for office work, and gaming (but not that competitive). And also watch HUrun. Not sure which one to get tbh. Not sure I will like the agressive 1000R curve as well. Planning to use this in a dual monitor setup with a 4k 27' LG IPS.
Rares Serban
Rares Serban 11 napja
@Daniel Herold I got the Gigabyte in the end since it was like 75$ cheaper than the samsung where I live. Happy with it so far. The curve seems ebough for me
Daniel Herold
Daniel Herold 11 napja
The 1000R curve is the worst, coz I can't go back to any other monitor, haha
Waldherz FeuerClan
Lets hope that this thing isnt a proper scam with false advertising and high failure-rates like the G9 series. Which Samsung wont fix. They are just releasing a new model.
shshankk Hónapja
I've been using LG 34UC79G for around 3 years now and I still dont want to change.. I use it for competitive gaming like apex legends, warzone and for my work. And play other games on my 65in 4K tv with hdr. Also my PS5 is hooked to it. I think for competitive gaming, 1080p(in my case 2560X1080) is still great.. But my next monitor will be similar to Samsung G9(or G10 in future).
hardik khatri
hardik khatri Hónapja
Available for 400 in Canada.....nice
Rusty Shackleford
Lost me at $600
Mergatroid Mania
$600 USD is not a "value" ultrawide.
Brendan Zunich
Brendan Zunich Hónapja
Bought this monitor on Cyber Monday 2020 for less than $300 USD. Although the 34in ultra wide display was immersive and the colors were beautiful, the dark smearing was unbearable which ultimately led me to return it and get the Gigabyte M27Q. No regrets!
Ridir Gaming
Ridir Gaming Hónapja
Is this similar to the standard of CHG70 34" (now discontinued)
just got the g5 and had issues out of it but fixed every single one of them by updating it the one i got amongst hundreds if not everyone got the basic version on the g5 updated it to the newest update and boom no more issues no more problems it runs perfect i love it and for 250 1440p 144hrt hdr cant beat it
KabutoRyu Hónapja
my opinion, this monitor is the worst, it's wobble, kick stand feels cheap and weak, terrible color gamut, more meh factors
NAMIC559 Hónapja
G5 isn’t it fal it’s a good monitor don’t get me wrong but if u play games like rainbow six don’t bother with this one you will get ghosted asf just add the extra money on top and get the g7
Aidan Burris
Aidan Burris Hónapja
It doesn’t work for the weeknd and it doesn’t work for you... holy
xensurfer Hónapja
I don't get why this is getting slammed. Compared to the Xiaomi and AOC (similar price point in Australia anyway) it's more responsive, less dark smearing and has better colour performance. I get that it's expensive in the US currently but for Aussies and other markets for 150AUD extra I reckon it's at least worth a look if you care about those things.
Pedro Soares
Pedro Soares Hónapja
Disappointing. Just buy the Gigabyte 34", which is better and cheaper.
AmeliaBuns Hónapja
I don't like too much curve :( Expect on myself. I wish I was that curvy
AmeliaBuns Hónapja
Someone teach companies some basic naming skills
Hugo Hónapja
250nits = pass!!!
Si Hónapja
I purchased my Xiaomi Mi 34 for 425 Australian dollars about 4 months ago. It's a very good monitor at this price I think. I'm glad I purchased it to experience what it's like to have a monitor at this size and ratio.
victor555117 Hónapja
I'd much rather have the LG 34GN850
Opus Hónapja
50 dollars cheaper then the G7 32 inch is not enough .. thank you for the review, now my mind is set for the next monitor purchase.
Fee Hónapja
Hardware features for HDR? Like what? Brightness or?
Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips Hónapja
I'd love to see a 38 inch 21:9 monitor using the same panel tech as the G9. I know LG have a IPS 38 inch, but I'm can't deal with such low contrast ratio's.
Pascal Di Folco
Pascal Di Folco Hónapja
Here in France it's down to 500EUR now ... but it ain't a very good monitor, opted for the Alienware DW3420 (other contender was the LG34GN850)... cost is double but theu're really good
Deniz Hónapja
As G7 seems to be the best 1440p monitoring, would it make sense to revisit it, with the latest firmware updates? Maybe to be able to tackle the infamous flickering issue,they broke something else?
Sobanya Hónapja
I don't think the average user have ever seen current generation GPUs
Bubbles 1975
Bubbles 1975 Hónapja
Loose the moustache doooooodd :-)
Artemis Hónapja
VA is a no-no for me
Artemis Hónapja
@Walt Kowalski tried severals and didn't like any of them so back to IPS I am
Walt Kowalski
Walt Kowalski Hónapja
you ever have one ?
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Hónapja
Wow finally you guys are doing Oddysey G5
Joel Dies lol
Joel Dies lol Hónapja
I believe Samsung is releasing the same monitor type but with OLED tech, that will be interesting.
Crimson Hoplite
Crimson Hoplite Hónapja
I own one of these. Color accuracy, Contrast ratio, and black levels are very good for a "gaming monitor". I have a LG CX OLED sitting right next to it and I'm surprised how close I can calibrate it to look almost as good (in moderately lit room, dark room it gets blown away by OLED).
Nick Hónapja
Awful peak brightness and thus no true HDR makes this DOA.
tchiwam Hónapja
Looking a curved 25 to 30" 4k, color quality is prime, I am fine at 60Hz, refresh rate is not that important, I am not a gamer....
Flicker455 Hónapja
Bought the G7 a few months ago and I'm looking to return it. Too many issues with it to mention. I'm usually pretty lax, but there's scan-lines appearing, gamma settings changing, periodic black-screens, and the adaptive sync function doesn't work as it should. There's numerous "workarounds" to be found, but there's still a lot of issues to be had.
jouna lehtiö
jouna lehtiö Hónapja
I Would not recommend the 27" model either. I Have it, it was cheap and it feels and looks cheap. Too much trailing and ghosting for my eyes.
jia jie Guo
jia jie Guo Hónapja
Continuing the trend of affordable 34' 3440X1440p high refresh monitors, I would like to see a review on the "iiyama g-master gb3461wqsu-b1". It is affordable being under £400 and instead of the usual curved VA panels, it is a flat IPS panel which is unseen for it's price range. Thanks!
Inflame5 Hónapja
I want a review of the mustache :D
S. M.
S. M. Hónapja
No support 1440p 120Hz for HDMI. Only DP??? WTF Samsung??? For me its very bad...
Alex Oh
Alex Oh Hónapja
Finally a review for this specific model. Getting this in a week thank you.
Hex: Risk
Hex: Risk 5 napja
How do you like it so far?
Joey Keilholz
Joey Keilholz Hónapja
One could literally buy a 4K 144 Hz IPS fast LG for $700 on sale and they want $600 for this lmao
Jean Remy Dorval
Im glad when I bought it last year I returned after 2 days
Love my AOC CU34G2X (with 2 dead pixels)! Got it for 460€ (EU), there are a LITTLE flickering when start moving in darker game (like BF5 - in wood), dont know why... Freesync ON with RX6800 card!
@ZEMI Ou! Big thanks! I will try it later! With newest drivers there are LESS flickering @loading screens and when i start moving in ligt+dark places and i set Radeon Chill to 142mhz (min/max) too, its better than Framelimit option 👍 ("Ancient Gameplays" said that) 😏
ZEMI 13 órája
Try CRU (software) and set the minimum response/refresh to 55 instead of 50 (a mistake they did on first and 2nd batches sadly). Look for Freesync Range > Range Limits > Edith "55" - "144" as shown on the guide below: external-preview.redd.it/_CFV7HYF7yfdlN8Q79_amoxG0qAl2cbLygVwA3_4IZQ.png?auto=webp&s=18ae57722ab67e3d7677ad2af16e9a5c9f225269. CRU Link www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-Custom-Resolution-Utility-CRU This fixed mine. No issues so far since over year ago.
Zoomborg Hónapja
I bought a dell s2721dgf based on your review and you guys made my day. Great reviews, no BS.
Why is the response time 165 higher than 100 ?!
segaprophet Hónapja
AOC CU34G2X is nearly the same for substantially lower price, it even uses a Samsung VA panel.
Intelligenz Bestie
okay samsung, now add a MiniLED backlight to *THIS* instead of your overpriced g9 and we're talking
Brian Shonka
Brian Shonka Hónapja
3:40 "help you cheat at gaming" XD
K&D The Porch Podcast
Waiting on the Asus Tuf 34 Inch Curved Monitor VG34VQL1B , for 499$
K&D The Porch Podcast
Your a student or have a student email , you get this monitor for 450$
Ray Pastora
Ray Pastora Hónapja
"Budget".... I don't think that means what you think it means.
Robb Ishcomer
Robb Ishcomer Hónapja
b and h photo had the cheapest price on this right now. FYI good people.
Robb Ishcomer
Robb Ishcomer Hónapja
For the US that is...
aaron peterson
aaron peterson Hónapja
so this is clearly not a 165Hz, nor 120, nor 100, nor even 60Hz capable monitor. What refresh rate is it capable of competently performing, with say 80% of transitions happening within the window?
EvoBeard Hónapja
Waiting on a G7 Flat to sit next to my G7 32", using the same panel. Such a great monitor for my console as well as using it as my main PC gaming monitor now. Still need to replace my Acer 1080p 144Hz which is my primary monitor otherwise but need a flat due to desk depth.
H27W Hónapja
Pricing in the UK is similar to the situation in the US where its just too much for what it is. I like Samsung as a brand but not enough to pay £100 more.
Gordon Hónapja
Of all the tech video's I watch (and that's a lot of videos). Nothing more satisfying that an Unbox Monitor review.
Ali Chowdhary
Ali Chowdhary Hónapja
this was such a good choice at first... had to return it after a week due to massive flickering issues... they sent me a replacement that had the same issue...
Adraste Hónapja
Cant wait to see a review of gigabytes new 1440p 240hz on this channel.
windowsbsod Hónapja
This monitor is not worth the price tag.
Mxnty Hónapja
Great video! Would you recommend this monitor or the ASUS PG329Q you reviewed?
Cinetyk Hónapja
It's baffling to me how these claims of "Truly realistic HDR" and "1ms" aren't downright considered false advertising. Not just on this monitor, but overall. The marketing hype and feature creep is terrible for the consumer, I feel.
普济 Hónapja
gtg very long
Please do a review on Samsung crg50 27 inch 240 hz monitor, because its quite affordable 240 hz monitor. And i think there is also a 2020 version of it.
Rafael Soares
Rafael Soares Hónapja
What I really wish they made is an Ultrawide with within the 75-100hz range to be cheaper but actually color accurate and actually having decent enough HDR. Because realistically, if im running an UW res i wont have gpu for high refresh rates on most games(and im guessing nowadays not many people will either) And even if I did, it wouldnt be that future proof... and I much rather trade those 44hz for a better image. How long until we get an oled UW? 🤣
Tonic Artos
Tonic Artos Hónapja
I disagree that curved screens are good for creative work.
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