Santa Is Cancelled on Twitter - - LWIAY #00144 

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Me Me
Me Me 8 órája
Nice sir❤❤
Hyde 3 napja
The pain in his voice when he said "Im thirty years old..."
Master Chief
Master Chief 4 napja
Can you copystrike the copystriker?
lol a
lol a 6 napja
Hussain Maaish
Wow no wonder tsukasa hates boomers
hemroe 6 napja
the intros are getting more and more cursed
Amir Last
Amir Last 7 napja
Why is the One Punch Man op so sad lol
P e a c h y ¿
People watching this after Carson got canceled: 👁👄👁
Saoshi 8 napja
That Carson's tweet did NOT age well..
Lucas Mather
Lucas Mather 8 napja
Me: Carson can I get your autograph Carson: yea Me: "shows it's the death note" that what you get for being mean to pewdiepie
وليد الرحماني
Warner Reid
Warner Reid 11 napja
Curse now has 16k subs good job everyone
The Pug
The Pug 11 napja
Arturo Salas Gonzales
the intro is the best
Papalegsrick 13 napja
Funny intro cant stop laughing
Itszokizavro Gamez
pewds: *playnd LWIAY intro with flute (or whatever its called)* Me: to do list- 1.drink gfuel 2.make an LWIAY intro with flute (or whatever its called agin)
Kendric Laframboise
Subscribe to Eminem vevo
Bonfire Jeon
Bonfire Jeon 14 napja
"I'm getting bored of PewDiePie videos" When all I want is for him to upload more
Shreyas SAANVI
Shreyas SAANVI 15 napja
THE intro😂😂😂😂😂😂👏
Ammar Haider
Ammar Haider 15 napja
Lt. Stoner
Lt. Stoner 16 napja
A Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye cartoon would be hilarious
Sandbox Santa
Sandbox Santa 17 napja
Would be fun if he got Rick rolled at the end of this 3:53
Zacatak 17 napja
That One punch man intro just made me rewatch the anime again xDD
Jordan Decesaro
Jordan Decesaro 18 napja
its so wholesome how Curse went from 86 to 36k after this vid
Bruh 69
Bruh 69 18 napja
1:57 damn it why is not 69%
¡Valeria Rodriguez!
Omega Toto
Omega Toto 19 napja
Ban a may and little kelly
León arratia
León arratia 20 napja
Oo que es divertía está wea
No One Know Me
No One Know Me 20 napja
quien diria que la comunidad hispana llegaria a pewdiepie con juan (:
Rejan Curgu
Rejan Curgu 21 napja
Amir 21 napja
Is this.. What's become of this channel?
6-B Josef Augustino Christellgo Arsanto
Palepetua Plays
Palepetua Plays 21 napja
4:45 when you get the same video recommendations as pewds
egroeG 21 napja
Archy King
Archy King 22 napja
Azra Yüksel
Azra Yüksel 23 napja
his camera quality is always getting better and better
Paul Wilby
Paul Wilby 23 napja
Camera: Hmmm those are some nice hands *how bout i focus on them the whole video -* Pewds: ...
Patricia 23 napja
Consistency definition: Pewdiepie's video quality Imma leave this comment here to let new 19 years old what we have been through:)
IamOrdinaryhere 23 napja
"one punch bro"
Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes 24 napja
好了好了事 24 napja
тут есть русские
Ezra Shockey
Ezra Shockey 24 napja
Curse’s channel has got so many subscribers since this video
Shah Alam
Shah Alam 24 napja
I like one brofist man one more
Karotten Steak
Karotten Steak 24 napja
13:43 WAIT THATS MY SONG!! (instant copy strike)
Aydan Baker
Aydan Baker 24 napja
for your real dumps, contact DUMPSGURU on telegram, he's the right plug, got my working virtual from him today which I used in purchasing my iPhone 12..
robert joncas-leblanc
That intro..... Cringe bro
H3 Vlogs
H3 Vlogs 25 napja
ME Liking NordVPN: ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎ ME Realizing its "68% not 69": ಠ_ಠ
ρєdriηη 25 napja
Oi Luba Americano
Aathifa Rasheed
Aathifa Rasheed 25 napja
Were are you mr beast i see you
The Demon Under Your Bed
The fact someone animated that is deadass fuckin amazing. As a One Punch Man fan I completely approve of that animation and parody
DM3X 26 napja
Quality, It's evolving just backwards....
Caped Baldy
Caped Baldy 26 napja
The opm parody was sick
Three Kings
Three Kings 27 napja
nice well done good job
Davino Vlog
Davino Vlog 27 napja
Halo haloo...
Archived 27 napja
Juan Lyrics because people have been wondering: Juan, Juan Juan, Juan
NOTBH519 27 napja
2:27 When sponsor ends
Andrew Yambot
Andrew Yambot 27 napja
lwiay vs nanik
A Silent Girl
A Silent Girl 28 napja
I wish i could try gfuel but fu*k its kind of pricy..its lot of money in my currency :(
Glenn Dechants
Glenn Dechants 28 napja
Cures had 86 now 86k
Glenn Dechants
Glenn Dechants 28 napja
I mean 36k
Glenn Dechants
Glenn Dechants 28 napja
DO MORE 📰 pew news📰
sebastian Dominguez
0:23 LWAIY
su 29 napja
the better is that he just throw away the part that's says about they have a child. it's like, shut up BITC*
7TEENK Hónapja
I hate this mustache
Elias Andrason
Elias Andrason Hónapja
Curse now has 35k subs
RestlessSoul Hónapja
They should play a ksi song, so it wouldn't get striked! stonkss
RestlessSoul Hónapja
tbh nvm, ksi did steal from vik, he a snek
pushpak patil
pushpak patil Hónapja
He is so freaking annoying but in a good way
The Shonen Show
The Shonen Show Hónapja
13:07 w a i t That was nux
pet god101
pet god101 Hónapja
Billy McChillington
1:28, UwU
Jar Man
Jar Man Hónapja
That meme is mine now pay me
Fox Magic
Fox Magic Hónapja
Hey pewdiepie some nathan guy rickrolled youtube.
Ian Xenokostas
Ian Xenokostas Hónapja
Engla Diktonius
Engla Diktonius Hónapja
LOOK!! Felix is superman! Hear me out. Felix by day, pewdie pie by night
Jones 2001
Jones 2001 Hónapja
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Warif Warif
Warif Warif Hónapja
🐖 pig shhshjdjfjhdhd
Jam Moises
Jam Moises Hónapja
i was muting the video while your playing the instument
Trendy Vids13
Trendy Vids13 Hónapja
He’s still getting subs even though he’s bine at the top for years
x icemicester x
x icemicester x Hónapja
Ahh yes Mr beast as king and Felix as Saitama
dummy eli
dummy eli Hónapja
You look like my dad
Beau Abbott
Beau Abbott Hónapja
wanted a phone case but my mom is poor and my dad doesn’t spend any on anyone but himself so no christmas for ya boy
DJDragonBro YT
DJDragonBro YT Hónapja
pewds with a mustache just doesn't look right
Felicia the Fox
Felicia the Fox Hónapja
Cocomelon just reach 100M subs..
Milo Jahangirova
love that this was out of focus the whole time xo
The memeworks
The memeworks Hónapja
Hey guys is it just me or is PewDiePie looking kinda T H I C C
BraZZers com
BraZZers com Hónapja
18 Mirat Parmar 11-D
16:10 - 16:20 Me: you're 30
Waffle Playz
Waffle Playz Hónapja
Do a epic gamer chair showcase
AB Luna
AB Luna Hónapja
Pewdiepie makes juan song. Random Guy: MINE
Incredible Hónapja
i would watch a anime if pewdie pie
Another AvatarLover
_Felix really just pulled a _*_Trisha_*_ on Blue shirt kid_
Chisuru Kuwaara ೃೀ_
então esse é o luba gringo?
Ree TheGirl
Ree TheGirl Hónapja
The one 'brofist' man is really cool! It looks like a legit anime!
Dr.Seussie Hónapja
Please.. someone remix that bit of pewds singing to huan
Chad Buoy445
Chad Buoy445 Hónapja
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders Hónapja
:O the graph
txnjiro Hónapja
5:03 happy mask seller
TheUnknownGuy !!!
-It was so long, i still remember how it tasted... -Pewdiepie 👀
James Coloma
James Coloma Hónapja
2:28 video one brofist man
Praakhar Dev
Praakhar Dev Hónapja
What is wrong with 70 % of discount on Nord VPN
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