Schumacher's Scary Shunt - All The Angles | 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 

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The title showdown of 2010 saw an enthralling championship come to a dramatic climax - but there was even more on the opening lap, as Force India's Vitantonio Liuzzi collided with Michael Schumacher...
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termin 18 napja
rosberg didn't touch him, schumacher just did the sbinnala he learned from ferrari
DutchTrains 26 napja
2:02 they didn’t even touch, it was either driver error or the air
Serena 27 napja
Lightening McQueen
Didn't know that was a slight touch from Rosberg.
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 29 napja
02:00 did they even touch? 🤔
Grid de Largada
Grid de Largada 29 napja
Halo Saves.
catarina jerez
catarina jerez 25 napja
not really
Dani 29 napja
Not sure if they actually touched..
Schalk Naudé South Africa
Schumi, KING OF F1 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow until ETERNITY... 🤠
tashrique karriem
This track is boring AF even the crashes more exciting
Jan Vitvar
Jan Vitvar Hónapja
Did Rosberg really touched Michael? Shame that there are no onboards....ms was a quite lucky 🙏
The Monster 58
The Monster 58 Hónapja
All the camera angles exept the one you want to see
Zeser Hónapja
Martin Brundle is so annoying... Man, just admit that you're wrong and that Nico didn't hit him, it's very clear on his onboard view. There was no contact whatsoever, Michael spun by himself.
J. van der Knaap
0:33 - 0:35: the only bit worth watching in slow motion.
rafa57games Hónapja
Why took so long to implement the halo?
Shirtless Banana
In 10 years, we’ll be seeing all angles on Grosjeans crash.
Mandy B
Mandy B Hónapja
So very glad we have the halo now. It was a miracle he didn't get killed that day.
Akmal Sirhan Hukil
I miss this dude
Andreas Wondolowski
Michael wir vermissen dich.
AmeobaKing Hónapja
0:14 why does the title say Schumacher hits Liuzzi. Pretty sure it's the other way 😂
F1 Hónapja
This is why drivers shaking hands is important in this part rather than fighting
FUSKO Hónapja
warum wir das so viele jahre später nochmals hochgeladen ? das ja schon seher clipbite verdächtig. echt schade das man so an klicks kommen muss, bzw nichts besseres anzubieten hat, als mit dem namen schumache NOCHMEHR geld zu generrieren.
Andrej Strmen
Andrej Strmen Hónapja
oh man how i miss him :(
Touch The Video
Touch The Video Hónapja
Strange, I don’t see the contact 😢
Marius Hónapja
Really critical that Schumacher drove forward 20 centimeter right before he got hit.
Luchon20082010 Hónapja
Liuzzi looks so spanish.... because of that I would have hated him if he would have harmed the best ever
They should've introduced the Halo the following season... but I guess in F1 somebody had to die first, as usual.
Gustavo Glorioso
todos los angulos menos las cámaras de Schumacher y de Liuzzi
sinbaadi Hónapja
No onboard with either driver....
Toby Hofmans
Toby Hofmans Hónapja
All the angles *Doesnt show Schumacher and Luizzis onboard camera*
Jonas Ingstrup
Jonas Ingstrup Hónapja
Luka Vujeva
Luka Vujeva Hónapja
Do you recognize the voice of Liuzzis race engineer. It’s the same guy from Max nowadays.
Jan Hónapja
I can feel your halo (halo) halo
D P Hónapja
Its crazy that we went so many years not wanting a halo, and now we have it, it makes perfect sense
Mohamed Chowdhury
Imagine that struck his head without the halo dead or hanging onto life barely with halo walk away with no harm luckily it didn’t strike his head otherwise who knows what could’ve happened! Thank goodness the halo is here to protect the drivers!!
Felipe Santell
Felipe Santell Hónapja
the reason they decided to low down the noses of f1
A_Brotato Hónapja
why is it Schumacher hits liuzzi, he was basically stationary
MrJr Hónapja
Literally any crash: happens Idiots in the comment section: “tHiS iS wHy We NeEd ThE hAlO”
General Knowledge
Michael survived this but went down in a skiing incident. Real sad
RPG RAP 24 napja
Well i would rather crash in a f1 car with 250 than drive against a rock with 100 without protection
Y Saleem
Y Saleem Hónapja
Halo only needed cos they made the cars more dangerous. Early 2000 cars were perfect.
ashwath Ash
ashwath Ash Hónapja
He survived this but a simple ski accident made him go into a coma. ☹️
Em Zoli
Em Zoli Hónapja
Liuzzi Onboard??
Samuel Suen
Samuel Suen Hónapja
That crash almost killed Michael Schumacher
william f
william f Hónapja
Bring back the n/a engines
Bing Yiu
Bing Yiu Hónapja
Missed him... and the correct sound of F1 engines !!!!!!
WARDENN99 Hónapja
“Schumacher hits Liuzzi” wot
Jason Hónapja
Imagine the comments if that car had the HALO on it. HALO saved his life, all over the place.
Carbon Crank
Carbon Crank Hónapja
I don't think they touched. he got back to the throttle too hard. I don't like the little weasle Nico but he took advantage of Micheal getting slowed up and I think he was far enough alongside. Micheal gave a little room and i don't think they touched. They certainly didn't touch wheel to wheel.
davemis40 Hónapja
He got lucky
Javier Yeo
Javier Yeo Hónapja
First the father, how about son.........better don't jinx it.
Krishna Kireeti Tata
And guys that is how we got the halo.
Darth Stoner
Darth Stoner Hónapja
What a gorgeous track, love that color scheme
Arved Ludwig
Arved Ludwig Hónapja
If you could describe Schumacher's life in sentence it would be "living on the edge"
Dean Joubert
Dean Joubert Hónapja
At this time Schumi was struggling with that Mercedes he should have. Never made a comeback to F1
caleb wheel
caleb wheel Hónapja
Amazing that brundle did not cheer. His hatred for all things Schumacher are well known.
anto Hónapja
All the angles except the protagonists onboards but ok
M Pa
M Pa Hónapja
Michael escaped this but unfortunately would suffer a similar fate 3 years later if Luizzi hit his head.
USMCLP Hónapja
1:57 Those gloves and helmet though.
Jack Picko
Jack Picko Hónapja
"All the Angles" *Shows precisely five (5) angles*
Francisco Nuñez
1:44 safety car should be penalized due jumping the chicane
kuti841204 Hónapja
King forever!!!!
Kacper Zawadzki
Kacper Zawadzki Hónapja
Can you imagine only SC after such a crash in 2020 F1?
Mike Cochrane
Mike Cochrane Hónapja
Hulkenberg's reactions!!!!
Scotracer1987 Hónapja
This is the event that made me think Michael might be losing it :(
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry Hónapja
They say "all the angles" but don't show either drivers onboard
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Hónapja
Schumacher: "Nico touched me". Always playing the mind games. You can see from Nico´s onboard that he didn´t touched Schumacher, Michael lost the rear by himself. And even with all the mind games, big legend status, team behind him, he got smashed by Rosberg (which many claimed to be weak because he got smashed by Hamilton).
Scar Sam
Scar Sam 29 napja
By the way Michael Schumacher is still the GOAT 🐐.
Andi S
Andi S Hónapja
Few inches from death....
Good morning
Good morning Hónapja
See you all in 10 more years when HUrun's recommendations comes again 😎😉✌️
Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire Hónapja
What Schumacher Edit. 2010. Ok
Buster Hónapja
2 years later his luck ran out :(
enziong Te
enziong Te Hónapja
Safety car 2 second penalty for cutting the corner Alonso: 2 second is a joke
RPG RAP 24 napja
Medical car just saying
Brian T
Brian T Hónapja
Where's the tbar angle from michaels car? I was promised all the angles? Also i'm pretty sure they didn't touch
Olivyay Hónapja
All the angles except the one we would have liked to see i.e. the onboard cam on the roll hoop (which would have been fine as the driver came out OK).
Matas Vinikaitis
should have had a halo
El Rincón de Rubén
10 years...
Alex Barnes
Alex Barnes Hónapja
2:21 Mercedes Benz Medical Car: Nothing to see here
Alex Barnes
Alex Barnes Hónapja
0:14 you mean Liuzzi hits Schumacher
Olek Guzik
Olek Guzik Hónapja
crash: happens F1 HUrun channel: i can milk you
Wizzkidwas Hónapja
What scares me the most about this is how Schumi actually tries to duck his head down
Specter Makoto
Specter Makoto Hónapja
i miss these years exciting racing and loud engines
5950ziel Hónapja
He smiles because he didn't lose his head.
MotorThoughts Hónapja
That's what happens when you put fiddly little corners on a track that upsets the flow of racing
Pat176 Hónapja
I'm sure had it been Hamilton instead of Rosberg who hit Michael, people would have hated him even more
Tycho Hardy
Tycho Hardy Hónapja
Love to hear Gp's voice over the radio again
Larry Haines
Larry Haines Hónapja
Sammy Logic
Sammy Logic Hónapja
I’m a simple F1 Fan, I see michael I hit like 🙂
Jxvii Himejima Quarta
First: 2010, Schumacher and Liuzzi collides 2011: Karthikeyan and Rosberg collides
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad Hónapja
All excpet Liuzzi's onboard camera.
panos kondilis
panos kondilis Hónapja
Ahhhhh great times!!!!!! these sounds.. these liveries.. these drivers.. these teams.. NOSTALGIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida Hónapja
That was already a warning. Very close to lose his head on that day
פבריסיו ראמעל ברסללוס
Shumi have a luck...no.halo at the time
Valerie Rodger
Valerie Rodger Hónapja
"Just the sweetest of kisses" Yeah, the kind of kisses that you do in the air right beside somebody's cheek instead of actually touching them
VWatch07 Hónapja
My thoughts exactly! Schumacher lost it by himself, apparently on acceleration and not even Rosberg's onboard convinced Martin of that!
Artamis Hónapja
He really couldn’t do much
Márton Szeleczki
2:16 Lambiase?
Luca Goodoer
Luca Goodoer Hónapja
Liuzzi did a Grosjean before it was popular
They didnt even touch??
easyadventurer Hónapja
Nazim DZ 24
Nazim DZ 24 Hónapja
So, they didnt make contact like we thought.
Silent Knight Alam
And some so called brainy formula 1 fans were barking Halo wasn't important, it will ruin the charm.
encinobalboa Hónapja
Nico is a d-bag team mate. No wonder Merc likes Bottas so much.
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