Seahawks vs. Cardinals Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2020 

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The Seattle Seahawks take on the Arizona Cardinals during Week 7 of the 2020 NFL season.
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red red
red red 23 órája
Falcons fans to Seahawks fans after this game: "First Time?"
TDRYAN 4 napja
Nobody: FR nobody; Lockett with 200 receiving yards and 3 TD’s.
Timothy Gathings
I don't see how Seattle lost ..crazy !!!
Megan Martinez
NFC East we suck let’s be real
Isaiah Hong
Isaiah Hong 7 napja
I don't like the cardinals
Zach F
Zach F 8 napja
This game is a perfect example of how mobile quarterbacks, that can extend plays with their feat, are the most valuable commodity in the NFL. It’s impossible for defenses to cover receivers forever and not have any breakdowns. And those plays result in big plays, big first downs, big 3rd down conversions, and touchdowns so often.
Kemdi Iwu
Kemdi Iwu 9 napja
Who is watching this after the seahawks won yesterday
Kinsley Cora
Kinsley Cora 9 napja
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Viper Hunter
Viper Hunter 9 napja
yeah this was three weeks ago we different now tho #seahawks 😈
Luis Alberto Iturbide
Milos Manojlovic
Cards will do this again
Hesham Ahmed
Hesham Ahmed 10 napja
Imagine them tieing for the 2nd time in 5 years
mr murder2344
mr murder2344 10 napja
Seahawk fans mad bc of that holding call
Jonathan Frimerman
The best flexible SNF game ever. Cards and Seahawks always had shoutouts games in the pasy few years
Notorious G’s
Notorious G’s 10 napja
Murray for MVP
Anthony Cook
Anthony Cook 10 napja
Seahawks up 10 with 3 min to go. If they had ANY sort of defense the game would have been over.
37Dionysos 10 napja
Cabezon Life
Cabezon Life 11 napja
Who else is re-watching these highlights as a preview to tomorrow nights game? Lol
Jonathan Frimerman
Anthony Cook
Anthony Cook 10 napja
Rewatching trying to find a betting edge.
Ehesh Ehhshs
Ehesh Ehhshs 11 napja
Russ is the new Jamie’s Winston
Kijestic Productions
Insane game. Great hustle by Metcalf but let’s go cardinals!
ONDAT AZZ!! 14 napja
hurun.info/to/vide/kIipzGytp4XbsLM.html I couldn't believe this game and now the world is coming to a beginning...
Art S
Art S 14 napja
@ 4:22 Budda: I got this pick 6 DK: I'ma hunt this Budda down.
Seahawk 6969
Seahawk 6969 15 napja
whats the blitz that simmons got the interception on called
Bob 16 napja
Congratulations to the LA DODGERS(7 times World Series Champions) and LA LAKERS( 17 times NBA Champions)! City of champions baby
These dudes trippin; this was one crazy game. Hell; I cannot offhand fine another boneheaded confused game such as this. I don't know if Seattle's defense is this bad; or if Arizona is this improved on offense.
Brittny Armocido
Amazing game!
G 49
G 49 18 napja
the OT interception started off as a good idea. There was only 2 DBs over there and one of them ended up blitzing. Neither receiver thought to look for it. 16:58
niko sosa
niko sosa 20 napja
Glad we got Murray on our team he really has proven himself this year buddha Baker too
Greg West
Greg West 20 napja
Tyler locket is getting some ground
conveyedfish 21 napja
Josiah Franz
Josiah Franz 22 napja
Edmonds was on 🔥🔥🔥
fortnite kit fortnite jules
Dk Metcalf is a beast
elsa 4th week workout Nalls
Can we please give Tyler Lockett another pro bowl, please?
Bravo2-2 Hitman
Bravo2-2 Hitman 22 napja
This was the seahawks game all day, but just one little mistake cost the game smh
harrison121a 22 napja
Larry the real mvp sprinting to put the ball down to go to overtime.
Daryl James
Daryl James 22 napja
Seems like no matter the lineups the Cardinals have always been a problem for the Seahawks since Russ has been there
MozezTheMan 23 napja
Russell Wilson is an oxymoron in the sense that he's hard to beat but he'll give you a chance to win 🤷🏿‍♂️
Kyler is so elusive, doesn’t take the big hits a running qb is normally looking at. Will stand him in good stead for a long career. By the time he slows down, he’ll be so pocket aware will be able to adjust his game..
Watson must have been sick to lose Hopkins, the man is just top class a constant threat and he takes pressure off everyone else because he needs multiple peeps to cover him!!
Gaby Rojas
Gaby Rojas 23 napja
Seahawks may have gotten their first loss, but let’s just say, we had a real good loss. Respect to Cardinals. It was a close game!
Steven Toms
Steven Toms 23 napja
stephen sharer
Ethan McGowan
Ethan McGowan 23 napja
hurun.info/to/vide/c3uPw3iVuIOkms0.html this along with a completely terrible budda baker targeting no call
Alec Kramer
Alec Kramer 23 napja
Anyone else always forgets cardinals are a team. Background team
Angel Marquez
Angel Marquez 23 napja
Bro this is the closest game I've ever seen
Ponytail Drip
Ponytail Drip 24 napja
Kyler Murray is more exciting to watch than Lamar Jackson
Carnotaurus Productions
When your mom sees you after she gets a call from the principle 4:24
Oberia Pierce
Oberia Pierce 24 napja
Great game 👏🏾
Charles Poole
Charles Poole 25 napja
All power offense no defense lmaoooo
Himbar Buwana
Himbar Buwana 25 napja
blind wave
Nanu Lee
Nanu Lee 25 napja
Cardinals are becoming a power house thanks to kyler murray i dont get why people always say defense wins you championship which i completely disagree with that if you have a elliete QB you are a super bowl contender every year Cardinals will win a super bowl in a few years I really wish the vikings would understand how important the QB postion is.
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 26 napja
I’m not even a cardinals fan but I was cheering like crazy
Dilly Dilly
Dilly Dilly 26 napja
5:52 when I put it in the wrong hole
Unattainable 26 napja
larry !!
jamal parker
jamal parker 26 napja
I ain't my first
Henry Mason
Henry Mason 26 napja
r kelly
Shiva Ho
Shiva Ho 26 napja
Mighty Mouse Vs.Speedy Gonzalez
Ca Perry
Ca Perry 26 napja
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Em Gee
Em Gee 26 napja
Must watch : hurun.info/to/vide/pXqZtoyexWfbyLs.html
Abayomi Davies
Abayomi Davies 26 napja
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I came for 4:18, And so did you.
The Carter
The Carter 26 napja
Cardinals seem pretty good but watch them lose to the dolphins
Cameron Sheriff
Cameron Sheriff 26 napja
delicate taylor swift
Grégory L
Grégory L 26 napja
I didnt understand why the seahawks loose ? At the last touchdown ...
Cleoff Jade
Cleoff Jade 26 napja
Everyone in Arizona now love the Cardinals. And the Cardinals will may have a chance soon to go to the superbowl.
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez 26 napja
They better as they have no excuse not to in the next 5 years. About time another team from the Phoenix area brings home a championship. Can't believe it's almost been 20 years since we have had a championship in our state.
Dingo Overlord
Dingo Overlord 27 napja
“Ooh, ooh, ohh… and he does”
Erawaty Attan
Erawaty Attan 27 napja
unreal game
Jamie Hanson
Jamie Hanson 27 napja
imagine being that goldfish 🐟 @Harry Styles hurun.info/to/vide/noqEmY6Y2mqW3M0.html
Stanleigh Gundry
Insane play by Metcalf to save the touchdown and give his defense the opportunity to stop them in the red zone. Just unbelievable sprint and effort.
duke salazar
duke salazar 27 napja
Announcer: Murray thought about playing baseball Murray: throws dime touchdown
Pack Anna
Pack Anna 27 napja
Cardinals came out and beat us, credit to them. I see good things happening in Arizona for the first time in years. Cards fans deserve a good team. This puts more pressure on the Hawks now with games coming up against Niners and Rams. Getting Jones and Snacks on the field will help a lot. Carson's health continues to be an issue. NFC West is stacked once again.
Lwan Officiel
Lwan Officiel 27 napja
AngelaMary31 AlisonAnnaDj
Man I really wish my Texans had someone like d hop with Watson. That’d be deadly
Merlene Chinchilla
Let's be Honest, The Whole NFC west should make the playoffs
ilov3music forever
Lorenzo Scott
Lorenzo Scott 28 napja
Great game
Bertha Nessel
Bertha Nessel 28 napja
As a Seahawks fan I’m pretty pissed but it really was a amazing game and I’m happy for the Cardinals
Adrian T
Adrian T 28 napja
Wow beating themselves cardinals. Never should of came down to a field goal
Toan Phung
Toan Phung 28 napja
I’m not even a cardinals fan but I was cheering like crazy
Rauhal 28 napja
3:23 Best catch of the game
Carlos Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez 28 napja
Binnie Babine
Binnie Babine 28 napja
Let’s let the entire NFC East miss the playoffs so the West can make it.
Robby 1983
Robby 1983 28 napja
What a game! Insane pass by Wilson and that chasedown by Metcalf, talking about speed!!
Anahi Montano
Anahi Montano 28 napja
Yesterday was a big game for Larry Fitzgerald he beat Rice’s record for most all time catches in one stadium and he surpassed 14 hundred catches
陳岐山 28 napja
god lockett
Fred Martine
Fred Martine 28 napja
I like competitive games like this, it's fun to watch..👍🇺🇸..
doire aintu
doire aintu 29 napja
stacked once again.
Horrible Gaming
Horrible Gaming 29 napja
Seahawks have always shot themselves in the foot with penalties.
Jackson Derrick
Jackson Derrick 29 napja
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James Tommy
James Tommy 29 napja
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doire aintu
doire aintu 29 napja
Locket list me the game I had drake in fantasy
44xxggaaj 29 napja
As a Cardinal fan it is great to be able to truly hate on every team in our division ! Cause you can only hate on them when they're good and they're all good ! Go NFC West , this is good stuff !
Dominic Gragnano
Arizona and Seattle always play a fun game to watch
I was riding a passenger train through Seattle the day before this game was held, and when I looked out the window of the train car , I saw DK Metcalf... out for his morning jog... HE WAS OUTRUNNING MY AM-TRACK !
Happy Place
Happy Place 29 napja
Sorry hurun.info/to/vide/ZHGks6iumIvT17c.html
Benjamin Yue
Benjamin Yue 29 napja
By far the most exciting game of the season with the most incredible outcome so far.
Dayle Smith
Dayle Smith 29 napja
I just had my first experience gangstalking...someone follow me Also I can powershit. That's football!
Amazing GnG
Amazing GnG 29 napja
Ngl cards prob bribed the refs
Bk Gaming
Bk Gaming 29 napja
What a nail biter. Russel Wilson thought he was hot stuff, he needed the loss to keep him hungry for more wins.
Moon Moon
Moon Moon 29 napja
The highlights alone gave me a heart attack lol
Noel Taylor
Noel Taylor 29 napja
Metcalf might have beaten Bolt if he was a track man
Eeds Ssxv
Eeds Ssxv 29 napja
The Arizona Cardinals are my hometown team!