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He’s a four-time world champion and racing icon, yet Sebastian Vettel’s fiercely private nature means we don’t know as much about him as we do many of his rivals, whose lives are plastered all over social media. On this week’s show, we get to know the German racer a little better...
00:00 Welcome to F1 Beyond The Grid
02:30 Vettel on reaching 250 starts and how his attitude to F1 has changed in that time
08:05 Vettel reflects on his time at Ferrari and his future at Aston Martin
13:13 Vettel on how he and his priorities have changed since his GP debut
19:14 Vettel on what winning means to him, and how losing affects him
22:50 How Vettel spends his weekends off - including looking after his car and bike collection
27:00 Vettel on Mick Schumacher
29:40 Vettel on his passions outside F1 - including sustainable farming and the environment
40:00 Vettel on whether he has regrets about the life he’s chosen
42:30 Vettel on his long-term goals
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GasianSundays 5 órája
6:53 and 18:46 goosebumps
Goran Jelenić
4 time froud. All 4 redbull cars were not legal. Everything after 2013 is a prove of this.
Joseph Robinson
It was legal have you ever heard of a loophole.
Lesley Murugesu
Terrible ads about the shoes
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 4 napja
I like the way seb is talking about his life chosen and regrets it make me think about metal health in people.🤐😣😖😟
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 4 napja
I like what he says about the environment but I do not someone in F! would think this way and is passion about the world.
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 4 napja
I can understand way he get it is and he said it how was its in the past races.
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 4 napja
I forget that Sebastian was racing with Jenson Button back in 2012.
cool thought
cool thought 5 napja
While I cheer for another driver but I realised it is when Vettel is performing at his best, the races are more exciting to watch. His calm demeanour, calm thinking and optimism despite the setback has won another fan and I cheer for his success in the new team.
Nicola Barbaro
this guy is built different
son 6 napja
Seb poured his heart out for Ferrari. I commend that and respect him greatly as a driver and person even though I believe Alonso and Hamilton are better pure drivers than him...
son 6 napja
Seb is my favorite personality on the grid. Funny how there are not many mature adults on the grid anymore lol (30+ with kids)
THE V.I.C 6 napja
Wow so nice to be wrong about a guy .. top bloke by the sounds of it
Kyle Krebs
Kyle Krebs 6 napja
As someone who is new to F1 I don't understand why people don't enjoy this man... Im sure the younger Seb rubbed people wrong when he was winning.
Vee Williams
Vee Williams 6 napja
I can't Believe how slow he is these days
Maruli Sitorus
Keep going VETTEL ! WE LOVE U ! 💙💙💙
Could do without the interludes. They break up the flow of the interview too much. Quite annoying. I'm always skipping past those parts.
HeliNomadic 7 napja
I gained more respect for this man from listening to this interview. Thank you.
Arnav Sinha Roy
You've almost got an episode on everyone on the current grid this year. The only people left are Nicholas Latifi, Lance Stroll, and most importantly Max Verstappen!! I hope you guys can get them on the podcast soon, it would be really cool to hear some of their stories. I don't know a whole lot about Latifi, so having an episode on him would open up so much and potentially give us some interesting stories. Lance would be cool as well, we could see another side of him and understand his story, to hopefully cast any judgments of him aside or refresh our views on him as a driver. For completion's sake, you definitely gotta get Max though, I don't the series would be complete without him
John Paul Dorado
They skid down from the summit of Mt. Fuji, that's really awesome.
Emily Reyes
Emily Reyes 7 napja
I love him forever. the best after shumi
dadennis88 7 napja
Lee Massey
Lee Massey 7 napja
4x Großmeister and still my favorite driver. Hopefully Aston Martin can put a competitive car on the track and we get to see Lewis, Max and Seb fight wheel to wheel for championships.
Harry S. Truman
Pls add Subtitles
Antoan Hady
Antoan Hady 7 napja
why so short :(
Max Bauer
Max Bauer 7 napja
I think the people are not fair to seb in the years 2015, 16 and 17 the drove absolutely fantastic and 2018 with the only championship chance the team and he made mistakes and i think 2019 was a very bad year and 2020 i think he didn't have the motivation
Rashawn GT
Rashawn GT 8 napja
Why has f1 put sponsers in this dont they make enough money already. 🤷
Tobias Wikström
Crazy we can watch a full F1 race without commercials but here on HUrun we get new balance. Very interesting!
21:43 you meant "Hoarder"? lol
Gregorio Nocco
champion in life
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall 8 napja
Ferrari needs to give him a car he can actually drive confidently.
Smriti Maheshwari
Κωνσταντίνος Πέτρου
so all blame it on ferrari while no one is praising MercedesAMG work? U think ferrari is treating vettel bad? Giving him 43m pound every year? And setting a car for him 5 straight years? Giving him a faster car than mercedes in 2018 and Vettel throws it away? Ferrari has make a lot of mistakes when talk to strategy but vettel has done twice as many wrong moves, sbinning every race, blaming everyone in ferrari, disobeying orders in 2019, not accepting that Leclerc was faster, and literally 2020 doing something bad in every race except barcelona. How you are so blind not to see that Vettel just tricks the camera just to be likable? It's so easy to fool the cameras these days, its all about PR. If u watch formula 1 over a decade u know what I am talking, 2010-2013 Vettel was pathetic not only cause he won continiously but he was the worst character in the grid bringing lawyers every time he disobeyed red bull and his contract , disrispecting mark at his final season , blaming fans for booing him, such a pathetic kid. Yes, he is clearly more mature now but this kind of arrogance shine when he faces difficult situations . 2014 with his car , Ricciardo OBLITERATES HIM , 2020 hahah its a yoke and u see 2021 will be the biggest shame in Vettel's Carrier. Vettel and Hamilton crybabys. Hamilton top3 of all time but he is a crybaby when he loses. Vettel is not even top 10 but he cryies even if he wins
nominaltimes 9 napja
Seb's adorable, with a dash of Bernie (Sanders)
WWYD78 9 napja
My favorite
Elias Nava
Elias Nava 9 napja
Is his favourite car an F40? the Ferrari one ?
Marc Gilfoyle
Marc Gilfoyle 9 napja
Red Bull should have “bought him home” to run behind/along with Max. He’d help develop the car, unite the team and found take over Christians job one day.
metapat29 9 napja
There will be a redemption for Seb- 100% sure- because that's the way our universe goes. He is so much a part of this sport, an icon. The sport will give it back to him, not later than next year- in Green. So funny Seb is moving from RED (a stop?) to GREEN ( a go !). And we will all cheer him up.
Rocio Diaz
Rocio Diaz 9 napja
Grazie ragazzi!!
Aamo 9 napja
Seb was my favorite driver from 2008 to 2012. Then i started disliking him after his clashes with Webber in 2013 and my opinion didn’t change until this year. I used to laugh at all his spinning and crashes but now, when i see him really struggling and after listening to this interview, i realized this is still the same Seb i loved back in the day! I really hope he finds new momentum at AM and maybe even competes for the title🤷🏻‍♂️! I’m growing tired of Hamilton constantly winning anyways😂
MoctezumaIII 9 napja
Please activate the captions for those who we are not native english speakers, thanks
Medamine Nismo
We need mattia binotto for next podcast
Felipe Vieira
Felipe Vieira 9 napja
It would be great if it has subtitles. Even the auto-generated.
J 9 napja
Seb is so humble. Nothing but respect for Ferrari despite all they have put him through.
Benedict Jude Govender
Seb is a great counter point to Lewis Hamilton.
Arthid Samphao
Beyond the grid : Se🅱️
Jacky Jim Jonez
Anyone who has met Seb will tell you he is the most down to earth, polite & respectful guy out of all the drivers on the circuit. Total champion and the ultimate gentleman.
Vlad Kutsov
Vlad Kutsov 9 napja
50fps on audio podcast 😮
Martin Hodge
Martin Hodge 9 napja
Alles gewesen.
Volve 9 napja
I think villeneuve interviewed him ,would like to see it again
Tim BayofQuinte
Tim BayofQuinte 10 napja
Most boring interview done on this podcast
Revan 10 napja
He’s the most humble person on the grid, he has all the wins and accolades while firmly placing himself as one of the best drivers to race in F1. Even after all that he’s the same likeable humble person he was when he first started. He may be older and wiser but at the end of the day the fame and success hasn’t changed him at all. That’s why he’ll always be my favorite driver.
DefaultTricks W
DefaultTricks W 10 napja
Watch Seb win 4 more championship with Aston Martin 10 years later 2021-2024
Debarshi Biswas
Debarshi Biswas 10 napja
Pretty sad every time I realize he probably won't get another WDC before he retires. Would have loved to see him beat Mr. Hamilton at least once while he was with Ferrari. Also it pains me to think that in his last season with the team and given the situation he won't even get a podium, let alone a win. Hopefully he'll be able to silence the critics with Aston.
Although I take James Hunt as an inspiration but Vettel is someone that I admire. Ples Seb, one more championship.
I wanna see Vettel win one more championship.
Arne Bilinski
Arne Bilinski 10 napja
There are a lot of intelligent and passionate drivers in Formula 1 right now. Hopefully it will stay that way. Thanks for this PodCast.
Arne Bilinski
Arne Bilinski 10 napja
26:33 I agree. But the 2004 Honda sounded insane, too.
Spurdublone 10 napja
Seb is just such a nice dude. So humble
GloomGaiGar 10 napja
"Sentimental" was the word they were looking for about Seb's penchant for collecting things that mean alot to him.
Gab Sine
Gab Sine 10 napja
You can see how people can change when they become a father. The way Seb talks about his family, the protection Nico is giving to his children. It's just amazing
Bishakh Ghosh
Bishakh Ghosh 10 napja
Waiting for the next episode.
aminu mohammed
aminu mohammed 10 napja
even Vettel haters are now his fans due to his woes on the grid these days.
Mustapha habibi
Mustapha habibi 10 napja
If there was a such thing as luck, this is the unluckiest guy in f1
Albert Speer
Albert Speer 10 napja
I have grown to like him. And hes from my own backyard
franklyn lianggara
love his sound
Ann O Grady
Ann O Grady 11 napja
Love Sebastian, wish him the best always
jdtrrs 11 napja
Next one should be: Lewis Hamilton on equaling schumacher's record
Simon Stiel
Simon Stiel 11 napja
Nice one and you have great guests. Hope you do Heinz-Harald Frentzen or Martin Donnelly soon.
kodrich1204 11 napja
1st time watching beyond the grid. Real dissapointent. No video, thr advertising in between... a CarThrottle podcast is put together better ☹
rory johnson
rory johnson 11 napja
This one was boring
Dexbuild 11 napja
I love this dude
Sonu Vyas
Sonu Vyas 11 napja
at least one last podium with ferrari... plzzz
Alain Belanger
Alain Belanger 12 napja
Great interview
ashavin 301
ashavin 301 12 napja
This interview was boring!!! There some are some really pointed questions that should have been asked about his racing. 1. What happend in Singapore 2017 2. What happened in Germany 2018. Questions like these would have sent this interview through the roof.
ashavin 301
ashavin 301 11 napja
@Bumble Bity That's not the point. U wanted to know what was the plan over night. Why did kimmy challenge him so hard? Did he take a risk. Those are the questions I want answered
Bumble Bity
Bumble Bity 11 napja
singapore was unfortunate racing incident.
Beebo! in the House
24:00 what? how old is that bike
Eric Cichy
Eric Cichy 12 napja
Absolutely love Seb.. didn’t initially like him, but he’s grown on me so much!! His mindset got me, he’s one of the few that has a full grasp on their life. Well done Seb!!
Peter Brook
Peter Brook 12 napja
Been a fan his whole career, very eye-opening, as he is very quiet about his private life. But I feel this could've been twice as long, there's a lot about his racing career that could've been covered but he kinda shut that down a bit at the start!
Hold the Door
Hold the Door 12 napja
best one
Kylie Boucher
Kylie Boucher 12 napja
I wish it was a longer interview 😭😭
gms77777 12 napja
top bloke, very down to earth!
Gabas #8
Gabas #8 12 napja
27:25 so sad to hear the WAS word when they talk about michael
Rafael Cárdenas
Conventional Press: "bla blabla bla blablabla bla, bla blabla?" Sebastian: "Well, I love racing, that's my life and..., "my eyes aren't glistening with the ghosts of my past!"”
BirGurbetKusu 12 napja
the hardest thing for him is and will always be that he couldnt win a drivers championship with ferrari, the team of his dreams... the team of his greteatest idol michael schumacher.... :(
Mayur Gupta
Mayur Gupta 12 napja
Loved the guy talking, each and every bit of it.. Amazing.. Apart from the ads ofcourse.. :P
Thomas Topside
Thomas Topside 12 napja
Does anybody know the song at 6:40-7:30?
Andreas Bergström
6:37 You know you are gonna interview someone for an hour and the first 5 min they say they that. Great interview, fantastic guy!
BOSAMG 13 napja
First episode I have listened to all thanks to autoplay while working on an r/c drift car rep of my C63S lol. This made me have even more respect for Vettel than I already had and will be following the channel on Spotify from now on. Look forward to Tuesday here in the states to listen to some episodes after the holiday weekend. Keep it up! Would love to hear from Frank Williams son if you ever run out of famous people to interview!
Stephan Maurer
Stephan Maurer 13 napja
Mann, endlich. Du kannst dir nicht vorstellen, wie lange ich da drauf gewartet habe. Und ehrlich gesagt, genau so hab ich's mir vorgestellt. Anti-Grosskotzig, lustig und entspannt. What a fkn legend..🏎🏎🏎
Ahsan Farooqi
Ahsan Farooqi 13 napja
Would love to see Seb as Mr. F1.
Mathew 13 napja
He doesn't even watch his own races. Fascinating. Even I watch them twice sometimes -- and that's from the same perspective.
Ernesto 13 napja
Only audio? Poor.
JOSYON18 13 napja
He made me love F1!
Brian T
Brian T 13 napja
Sentimental is the word he was looking for
Beebo! in the House
you can feel the joy in his voice when he talks about abu dhabi 2012 can't lie that when I look back that race still give me chills
Steven Samuel
Steven Samuel 13 napja
I havent enjoyed a BTG episode this much in a long time
Ronny Feldmann
Ronny Feldmann 13 napja
Amazing Guy
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 13 napja
What an excellent interview and insight on Seb! Wish him all the best on his new endeavor!
Enrico E.
Enrico E. 13 napja
Scott Meredith
Scott Meredith 13 napja
I love the podcast, but TC is WAY too interested in being a fan than an interviewer. He didn't ask a single question about his recent form, and spent a solid chunk of the podcast talking about farming. Feel like this could have been SO much better. I'm just some guy though 🤷‍♂️
Spam Me
Spam Me 13 napja
I do see what you mean.
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