Sebastian Vettel Looks Back On His Best Ferrari Moments 

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Sebastian Vettel reminisces on his time with Ferrari. He joined the Scuderia from Red Bull in 2015, and enjoyed 14 wins in his 118 races among plenty of highs and lows.
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Trevor McKenzie Tan 陳于旭
My only question is why he said it's his first time hearing the German and Italian national anthem together but he won with toro rosso
Rian O Luasa
Rian O Luasa 11 napja
"I introduced the Italians to Jagermeister" 😂
GustavoCOD4 13 napja
Seb ❤️
Ice Angel
Ice Angel 17 napja
Nice guy, admits his mistakes and wants to be better.
Morgan Davies
Morgan Davies 19 napja
Can’t stand the Indian dude
tomeddie14 21 napja
Baku 2017 BEST MOMENT!? okay f1...
John Simon Wijaya
still, the last Ferrari Champion is Kimi Rikkonnen
Jensen Diecast
Jensen Diecast 27 napja
Wishing you all the best of luck Sebastian to your new team.
Joseph Maksoud
Joseph Maksoud 27 napja
Seb is awesome alright, but are we going to let the purple boots go unnoticed?
David Rubinstein
Oh look, another ‘new’ announcer that has a “unique” fashion sense and extra flamboyant shoes. Smh.
Devin Choi
Devin Choi 27 napja
I wonder if anyone mentioned his terrible purple boots.😂😂😂
8600 28 napja
how can you not like this guy?
Endivija K
Endivija K 29 napja
Biggest mistake they fired Arivabbene🤬🤬
Matteo Siefert
Matteo Siefert 29 napja
Well, on to the next chapter now 🔝
Yfffad Kcud
Yfffad Kcud Hónapja
Was your best moment at the red dragon team Sebastian L E A V I N G ?
I am so happy he will race in 2021
hamzoot Hónapja
"we had a strategy, memories"
FRL_Panda Hónapja
Sebastian, you will always be right next to Legends like Schumacher and Senna.
Whale Hónapja
“In 2018 we had a little bit better engine”
Michael N.
Michael N. Hónapja
I think Ferrari needs Seb more then he needs them.. especially now!!.. great team heritage but Seb wants to win again like he can and it's not gonna happen in the red car for sure.. Seb has been my favorite driver in F1 and will continue to be with AM.. Ferrari has my heart but Sebs best move was to AM.. win next season can't wait to cheer you on.. humble and fast the way to win
Connor Meulemans
kieron moodley
kieron moodley Hónapja
Id love to see him win again...many have lost hope in him but I didn't
Gopr311 Hónapja
I don’t think the penalty at Canada was a joke. He lost control, went of the circuit and only held position by almost ramming his competitor into the wall
Motorsport Is Best F*ck The Rest
Thomas 0
Thomas 0 Hónapja
I'm sorry Sebastian, but those boots stole the show!
saron kassahun
saron kassahun Hónapja
he lied about the 2nd half of 2018 their was faster but lewis drove the nuts
Issa musharbash
Issa musharbash Hónapja
Mohamed Ashraff
Mohamed Ashraff Hónapja
Like for seb and ferrari
Mohamed Ashraff
Mohamed Ashraff Hónapja
Grazzi seb well don I love you man . Thank you for the hard work and thank you ferrari for making him a great driver.
Carbon FIBERC6
Carbon FIBERC6 Hónapja
F1 fans desperately need him to win at least another title with Aston Martin !
luis de soto torres
Those purple shoes
Jjforever Hónapja
is funny that there have no 2020
onbekende bekende nederlander
mike 007
mike 007 Hónapja
Where is Hockenheim 2019?
Miguel de Andrés
He IS the oficial Formula 1 reporter and he doesn't know who won the mytical Bakú 2017
Dillon Davis
Dillon Davis Hónapja
Seb Ferrari highlights? This'll be disappointing. Can't wait to see Seb with Aston
Ale M
Ale M Hónapja
Always more and more convinced that if Binotto would not have focused himself on de-throning Arrivabene, it could have been a much different story for Seb. But no, Mattia wanted to be number 1...here you go the result. I'm still a Ferrari fan but on-hold until Binotto will leave. From now on I'll keep following Seb @Aston
robin smout
robin smout Hónapja
We outsmarted the mercedes deam thats a long time ago😭
Lumina Royalè
Lumina Royalè Hónapja
The black guy wearing purple leather shoes and peach polo shirt. Idk but it annoys me.
Sebastian Vettel
What a guy He is a class apart Has his own personality not be on social media I respect you seb
Fathi Zainuddin
Fathi Zainuddin Hónapja
No offense but the interviewer could've done better. It was quite dull
Rufad Rufadov
Rufad Rufadov Hónapja
Woo aa look at the shose PuRpLe
Ben Williams
Ben Williams Hónapja
Am I right in thinking only three teams are sticking with their current driver line up for '21? Can't ever remember so many changes for a new season. Gonna make it interesting!
Andre Koh
Andre Koh Hónapja
Britta working behind, she is always brilliantly supporting Seb
J. B.
J. B. Hónapja
What are thooooose?
RichyRichmondd Hónapja
cry baby
razvan forza giuve
Grazie mille seb per tutto quello che hai fatto per la Ferrari...FORZA SEB
showtime951 Hónapja
Seb is a racer's racer. Heart, soul, mind, mind games, physics, technique. He is all in. As a racer, I love him. As an intelligent, humorous, loyal, occasionally inappropriate, witty, man of character, I love him.
I mean ... WHAT ARE THOSE!!!
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli Hónapja
Clear thinking by Seb. Tough last year with the Scuderia. Go on, achieve victories next year with Aston. Cheers.
_ Diceman _
_ Diceman _ Hónapja
Seb stole Singapore from Leclerc after he did not swap back round for the place Charles gave him, honestly its a low point for seb, just like with his stolen win from Weber at RB. Singapore's also what kicked off the team drama in the 2019 season before they collided
Yes Man
Yes Man Hónapja
Only at Ferrari would Alonso and Vettel give everything they have and not win a championship
Chase_View_Racing VR
Ferrari haven’t had a brilliant driver in their prime since F.Alonso.
Akmal Hidayat
Akmal Hidayat Hónapja
I Will miss you Seb. Hope you can make it better with your New Team with Aston Martin. Grazie Seb
Maria X. F.
Maria X. F. Hónapja
He's a legend. Amazing personality.
Vyan Grundler
Vyan Grundler Hónapja
This guy was more important to Ferrari than they know... it’s sad to not feel a sense of appreciation from their side
Guido DJ
Guido DJ Hónapja
lawrence should stick to writing instead of being on camera...
JoeyandLindsay Hónapja
Interesting boots
Franco Baldino
Franco Baldino Hónapja
Great guy, I hope he finds more success in the future
Teresiaa_ Hónapja
Tim Suetens
Tim Suetens Hónapja
Judging from those closing comments, I get very well why he got along with Kimi so well. "Silent but violent."
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri Hónapja
I'll miss Seb at Ferrari, Canada 2019 was taken away from him
donronn 71
donronn 71 Hónapja
Seb you are a great driver. You are the Man from RED BULL. WISHES FROM AUSTRIA
krutik patel
krutik patel Hónapja
Hey Seb next year please have clean shave. Clean shave is lucky charm for you. Think about it.
Paulo Rombaldi
Paulo Rombaldi Hónapja
Hope to see a win from seb in 2021. Great guy!
Antihero Thailand
The interviewer formerly known as Prince?
Alexander Mejia Godoy
Wanna see Vettel winning again :D
Bega十 Hónapja
I am not crying, you are crying😥
Roki 789
Roki 789 Hónapja
The absent innocent biomechanically interest because celeste culturally cause aboard a modern half-sister. elegant, changeable skin
Khyte Hónapja
I can't watch it, I'm *crying*
brent powell
brent powell Hónapja
Surprised it’s so long tbh 🤔
James Trim
James Trim Hónapja
Seb is the greatest villain turned hero in sport, you have to love him, even if you hated how dominant he used to be
andy chen
andy chen Hónapja
Lawrence taking the attention away from his face (with those shoes) who does he think he is
giulia proia
giulia proia Hónapja
Dove eravamo... Dove siamo oggi? I don t know.
andy chen
andy chen Hónapja
lawrence is empty, shallow and a speculator
陳慧能 Hónapja
Kimi & Seb both are respectful with titled
OneBoy OneGame
OneBoy OneGame Hónapja
Legends make history in unexpected moves. Show your potential in a new f1 car boss
Lucas Barbosa
Lucas Barbosa Hónapja
Cheers Seb! You’re the man!!!
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe Hónapja
S Max
S Max Hónapja
vettel - raikkonen - arrivabene. pure gold.
muhammad shofwan
From the most hated driver to the the most beloved one
goldenboy860 Hónapja
You can listen to this guy hours and hours! Amazing!
afox20 Hónapja
We're not going to discuss the journalist's outfit. Period.
Peyton Powell
Peyton Powell Hónapja
Gotta give respect to Vettel for giving a shoutout to the young engineer Ravin
Ma Mo
Ma Mo Hónapja
Was könnte ein Sebastian Vettel im Mercedes anrichten? Das wäre interessant. Wären Rekorde in Gefahr?
Isaac Frost
Isaac Frost Hónapja
biggest lie in F1 history
JohnDaWhale3 Hónapja
My favorite driver of the last 13 years :) I pray that he wins the championship at least 1 more time.
Paolo Diaz de Rivera
My very first time watching f1 was in 2017 i think and sebastian vettel was my most fav driver. I will be sad when he leaves ferrari. :(
Cedric Tobler
Cedric Tobler Hónapja
Obviously, he likes the word obviously.
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop Hónapja
Great guy, glad he is still in the sport
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson Hónapja
Check out that guys boots!!!!!
Big Donkey Nagy Szamár
Sebastian Vettel is Ferrari’s 3rd most successful driver after Michael Scumacher and Niki Lauda. It is sad that the media and many hateful people have finally achieved their goal and the farewell has been very bitter.
Vi Hónapja
I still can’t believe Ferrari has preferred CL instead of This Legend.
Bumble Bity
Bumble Bity Hónapja
Vettel becomes so old at the Ferrari.
Freddie Hónapja
This won't take long lol
Christian Moeller
I will miss Vettel at Ferrari. He is just everything a world champion should be in my eyes! I hope AM will give him what he needs next year, and I hope Lance is a better teammate than I fear
LordOfTheBored Hónapja
You were able to make a 9:50 video with Seb´s best Ferrari moments? I only remember one: When he signed the Aston Martin contract.
샤킹 Hónapja
marune1975 Hónapja
Thanks Seb !
Eliot Salandy Brown
Seb is a gentleman
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