Sebastian Vettel's Surprise Final Ferrari Radio Message | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 

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Sebastian Vettel signs off with a final sing-song for Ferrari as he nurses his iconic red car home one last time...
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Patryk Wiechecki
He was the best. Ferrari killed his dreams. But Massive thanks Seb.
Alexis Dafun Delacruz
I'm not crying you are😭😭
Fajar Bagaskara
I'm not crying, you're 😭
PeateZa 3 napja
i cried
Lorenzo Risaliti
Grazie ❤️
Jeffrey Reed
Jeffrey Reed 5 napja
Girls: You didn’t cry during Titanic, do you have any emotions Men: Seb singing goodbye to Ferrari
Scott Gamer
Scott Gamer 6 napja
1:11 the singing in I don’t know language
Lorenzo Cavicchi
Numero 1
Metal Morphine
How to infiltrate an Italian Mafia.
GamezAhoy 8 napja
The reason the mechanics did not respond back so fast is because they were all crying.
Draghzx 8 napja
Grazie Seb❤️🇮🇹
Federico Stoimenov
I'm crying
Caro&jose Saucedo
Fue emotivo y triste. Siempre miro este video. Me gusta
It’s Citty
It’s Citty 11 napja
Grazie mille Seb ❤️
HenryN7 11 napja
Its all started with Binotto you guys know what i mean... The biggest mistake from Ferrari was Binotto and let Seb go.
mondialdriver1 11 napja
I grandi uomini si notano nella loro semplicità BRAVO SEB
mondialdriver1 11 napja
Kaan Yildirim
Kaan Yildirim 13 napja
And we lost Carlos Sainz in this race too!😢😢
Kaan Yildirim
Kaan Yildirim 13 napja
Noooooooo, we lost Daniil Kvyat and Kevin Magnussen already In several weeks!😢😢😢
Luca STEMMLER 14 napja
Me: "sits in corner and cries after this" im a ferrari fan. this legit hurts as much as kimi leaving
Andryman DM
Andryman DM 14 napja
Grazie Seb per questi 6 anni straordinari
Bernardus Emmanuel A. Corpino
Im still crying until now. Because i can feel the pain in this season. It has been a though year for the red team and im looking forward to 2021, and hopefully they can bring back tose podiums and winning again. Grazie SEB you will be miss in that red car❤🙏❤
JamesGamez 16 napja
He should’ve sung this: Wir sind keine Fremden zu lieben Sie kennen die Regeln und ich auch Ein volles Engagement ist das, woran ich denke Das würdest du von keinem anderen bekommen Ich möchte dir nur sagen, wie ich mich fühle Muss dich verstehen lassen Gebe dich nie auf Ich werde dich nicht enttäuschen Ich werde niemals herumlaufen und dich verlassen Ich werde dich niemals zum Weinen bringen Ich werde mich nie verabschieden Ich werde niemals lügen und dich verletzen Wir kennen uns schon so lange Dein Herz hat geschmerzt, aber du bist zu schüchtern, um es zu sagen Im Inneren wissen wir beide, was los ist Wir kennen das Spiel und werden es spielen Und wenn du mich fragst, wie ich mich fühle Sag mir nicht, dass du zu blind bist, um es zu sehen Gebe dich nie auf Ich werde dich nicht enttäuschen Ich werde niemals herumlaufen und dich verlassen Ich werde dich niemals zum Weinen bringen Ich werde mich nie verabschieden Ich werde niemals lügen und dich verletzen Nein, ich werde dich niemals aufgeben Nein, ich werde dich nie im Stich lassen Nein, ich werde niemals herumlaufen und dich verletzen Verlasse dich niemals Wir kennen uns schon so lange Dein Herz hat aber geschmerzt Gebe dich nie auf Ich werde dich nicht enttäuschen Ich werde niemals herumlaufen und dich verlassen Ich werde dich niemals zum Weinen bringen Ich werde mich nie verabschieden Ich werde niemals lügen und dich verletzen Nein, ich werde dich niemals aufgeben Nein, ich werde dich nie im Stich lassen Nein, ich werde niemals herumlaufen und dich verletzen Ich werde dich niemals verlassen (Use google translate to translate it)
Pablo_Ortiz_ 16 napja
Seb: Voi siete la squadra rossa........ta ta ta ta.....😥 Ferrari: Ok copy
Eterno D10S
Eterno D10S 16 napja
Grazie Seb. Farò sempre il tifo per te. Ogni tanto torna a Napoli sul Vesuvio che tanto ami 💙 FORZA SEB! Grazie per le emozioni regalate in questi 6 anni ❤️
Xsi Gaming
Xsi Gaming 16 napja
So much passion to Ferrari. Grazie Seb
Vatsal Vora
Vatsal Vora 16 napja
That sad moment when he turned off the engine 😔
A. B.
A. B. 17 napja
In case anyone doubts all team radios from Ferrari should be in Italian
29_21พศิน วงษ์เสริมหิร์ญ
Grazie Seb. See you in Aston Martin.
Raditya Pramana Putra
@Aditya Mahajan You are the world champion, enjoy it! You are the man!
Aditya Mahajan
@Raditya Pramana Putra DU BIST WELTMEISTER! Sebastian Vettel you are the world champion
Raditya Pramana Putra
I hope Seb will became World Champion again with "The Green Mercedes" (Aston Martin).
MrPatz 19 napja
The fact he didn't won a championship with ferrari breaks my heart
Raditya Pramana Putra
Yeah, me too. 😭 But, at least, i still have a big hope Seb will became World Champion again with "The Green Mercedes" (Aston Martin).
Luigi Pellegrini
He's so fluent in Italian ... Grazie Seb un grande Pilota di Scuderia Ferrari
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
Meanwhile in 2021 Carlos:Smooooooth Operator!!! Ferrari:Ok we're looking into it,slow 🅱️utton on
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
Listening to Seb's Ferrari team radios is how I learn Italian
smoceskreen 20 napja
Spending time to write a farewell song that wasn't even in his native language shows how much Vettel loves his team. Danke Seb.
Alessandro Parrella
Thanks Seb. I had a dream, more Vettel and less politic in Ferrari. You'll sing again " we are the champions".......
Aarondee1st 20 napja
Wish you all the best in your new team Seb that song was beautiful
Yiğit Yılmaz
Yiğit Yılmaz 21 napja
*Vettel sings the greatest song of all time* Ferrari pit wall : okay understood, slow button on
bacon fear
bacon fear 22 napja
2:49 JOJO reference lol
bacon fear
bacon fear 22 napja
Is he changing team or leaving f1?
Romanische050 22 napja
Seb: *singing* Ferrari: "We're checking..."
Patryk Wiechecki
Who is that man talking after song?
IEAxATKloveDA 22 napja
I wonder why kimi doesn't sing when he leave Ferrari
Simoks 23 napja
Vettel is Best
lu champions
lu champions 23 napja
Non sto piangendo, sto solo sudando dagli occhi
Gowtham Paskaran
Which song is it
Gowtham Paskaran
@Alessia Thank you
Alessia 22 napja
Azzurro by Adriano Celentano
Bryan Sanchez
Bryan Sanchez 24 napja
I’m sure he would’ve have a found a way to do it but I’m so glad he didn’t have a DNF or we wouldn’t have been able to witness this moment.
Pit-pleba10 Alessandro plebani
Danke seb! 5 🤗🤗👐👐
19M008-Balaji J
19M008-Balaji J 24 napja
Enough to make a well grown man cry
Garski 24 napja
he wrote the song and then he put it inside his glove? what a legend..
Artist 24 napja
Forza Ferrari for life
Alberto Tosoni
Alberto Tosoni 25 napja
There are two types of Ferraristi: those who cried after this team radio and those who lie... Grazie Sebastian ❤️
Tony 26 napja
Non sto piangendo, stiamo piangendo
grazie SEB♥️♥️ forza Ferrari♥️♥️
Ashuthosh Bhaskar
The 383 people who disliked this video have no heart
Gorgamy TV
Gorgamy TV 26 napja
Adrian0 Provenz4
Grazie seb, ti ricorderemmo per sempre nei nostri cuori
Mad Rooky
Mad Rooky 26 napja
You know, everone is a Ferrari fan, even they broke your heart and let you down and you are finish with them, you are still a fan...
Why me
Why me 26 napja
I'm crying right now. ;-;
Cezar Alexandru
Cezar Alexandru 26 napja
I'm not crying, you're crying
Alessandro Sabatini
Copy, slow button on, slow button on
marco C
marco C 27 napja
Vettel u better quit driving and start singing.
Kenny Jr.
Kenny Jr. 27 napja
the best team radio i never heard
Marc 27 napja
weebs at 2:50 and 3:04 : *he.....he said the thing!* jokes aside, i really hope Seb recovers his mojo in Aston Martin, this guy is my late childhood in terms of f1!
Luan Kadish Kadish
Even I got emotional and I've only started watching f1 this season
Howard Kriswandi
Davide Calabria
Davide Calabria 27 napja
1:10 to 2:07 Voi siete la squadra rossa appassoinati, arrenderete mai. La mia fermasta sta arrivando mi e piaciuto stare con voi. Sentito la vostra magia un sensazione, straordinaria. Ragazzi vi ringrazio per avermi mi mancherete. Un saluto a tutti voi a maranello meritate menzionato qui. E adesso, io quasi quasi diro addio e auguro auguro il meglio. Auguro di essere Felice ma di piu, essere sano. Da da da, da da da. Grazie!
Cineflow05 27 napja
I admire him forever, despite the mistakes and bad moments, no driver would ever make me enjoy F1 as Seb, just like Pérez, he’s my childhood hero, he wasn’t able to get the title with Ferrari, but he faced the situation as a honorable man and an F1 driver, Vielen Dank, dass es sich gelohnt hat, um 7 Uhr morgens in Mexiko aufzustehen.
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva 27 napja
grande piloto , Seb pra sempre, faz parte da minha vida!!!!!!!!!!! N1!
szewei85 27 napja
you still the champ in red haha danke shon
Juan Moutela
Juan Moutela 28 napja
Estoy llorando amigos 🥺
abubakar hanif
abubakar hanif 28 napja
budget caps distroy F1. pro and contra...
Michael Dudley
Michael Dudley 28 napja
Excellent Seb. Class! Notice he had removed his gloves. Why? Is it legal? I don’t care but just wonder if he could get into trouble from the FIA. Although the race had finished there still could have been an accident, a mechanical failure etc that caused the car to burst into flames. Also, the team could have once said Danke. One thing for thanks in English and iItalian but not once in Seb’s native tongue. He wrote a song in their language. Just my thoughts.
Taha YT614
Taha YT614 28 napja
I'm not crying u are😭
franco esposito
franco esposito 28 napja
seb grazie sei sempre un grande
Aloka Weerasekera
how many languages can seb talk?
Balkanian Group 2000 LTD
Congratulations Sebastian Vettel 👏🏁
Bakuzona 28 napja
I was impressed. I was moved to tears.
numrak. 28 napja
Commanderraf 29 napja
He may never claimed a title with Ferrari, but that... THAT is the class of a champion. He knew they wanted him out since early this season; he knew he wanted out since March. He knows he'll be driving for another team -and supposedly a serious competitor- next year, but Vettel still thanks them and has a place in his heart for Ferrari.
youssef kamel
youssef kamel 29 napja
Do you speak italian ? Me: *sings this* 😢
Isaac Frost
Isaac Frost 29 napja
biggest lie in F1 history
Markus M
Markus M 29 napja
forza Vettel! grazie di tutto!
Massimo Alari
Massimo Alari 29 napja
Penso che anche vincendo un mondiale Vettel non avrebbe potuto lasciare un'immagine migliore di se, complimenti grande persona e vero e professionista
Juan José López
Lyrics: Voi siete la squadra rossa... appassionati, arrenderete mai. La mia fermata sta arrivando... Mi é piaciuto stare con voi. Sentito la vostra magia... Un sensazione, straodinaria. Ragazzi, vi rigrazio per avermi... Mi mancherete. Un saluto a tutti voi a Maranello... Meritate menzionato qui. E adeso, io quasi quasi diró addio e aguro... Auguro il meglio. Auguro... di essere felice, ma di piú essere sano.
DUKKA 21 napja
Zampie 1124
Zampie 1124 29 napja
Ogni giorno lo ascolto minimo 10 volte Like per chi lo fa 👇
Marios Petaj
Marios Petaj 29 napja
Grazie Seb, Grazie... Tu sei grandissimo.. tu sei un Campione... Grazie per tutto quello che hai fatto a Ferrari... Un grande uomo con un grande cuore... grazie... Danke Seb... Auguro il meglio per il futuro e la carriera in Aston Martin... Spero che la tua strada con la Ferrari si incontri di nuovo e in quel momento con un campionato ... Grazie per tutto...
I'm going to miss that German Racer in that Ferrari.
Fatos Cerri
Fatos Cerri 29 napja
Bye seb😭😭😭 im Sad for you bye bye
Akash Sarma
Akash Sarma 29 napja
Grazie regazzzi
FERRARI F1 29 napja
libreria64 29 napja
"Azzurro" remix by Sebastian Vettel...
Muhammed Sarfraz
the background noise of the engine after the race feels so eerie
Stef B
Stef B Hónapja
Seb was able to win with Ferrari and fight for the championship against Mercedes. He sung himself into the hearts of the Tifosi with this final song. Incredibly sympathetic and intelligent guy.
Laurens Nefkens
Laurens Nefkens Hónapja
He is better at driving....
H Vv
H Vv Hónapja
Oh Vettel du machst dir selber was vor-wegen Geld ?2021 WARTET !!! HOPP HOPP ODER EX HOPP ?
Federico Esposito
Il nostro re!!
Jan Luesink
Jan Luesink Hónapja
Wonderfull driver. Great person. A real champion.
Matteo Tordi
Matteo Tordi Hónapja
Seb un grande pilota e una grande persona
Martin Liedtke
Martin Liedtke Hónapja
Just can not like this guy ... and sadly also the spirit of the scuderia is sooo much gone. But man, he left with so much class ... hard to find another driver being able of that.
Sebastian Vettel - Goodbye Ferrari
Azzurro (Remastered)
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