Senna And Mansell's Explosive Battle | 1992 Australian Grand Prix 

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8 November 1992: Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell - two of F1's greatest track warriors - battle for supremacy on the streets of Adelaide.
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vlog do Eliseu dia a dia eu e familia
O Senna era incardido.
cyclonus759 10 órája
Not Senna's finest moment that one
Scarlet Bond
How did senna keep up with that Williams
Rafi Farras
famv7 2 napja
Hamilton > Senna
Leonardo 2 napja
That's the real f1, today's f1 is very full of freshness and boring. F1 TODAY = 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Jhade'Kai Henry
You doing great senna 🏎😇
Leo Messy
Leo Messy 6 napja
I don't ever remember these two colliding like this?! I always thought Mansell and Senna had the greatest of respect for each other...Senna clearly still up to his old tricks!
MaFd0n 6 napja
I vividly remember watching this with my grandmother. RIP
RodHammett95 7 napja
Is that... A FIGHT FOR THE LEAD?! I thought those had become extint.
Leopoldo Reyes
Ben Beames
Ben Beames 8 napja
This was the last battle they ever had. Mansell was in indy cars from this point onwards until Ayrton's death :(
Dennis Veloso Amanthea
Mansell confessou que freou mais cedo por causa da corrida de Mônaco/1992. Foi o troco
Thomás Gonzales
Senna, The fastest pilot ever
Senna, mansell, shumacher and hamilton all race in their prime whose winning?
andybud1983 8 napja
Is no one gonna talk about Senna making a right hash of that? He had a shocker.
Simeon Orive
Simeon Orive 8 napja
I didnt appreciate how different each teams cars were then. They were dark times for me as a Tifossi not much better these days either but at least the races were televised on free to air TV.
Money Tron
Money Tron 9 napja
F1 managers: can you at least try to turn the current cars beautiful and elegant like this ones? Current F1 cars are horrible and too big.
Alicia Dom Pedro
olê olê olê olá,Senna,Senna
Edijos Brasil Souza Brasil
Pixotagem de Sena
Picuj 9 napja
I think Ericsson hit him.
Paulus thewoodknome
Things I'm not allowed to say..I hated Senna in this era, cos I was a Mansell fan. I do appreciate him though as there as not been a stand out guy, like these two, plus Prost and Schumacher since. You may say "what about Hamilton?" I say, look at what he's driving and look at the contest...there is non.
Frank McMellon
nel 92 le Williams erano le più forti ma Senna con la McLaren Ford (non più Honda) era l'unico che riusciva a starci dietro , e le Ferrari? ......lasciamo stare va ......
Cris Franco
Cris Franco 10 napja
Senna was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Ben Silva
Ben Silva 10 napja
Do you think Hamilton would have fared as well in this era? 🤔
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 10 napja
Am I the only one who's noticed the audio is totally out of sync????
rumster440 9 napja
it's a farce Ben.. there's cut and paste footage going on here the helmets are the key
lagz89 10 napja
This narrator seems excited because something exciting is going on on the track. Current F1 oficial narrator seems overly excited but on the track there is nothing to be amused about. Lame
Cold Void
Cold Void 10 napja
Epic stuff!
Den End Studios
Den End Studios 10 napja
Something about gaps and not being a racing driver...
Piquet Motor Sports
Those who think Haminton is the best in the world, winning everything with the best car without rivals, should watch this video and understand what F1 is, F1 has battles and several strong teams and not just one.
Eugenio Paccelli
Senna sempre foi superstimado. Piquet jamais faria isso.
IGKful 10 napja
Revanche: Mansell tira Senna da liderança - Portugal 1989 Senna tira Mansell da liderança- Austrália 1992
The Mask
The Mask 10 napja
Sena couldn't get the tow, but I'm sure he got the finger after that bump 😃
Dallan Keaney
Dallan Keaney 10 napja
When men were men
Maverrick 78
Maverrick 78 10 napja
Today Senna: Causion a collision!
A_Hopeful 11 napja
I'm sorry, did F1 just post cuts of Senna's teammate chasing Patrese in order to get enough filler shots of their fight for a 6 min video? Not cool F1, not cool at all... :-|
rumster440 9 napja
I concur outrageous the doggs
Matheus Henrique
Senna é uma lenda
zardinho 11 napja
3:05 now in HD you can see incandescent brakes
Sandro Batinović
Back when running across the track after going out was a certainty
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 11 napja
TrappenWeisseGuy ;
Looked to me like the Honda engine had a little more grunt than the Renault. Of course we don’t know things like weight and center of gravity.
Dooshite 12 napja
Senna fazendo das suas cagadas, parecia amargurado por ter levado uma surra feia em 92
Darren Porter
Darren Porter 12 napja
Very bad driving by Senna. Mansell runs across the track.. not that dangerous then.
D R 12 napja
JanitorIsBack 12 napja
worst announcers ever
David Cunetta
David Cunetta 12 napja
Not sure why Mansell brakes so hard! But Senna should have more careful, since he was braking later most of the time. Senna was OG of carrying lots of speed into corner and braking late and hard. Then exploding out from medium apex speeds!
Cezinha Alves
Cezinha Alves 12 napja
Época boa, nostalgia pura!
Fred Harty
Fred Harty 12 napja
It bothers me so much how I was born in 2006 and missed all this Senna vs Prost and Senna vs Mansell. I'm a huge Senna fan and I wish I would have been able to see this live. This stuff is the golden years of F1
Andre Luiz Marconato
Isso é fórmula 1, com som de fórmula 1 e pilotos de fórmula 1. Hoje só esse neguinho que ganha, está muito insuportável esse esporte.
Bart van der Velden
I love the different engine sounds.
Dani Gonzalez
Dani Gonzalez 12 napja
Mansell what a Legend. So underrated by many for no reason.
Dani Gonzalez
Dani Gonzalez 12 napja
Senna being Senna, hitting others.
Evans Electric
Evans Electric 13 napja
Hunt: "Mansell the innocent party" ?? Mansell parked his car in the middle of the race track and brake tested Senna into the final corner.... He should've know better.. Senna ALWAYS goes for the gap!
Gustavo 13 napja
there were really beautiful cars
rene almeida
rene almeida 13 napja
i love de real drivers real carssss era 70,,,80,,,90,,,, todayyyyy 2020 is a joke is afake remote control everythings
Alex lacl
Alex lacl 10 napja
Beer & Bacon
Beer & Bacon 13 napja
Piquet better than Senna. So true.
T. P.
T. P. 13 napja
Another mistake by the holy Senna. When I see something about Senna, he's only complaining or crashing into somebody. Grosjean of his era.
YouTurbo 13 napja
Senna's braking point is clearly further than everyone else.
J T 13 napja
That pesky Mansell, braking too early.
Mr. Monaco
Mr. Monaco 13 napja
If Nigel didn't attempt to foolishly apply a brake test on Ayrton 20 meters before the braking point than we would have had a nice podium to conclude that season. Either way, I am happy that Berger won that race which marked Honda's glorious exit from the sport.
terry money
terry money 13 napja
When F1 was amazing
Scott Norman
Scott Norman 13 napja
Mansell was my hero growing up
7mgtesup1 13 napja
Either Senna missed his breaking point or Mansell broke early because he was distracted by the back marker in front.
Thomas Gallinari
When drivers could run across the track after a crash 😄
Marcos Ferreira
Marcos Ferreira 13 napja
Mansel was on the brakes by purpose ... it´s clear.
the yaourt nature
No DRS .....battle
Arnold Nigel
Arnold Nigel 13 napja
That is painfu for Nigel mansell
sammy ham
sammy ham 13 napja
It's Senna vs a computer !
Alex lacl
Alex lacl 10 napja
Man shut up your mouth
Dani Gonzalez
Dani Gonzalez 12 napja
yeah sure. So the 88 McLaren was driven alone?
jaassil 13 napja
One thing we have to say. In 1992, Williams was so ahead the others teams than Mercedes is today.
Alex lacl
Alex lacl 10 napja
@Dani Gonzalez Get out 🤣
jaassil 12 napja
@Dani Gonzalez How old are you? Have watched all 1992 f-1 races? I do.
Dani Gonzalez
Dani Gonzalez 12 napja
Not really.
Jorge Calderon
Jorge Calderon 13 napja
Best cars ever! balance of technology and driver's ability!
Domenico Mirabella
Unbelievable Senna 's pilot error.
Etienne Bouyoux
Etienne Bouyoux 13 napja
Who else was suprised to learn that prost has as many championship as both?
hausgartner 13 napja
Love the sound of that screaming Honda V12
Sea Hoven
Sea Hoven 13 napja
Hafidz Garib
Hafidz Garib 13 napja
seriously, if social media existed in those days.. Senna wouldn't be the legend he is today.
Dani Gonzalez
Dani Gonzalez 12 napja
Agreed !!!
Niro shan
Niro shan 13 napja
Why do you say like that? Regardless of the social media Ayrton Senna is always iconic and a Legend and of course Senna May not be a fair and clean driver but his devastating car control, fearless attitude,unparalleled wet racing ability, outstanding talent even in an average car he could extract everything,off track personality and above all his selfless humanity when he came to rescue a fellow driver who stuck in the car during the race and he is the sporting idol for many of the drivers including Lewis Hamilton and last but not the least he is a hero and inspiration and brought happiness and joy to many for his Brazilian people and what more a person can do to become a Legend
tifosilim 13 napja
When F1 is still fun to watch
Mellow Fellow
Mellow Fellow 13 napja
Murray Walker had the perfect voice for Formula 1 racing, and James Hunt was the perfect counterpoint
Francesco Zanellati
Williams dominate but with Senna and Mansell you never got bored. Prost stopped a year and then returned in 1993 and won.
MaverickTopG 13 napja
Even better than the battle on track has to be Murray Walker’s commentary. I had forgotten just how entertaining it made the racing (even at times when not much was going on). “Down the straight, 3rd to 4th, 4th to 5th, 5th to 6th up to 310kph” No one can replace him, such a passion for the sport!
Ygor Santos
Ygor Santos 13 napja
Quem estava errado?
evaldo donizeti Furlan
Pra mim o Senna causou a colisão .
Jose Aikee Fernandez
90's era of F1 is the best and greatest.... 😀
szczecom 13 napja
What a mistake by Senna, he did the same in 1993 for Martin Brundle at Monza, here driving close to get better accelaration at the main streight but he lost his traction. Mansell was driving perfectly close same year at Monaco and he did it very clean.
Oscar Wild
Oscar Wild 13 napja
I just love how the commentator says: “6th gear, 310 kph”, and you can see the cars coming out of a chicane at that precise moment
Tharus12 13 napja
Murray summed it up they were titans!
Lan 14 napja
Then : 2 Demon fighting Wheel to wheel and overtake multiple times to be on the front Today : Push DRS in straight lane, overtake, thats it.
Louix Vianacarlo
Wow..!!!, Great Times and Beautiful Cars..!!!
Lunch Box
Lunch Box 14 napja
When cars where not just billboards
Albert 22
Albert 22 14 napja
Senna no braco de igual p igual contra o Williams bem superior. Senna era foda demais.
marvin 14 napja
skinny formula 1
muckfundle 14 napja
Mansell seemed to brake so much earlier!?
Diego Campos
Diego Campos 14 napja
Typical from Senna... 🙄
Rob C
Rob C 14 napja
Watching these old races. . Sad how far F1 has fallen myself and many others dont watch anymore
Luneatik 14 napja
The greatest era of F1. I love this race. Murray was in top form..!
McPlayer8t 14 napja
I live seeing F1 on this track
The Ritual Channel
So that's the GOAT huh?
Denis Oliveira
Denis Oliveira 14 napja
Very very crazy Senna 😎😮
Flávio 14 napja
Best era F1 history
David FF
David FF 14 napja
Alguém do Brasil ???🇧🇷
klepetar 14 napja
ayrton was at it again.. sore loser
Mansell and Williams 1991
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