Sergio Perez Claims Brilliant Maiden F1 Victory | 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix 

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A day that Sergio Perez will never forget. On his 190th race start, the Mexican driver went from the back of the grid on lap 1 to win in stunning fashion.
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2020.dec. 6.






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Praxedis Guzman
Praxedis Guzman 8 órája
Look at Mr. Lawrence Face When Checo Hugs him. He is saying in his mind Why Did I fire this Guy?
Thepug 3 napja
Que grande el Méxicano
prime wrestling tv
Checo should of signed for merc because he's better than lewis never liked hamilton but he is a bad driver and a sore loser for what he did to albon # all lives matters
Mikołaj Zwierzycki
First I cried for George, then I cried with Sergio. What a wonderful race
Abel Garcia
Abel Garcia 4 napja
Arriba checo
Reynaldi Widjaja
Basically last to first what a crazy race
Beto López
Beto López 6 napja
1:26 what have i done?
Aswin Lakshminarasimhan
If they kick him, I'll kick them. XD
Malik Campbell
Malik Campbell 15 napja
0:38 can we just admire that image for a sec
Nate Condy
Nate Condy 21 napja
Answer is no because red bull will take Perez to partner Verstappen cuz Albon got dropped
Gerardo G
Gerardo G 22 napja
De los mejores pilotos en México 💖🇲🇽💖
Felippe M Marques
This race was awesome! Thanks for the best season ever! 👊
Oblio1942 23 napja
defiantly one of the best guys in the sport, well deserved honestly.
Crayola Cup Series
So glad red bull picked this guy to race along side max
Davemr edo d mx
Davemr edo d mx 29 napja
The strolls: we don't need you anymore RED BULL: hold my beer, I need checo, we got wings for him
Ayban Olivares
Ayban Olivares 29 napja
Edgar Noriega
Edgar Noriega Hónapja
Gran detalle que las palabras en español las escribieron correctamente con sus acentos 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Felipe Calderón Hinojosa
Es la primera de muchas Checo...
leoreysan 04
leoreysan 04 Hónapja
Orgullo mexicano carajo!! Te queremos mucho Checo, gracias por darnos una alegría 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Alan Michel
Alan Michel Hónapja
i really enjoyed that fist bump with Ocon at the podium (1:14), leaving behind all their history
bow b
bow b Hónapja
with 30years first win , a little bit boring. to old for a new world champion
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf Hónapja
Guess who's got Redbull seat for 2021.
Leet Nor
Leet Nor Hónapja
No one in the universe deserved the Red Bull seat more then Checco ❤️
Nehuén Llanos
Nehuén Llanos Hónapja
I like the fact that the racing point's mechanics prefer Checo rather than Lance
Kamran L
Kamran L Hónapja
Who’s here after he signed with Red Bull Racing?! Great job Checo! If you can keep up with the mechanics that Redbull has made for Verstappen, you’re gonna such an insane driver for them!
Abhishek Chittari
Yes Red bull 2021…!!! I m so happy for Sergio, hope to see fighting for wins every Race
Goatified Rat
Goatified Rat Hónapja
Who’s here after Red Bull signed him
chinnypanda Hónapja
Who's here after Red Bull just signed him? I'M HAPPY!!!
tira Hónapja
Who's here after they announced him for red bull 2021. Let's go!!!
imann2308 Hónapja
HERE AFTER THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF CHECO TO RED BULL!!! Truly well deserved for him. Devastated for Albon though
Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack Hónapja
Everyone liked this
Ciao Lecrack
Ciao Lecrack Hónapja
Are we going to say goodbye to this driver in the end of the season? Nope, I don't think we will.
Luis Takeshi Shimota
Increíble lo de Willyrex 🤩
Cleber Marcal
Cleber Marcal Hónapja
Mais do que merecido
Drew S
Drew S Hónapja
Racing Point would have been much better off keeping Perez through 2022. To end his contract two seasons early for Sebastian Vettel makes no sense to me. Don't get me wrong. I really like Sebastian Vettel, but Vettel is past his prime. He's three years older than Perez. Racing Point made a tactical mistake. There's no doubt about it. In the end, it's likely going to turn out very well for Sergio Perez (at the expense of Alex Albon).
Callum Nolan
Callum Nolan Hónapja
This was a week ago yet if feels like it happened more than a month ago...
Synth Punch
Synth Punch Hónapja
this had F1 theme anthem all over it!
Elí Kusanagi
Elí Kusanagi Hónapja
Sergio Pérez Orgullo de Guanatos.
Laffy1969 Hónapja
This and Gasly’s win at Monza have to be the two best races of the season.
zim zum
zim zum Hónapja
The fireworks going off in the background makes it even more epic
Racing Point might not be bad after all!
Taahir Mayat
Taahir Mayat Hónapja
Jasnesh Bhullar
Jasnesh Bhullar Hónapja
[Everyone liked that]
Roberto I
Roberto I Hónapja
El mejor!!! Awevo!!!! Y si trajera el carro de Hamilton les saca 2 vueltas a todos!!!!
Migraine Gainn
Migraine Gainn Hónapja
He should probably send Mercedes 'strategy team' a box of chocolates.
Pepe Arenas
Pepe Arenas Hónapja
What a rece magnificent, thank you Mr. CHECO The last to be the first place
cool thought
cool thought Hónapja
staying focus and positive despite various setback this year. Lady luck finally appear to align in the last star slot among many things for a great win. Congrats Perez for a stunning victory.
j1tz0 Hónapja
Stroll out stroll out
Kenneth P1
Kenneth P1 Hónapja
Mercedes behind: ohh still Mercedes but is pink
Pasanti Hónapja
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez Hónapja
Viva checo perez..si se oudo ..si se pudo.bravo checo felicidades y gracias por la alegria que nos dite. Hermano 🤜🤛🤝🙅‍♂️
Mi mo
Mi mo Hónapja
Rational: PEREZ VETTEL Irrational: Vettel Stroll
Alejandro Cesareo
ShotsByGus Hónapja
Lawernces faces @1:27 says it all 🤷🏻‍♂️
Sir Woolly Jumper
If he isn't taken by any other team then I hope he secures a seat at least in Indy. Its sad to see a driver go out when he's technically been outperforming Lance for a majority of this season, although Stroll has brought it back a few times.
Caramel Shoes
Caramel Shoes Hónapja
SOMEONE is going to give this monster of a driver a seat
Strike 098
Strike 098 Hónapja
I'm actually happy Russell got a puncture. Russell's day will come, he's still young. However Perez has been in the sport for 10 years, and may not get a chance like this again. But I hope he does
Melania Pender
Melania Pender Hónapja
Finally, I get to celebrate my favorite driver! Congrats!
Chubski Hónapja
Not what we wanted, but a welcome surprise
shameer rafeeq
shameer rafeeq Hónapja
He is the next season's champion
james pisano
james pisano Hónapja
Amazing race. Superb driver.
A Day in the Life Nico Y
I never get how they can drop to last and win the race...I never get how they do it
Will Ocon ever retrieve his trophy?
Adhib Posada
Adhib Posada Hónapja
Such a proud season so young drivers the next generation of drivers are making formula fresh and young again. So much excitement after every race
NoBody Here
NoBody Here Hónapja
I would be a fan of Mercedes if Perez and Russell were the drivers.
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland Hónapja
The crisis in the world is a crisis in consciousness, one must be free of the word then one can look. The ending of sorrow is the beginning of wisdom and the ending of sorrow is the understanding of what is and the understanding of what is can only come when you observe when the mind is incapable of wanting to change what is. -K
Arrazi Nebukadnezzar
Two words after Checo's first ever F1 victory: "Hakuna Matata. WELL DONE" - Nobby Butcher (Brothers Grimsby, 2016)
CodingWithAsad Hónapja
is this force India's first win?
2SRL Thimo
2SRL Thimo Hónapja
I will say this was coming a long way. Remember all the races over this season where he has lead the midfield by ~25-30s with no competition around? He would've unquestionably done the same and finished P4 had there not been the SC, Merc Drama and Max crash. He performed like this multiple times before this, but it's great to see that it's finally been converted into the deserved result. The fact he had to do it from last after Lap 1 is just an added bonus
Jordan Reed
Jordan Reed Hónapja
I’m sad for Russell, but super happy for Perez !!!
Mihajlo Djeric
Mihajlo Djeric Hónapja
CAMS Graphics
CAMS Graphics Hónapja
congratulations Checo
supasonicdx 1998
The best season since 2012, WOW!
SandhoeFlyer Hónapja
A win is a win, yet had Hamilton been available and on duty, or a certain puncture not happened he would be nowhere near the podium.... he obviously realises this is just dumb luck !
Saeed AlFalasi
Saeed AlFalasi Hónapja
No offense he did a better job than Gasly at Monza, not trying to hurt others
nerd dad
nerd dad Hónapja
How awesome is formula one when the Mercedes aren't out in front?!?!
yi kib
yi kib Hónapja
Helena Hónapja
I've been a fan of Checo ever since 2011, and first win honestly made me burst into tears. So deserved.
Ginger Knight
Ginger Knight Hónapja
Walk, But It’s “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire
Chitose classic千歳クラシック
Perez🎶Congratulations ✨ 😊👍🌈
Ramandeep Singh
Ramandeep Singh Hónapja
Congrats!!! mate Hope you'll come back soon.
RD4590 Hónapja
He was so emotional he started speaking Spanish in the car.
Ernesto Herrera Legorreta
It was a personal message. He asked his brother to make sure his (Checo's) kid was watching the race at home at that moment, so that the little one could watch the podium ceremony. For everything else he spoke in English, with a heavy accent that's true, but English nevertheless ;-)
vs string
vs string Hónapja
Epic!? He inherited the position.. come'on guys.. It wasn't a Win.. It was a loss for Mercedes
Mateo Muniz
Mateo Muniz Hónapja
*¡ ¡¡ M U C H A S F E L I C I D A D E S C H E C O ! ! P O R R E A F I R M A R Q U E U N M E X I C A N O H A C E C O S A S G R A N D E S , A U N C O N R E C U R S O S L I M I T A D O S*
91PARAM Square
91PARAM Square Hónapja
P1 checo, congratulations 🏆🎉
Lawrence stroll looking confused because he understood he should keep perez instead of vettel
coreyandy5 Hónapja
0:52 checo chant
ashish yadav
ashish yadav Hónapja
I've never heard a race engineer congratulating a race winner (that to his first victory) and telling about his teammate's final position... I mean why spoil his moment!!!! I get it that he is the owner of the team but let Checo enjoy himself and his achievement. No team principal on the radio congratulating him, I see that otmar is not as happy as he would have been if Lance would have won. Even Cyril came to wish Ocon. I feel for Perez.
ashish yadav
ashish yadav Hónapja
@Ernesto Herrera Legorreta You are right but I feel those at the helm of taking decisions would have been even more joyful if lance would have won instead of Perez. I mean the guy has been the team's architect as a driver... Sure the joy of engineers and mechanics was there to be seen.
Ernesto Herrera Legorreta
I did not see it that way at all. On the contrary, what I perceived from the tone of voice used was sincere joy, if you listen to the radio of some other Grand Prix winners, you will find that in many cases the racing engineer will limit himself to saying "P1,
ian Villasenor
ian Villasenor Hónapja
its a big mistake letting this guy go. he doesnt deserve it....let stroll go!
BFA 94
BFA 94 Hónapja
Vettel is also a mistake !
Russ Serpico
Russ Serpico Hónapja
Judging by the court of public opinion, Sergio deserves to be with Red Bull. I hope Horner is listening out there and stops being an apologist for Albon.
Rank S pilot, Tatenashi
Im not a huge fan of F1 but im glad this team went onto podium together, its time for underrated team to start taking podiums and overrated teams needs to lose more often *GET IN THERE CHECO, GET IN THERE STROLL!!*
M4XF8R Hónapja
Most deserving guy with golden heart in entire paddock. Lewis got lucky to get a competitive car but this guy is a gem. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Deserves a competitive car to be a true champion.
Ernesto Herrera Legorreta
Agree, the guy's a gentleman. He doesn't harbor any grudges and just keeps doing what he loves to do: drive. To top it all he seems to be a great dad... a real class act.
Sourav Kumar Thapak
Checo . First lap : Last, Last lap : First🎉🎉🎉🎉🔥🔥🔥
Hardik Gupta
Hardik Gupta Hónapja
give him a seat already
Mario Márquez
Mario Márquez Hónapja
M É X I C O 🇲🇽
Driver number 8
Driver number 8 Hónapja
Petition to keep Perez
speed hunter
speed hunter Hónapja
That’s what F1 should be like..when Merc wins..we know its boring!
Str8 Cash
Str8 Cash Hónapja
This just makes me hate Lance Stroll and his father.
Marc Antoni
Marc Antoni Hónapja
Perez the name of the race! Amazing race! Russel was driving the best car of F1, the Lewi's car, so it was very easy to made overtakes, fast lap, etc. We hope to see Perez on the grid in 2021. Go Perez!
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