Sergio Perez's Emotional Reflections On Seven Years At Racing Point 

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Checo Perez gave Racing Point their first ever win as a constructor and will leave the team on a high. In this revealing interview, he looks back at the highs and lows of their time together and reveals what a huge part Lawrence Stroll played in his career...
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M4XF8R 12 napja
Ernesto P F
Ernesto P F 15 napja
Wise words This guy is talented and most important, grateful
Felippe M Marques
Thanks for the best season ever! 👊
Andrzej Andrzejski
"There were no politics"... until 2020.
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern 21 napja
I hope he can rally his side of the red bull garage around him to really challenge max and Mercedes
Darko 22 napja
i thought dzeko was a football player
Michael Tipton
Michael Tipton 23 napja
Sergio forever the pink panther
Vishnu narayanan
Question you're here for 05:05
Vishnu narayanan
Question you're here for 05:05
Pedro Diaz
Pedro Diaz 24 napja
Well dear Checo, now is time to say goodbye to RP and start winning for RB, Just win Sergio, just win man
francis bélanger
What a nice guy! So glad he is with RedBull now!
Gersham Charles
Gersham Charles 25 napja
Vijay's and Perez DNA is all over this team. With both of them out now, I hope they can maintain that spirit.
Jesús 25 napja
"The team was all about racing All about racing... There were no politics, pure racers".... The same words Senna used to describe his time in karting 😢..... Checo you are a RACER and Verstappen will find out soon.
Arnoldo Gutierrez
Can't wait to see al the Vettel-Pérez-Red Bull saga on the next season of Drive to Survive
L B 26 napja
whos here after he signed with red bull
drhombus 26 napja
He didn’t deserve to lose his seat, but things have a way of working out for the best. Looking forward to his time at red bull
RYG 26 napja
Clearly they have outgrown each other and I'd suggest Phil Jackson book for Checo. He fit perfectly in that and with that.
Crisbert Angelo Villamil
and now, Checo gets the green light for the Red Bull seat of Albon. Excited to see this man next season in a competitive car beside Verstappen.
McPlayer8t 27 napja
Such a nice guy, we need more drivers like this.
JMB 27 napja
Checo is going to crush it at Redbull
M. Andika Permanajati
The redbull comments aged very well 😁. Congrats checo, u deserve it
mohit aggarwal
mohit aggarwal 27 napja
whos here after checo signed for red bull?
Aziz Hussein Z
Aziz Hussein Z 27 napja
He is trying his best to not saying he gonna go to Red Bull
Leo 27 napja
Letting checo go will be Laurence strolls biggest failure. I understand lance and all, but in a victory situation. Checo and Seb would have been terrifying
Antonio CGonzález
Its like a breakup...
szewei85 27 napja
finally he chose the austrian bull team after the epic fail at MCLAREN also great fairytale ending though i still wishes GEORGE to win but that will be another time
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli 27 napja
Thank you, Red Bull Racing. 🙏🏼
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli 27 napja
Such a great lad. Such a great lad. ❤️❤️❤️ I wish him tremendous success at Red Bull. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
karremania 28 napja
Somehow i start to like the guy, pretty serious but a dedicated racer. Sure he be 'best wingman' at RBR, but he's serious and that might suit Verstappen maybe quite alot.
Lord Bogus
Lord Bogus 28 napja
Fun fact: RB released a photo of Perez, Horner and Helmut Marko after signing the contract. And the curtains in the background of the photo where of the W hotel. So it could be that the contract was signed there in Abhu Dhabi. It's very likely he already knew he was going to get the contract before this interview
vhpp69 28 napja
Congratulations Checo Pérez! you are already a RB Racer VIVA MÉXICO
Brandon Everett
Brandon Everett 28 napja
So happy he got the drive at Red Bull, Checo deserves it fully
Palfeb31987 28 napja
Anyone who says Checo has no personality, needs to have a reality check. The guy is a fighter at heart, darling amongst his teammates, supremely talented and immensely professional. Everytime there is a setback, he fights back. Checo is one of the shining examples for "Never give up".
slaphappy11445 28 napja
Gameboy 2102
Gameboy 2102 28 napja
HE GOT A SEAT!!!!!!!!!
Davie Man
Davie Man 28 napja
Regardless of whether he can beat Max or not, he is already a champion! Such a genuine bloke. Respect!
Radhey Srivastava
He is a man of values... An asset to any team and a brilliant driver as well.... Stroll obviously don't realise any of it... Congratulations to him to joining Aston Martin... I am really happy he has a seat next year..
Robb Phillips
Robb Phillips 28 napja
Cheko got his chance next year.
MrSander1998 28 napja
And now he is probably the best line-up together with Max, lets go Checo! 💪🏼
Marcus Matrix
Marcus Matrix 28 napja
Sergio needs to hire the makeup artist who did Will Buxton's hair If anyone has any tips on how to get an hairdo like that , let me know
Dr Srikanth Tirumala
T Cruise oh sorry Checo is going to do the MI, challenge for the championship in 2021
Hecho en México
Cada día brillas más Checo Pérez!!! Live to México 🇲🇽👌
Anjunae C
Anjunae C 29 napja
Checo to Red Bull! So excited for him.
Viva Mexico 🇲🇽 💚🇲🇽💚🇲🇽💚🇲🇽💚🇲🇽💚🇲🇽💚💚💼💚💚💚
André Barbosa
André Barbosa 29 napja
A great heart, a great driver, hope his future become with lots of victories and sucess.
Ken Tan
Ken Tan 29 napja
Watching this after knowing Checo will have that Red Bull seat is just right in the feels. This interview was so heartfelt. Them feels...
RyanP 29 napja
He got the seat! So happy for him
Mohd Haziq Mohd Janis
He joined red bull for 2021
pgale 29 napja
This looks like best thing that could happen to him now landing RB seat.
Camping With Ruffles
bring padock pass back to youtube
Critical Karma
Critical Karma 29 napja
You mean 7 Years at Force India / Racing Point
They Race Me So Hard
Get in there Red Bull!!!!!
Aditya Ganguly
Aditya Ganguly 29 napja
Here after the announcement
SiaTrash 29 napja
Who is here after he got a seat in red bull.Happy for him but sad for Alex😥
Ákos Szabó
Ákos Szabó 29 napja
Welcome to Red Bull Checo! You absolutely deserved it!
Erik J
Erik J 29 napja
Well... this is old news. Awesome to hear the Red Bull taking him in
Dan Wilkie
Dan Wilkie 29 napja
Red Bull 2021 confirmed! Woohoo!
鈴木二郎 29 napja
R🅿 to R🅱...I hope he makes 🅱's mean more positive :)
Perez is going to red bull
David Caballero
David Caballero 29 napja
And now RedBull got em lets go
Shashank S
Shashank S 29 napja
He's with RB now! Wohoooo!
Xavi Lisbona
Xavi Lisbona 29 napja
Vega Guy702
Vega Guy702 29 napja
Hola Red Bull 2021. 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽💪💪💪💪💪🐃🐃🐃🐃
trishul sherigar
He is at redbull now😍😍
Cheeeseburger 29 napja
Checo to RB!! Let's actually go boys!!!
Munir Feisal
Munir Feisal 29 napja
Who's here after Checo got signed by RedBull! 💯 GAME ON
Who is here after Redbull Signing!
PCS Racing Network
Who’s here after Perez is going to red bull
LIGHTNINX 29 napja
Finally he got a seat
Vlerke Damne
Vlerke Damne 29 napja
Salvatore Cagliari
What a shame. You deserve a top seat. This is not the way to handle persons. It's the way it is, but it's not right! Apart from marketing reasons, there is no reason to replace you. Even that I like Seb and I love to see him still in F1, this should not have gone this way
Az 29 napja
I think Perez and Vettel as a team would have seen them grow to new heights, even if both were only 1, 2 or 3 year contracts, it would have been a really strong, experienced and multiple win capable team. Feel for Checo!
Chris Ravenci
Chris Ravenci 29 napja
Maxi F
Maxi F 29 napja
Mega Season great years He is the new Redbull mate of Max both want to win & be great drivers let them be a team
Mihir Sahastrabudhe 10 A
Checo is such a nice guy after such a bad decision of Lawrence any other driver will be raging on Lawrence .But he was thanking him how can anyone be so selfless Edit - Checo is in redbull 🥳🥳🥳🥳
itachi the homie
H12 Cxerti
H12 Cxerti 29 napja
Checo saved this team and is being kicked out
alfonso santos
alfonso santos 29 napja
Pure class.
Richard Todd
Richard Todd 29 napja
Absolutely criminal if this guy doesn't get a drive in a decent team when you've got Albon, Bottas, Vettel, Ocon
Ruchi Rawat
Ruchi Rawat 29 napja
The interview goes straight to the heart . SO much emotion & passion. Respect for Checo. Amazing driver and a great person by heart ❤️ Written by Dr. Rajesh Kankavlikar
Hashim Muhammad
Hashim Muhammad 29 napja
Checo signed with Redbull yesterday
Hr. Schmidt
Hr. Schmidt 29 napja
Bring that guy to Redbull!
Mammut 29 napja
Great interview. I still cannot believe that he is without contract in F1. I reckon it tells a lot what rules this sport today.
Oscar Quijas
Oscar Quijas 29 napja
I like f1 for a long time but since i saw checo in force india being the small team fighting vs the top guys and even win was so motivate for the real life, and with checo i became from a normal guy that like the sport to a huge fan. That now f1 is my fav sport even over football
J PF 29 napja
Love him or love him he’s brilliant
cesar martinez
cesar martinez 29 napja
that is a team member.
Marijn fly
Marijn fly 29 napja
Best wishes to Pérez at Red Bull.
Shobhit Singh
Shobhit Singh 29 napja
This is enough to make a grown man cry! Hope he is signed by RedBull soon! PS. Most of the fans here are Indian from the Force India Era! Force India made F1 a thing in India, before that F1 in India was a niche!
TruelloTube 29 napja
My favourite driver on the grid since his debut, hopefully Red Bull come through for him.
Cecil Adrian
Cecil Adrian 29 napja
You could see the pain the interviewer's face/
JK20C2 Hónapja
Watch Racing Point kick Vettel if he does better than Stroll next year lol
Emmeline Stroll
Emmeline Stroll Hónapja
Bon rétablissement pépé mendoza
fabiogermanico Hónapja
Welcome to Red Bull.
Shreesha Shastry
Checo and Hulk in Force India was great time🔥
SE Hónapja
Red Bull would be be insane to not give him Albon's seat next year.
El Chos
El Chos Hónapja
I'm happy Checo left STROLLs-Racing Point. It's obvious Lawerance gave instructions to sabotage Pérez, so his Junior (a very very very average driver) would look as bad as he did. They'll do the same to Sebastian which he lived at Ferrari and now he is going to live it at STROLLs' team. As long as the Canadian shady businessman owns the majority, and his mediocre driver son is there, this team will never experience its full potential and never will be higher as Checo took them (unless really support Vettel).
Naufal Rizky
Naufal Rizky Hónapja
Just give this man a red bull seat.!!
Johnanthony Nieves
Sergio and ricciardo petronas that would be fun
Pescara Productions
Checo being cast aside really marked the end of Force India/Racing Point for me. It was the point where the corporatization of the plucky underdog team had begun. They certainly retained the Jordan fighting spirit that existed in the 90's and I think Checo probably hurts knowing that as much as he hurts over potentially being out of a drive next year. I imagine he feels like he's worked there for a lifetime only to suddenly be dropped for a driver who's own talent looks to have faded a few seasons ago. Lets hope we see him do a final year with Red Bull, as a sort of farewell present. Because a no nonsense guy like him could at least show to us all whether or not the rumours are true that RB has become 'Max Verstappen Racing'
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