Sergio Perez's Incredible Fightback From Last To First | 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix 

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On his 190th F1 start, Perez had been forced to pit at the end of Lap 1, dropping to last place. But an incredible turn of pace from the Mexican allowed him to benefit from Mercedes’ pit error to sensationally claim his and Racing Point’s first ever victory.
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Andres 22 órája
no mercedes 1-2 but yes pink mercedes 1-3
Yehohnathan Herrera
This is the reason he deserves the redbull seat. He absolutely is a bullet when it works for him. We will see how he handles a different car.
sivasu sivara
sivasu sivara 2 napja
SonGoku San
SonGoku San 2 napja
Russell after the Pit Stop disaster: I can overtake Perez Russell's engiiner: We have a puncture Russell: *ANGRY ENGLISH INTENSE*
jos escobar
jos escobar 3 napja
As a checo fan, the Lando overtake scared me
Adan Valdez
Adan Valdez 3 napja
Y el piloto del día se lo dan a Russell, no mames de risa! 😆 Checo pilotazo y el rebase a Ocon es de verdadero Maestro, como cambia de trayectorias y Ocon ni se entera por donde lo ataca! 👍🇲🇽
Sai Hruthik Karumanchi
This is an absolute Master Class!!
AuroraForza 4 napja
What fittipaldi is that it's not emerson is it? (Sorry if this sounds dumb I don't know the full roster for Bahrain this year also not fully up on f1)
The Red Baron
The Red Baron 9 napja
F1 needs to make this happen more often if this sport needs to get any more popular then it already is.
Arhat Ménez
Arhat Ménez 10 napja
engenier: Fittipaldi ahead Fittipaldi ahead Me: what is Emmerson doin´ here? oohhhh wait...
Aldo Valenzuela
Aldo Valenzuela 10 napja
I need a edit of this video with eurobeat
Carlos Brito
Carlos Brito 11 napja
PROMO :!:!:
PROMO :!:!: 11 napja
Jolsen Kang
Jolsen Kang 11 napja
Nicholas Latifi Supposed is not 16 like Charles leclerc lol
Mario Velazquez
Mario Velazquez 11 napja
He find hes cornering on every lap was at the same spot of the circuit and explored like no one else in that race.....well done for checo and hes teammates
Grayson Martin
Grayson Martin 11 napja
I think Perez is one of the best drivers in F1
Alvaro Soares
Alvaro Soares 11 napja
Perez wins Everybody likes it
RXS stra
RXS stra 12 napja
why is this so relaxing to wacht
Misael Medina
Misael Medina 12 napja
This is amazing🇲🇽🏎
Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores
The tiger is out and will have lions for dinner.
Rokio 13 napja
Where's the fight with Ocon?!
Carmen Jiménez
Carmen Jiménez 14 napja
Im too sad about Russell
Andrey Ferreira
Andrey Ferreira 14 napja
Merecidamente 👏👏
Cuando todo empieza bien, y de repente el destino te pone a la cola, te preguntas que hacer? Me lamento? Me conformo con ir al paso hasta donde llegue? O le meto todo el acelerador? Mientras la televisora miraba solo a los punteros, y de Checo nadie se enteraba, solo que el mexicano intensificó su manejo, con un atrevimiento solo visto en los grandes y pocos pilotos que han dejado huella en la F1, hasta que en un descuido las televisoras lo ven aparecer en la 5a posición, WHAT IT'S THIS, nadie lo vio venir, hasta que todos quedaron mudos por unos instantes, cuando Checo ya estaba en la P1, creo que las Televisoras tenían su favorito en Russel, y le seguían enfocando para verlo arrebatar el 1er lugar a Checo, pero el destino y la fortuna le venían desde el cielo al mexicano! Al primero que se le cayeron los calzones fue al dueño de la escudería, al señor Stroll, dejo ir al bueno tan solo por conservar a su inmaduro y corajudo hijo! Felicidades mi Checo. Tu carrera pasa a la lista como una de las mejores corridas en toda la historia de la Fórmula1. Viva México!
Arthur Santos
Arthur Santos 15 napja
I'm a fan of Lewis Hamilton not a fan of Sergio checo Perez
María Magdalena Mixuhca
So what? 😆
FatMatt 15 napja
Mexican here, glad perez got a seat for 2021 with red bull. Viva mexico!
the_roadrunner 16 napja
Чеко ещё всем напихает!
AlexVids 16 napja
Best cars in the world. Recently fell in love with f1.
Kevin Mason
Kevin Mason 16 napja
And thats how you do it !!! go, go , Checo , show RED BULL how it done .
BBSzangão 17 napja
Amazing Checo, never gave up. Go Mexico. 💪🏽👏👏👏👍🏽
Paulo Eduardo
Paulo Eduardo 18 napja
Penduga Nafsu
Penduga Nafsu 18 napja
russel don't like this
Mateo Muniz
Mateo Muniz 18 napja
*This race must be in History!* Checo will put both Strolls in place! And again, starting from back (no seat), will be ahead of them on 2021!!
Cole Custer & Noah Gragson Fan 41 9
Why is Latifi #16?
Παναγιωτης Κουκελλης
Όπως και να'χει είναι η 100/100 η Μερσεντες το 2019 Να δούμε φέτος τι θα μας παρουσιάσουν. Την έχει κάνει για ρεντ μπουλ ως δεύτερος οδηγός έτσι δεν είναι? Φέτος πήγαν πολύ καλά
AP7GMNG 19 napja
Imagine if his engine blown on the last 3 laps
Blue Skies Flyer
The win that practically united F1 fan base.
Cursedsloth4785 19 napja
When you put the driver difficulty to 0 on the f1 game
JuliusAlexander 19 napja
Just awesome
Alcimar Sant'anna Cardoso
Натик Джафаров
Перес красавчик!!!
Juan Canales
Juan Canales 19 napja
LeClerc did it again!. Stroll in Russia, Vettel in Red Bull Ring. What a brat.
Luiza Castro
Luiza Castro 20 napja
This editing is phenomenal
SefromInRoblox 20 napja
"Keep going, Checo!"
Jawimozz 20 napja
1:37 Since when Latifi got n°16.. It's Leclerc's number
Zefanja Copini
Zefanja Copini 20 napja
Nicholas Leclerc 1:36
María José Robalino
Sergio is underrated
Facu MF
Facu MF 20 napja
_Increíble habilidad en un auto de rendimiento medio, absolutamente mejor que Niggamilton._
Reynaldo Gonzalez
Best driving ever...
Luis Felipe Vazquez P
Feliz 2021 Raza!
Jose GH
Jose GH 21 napja
This was my best moment of the season😎
adb 2
adb 2 21 napja
one of the most brilliant drivers on the grid
Milind Patkar
Milind Patkar 21 napja
Perez is so focused on race he knows what to do when to do afterall he is king of tyres checo takes verstappen easy now i want to see verstappen face after he gets beat up by he's own team mate .
Jon 710
Jon 710 22 napja
Shout out to the pit crew, Dayum that’s quick
Micheil Leil
Micheil Leil 23 napja
The fact that racing point were willing to give him up over stroll just tells you enough about the type of team they are.
Alberto Moretto
Alberto Moretto 23 napja
I guess he will never forget this race.
Rodrigo Perez
Rodrigo Perez 23 napja
Grande checo 🇲🇽
Angelito de Jesus
1 Per 2 Oco 3
-=BullS*EyeS=- 23 napja
I already want to see Checo on that Red Bull. And also Vettel in Checo's car.
Jim Copple
Jim Copple 23 napja
Incredible Drive !
Anonm E
Anonm E 24 napja
Playstation "easy" mode!
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 24 napja
el takuache cuh
el takuache cuh 24 napja
Hopefully checo shines next season with redbull. This is his chance to race for contending team. Redbull did need a seasoned driver to team up with their star. I think it was a great choice by redbull honestly. Checo has proven himself especially with a low tier team for the longest doing what he can. But with the new F1 rules we'll see how everyone does now that everyone is limited to 175million budgets
The Amazing Squim
He turned the AI down to 60%
Lucas 24 napja
...you're crying
Alessandra Souza
If Hamilton was there Perez would've brought second
toneykk 21 napja
We never knew
Swrve™ 24 napja
Happiness in a video
Arouklas 24 napja
What do u mean with box??
abeltrac 23 napja
# Chaos
# Chaos 24 napja
Sudmatic Motors
Sudmatic Motors 24 napja
Why does his steering inputs seem rough to me?
felipe.elias84 25 napja
One of the worst race edit ever made here...
toneykk 23 napja
XK mamón.
TheRealHoltzy 25 napja
F1 Experts in 2020: : "It's too hard to overtake in F1 Nowadays" Checo "Hold my Tequila"
Mark Raahauge
Mark Raahauge 25 napja
I really hope he can take the fight to Verstappen.
SpoilerOne- La trama e la recensione
Curious thing: Williams crash start the pit stop problem that made Russell lose the race
Vlady Castillo
Vlady Castillo 25 napja
14 rebases último y ganar lo bueno k es piloto de pago pa los k creen eso saludos
Alejandro Lino
Alejandro Lino 25 napja
0:55 "A lot can happen in this race" and ooooh boy it happened!
Gumnaam Aadmi
Gumnaam Aadmi 25 napja
For those saying that this win was ‘gifted’ by Mercedes, remember that Merc has accepted such gifts too.
Wilson Goh
Wilson Goh 26 napja
So heartwarming to see Lance Stroll locking up to let him pass.
Roledy Cruz
Roledy Cruz 26 napja
A mi me encanta los locos.
Irving Vazquez
Irving Vazquez 26 napja
Me when I change to easy mode:
Eliseo Juárez
Eliseo Juárez 26 napja
Now that is an F1 driving MASTER CLASS.
Daniel AH
Daniel AH 26 napja
Why is the softness of the tires such an important piece of info before a takeover?
The Harpan
The Harpan 26 napja
Can someone tell me what is the meaning of "someone ahead, soft"?
Danish Azmi
Danish Azmi 25 napja
Car ahead is on soft tires
Quintus Crinis
Quintus Crinis 26 napja
Remember seeing Checo at Silverstone in 2010 when he was a F2 driver - all cars nearly the same and, as I recall, he won by about 8 seconds over 20 laps while "saving tires". Knew then he had the potential to be extraordinary - shame it's taken 10 seasons (and Alonso's retirement) but so glad to see him finally win.
Suhail K
Suhail K 26 napja
Exactly.. What a brilliant drive.. Classic Checo!!! 😁 😁 😁
Vijay Manoharan
Vijay Manoharan 26 napja
Can’t wait to see how 2021 this deserving race winner in Redbull. 👍
Varun 26 napja
2:53...Perez comes out of T1 & does short shifting from 3rd gear to 4th gear! Thats a mastery u gain only by experience. He did it so that he can go easy & generate extra load on the tyres & also that he wont have to stick to Ocon's gearbox in the run to T4 braking point. If he did normal shifting, he may not have pulled off that move!
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern 26 napja
Last to 1st challenge - complete!
Pedro Jr
Pedro Jr 26 napja
Racing point has the ugliest car in the grid
jaybiegs 26 napja
Brilliant drive
J bow
J bow 27 napja
Who else here after red bull signed him?
lleyck 27 napja
What a champ! 1️⃣🏅🏆🥇🎖️
Remi Hleihel
Remi Hleihel 27 napja
Has anyone else ever occupied every single position in a F1 race?
HKF1 26 napja
Jenson Button...
AF 27 napja
yess everyone wants Russel to win..but Perez deserved too!!
HKF1 26 napja
Nah who wants to watch yet another Merc 1-2?
James P.
James P. 27 napja
Who turned on rubber banding?! This isn’t Mario Kart!
HKF1 26 napja
They gave him too many of those power ups they give to the guys that are in last, not fair.
rohit patnaik
rohit patnaik 27 napja
That background music is lit🔥
Bravo 🎉
hector montegro
hector montegro 27 napja
why the background music?
Jose Araiza
Jose Araiza 27 napja
Tanítok 3 k**va jó trükköt!
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