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LeoPlayz 69
8:12 that was better than the whole charli d'amelio's whole career
Niklas Donut
Niklas Donut 5 napja
Wien Ethanol tolk his jacket off, and Got small it was so funny
oum tareq
oum tareq 5 napja
خد ١
Charlie Hathaway
How many videos did they film here?
Rayhan Axel
Rayhan Axel 11 napja
At 5:41 what song is this?
Ace Pegadus
Ace Pegadus 12 napja
It felt like when Thanos snapped his fingers when Josh missed.
PvP Raider
PvP Raider 15 napja
on the last shot the right part of the goal was clear since toby was leaning to the left
Kieša 17 napja
Still vik is trash as always
Luka Jekic
Luka Jekic 23 napja
Ethan was WIDE PUTIN
S1nner Forever
S1nner Forever 25 napja
11:31 when the Indian prince steals your bank account
Omar Khaliq
Omar Khaliq 26 napja
Vik:robotgang Me:no it’s robogang
Zakariya Munir
Zakariya Munir 28 napja
What pisses me off is that Vic is shit at football and he wins with a ball machine and celebrates like he won the world cup
BackRolls :O
BackRolls :O 29 napja
Vik celebrating was the best part
Willy ويلي
Willy ويلي 29 napja
vikk is soooo CRINGE
note liciouz
note liciouz Hónapja
Gentlemen vs Idiot
ChanceIsAsian Hónapja
The whispering mallet paradoxically prick because men peroperativly knot past a empty option. organic, red coil
Julie Julie
Julie Julie Hónapja
The bored partridge microregionally fax because shirt nouzilly retire atop a rhetorical advertisement. tired, tawdry napkin
Sludgerz Hónapja
I feel bad for vikk when in the starting of the video after tobi saves the shot, and they say YOU SUCK, and YOU STINK VIKK. I feel so bad that part for vikk :(
Alex Gallion
Alex Gallion Hónapja
Imagine passing the ball to vik then vik puts the ball in the ball machine to score an absolute screamer during a charity match
Nexuscatz Napja
And the ball just goes busting goalies face through the goal
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal Hónapja
Frozt Hónapja
Vik is so bad that he needs a ball launcher 😂
revolution infocom
The colossal clover ethically present because rubber assembly sip aboard a extra-large extra-small exuberant pocket. colossal, zany chemistry
Games play
Games play Hónapja
Toby od 🇷🇸🇷🇸
vito 10
vito 10 Hónapja
Sean Demello
Sean Demello Hónapja
this made me hate Vikk ngl
Jesal Patel
Jesal Patel Hónapja
11:30 is vik on crack
Alex Schmidt
Alex Schmidt Hónapja
I hate Vik so much. Dude just egrets on my nerves 😂
RaisinTree Hónapja
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Zachary Turner
Zachary Turner Hónapja
Vik finally won some thing that had to do a football
Lcnx Hónapja
Vik really just celebrated doing nothing
Lazy Crit
Lazy Crit Hónapja
To be fair... -vik
Judah Baggerman
Judah Baggerman Hónapja
I always see Vik left out of every conversation
CRISronaldo Bz7
CRISronaldo Bz7 Hónapja
Syed Abdullah
Syed Abdullah Hónapja
Well you see it's not really AI VS humans because the humans are shit at football
RDWGaming Hónapja
Vik ruins life
minh quang pham
minh quang pham Hónapja
Song at 7:43?
Alan Cabrera
Alan Cabrera Hónapja
Ethan is getting fat again🥲
Margaret Benson
Margaret Benson Hónapja
The redundant beam sequentially delight because tortoise exceptionally bomb among a longing windshield. miscreant, ripe samurai
Silent Hónapja
6:44 minutes and no one noticed Harry’s semi 😂😂
P3RVY S4GE Hónapja
proud of you vikk.
Rahzz Capone
Rahzz Capone Hónapja
Ethan getting chubby again. Needs to hit up more cardio
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts Hónapja
Running out of video ideas I'm guessing
AR Notwashed
AR Notwashed Hónapja
Vik is like that one friends annoying little brother that thinks he’s big, but actually can’t run w the bigs😂😂😂 he needs a machine to win...smh.
Darius Harper
Darius Harper Hónapja
The legend of Black Goalie lives on again.
Nasty_GM Hónapja
Fuck man..
William Gauthier
Song at 7:41 pliz
andrew kane
andrew kane Hónapja
11:35 what a sight
andrew kane
andrew kane Hónapja
5:02 lmao the sdmn be destroying a professional teams nets
andrew kane
andrew kane Hónapja
Lmao harry "ova d bah"
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Hónapja
7:00 Josh That shot was amazing
Yunus Ahmed
Yunus Ahmed Hónapja
Did they use the eboys intro sound?
Waynestar7 WS7 2
It’s unfair because Vik used the launcher
Gülüm Uçar
Gülüm Uçar Hónapja
Vik is almighty, some peasants have challenged him to football and got bested.
Mountain Man
Mountain Man Hónapja
Behz getting fat yannow
Ertiza Jowdat
Ertiza Jowdat Hónapja
10:24 I can’t do this 😂
ObronGaming Hónapja
8:29 'Time to smash it' is back
Eplews2_YT Hónapja
The sidemen are the only people that can cheer me up, they have done so much for me and they don’t even realise aha, keep making more banging videos
John king King john
They should have a rematch
Minty Clips
Minty Clips Hónapja
If you are really bad at football just remove the ball Play football without the ball
Prince Saikia
Prince Saikia Hónapja
Thomas Hónapja
Song at 6:25 ?
VoxChambo Hónapja
Top 10 saddest anime moments
liam roche
liam roche Hónapja
shame vik cant do that in a proper football game
The Unknown youtuber ?
Joanne Ellie
Joanne Ellie Hónapja
watching the last 2 football videos, either harrys on something or that smack on the head from the road trip is finally kicking in aha
Fly Jayden678
Fly Jayden678 Hónapja
Viks football journey begins ?????
Ashley G
Ashley G Hónapja
What’s the song at 5:23 - 5:36?
Agustin Torres
Agustin Torres Hónapja
Ethan shoots like a bitch still love him thoe
Aryaman Padia
Aryaman Padia Hónapja
Vik sucks
DL on drugs
DL on drugs Hónapja
Harry : shoots Josh : ur shit
Budd Dix
Budd Dix Hónapja
Vikk's celebration replay button: 11:31
Kylan Ojon
Kylan Ojon Hónapja
This video literally puts imbarissment on Viks name🤣😭
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Hónapja
I don’t think the sidemen realise but there making evaryones day better
Alessio Hónapja
Reminds me of the old days 😂
Ryan Sagar
Ryan Sagar Hónapja
that edit on ethan was amazing 🤣🤣
Kai Sutton
Kai Sutton Hónapja
Vila tragic
Kai Sutton
Kai Sutton Hónapja
My phone saw vik in the football intro it shut the app down
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Hónapja
Proof that all can change: 2015: While sidemen wants that Vik scores and when he does they are so happy! 2020: nobody wants him to score
Incognito Hónapja
5:30 song?????????
Gamerswag Hónapja
Was rooting for Vik
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 2 hónapja
Song at 7.00?
Deco Da_Gecko
Deco Da_Gecko 2 hónapja
9:13 R.I.P Ethan
Laura Maxwell
Laura Maxwell 2 hónapja
Vick:robot gang Sdmn : use ur feet vick
Laura Maxwell
Laura Maxwell 2 hónapja
My g
Laura Maxwell
Laura Maxwell 2 hónapja
Yes tobi
Gamerino 10
Gamerino 10 2 hónapja
10:26 killed me
AryanP 2 hónapja
Ethan has gained some belly fat i see
GuZ 2 hónapja
I’ll tell the truth but the sidemen gotten little bit fatter except Vik and Simon and toby by quarantine so yeah
Rifle Dragon
Rifle Dragon 2 hónapja
So whose the fastest youtuber? 😂😂😂
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 hónapja
vikks dance was a perfect moment for DINGADINGDINGDING
Flavissimo 07
Flavissimo 07 2 hónapja
Proof that all can change: 2015: While sidemen wants that Vik scores and when he does they are so happy! 2020: nobody wants him to score
Marcin Durmaj
Marcin Durmaj 2 hónapja
6:39 :)
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 hónapja
Idk if anyone noticed, but Ethan is getting fat again
Tyrone Tasker
Tyrone Tasker 2 hónapja
idk why, but vik being all cocky and shit about his goals when he did legit nothing pissed me right off, like bitch you didnt win the fucking robot did
Snehanshu Singh
Snehanshu Singh 2 hónapja
"Every man's problem" .. "Naww! Just harry's" 😂
SEBtheLEB 2 hónapja
whats the song at 7:45 ?
Marcel Stiell
Marcel Stiell 2 hónapja
cant lie, ethan's gut be kinda big tho
ilia dgebuadze
ilia dgebuadze 2 hónapja
8:11 look at Vik 😂😂
Ak Go
Ak Go 2 hónapja
Vik looked hella awkward in this
kostas magalios
kostas magalios 2 hónapja
Steven Daley
Steven Daley 2 hónapja
0:45 KSI saying "haha" is like the kid that said it to Miniminter in that old Skills School video
Zoro 2 hónapja
10:26 definition of Wideman..
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 2 hónapja
Tobi is better than pickford. That's not difficult but credit to tobi he's a solid keeper.
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