Speed and Heartbreak: The Story of Imola In Formula 1 

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Formula 1 returns to Imola! Will Buxton takes a look back at the history of the Imola, from incredible action and wheel-to-wheel battles around the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari through to the tragedy of the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix weekend.
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David O
David O 3 napja
Rest in Peace Roland and Ayrton. Taken too soon.
Mark Daywalker
Mark Daywalker 12 napja
Schumacher 4 Eva 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪
Dawid Kamień
Dawid Kamień 14 napja
Ayrton Senna: If I were to succumb to some serious accident, I would rather die right away.
Kartik Mangalampalli
Any chance anyone knows the starting background music?
Milton Ferreira Junior
Ezzxe22 21 napja
I was 5yo when Senna died, used to watch f1 with my father on Sundays, even has a kid I loved the sounds the cars made, and me being Portuguese Senna came as a natural favorite, my father told me to look for the yellow helmet, there I was watching on that Sunday, everything happen so fast I didn't realise what it was, my father shut off the TV. Since then he never really watched f1 with the same pation, o still enjoy it, I was there for all the Shumi years, Alonso and Vettel, now Hamilton and I am still here. But some part of the joy died with Senna. It's kinda sad to see what f1 has become, he did warned us about it.
Captain Haddock
Captain Haddock 22 napja
Should've mentioned the 2005 classic...
Matthew Hyland
Matthew Hyland 22 napja
Man all alone no one in site has a mask on that is peak sheep mentality
Mychal Reynolds
Mychal Reynolds 22 napja
I just started watching F1 and this video taught me so much about the sport, including how Aryton passed. I thought he passed from a disease or age.
Thomas Muc
Thomas Muc 22 napja
1:21 BAVARIA!!!
Joao Filho
Joao Filho 22 napja
Here in Brazil some say that "died an idol to born an legend". Hard to accept it
FJM76 22 napja
1:28 monza not imola
Osagie Osarefe
Osagie Osarefe 22 napja
Re- name the track. Artyon Senna circuit. Or stop racing formula one cars there forever.
andre lara
andre lara 22 napja
Senna 🍾
KHASAN 22 napja
But no one cares About senna?
A_Hopeful 22 napja
That was truly poignant watch. Couldn't finish without welling up as the inevitable mention of 1994 came up. RIP Senna. RIP Ratzenberger. This track means so much for F1, it has to be there every yr, even if it's the dullest race of the season. Just imagine a packed Imola, in happy times, with all the Tifosi in there.
Vitor Fox
Vitor Fox 23 napja
March 17 1994 was my 10th birthday and I asked my parents to throw me an Ayrton Senna inspired bday party because he was such an idol to me. I dressed up as him with the red racing suit and had Senna decorations all over the house including a Mclaren car bday cake.
Sam Freeman
Sam Freeman 23 napja
Take off the masks, clowns. The programming is not working
Stuart Lark
Stuart Lark 23 napja
Why has he got a mask on when he is not around people ?
David Jones
David Jones 23 napja
Beautifully done Will.
Andrew Meadows
Andrew Meadows 23 napja
Why does Hamilton's accent change year to year
Glauco Forte
Glauco Forte 23 napja
Let's get rid of these boring, political street circuits we have today. We sould bring back Imola, Donington, Nurburgring, Istambul Park, Portimao, etc...Also, the mistake Bottas made just clipping the gravel was exciting for the race, it allowed Max to go through. Gravel should ne back because it penalises the mistakes. F-1 drivers are suppose to go for the limit without exceeding it, and gravel is wonderful for it.
Armand Vezier
Armand Vezier 23 napja
1:28 , Watson's crash in ... Monza, not Imola.
Kevin Flores
Kevin Flores 23 napja
Now Lewis hamilton has nearly raced around the world.
Erik 1504
Erik 1504 23 napja
Codies should update F1 2020 by adding all the tracks that really formed part of this year's calendar
Colgan 23 napja
F1 and Football are the only things that have kept me sane this year
szewei85 23 napja
Haha thks gawd rubens was not the 3rd casualty back then or else🤯🤯🙈🙈
Alex Llg
Alex Llg 23 napja
Shows what f1 has become hungry money grabbing sport to quit racing in this legendary track they go somewhere else to get money only one team wins all f1 is dead today
Stop Apologising
1:25 but thats Monza...
Tatum Siga
Tatum Siga 23 napja
Ope for the best for bottas. Bottas plz deliver some exiting racing.
Rocky Calabrese
Rocky Calabrese 23 napja
1:25-1:30 is Monza, not Imola.
Doktor Bundy
Doktor Bundy 23 napja
The narrator wears a mask in the nature, being alone. haha dislike.
GreaseMan 23 napja
Who? I dunno that guy. I started watching F1 after the Netflix documentary.
Toxort 23 napja
Will Buxton is a great presenter!
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce 23 napja
I can't help but cry whenever I see this circuit Rip all that died at this circuit
Michael Resayogananditha
I still remember the following morning. I was 5 at the moment and it was monday morning. My mother wakes me up and bear the news about Ayrton Senna's death.
Andrew H
Andrew H 23 napja
I've loved the revised calendar this year, imagine how exciting it would be if we had an actual championship contest, rather than a Hamilton - Mercedes procession. I understand how the calendar works in terms of the financials, but give me the old classic tracks over the modern Tilke cookie-cutters anyday.
Niels Leenknegt
Niels Leenknegt 23 napja
They should've named this gp "GP di Senna e Ratzenberger" to honor the lives of those who risked everything.
Karan Vinod
Karan Vinod 23 napja
Okay, educate me here about the fact that Senna and Prost had where whoever leads into the first corner essentially remains unchallenged for the rest of the race and thereby wins the GP. What kind of nonsense is that?
The Dad Chats
The Dad Chats 23 napja
What a fantastic piece from will
Captain Canada
Captain Canada 24 napja
What is the point of the presenter wearing a mask when he's speaking outdoors many feet away from any other crew?
T Someone
T Someone 24 napja
It's wonderful to be back at Imola and to see Senna again! Amazing that it's only old people watching F1 now
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 24 napja
"Desperately young"?
Mark Hezinger
Mark Hezinger 24 napja
i know this presenter is trying hard, but I can't stand him.
Gavin Teague
Gavin Teague 24 napja
Can we have a moment of silence for senna who lost his life here in 1994
NPowa99 24 napja
Will and Sam are literally irreplaceable
KuchingKing VideoGamer
the current generation of F1 race cars are too big for this track..It'll likely be a one-off race if the race tomorrow would be a processional one.
Darren Walters
Darren Walters 24 napja
Is it only me that noticed that they cropped the senna onboard so you can’t see his hands and the yellow button on the steering wheel? They did the same on the sky sports series race to perfection to. I find that interesting.
Olivyay 24 napja
From 1:25 to 1:30, when Will says "from its earliest days, the track was notorious for controversy", the images are from Monza, not Imola...
Afonso Amaro
Afonso Amaro 24 napja
0:36 HUrun is gonna get ya, F1
chavi man
chavi man 24 napja
Podrian poner la opcion de subtitulos por lo menos. Lo voy a mirar porque me gusta pero no entiendo nada.
José Alfonso Chávez Portillo
I'm crying..
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson 24 napja
i've watched 1994 crash live on tv... only this year i've visited that iconic monument. sad story.
Blackcore Assault
Senna for ever ✊✊✊
U.S.A.F Colonel
U.S.A.F Colonel 24 napja
Senna was the best of the best
Maria Roseli
Maria Roseli 24 napja
Senna have a flag of austria in this day for homenage rolland i an ever see a video of senna i let down its sad know before his dead the security improves to much just before your death
E Loredo
E Loredo 24 napja
I’m surprised they showed the Marlboro banner at 0:38
juandhaltrich 24 napja
I love Senna so much, but he's not the best ever. That title is only for Fangio
Gabriel Lins
Gabriel Lins 24 napja
One of the most challenging tracks and with many sad stories, others very happy stories SENNA FOREVER❤️
Z M 24 napja
wan kenobi
wan kenobi 24 napja
Man like f1 is lost soul in 2014
MrLukas1881 24 napja
Ayrton and Ronald :(
Nick Nock
Nick Nock 24 napja
Montjuic please
tugatomsk 24 napja
1:25-1:29 That's Monza, not Imola...
Felipe José
Felipe José 24 napja
🇧🇷 Sempre Senna 🇧🇷
Owen Edwards Jr.
Imola and Turkey must return. I was gutted when they were pushed of the calendar.
Online Ghost
Online Ghost 24 napja
This is an amazing work done on this video.
NG Hugues
NG Hugues 24 napja
why imola didn't take part in F1 calendar that many years? it's also one of the grade one track
Jackel14 24 napja
Some mistakes in this at 1:30 it shows Watson crashing at Monza not Imola
arrayam alves
arrayam alves 24 napja
Só pra deixar bem claro odeio imola e nem preciso falar o pq
ZOFA 24 napja
Last time there was a Race in Imola Lance was 7 Lando was 6 Kimi was 5th
Satvik Krishna 47
The background music is from the Fastest Tractor in the world video
Jeroen van Summeren
Williams killed Senna. Change my mind.
Stewart Grindlay
We will never forget. The word Imola and Sam Marino we will always unfortunately link it to Roland and Ayrton. It was a dark weekend and I have never watched the race again nor Japan 2014 The world lost more than two drivers that day. But thank you for the memories!!
Double Bubble Disco Queen
Senna and Ratzenberger will be looking down on tomorrow's race, eating gelato and discussing how different the cars are probably ❤🇧🇷🇦🇹
Mishael Trivennios
F1 the history of the HAMboring time zzzzz
Thijs 101
Thijs 101 24 napja
Senna, we never Forget you ❤️
Dougie Davis
Dougie Davis 24 napja
Fantastic video. Well spoken and put together. However, even though he was the only one well within 6 feet, another beautiful moment ruined by the joke that is the mask.
zayad YT
zayad YT 24 napja
Senna is a legend he is one my favourite drivers
Dauer Christian
Dauer Christian 24 napja
1:22 When the nearby Microstate is presented by the Bavarian Flag
Jack Flash
Jack Flash 24 napja
Personally I feel a bit strange having races at this track again. Just doesn't seem right. Too many dark clouds.
lazybozogamer 123
Senna would've been alive if they didnt lower the cars for that race for more speed as when he went into the corner his wheels turned like they was ment to but snapped back in a straight line as he had damage after the massive sparks. That's why there is now wood under the f1 cars so it can be checked after race
king fighter
king fighter 24 napja
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson 24 napja
Should have kept the final chicane
Petidani0330 24 napja
Yeah, let's forget the 2000s altogether, including Schumacher breaking into tears after equalling Senna's record, or one of the greatest battles in F1 in 2005. Great.
Adithya V
Adithya V 24 napja
Will you are amazing . Thank you for the explanation.
Wadson Gonçalves
Descansem em paz Ayrton e Roland. We miss You...
Willem 24 napja
Spion Silver
Spion Silver 24 napja
back then the drivers only had the bumpy racetrack , a white line and unforgiving kerbs .. anything else was grass , armco or a solid concrete wall .. that was no margin of error .. today they have a lot of turf , painted tarmac , flat and ultrawide kerb relatively smooth surface on the track all around - theres no respect for the white line because there is no danger in crossing it anywhere on the track .. 2nd chances 3rd chances and so on dont dare to compare todays F1 with the hero´s back then !!
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 24 napja
02:26 Just like in 1982 with Pironi and Villeneuve. How strange...
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 24 napja
01:25 why showing Monza? That chicane and the crash of John Watson happened in Monza not Imola.
Renato R.
Renato R. 24 napja
Senna: Big Hero. Senna 4 ever.
Checkyoursix77 24 napja
Imola is my favorite track! I grew up watching f1 and this is my best memories. Miss the old layout, they should have found a better solution for Tamburello corner than that chicane.
stefan bogi
stefan bogi 24 napja
6:19 what is that flag doing there?
Treevill 24 napja
What watach have Will Buxton on hand ???
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira 24 napja
The pact between Senna and Prost if I recall correctly in 1989 it was for only the first lap, not the whole race as it would be absurd
Is it really necessary to wear the mask when there's no one around?
Dan Hicms
Dan Hicms 24 napja
so they gonna bring back a track where two people were killed. on halloween weekend. coincidence? i think not.
Aquiesce24 24 napja
Barrichello wasn't 'gravely injured', he suffered a broken nose & a sprained wrist. Do your research better.
Luka Vukovic
Luka Vukovic 24 napja
There were more serious crashes at Tamburello before Sennas crash and that just sums up how unlucky he was there...
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