Spins, Slides, Scrapes And The Best Onboards | 2020 Turkish Grand Prix | Emirates 

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We've included 10 but it could have been 50. Enjoy the very best onboard action from the brilliant Turkish Grand Prix. Presented by Emirates.
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Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 18 napja
Perhaps more than anyone, I'd love for Charles to win a title. He has a very honest and sober outlook and gives praise when it's due.
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 18 napja
The circuit's the same for everyone, RoGro.
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 18 napja
Latifi said Grosjean like Eddie Irvine would say it.
Scowes 20 napja
Bottas İs idiots 6:53
REDRAGON 25 napja
How many spins do you want? Istanbul Park: YeS
Yavuz Selim
Yavuz Selim 25 napja
5:15 devam devam devam :)
Arthur Cuesta
Arthur Cuesta 29 napja
Grosjean is one of mine
Guilherme Zanetti
Lost count of how many times ocon was used as a brake
Giorgio Giustizieri
11:17 look at the Leclerc's hand. He got the real italian blood🇮🇹🤩
Ls Lifestyle
Ls Lifestyle Hónapja
I don t really know things about f1, but ehy Ocon is nervous, it wasn t his fault? 5:50
Ls Lifestyle
Ls Lifestyle Hónapja
and 7:07
Xw C
Xw C Hónapja
poor ocon
JrP Hónapja
"I am Stewpid"
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Hónapja
2021 reliving all of these 2020 Turkish GP onboard.
Olifromsolly Hónapja
6:01 hamilton barging his way through, making two other drivers spin
Ed Swann
Ed Swann Hónapja
Ocon and Vettel are insane in the wet, whereas Latifi and Bottas are dogshit
SK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PS
Why is ocon starting the race in second prb because the track was so wet so to get used to the wheelspin but still
Einarinen 2 hónapja
Ersin Berke Çiçek
5:12 konuşmaları dinleyin beyler Sdadaa
KianKR 2 hónapja
Jaco's 2 hónapja
8:40 at least you tried
Денис Денис
русские бы субтитры еще,а то я еще не овладел техникой английского языка)
F1 Onboard Brazil
F1 Onboard Brazil 3 hónapja
Amazing!! ⚡⚡⚡⚡
Fabio Borcath
Fabio Borcath 3 hónapja
5:41 Looks the Esteban Ocon's engine sound
Felix Felix
Felix Felix 3 hónapja
The Spin from Max was the best onboard
Joaquim Méndez
Joaquim Méndez 3 hónapja
Seb is rainmaster.
Umut Zamur
Umut Zamur 4 hónapja
Drivers need to relax with the swearing just over the top. It was funny when kimi used to do it now everyone is making it a regular thing who agrees with me?
h 2 hónapja
How exactly did Kimi invent swearing or something? Drivers have been swearing long before Kimi. It’s just a natural reaction.
Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel 4 hónapja
there's no one better than vettel to run in the rain
Hannah Renault
Hannah Renault Hónapja
mateus 4 hónapja
december 22 2020 23:50
LLOYD 4 hónapja
I felt bad for ocon on lap 1
Walid Adjerid
Walid Adjerid 4 hónapja
Mücahit Aslan
Mücahit Aslan 4 hónapja
Ne sövdüler Bee, pilotlar ne yapsın bok gibim pistimiz var... Su birikintisi dolu pistte olmaması gerek.. Aynı bizim otobanlarımız gibi pist yapmışlar...
Seemat 4 hónapja
@2:27 Vettel read Stroll like a book
Cbn Eazy
Cbn Eazy 4 hónapja
8:42 so fckn funny hahaha
Cem Sinan
Cem Sinan 4 hónapja
Jaden 4 hónapja
Lol Hamilton pushing the Renaults out of the way on lap one is basically how I handle races.
Febrian Poerwadi
Febrian Poerwadi 4 hónapja
Press f for ocon
SNEAX_GT 5 hónapja
subscribe to my youtube channel for more exciting gt sport races!
Utku Öz
Utku Öz 5 hónapja
Feel sorry for Leclerc. One of the best on the track.
Roberto Cervantes
Roberto Cervantes 5 hónapja
the podium of baku 2018
Yunus Emre Öztürk
Latifi is the most comfortable driver in f1 he do not have problrm who come frome the back 😄😁🙏
B Imad
B Imad 5 hónapja
13:38 was it cool or on fire ? Make up your mind
Didioliver 5 hónapja
the race track was very easy for Vettel, he knows how to drive at rain
Ceyda Ceylan
Ceyda Ceylan 5 hónapja
You think racing in Turkey was hard? Try living in here...
Omar A
Omar A 5 hónapja
Why did Latifi break so early when he crashed into grosjean
Jon Italia
Jon Italia 5 hónapja
Can anyone tell me please what was the last mistake besides late-braking
Hyungho Chris Choi
Hyungho Chris Choi 5 hónapja
Grosjean: Its everyone elses fault (proceeds to rap in beeps) Leclerc: my fault sry
Leroy Creemers
Leroy Creemers 5 hónapja
i like the sound of the renaults backshifts
Captain Muchlis
Captain Muchlis 5 hónapja
Tips: Every F1 Drivers must accelerate and brake carefully, meanings the track was slippery every session
Brandon Bellchambers
I do feel sorry for Charles leclerc as it wasn't his fault. He did slide and that podium would have been his if that error didn't happen on the wet track
Daniel Fisher
Daniel Fisher 5 hónapja
What i dont understand is how grosean is compaining. He srove straight towards latifi
Groningeneoxide 4 hónapja
Latifi didn’t make the corner and understeered into Grosjean
Ce M
Ce M 5 hónapja
1:37 어 돌아버린거냐
KevinAbillGaming 5 hónapja
Leaked footage of Fast and Furious: Turkyo Drift.
Arhat Ménez
Arhat Ménez 5 hónapja
He is Ocon: Ocon got hit twice Ocon didn´t complain BE LIKE OCON
Formula 1 Tutkumuz
Formula 1 Tutkumuz 5 hónapja
NXZT LVL 5 hónapja
Bring back drivers eye
Illmatic 5 hónapja
Leclerc is such a nice guy!
Leonardo L.M.
Leonardo L.M. 5 hónapja
The avantage of DAS, DRS, Engine Modes in your car... Ban engines for 2021 please
Groningeneoxide 4 hónapja
How are they gonna drive without engines? And they don’t use engine modes anymore. It’s banned since Monza to change the engine mode before or during the race
Mert Emre Aşan
Mert Emre Aşan 5 hónapja
cay babayın şarapçanana
Ömer Faruk Yazici
Ömer Faruk Yazici 5 hónapja
Devam devam devam devam kdkdkdkd
jcuengar 5 hónapja
great compilation
Zl Yasser
Zl Yasser 5 hónapja
So hamilton hut ric nd ric hit ocon nd bottas s🅱️ined cuz of it Wat a chain of events
YAINO 5 hónapja
Tube fe
Kealan Appel
Kealan Appel 5 hónapja
Unlucky for Charles.That Lock up messed his race up.😢
Groningeneoxide 4 hónapja
That isn’t unlucky
Kealan Appel
Kealan Appel 5 hónapja
Well done to Hamilton and Seb.Absolute beauty.
More raining.
Stimulated Stats
Stimulated Stats 5 hónapja
Amazing Turkish Grand Prix
Victor Emanuel
Victor Emanuel 5 hónapja
The track looks like ice
NoobForSoup 5 hónapja
How does Bottas have so much wheelspin, but Hamilton has next to none? Also, Bottas is driving the first lap like I drive in F1 2020.
atomic 5 hónapja
The cause of Ocon spinning is the first one is Hamilton,Ricciardo,and Ocon are side by side and Hamilton squeezes Ricciardo and Ricciardo hit Ocon spun and the second one is probably Bottas hitting the left rear wheel of Ocon causing him to spin out i'm just putting it out there that Ocon spun because of the two mercedes no hate to mercedes tho
mun yus
mun yus 5 hónapja
Latifi was so bad in this race. he proved that he dont deserves that seat
Salyem 12
Salyem 12 5 hónapja
Ocon... Shut up.
LonerSurfer 5 hónapja
Spoiled cry babies racing in the rain
FIFOU DUBLED 5 hónapja
8:01 the ferrari sounds like it has traction control
DuskHorse12860 5 hónapja
I want to see other people win
Leonel Lanot
Leonel Lanot 5 hónapja
🤣🤣🤣 thats what happen when formula 1 car when they made it rally car 🤣🤣🤣 leclerc became mad again 🤣🤣🤣
Ekhy Rausanfikr
Ekhy Rausanfikr 5 hónapja
If you had a bad day today *watch ocon clips*
Gökhan Paçal
Gökhan Paçal 5 hónapja
It was an amazing race in this season.
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos 5 hónapja
Groesjean talking in morse with him mate
eren çınar
eren çınar 5 hónapja
@Gabriel Santos you are welcome
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos 5 hónapja
@eren çınar thanks
eren çınar
eren çınar 5 hónapja
Keith Edginton
Keith Edginton 5 hónapja
Bottas on lap 1 looks like me on GPL
Daniel Hernández
Daniel Hernández 5 hónapja
Mercedes Hamilton 2 names 2 FAKES
Fatih Andı
Fatih Andı 5 hónapja
5:17 devam devam, hadi abi ! :) 😎
warez1896 5 hónapja
8:31 kids making crash sounds
Bengt E.
Bengt E. 5 hónapja
4:10 Hit Seb or Leclerc?
Whale 5 hónapja
Bottas: *spins on first lap Also Bottas: wanna see me do it again?
Game Of Death
Game Of Death 5 hónapja
burası TÜRKİYE öyle kolay yarış yok...
darbelimatkap880 5 hónapja
Bottas two times pushin me😭
Elliott Burréa
Elliott Burréa 5 hónapja
2:30 me in the game f1 2020
Modestos Modestou
Modestos Modestou 5 hónapja
Please make sure Lattifi and Grosjean are not racing in 2021.. they are absolutely ridiculous
Joel Benseñor
Joel Benseñor 5 hónapja
Poor Ocon. Made it to 3rd at the start, got hit and then got hit once again because of Botta's mistake
LC HG 5 hónapja
Turkey 2020 Theme Song: You spin me right round like a record
God of F.
God of F. 5 hónapja
One and only circuit that separates real derives from the multi billion dollar team puppets.
676 767
676 767 5 hónapja
So apparently the ferrari drivers are mermaids or sum
Agent 9922
Agent 9922 5 hónapja
Team PEREZ : Hamilton is behind you , Perez to team I don't see him behind me , but I see him infront of me.
Gacek 5 hónapja
Kimi raikonnen in qualifications
Marcus H.
Marcus H. 5 hónapja
Seb to Adami :how did you like the first lap? - was on fire - ba ham! 😍 Seb definitely enjoyed his day in the office.
Thee125guy 5 hónapja
0:45 looks like the old cameras made a comeback there.
Juri Teller
Juri Teller 5 hónapja
All the young ones are crying because of the weather and the old ones just drive.
Just Alvanos Pit
Just Alvanos Pit 5 hónapja
Congratulations to Seb he deserves that podium
EnemyCoot2 5 hónapja
"That's it..." LoL
pluvillion 5 hónapja
Seb to everyone: "First time?"
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