Spins, Slides, Scrapes And The Best Onboards | 2020 Turkish Grand Prix | Emirates 

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We've included 10 but it could have been 50. Enjoy the very best onboard action from the brilliant Turkish Grand Prix. Presented by Emirates.
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Victor Emanuel
Victor Emanuel 2 órája
The track looks like ice
NoobForSoup 14 órája
How does Bottas have so much wheelspin, but Hamilton has next to none? Also, Bottas is driving the first lap like I drive in F1 2020.
Random commenter420
The cause of Ocon spinning is the first one is Hamilton,Ricciardo,and Ocon are side by side and Hamilton squeezes Ricciardo and Ricciardo hit Ocon spun and the second one is probably Bottas hitting the left rear wheel of Ocon causing him to spin out i'm just putting it out there that Ocon spun because of the two mercedes no hate to mercedes tho
mun yus
mun yus 16 órája
Latifi was so bad in this race. he proved that he dont deserves that seat
Nevfel Hurmanlı
Nevfel Hurmanlı 17 órája
This wasn’t the race of cars. This was race of drivers. I like it.
Unfortunately_ _linken
Ocon... Shut up.
Spoiled cry babies racing in the rain
8:01 the ferrari sounds like it has traction control
I want to see other people win
Leonel Lanot
🤣🤣🤣 thats what happen when formula 1 car when they made it rally car 🤣🤣🤣 leclerc became mad again 🤣🤣🤣
Ekhy Rausanfikr
If you had a bad day today *watch ocon clips*
Gökhan Paçal
It was an amazing race in this season.
Gabriel Santos
Groesjean talking in morse with him mate
eren çınar
@Gabriel Santos you are welcome
Gabriel Santos
@eren çınar thanks
eren çınar
Keith Edginton
Bottas on lap 1 looks like me on GPL
Daniel Hernández
Mercedes Hamilton 2 names 2 FAKES
Fatih Andı
5:17 devam devam, hadi abi ! :) 😎
warez1896 Napja
8:31 kids making crash sounds
Bengt E.
Bengt E. Napja
4:10 Hit Seb or Leclerc?
Whale Napja
Bottas: *spins on first lap Also Bottas: wanna see me do it again?
Game Of Death
burası TÜRKİYE öyle kolay yarış yok...
Bottas two times pushin me😭
Elliott Burréa
2:30 me in the game f1 2020
Modestos Modestou
Please make sure Lattifi and Grosjean are not racing in 2021.. they are absolutely ridiculous
Joel Benseñor
Poor Ocon. Made it to 3rd at the start, got hit and then got hit once again because of Botta's mistake
LC HG 2 napja
Turkey 2020 Theme Song: You spin me right round like a record
God of F.
God of F. 2 napja
One and only circuit that separates real derives from the multi billion dollar team puppets.
676 767
676 767 2 napja
So apparently the ferrari drivers are mermaids or sum
Agent 9922
Agent 9922 2 napja
Team PEREZ : Hamilton is behind you , Perez to team I don't see him behind me , but I see him infront of me.
Silver 2 napja
Kimi raikonnen in qualifications
Marcus H.
Marcus H. 2 napja
Seb to Adami :how did you like the first lap? - was on fire - ba ham! 😍 Seb definitely enjoyed his day in the office.
Thee125guy 2 napja
0:45 looks like the old cameras made a comeback there.
Juri Teller
Juri Teller 2 napja
All the young ones are crying because of the weather and the old ones just drive.
JP 2 napja
Congratulations to Seb he deserves that podium
EnemyCoot2 2 napja
"That's it..." LoL
pluvillion 2 napja
Seb to everyone: "First time?"
Siskel 2 napja
Give checo or max the mecedes car and they will crush hamilton
Hansd Ten Brukke
Mercedes taking out Renault like: "Ugh, we don't like yellow so off you go."
Elfyanz _
Elfyanz _ 2 napja
Vettel on Fire!!!
Salt 3 napja
Valtteri needs to replace his lead block with a right foot
House Station Live .com
@10:22 >> leclerc radio was amazing xD
Tiago Gobbi
Tiago Gobbi 3 napja
What Bottas think will stop the car stop the tires in 6:49?! Lol!! And Grsjean back on the track and spining alone while another car passing lol! Just miss give bye bye for him hehe!! Great race, it was slippery as ice, I think that because this was so great! Just sad about Leclerc, he punishing himself to much, almost a freaking insane with that radio!! Thanks Formula 1 to up load this compilation! :))
とも 3 napja
Most drivers are such a whiners.
I have the utmost respect for all the drivers and I really feel heartbroken for the drivers who spin and damage their cars. I think F1 needs stronger cars that can withstand a bump or two, some of this contact is so tiny it's ridiculous.
ABK 3 napja
I'm not a Seb an, but f**** yeahhhhh!!
bennymcslats 3 napja
Is this the compilation of Ocon getting tagged? Poor bloke. All weekend!
05:15 devam devam devam :D :D
Berat Türkbıkmaz
I think we should see the sainz's cam on the last lap
Manu14Smoke 3 napja
Grosjean : "this track is a complete joke ...." Hamilton winning the race by 32 sec margin !
Price 3 napja
Boi it's got 666k views. I'm cursed
Misterbie 3 napja
I think this pist designed for Michael Schumacher .. King of rain...
Türk 3 napja
real race 🔥🔥
Lemeckom 3 napja
charles you very smart you are nexy champion f1
Ata Oz
Ata Oz 3 napja
Stroll's like toxic F1 Multiplayer player that's trying to hit everyone, Seb's like: you are already dead 2:27
Stu Holland
Stu Holland 3 napja
There are no bad drivers in F1 but latifi really is toss compared to the rest of them
Afif Hamid
Afif Hamid 3 napja
I guess grosjean need to retire.
Main Screen
Main Screen 3 napja
Hehe, how many times did Ocon get hit?
Emmanuel Dube
Emmanuel Dube 3 napja
Great upload. Where is the Albon on board of him getting past Ham44 and 5eb?
Rayden Excelsior
1:36 did he really downshift to first gear ?
Connor Smith
Connor Smith 3 napja
Really surprised at how no one put it in the wall
christopher carey
Happy for Seb!
Prabakaran Chandrasekaran
Happy to see vettel back on podium ❤️❤️
PjXu98 3 napja
its benjy MU
its benjy MU 3 napja
S🅱️ottas is the new s🅱️in.
NoSquidSid 3 napja
8:30 amazing crash sound effects by Latifi
Marcio Futmar
Marcio Futmar 3 napja
Ocon 7.14 hahaha
Lukáš Znojemský
Oh I laughed so hard whole time during Grosjans clip. Mostly at him.
Ricardo Afonso
Andreji 3 napja
Vettel Best on Board for my
margus kiis
margus kiis 3 napja
It is I Leclerc should swear in French.
berk sancak
berk sancak 3 napja
5:13 "Bas önden bas, devam devam devam"
joe black
joe black 3 napja
Everyone having proglem with fog on their mirrors(Williams. Mclaren etc). I quess no one in F1 knows that you can actually buy bottle of antifog/antimoisture spray on every single gas station for like 7 EUR a bottle. Which would last them the whole season :)) LOL They call themselfs professionals.
Darlinn 3 napja
Gio: "pronto im stuck in gravel what do?"
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
nobody: Valtteri Bottas: S🅱️INNALA
Robert Salonen
When you realize the highlights video is 14 mins long...
Cham Wei Xiong
bottas and ocon bumper car
Cham Wei Xiong
Latifi seem to be without experience he turn too much to save
Ertuğrul 3 napja
Very nice race bro
rAge 3 napja
The S🅱️inalla Grand Prix
cem oğuz
cem oğuz 3 napja
As a Turkish Guy I am glad people liked the race but I believe Hamilton was right about race track. Something done shady on asfalt.
Matthew Farrugia
I think its hamilton who had a abit of contact with ricciardo who hit ocon
M7T H1C 4 napja
poor ocon
Cmmonwealth 4 napja
Also they should push the chequered flag up
Cmmonwealth 4 napja
what is strat 12?
Augusto Jo Liong
9:56 is broken my heart
did anyone get hit more than Ocon over the weekend
Cheese on Everything
in the rain, u can tell how bad bottas is compared to hamilton
Can't believe Checo will miss out
River Chicken
River Chicken 4 napja
What was Latifi doing at 8:20? WHat happened to him? He gets in F1 and .......SpaceCakes
TR 4 napja
7:13 😂
Rob H
Rob H 4 napja
I'm really going to miss the haas/romain radio.
Jose Leon
Jose Leon 4 napja
que maquina de Mercedes, pasa los coches en recta como si fuera otra categoria.
I love this track❤️❤️❤️❤️ more
M3fistofelez 4 napja
2:26: lol
Ke Er
Ke Er 4 napja
The Turkish Grand Prix showed people the following truth, that is the truth of the racers' abilities, not the cars.
Harry W
Harry W 4 napja
DRS makes it wayy too easy in the first clip
Taner yalçın
The three pilots competing on this track in 2011 are in the top three. experience matters when driver aids are reduced.
Bosco24 4 napja
Bottas with a record of 6 S🅱️ins
GamingOver Galaxy
poor ocon :(
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