Testing Rare Minecraft Items You Have NEVER Seen 

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LoverFella Hónapja
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful to everyone here, thanks for being a Zachling :)
amazing person
Tyler Tran
Tyler Tran 13 napja
Did you know, Illusioner is in Minecraft Dungeons????? ¡!!!!!!!!
@Liam Dreissger maybe....
Logan Balto
Logan Balto 21 napja
happy thanks giving also 1:00 was anounced in the 1.16 update and is in the creative inventory
Liam Dreissger
Liam Dreissger 21 napja
Are you Crazy?!?!?!?
rackjackgan yt
rackjackgan yt 7 órája
It’s so sus...
rackjackgan yt
rackjackgan yt 7 órája
Illusioner does: illusion in your brain
Ok i. Know all of these since i stared to. Play minecaft lol
Ruel Nibal
Ruel Nibal 13 órája
Wow purple word
Fernando Mendoza
Fernando Mendoza 17 órája
Bro the mojang banner does not need command
Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang 21 órája
If your wondering what that mob is it’s a elopsioner
Wait suspicious stew is rare
shadow xx
shadow xx Napja
structure voids are eazyer on ps4
Denis YT
Denis YT 2 napja
I saw barrier and structure void. And even more of this items
rein andro garcia
I know that already
kris kyler esposo
Water looks like jelly in high res
Gamer of CLASH of CLANS
5:45 I got it fom trade by villager...
Dark Gamerz
Sus stew
Bloodcut Gaming
there is a named thing banner patter and you can get it from creative ya know it also creates same mojang patern bruhhh
batucanj8 2 napja
This not works :( I think this is april fools
Lord Gaming
Lord Gaming 2 napja
The jigsaw block is really easy I used it before
Satiz 3 napja
I craft sus stew in my minecraft survival world
linnepin1978 3 napja
How do you get that blocks!
Joseph Gozun
Joseph Gozun 3 napja
Its the infinity update!!
MCmonstructUK 3 napja
I knew all of these 😂 i use the structure block all the time, its not as complicated as he made it seem, definitely fond out how to use it as it can be quite helpful in big builds, like a massive castle, you can copy and paste walls. I also only really use it as I do play bedrock and there's no world edit for bedrock so it comes in handy ALOT
pekenggallaga 3 napja
Suspishus stew normal
Cheating Cat
Cheating Cat 3 napja
Velasquez Lomboy
Rovelyn Silva
Rovelyn Silva 4 napja
I'm the king of structure block
Feidy JK
Feidy JK 5 napja
swaggiest stairs COOLEST AND RICHEST
YEETTHANOS08 5 napja
I have a drug, I mean suspicious stew farm in my survival word
ツWdymBoi 6 napja
Saaik الصاعق
You kill know to allow and deny block
Janooko Danooko
what is the aprels fool update???
Fil Jay
Fil Jay 6 napja
That banner thing that was in pocket edition but you can get in not giving it you can get it in creative by opening your creative menu (inventory)
Jan Popik
Jan Popik 6 napja
Ánd the giant exists too
Jan Popik
Jan Popik 6 napja
The illusioner does exist on minecraft. You have to go to the amethyst dimension in 1.16 and find an amethyst Temple and thats where you find them
AirKingFN 6 napja
Does the first one work on bedrock
Kay Joy
Kay Joy 6 napja
I don’t know how to get them
Normie Tabahi
Normie Tabahi 6 napja
It was for an old update you can't get it now
Podaling Let a boy hit 1K
how did you get all the like special portals if april fools past
Mun Mun Mandal
which snapshot
Ko Thiha Zaw
Ko Thiha Zaw 7 napja
Inns lychee render I don't no how to spell that is allredy add to the game you did no
Kelly Simin
Kelly Simin 7 napja
this vid was made on my birthday
Maxim hoeve
Maxim hoeve 7 napja
7:20 with an enchanted golden apple
Tristin Brake
Tristin Brake 7 napja
i can not get any of these
ProZonic 8 napja
Fun fact these are not modd
Jhoel Krissiane Sisterr
Can you do TNT + sodium
DuckletFuns hello
Do /warp mis in 20w14infinite and your game will dead
Tekno Bisküvi
Download education edition
redmi hizon
redmi hizon 8 napja
Ilussion srry
redmi hizon
redmi hizon 8 napja
Illusionner is a like a pilliger but with bow so you see they multiplie but thats only illision
Your Friendly Neighbor hood Pig
Are all of these just on java?
carlson lee
carlson lee 9 napja
You can get ti bowl off
Eliel Manansala
Why didn't you use one white concreat but use a lot
Lal Rindika
Lal Rindika 10 napja
How do you get that debug stick
Jeremy Surya
Jeremy Surya 10 napja
Blocks of infinite books is an april fools update
Emily Silver
Emily Silver 10 napja
I am on bedrock 😟😔
Creatively Misaligned Homeschool
Illusioner was actually in the game I think
Leontii Tverdomedov
Enzo siregar gaming 3
Uuhh theres another one it called wand so if you want to get it just use a command //wand but in my playstation 4 it not work soo if you can make a video :)
Spiridon Shershnev
Masterfully ⭐️
Finn Bennett
Finn Bennett 12 napja
Is it weird that I knew almost all of these
Christopher Johnson
How have u not known about sus stew
Elaina Morrison
Elaina Morrison 12 napja
i have seen a huge zobo
UwU club
UwU club 13 napja
i had a sus soup you can get it from villgers to
Is this all in April?
Chat Ejap
Chat Ejap 13 napja
i really like structure blocks i use it always
Carl simon Nanquil
You can get a suspicious stew in creative mode noob
Mr Deer
Mr Deer 14 napja
/give nickname minecraft:debug_stick
Random STUFF
Random STUFF 14 napja
More then half oft hings you shown are not secret and not SUPER DUPER RARE you just don't know them
Random STUFF
Random STUFF 14 napja
A structure voice is litteraly void and you can't place or interact block with them
Tony and Sammy Club
Claim your here before 1 million views ticket here -> [HERE] oh and the structure voids are things that show up as nothing on the structure blocks
Sandipan Ganguly
Can all of them work in pe edition Please it should work please 😭😭😭
Jeroroper Lakerツ
Lover is that mod or real
Mr pancakes
Mr pancakes 16 napja
How to get the book thing inventory or command
Normie Tabahi
Normie Tabahi 6 napja
@Mr pancakes it's in java edition April fool update
Mr pancakes
Mr pancakes 16 napja
@Lugger_77 does this work without version java edition and minecraft bedrock edition
Lugger_77 16 napja
you need a command: /give [name] book_box
Tina Chiasson
Tina Chiasson 17 napja
and if a mooshroom gets struck by lightning it turns brown, and then you feed it a dandelion, take a bowl and you have suspicious stew!
Huh, I have seen every thing in this
George Constaza
George Constaza 18 napja
None of them work
Rainbow cat girl
The portal is real before you just put a book in there
Christopher Wadsworth
i new about the jigsaw and the structure void/block Also: the sus stew is possiable to get from villager Also Also: i new all of the derock ones
Yvette Jones
Yvette Jones 18 napja
I have seen every g in this video
I Am Arizonaball
Real quick how do I get the infinite nether portals?
Normie Tabahi
Normie Tabahi 6 napja
You can't get it now it was in an old snapshot in April fools
SAKTOS 19 napja
The ant makes a human heart???
Hai Ya
Hai Ya 19 napja
U must use the /warp command
very interesting.. does it work on pe?
HueNimator 22 napja
uhm.. the giant WAS aded, he was just removed. its in a realy old version,it used to deal 50 damage, wat is prety much a insta kill in that version,but i guess a full netherite prot 4 would + god apple would tank it.
Hower Contraction
I know every Things you say!
Hower Contraction
Hower Contraction
I know what is a structure Void
Grubby Chair
Grubby Chair 22 napja
Cant not vant
Grubby Chair
Grubby Chair 22 napja
I vant join your server on Minecraft! :(
f. just f.
Zero Point Twitter
Fun fact, you can even place blocks on the allow block in adventure mode
Zero Point Twitter
The giant is Ingame, but only command
sesoya guys
sesoya guys 24 napja
what is the infinite bookshelf version
Springlock Gaming
/setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:netherite_stairs
Sissi Mangus
Sissi Mangus 24 napja
I know the border block
Jelly 24 napja
Joey Blackwell
Joey Blackwell 25 napja
I can't get half of the stuff that you show on bedrock edition
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