The 10 Most Dramatic Crashes of the 2020 F1 Season 

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From a catalogue of collisions at Mugello to Romain Grosjean’s heart-stopping crash and escape in Bahrain.
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AbOmar Syr
AbOmar Syr Órája
last one was like you only live twice
Cloud’ Catt
Cloud’ Catt 3 órája
Finally a video with no dramatic intro
ermak Smoke
ermak Smoke 5 órája
Happy to be here happy to breathe air,happy to be alive..talking to you..
Adam Metcalf 01
Adam Metcalf 01 7 órája
Sir Lancelot is sir crashalot
Martinka Márk
Martinka Márk 14 órája
Me wondering who will be the first: 🤔
Aussie Roberts
Aussie Roberts 17 órája
Stroll shouldn't be in F1
Toprak 18 órája
I am think grosjean is alive i am watching the race live and There is very big fire but Now F1 cars is not dangeros
szewei85 19 órája
Haha this is romain year survive 2 drive 4 another day
Inverted Pizza
Inverted Pizza 19 órája
8:23 climbs out of half blown up race car with only injured hands.
Devvy 21 órája
"And I just took a couple of them with me." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Another way of saying, If I can't win, no one will.
Obi Wan kenobi
Obi Wan kenobi 23 órája
7:36 you can really hear his accent there
NotDenis Daily
4:17 similar to the torro rosso in china
G tubedude
G tubedude Napja
Everyone knows what number 1 is before clicking the video
Josh Bennett
The fact that Grosjean said he wanted to race in the last one shows an alpha
Angus Noble
No prizes for guessing number 1
Gallaxi xzx
Notice how they were mostly Lance stroll and the red bull boys albon and verstappen
Alex Laing
Alex Laing Napja
No wonder
Bottled It
Bottled It Napja
Strolls Crash should be higher up especially if your putting Albon crashing in a practice session that is no where as important
Seán Creedon
I like how they didnt just end it with romains crash. They showed him recovering after. Nice touch😁
samuel krause
Romain: “this is the worst thing I’ve seen ever” Also romain: causes a massive pile up in turn 1 of spa in 2012... just must’ve forgotten that one
Conflux26 Napja
I am still so thankful that Romain survived that crash
Daniel Jarvis
tuscany: me and the bois tryna explain to the principal what happened
Press Play, Mike!
comment section 99%: "wORst thINg i´Ve eVER sEen" "HolD maH BeEEr" idiots..
loloavlu Napja
The acident of stroll in tuscany is similary of kvyat in silverston
puLse Cepter
Is it just a thing now that every season we get atleast one flip?
Catcrumbs 2 napja
When was the last time a fire resulted from an F1 crash?
Mike Ferraro
Mike Ferraro 2 napja
The productive mouse supply concentrate because tractor preclinically care up a fixed spot. possible, quixotic ghana
Paul Burns
Paul Burns 2 napja
That 360° camera footage at 5:16 is incredible!
Pasquale Chionchio
Deák Marcell
Deák Marcell 2 napja
7:44 are you sure you but that? 2020 Bahrein😓
Yoou would think that the Track owner would send someone to clean Bahrain outer loop.. but I guess not
Pedro Henrique V. Cattelan
6:59 strike
Ben Clarkson
Ben Clarkson 2 napja
The least surprising #1 reveal in earths history!!
Mirko Miccinilli
“this is the worst thing I’ve seen ever” Romain: oh wait...
Romanische050 2 napja
The Tuscany GP was basically every multiplayer lobby in F1 2020
Noah Thinks He's Faze Sway
When you try to play rocket league irl: 1:36
_SJRBeats_ 2 napja
paul1furby 2 napja
Wow . I still flinch when i see the grosjean crash.
Gregory Domnic
What is the background score at 2:18?
Gonzalo Molina
Grosjean's accident still scares me
Galang 3 napja
lucky, albon really out now
L S 3 napja
2:38 what are you doing step max?
J K 3 napja
i haven't seen the video yet but I wonder what on NO 1 is🤔
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 3 napja
I think Kvyat still believes it was his fault when his Tyre came off :D
00:00:04 the LR tyre blows up
ONYX_Drench 3 napja
Kyvat has had a rough weekend he made contact with grosjean which caused the fire and made contact with lance hitting him upside down
Gio Prox
Gio Prox 3 napja
We came into this video knowing which crash would be number 1
Samara 3 napja
last year has become different. the startling laps are much more dangerous. This year was a thrill and I cannot wait to step back from Streaming back to live driver maps, because in Germany you can only watch via Sky, which means I have to pay 22 Euros instead of 8 Euros per month, which I absolutly hate and will not support.
リhir 3 napja
0:52 After all the behavior of the car here is unreasonable
Reuben Stoner-Redfern
Can we just talk about how many wheels came loose this season?? I thought they had measures to make sure tires don’t go flying like this??
Reuben Stoner-Redfern
@Magnum well they need to look at it then. Cos that’s dangerous af. They need a way to make sure they don’t all snap somehow.
Magnum 3 napja
That’s why they snap so often , because the tethers were twisted and snapped
Magnum 3 napja
They can survive Loads but if you the tethers are twisted they cant hold the load
Tortyreus 3 napja
The irony of mr crash himself asking if others want to see them crash, when hes been the cause of what, 20 crashes now? And the vast majority of them because of plain stupidity.
Michael Porter
I wonder what number 1 could be
David rps
David rps 3 napja
Best sport ever.
go vettel !!
C 3 napja
For me the worst five to watch live were: Grosjean in Bahrain Mugello Pileup Leclerc at Monza Stroll at Mugello Kvyat at Silverstone Four of those accidents I thought the drivers were gonna be quite badly hurt, the Mugello pileup was just spectacular to watch too.
PoleLord Clips
*n y o o m*
Yuges Neelakandan
Lancr stroll had a major crash and says that 'I got a puncture'....BWOAH!😆
Gledis D.
Gledis D. 3 napja
4/10 Italy
Romain Grosjean: 7:40 Crash is happening infront of him, he is steering as well he is pressing button. He is on next level.
Chris & Christine
Grosjean probably takes top spot for the decade.
Mariaaa_Slm 3 napja
„It‘s a DNF for MAX“ still get‘s me 😂😂😂
Goober Aran
Goober Aran 3 napja
Meanwhile in NASCAR: RRRRRRRR *CRASH* (flys in there air) BOOOM FIRE AHHHHHH
APVX 3 napja
7:15 even with no wheels instinctively they countersteer
APVX 3 napja
With so much crashes i can see why albon was so cautious driving that car, its always the rear just losing it
Diether Santos
0:17 Pronto Lance? s🅱️innala
matteorenzi uomodimerda
2021 Karol Kos
NASCAR is better
Invictus 4 napja
Romain at Tuscany: this is the most dangerous thing I have seen Me: *panics*
Jesse 4 napja
"this is the worst ever" ahh Romain, aged like milk huh. ♥️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🔥
João Vinicius Abreu
Leclerc accident 6:44 Remembers Ayrton accident imola 94
WYFT 4 napja
Still can’t believe grosjean survived.. just goes to show how much safer f1 is nowadays.
Αντώνης Κορομηλάς
Lance did a Hulkenberg that day
Taylor Peck
Taylor Peck 4 napja
is anyone else getting this video is not available?
JakePlayz 4 napja
Bahrain: Stroll upside down Forgot to spell his name but car split in half and on fire Albon drifted out
Monster Treasure Hunter
They are so lucky to have this new halo now, i dont know why anyone had never thought of this before, definitely a life saver
Monster Treasure Hunter
No full races on this channel??
Bram 4 napja
Hmmmmm I wonder what number 1 is
FireLynx 4 napja
*i got a... puncture*
Gaby van Dinteren, PMP
aaahh dramatic crashes. I wonder who is number 1.
Shad3rz 4 napja
Everyone knew what was the top 1 without even playing the video
S4NTHY 4 napja
2:02 6:38 será feo el halo pero salva vidas
takavxvhiro 4 napja
Wow, nice Renault, clean races throughout 2020 👏🏻 Bravo
Mc qq Wireless
Ages of the tires.
Juan Zavala
Juan Zavala 4 napja
Somebody has gotta tell Lance Stroll to learn how to drive
JS 4 napja
Leclerc crash looks like senna one
Josh Flewers
Josh Flewers 4 napja
I have a question for the formula one channel
Josh Flewers
Josh Flewers 4 napja
There is nothing about Tom pryce he was the only welsh driver and he died in a horrible crash. WHERE IS THE TOM PRYCE TRIBUTE
Russo Dario
Russo Dario 4 napja
0:47 Daiiiii (Come on!!!)
Yolanda Song
Yolanda Song 4 napja
Do we have a consensus whether Bottas was at fault there?
Ken Tan
Ken Tan 4 napja
Am I the only one who thinks Alfa Romeo is making a mistake by signing Giovinazzi again after watching this video?
Rosso Benny
Rosso Benny 4 napja
Thanks again for the HALO!
The Gamershit
The Gamershit 4 napja
I wonder which crash will be the number 1 spot?🙃
Nur Ismail Mohammed
1:38 Guttierez tribute? (2014)
PebbleYT 4 napja
“This is the worst thing ive seen ever” little did he know what would happen in Bahrain..
Sergeant Hartman
This was a crashy year
gee, I wonder what #1 will be aha
Kindly Noob
Kindly Noob 4 napja
1:35 Maldonado Flips Gutierrez Vol.2
Harry Chang
Harry Chang 4 napja
Why so many crashes related Red Bull team.
John Martin Cantorne
Pastor Maldonado: That's it?
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