The Drivers' Post-Race Reaction | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 

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The final race of the season is in the books - hear what the Abu Dhabi grid had to say about the race, a challenging and demanding 2020 season, as well as goodbyes.

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Adam Hearne
Adam Hearne Hónapja
Talking to Danny Ric show Ocon
Vorname Nachname
I wish: Carlos and lando would still be in a team next season Alex would stay No one would go
Anonm E
Anonm E Hónapja
Guess who has the shortest reaction clips?
Vi _XXiV
Vi _XXiV Hónapja
Find a partner who looks at you the way Lando looks at Carlos.
Matheus Souza
Matheus Souza Hónapja
This season was so far the best of the last three years. Hope 2021 can be more better!
Nick Dwyer
Nick Dwyer Hónapja
Vettel always says what everyone wants to say i'll miss him when he retires
Rheza Deara Putra
Preparation meet opportunity. Is that bruce mclaren quote ? Nice one pierro
Federal Premium
Federal Premium Hónapja
McLaren deserves it ... 2017 and 2018 was really bad for them
Rafael Righetto
Rafael Righetto Hónapja
Well done guys !!! @ this crazy CRAZY & unusual Year !!! 😱😱🤦🤦🙈🙈 ... BIG HUG & KIND REGARDS FROM A BIG F1 FAN FROM BRAZIL !!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🏎🏎🎯🎯🏆🏆🏁🏁😍😁😉👍🏼🤜🤛
Dill Pickles
Dill Pickles Hónapja
Pietro must be the nicest guy in the paddock
atokz nenekz
atokz nenekz Hónapja
what a year...great job everyone
Gary Chisholm
Gary Chisholm Hónapja
So how many days to Barcelona? 😭😭😭😭😭
Muhammad Haffejee
I’m gonna miss Carlos and Lando 💔
OSEH Hónapja
Can’t wait for the Norris v albon v Russel championship fight in 2022 😳
The Standouts
The Standouts Hónapja
3:25 "Valtteri's behind! But this time he was lapping me..." Legendary from George haha
• 7 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Formula1 World Champion (World Record, with Schumy) • 1 ☆ Formula2 World Champion • 1 ☆ Formula3 World Champion • 95 GP Winner (World Record!) • 98 Pole Positions (World Record!) • 165 Podium (World Record!) • 29 Different Tracks Winner (World Record!) • 29 Different Tracks Pole Positions (World Record!) • 3778 Points (World Record!) • GP Winner in all seasons (World Record!) •Pole Position in all seasons (World Record!) • 8 Times Winner in One Circuit (Hungaroring, World Record! with Schumy) Ladies and gentlemen, Lewis Hamilton!
tigerrx Hónapja
My driver of the season? Checo Perez 100%. Missed two races, DNFs, and still 4th in drivers standings. Absolutely super!
Ankit Chauhan
Ankit Chauhan Hónapja
Perez has been signed by Redbull as their 2nd driver and Alex Albon is now a reserve driver fod Redbull.
Shashank Papireddy
Where is seb
KevinPrinzPi Hónapja
For those people saying F1 is not a sport. If you look how out of breath Pietro is it's shows just how hard F1 is and he is probably compared to the avarage Joe pretty fit.
Maxi F
Maxi F Hónapja
Awesome final reaction Next season will everyting change Seb to Am a new name for the Racing point Kvyat goodbye Sainz new team Riccardo new hope Albon vs Perez & Hulk for an Redbull driver seat Alonso return New track new year
Мария Смирнова
01:06 THOSE EYES!!!
Raymond Mac Gowan
Really a wake up call Valtteri. I mean come on, Mercedes is the last team that need s a wake up call.!!!!!!!!
robinheil Hónapja
McLaren Top 3!!! Unbelievable!
Igor Fioli
Igor Fioli Hónapja
Kimi always looks likes he´s been mining coal at the end of the race
‘This race I certainly won’t remember’ -Vettel, 2020
Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97
F1, we need to conclude every season in December every year.
poromise Hónapja
Why is Giovinazzi's hat always so freakishly large? It's really disproportionately big for the size of his head
SASraceCAM Hónapja
not taking anything away from Redbull but clearly Mercedes had to turn down there engines after the failures on other teams in practice
SASraceCAM Hónapja
hamilton saying he wasn't feeling great then Russell should have been in the car last race proved he can beat bottas maybe we would have had a race if he was
Juan Pablo Mireles Maria
El canal ahora tiene subtítulos estamos mejorando!
Debojyoti Sarkar
It's almost the end of this year, And I'm feeling emotional.
Kakashi Hónapja
Legenda Br ❤️
Dick Barrett
Dick Barrett Hónapja
New Fittipaldi seems like a nice bloke
Ria DH
Ria DH Hónapja
the only reason why lewis is breaking records and achieving championships because he has the most dominant car in history and also he has no true competition he has a b+ talentless hrorrible driver who has a terrifying starts and cracks under pressure and got beaten by a 22 years old rookie an utter scandal and humliation if micheal had drs and this merceders and this generation he would have achieved records that no one could beat but him the greatest of all time in his prime with equal cars he would destroy and eat lewis alive
John Vanzyl
John Vanzyl Hónapja
What joke!!! F1 's great white hope George Russell not in a Mercedes factory car is far behind yesterday but the week before second on the grid and led for many laps in a factory car. Only mistakes by Mercedes prevented him from winning. F1 is ALL about the cars and very little to do with the drivers despite what Toto and the Announcers try to tell you otherwise.
Thor Hónapja
who thought Antonio Giovinazzi's voice was similar to that of Maverick Vinales?
Kashyap J
Kashyap J Hónapja
Lando and Carlos 😍🥺
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hónapja
I don’t like fittipaldi but he did a great job
Dj Suspect
Dj Suspect Hónapja
Lando Norris x Ricciardo can't wait ! Verstappen x ???
I love leymen
I love leymen Hónapja
3:30 I cant XD
Mike Nguyen
Mike Nguyen Hónapja
Really thought that it was a Grand Slam for Max, but then again, it goes to show much of an achievement a Grand Slam is
Michael Jamieson
Last race is always a sad day to say goodbye to the drivers moving, but mostly the drivers who won’t return.
multi 21
multi 21 Hónapja
Гонщики Альфа Ромео самые измученные, испачкавшиеся и попотевшие)
Yves Souffle
Yves Souffle Hónapja
Abu Dhabi was boring all from the Free Practices. There's nothing interesting about Yas Marina track.
Ameya Godbole
Ameya Godbole Hónapja
2020 was full of surprises... I wanted Kimi on podium
Drew S
Drew S Hónapja
Guarantee Ricciardo was thinking about the grand slam for Max. Ricciardo's fastest lap was a lap built upon envy, jealousy, and regret. I like Danny Ricciardo. He's a great driver. Funniest guy on the grid. But it's true. He didn't want Max to be the youngest driver ever to score the grand slam.
Alexis Mandelias
When Russel said that his engineer told him "Bottas is behind" but Bottas is lapping him, I felt that.
Ritwiz Rai
Ritwiz Rai Hónapja
"It was my last lap in this car so for it to be the fastest was a nice way to say goodbye." Danny Ric you just won hearts by saying that.
Anna Tsukiya
Anna Tsukiya Hónapja
Can't wait for end of the year 2020 cartoon memes video. F1 please make it happen! :D
matthew 2779
matthew 2779 Hónapja
Who cares ? 😂
Apex Vibes
Apex Vibes Hónapja
What are you guys going to be posting on youtube if they are no more races?
Aryan Shakeel
Aryan Shakeel Hónapja
Well done checo , I, hop you will drive to RB
Nitin Kanwar
Nitin Kanwar Hónapja
I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!
"Valteri is Behind......but it was Different.... :("
Ranvir _19_
Ranvir _19_ Hónapja
It’s gonna be a boring next 3-4 months until the next season starts 😭
Fergie Ferguson
Fergie Ferguson Hónapja
Im a big fan of pietro! Would love to see him in an F1 car again one day
1 1
1 1 Hónapja
20 Drivers + 1 F1
coffeyallday Hónapja
Alfa Romeo needs to wash their race suits. Those things are filthy.
Sharvil Barhanpure
Honestly guys, i wanted one of the mclaren to cry
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos Hónapja
Que 2021 volte ao normal e seja muito melhor que esse bizarro 2020
Mishael Trivennios
This season has been HAMboring timeeeeeee
George Thomas
George Thomas Hónapja
Alpha Romeo whatever they are called..... Did well. Raikkonen and Giovanni just got closer and closer. Two very strong drivers doing well in under performing cars.
pedja nedeljkovic
Steev Hónapja
Checo will go to redbull 👊🏻
Peter Brennan
Peter Brennan Hónapja
If this season had a closer title fight. Then this would have been the best F1 season of all time.
Miguel Fulgentes
Seriously they should not take sergio out of the racing point team. He finished 4th in the drivers championship. Racing point should wake up and see what they could have lost.
Amal Vishwanathan
Waiting eagerly to see Perez at Redbull... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
KalliSmb Hónapja
I'm sad for Fittipaldi, I wanted to see him instead Mazepin
Mercury Hónapja
Lul bottas cant even beat max
Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow Hónapja
thanks for keeping all leaving drivers first. great season and stay safe.
???? Hónapja
George still thinking back to last week.
SirNerrad Hónapja
That was a classy starting order for the video. Nice job F1!
yanreis12 Hónapja
No one: Pietro: You Know?
kiran kulkarni
kiran kulkarni Hónapja
PEREZ your engine was shut PURPOSEFULLY by team management, because you defeated Stroll last week 😡😡😡😡😡😡 Stroll sr has Grudge on you Sad man
俞远 Hónapja
latifi is as honest as kimi
Dimo Hónapja
Did anyone understand kimi? 😂
mukundan nair
mukundan nair Hónapja
I don't see anyone hating on Max for winning with such dominance. Haha
mukundan nair
mukundan nair Hónapja
@daz so you're saying you are completely oblivious to the negativity Ham receives because of the dominance for "so long"
daz Hónapja
@mukundan nair Hating on someone and being critical of dominance in the sport are two different things
mukundan nair
mukundan nair Hónapja
@soraya pellegrini so it's not the drivers fault. It's beyond me how true fans of the sport can hate on anyone on the grid apart from the likes of Maldonado and kvyat (early years) The skill and strength these guys put on display is jaw dropping every race weekend. More so the fastest car on track.
soraya pellegrini
it's bc it doesn't happen often. we are appreciating it. when it happens with you know who, it's predictable and repetitive.
hang rezka
hang rezka Hónapja
Lance Stroll is the karen of F1.
bobcharlotte Hónapja
This was my first season as an F1 fan, thanks to Drive to Survive, and looking forward to next year. Got some very interesting driver changes coming and I cant wait for the back and forth between Norris and Riccardo... we will need the popcorn for that.
RyanP Hónapja
The way Lando looks at Carlos 🤧 truly best friends. I hate to see the two separate but I wish all the best to Carlos and Lando next year and after
haris a.n.
haris a.n. Hónapja
Thank you F1 for the beautiful 2020 season. We hope this sport will be better in the future.
soren4k Hónapja
Petition to get Giovinazzi a properly fitting mask! It's painful to see him constantly nudging it up.
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle Hónapja
Lance saying they didnt had pace...albon saying he did well And other lies you hear in F1
Raheem Abdul
Raheem Abdul Hónapja
The interview order needs to be more random and more cow bell, seriously need a more random order of interviewing the drivers.
Adamas Hónapja
Bye Albon...Hi Perez
T BZ Hónapja
1:00 ...also robbed Max of the "grand slam" win, which would have made him youngest in F1 history to achieve that. 😂🤣😂
Paul_ The_Nerd
Paul_ The_Nerd Hónapja
this race was not very competitive but it just pretty much everyone racing to have fun for their last race in their respective teams
Manjot Singh
Manjot Singh Hónapja
Fittipaldi looks like a kid
M Hónapja
KMAG - the last old school driver. A shame he's leaving, so much potential !
Yash Mali
Yash Mali Hónapja
Danny Ric stole that Grand Slam from Verstappen
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Hónapja
Fittipaldi sweats 10x more than any other driver
Sure Why not
Sure Why not Hónapja
Soy lago
Sure Why not
Sure Why not Hónapja
Carlos and Lando really did the interview together.
Will4May Hónapja
What's annoying is how long RB has dragged out what's happening to Albon, they wanted him to show something, personally it feels like they were waiting on something else. I will say though, Albon matched Max's race pace today, if he hadn't got stuck behind Norris for those few laps there could've been another 1-3 on the podium for RB.
qatsimo Hónapja
The face masks need more F1
Silent Night.
Silent Night. Hónapja
I've tried to support Lance Stroll ever since he came in, but this guy has totally cost racing point 3rd. They could've been miles clear in third if he was doing his job properly.
Elber Galarga
Elber Galarga Hónapja
Checo carried the team on his back the whole season and Lance couldn’t pull through for the team when they most needed him. Lance has a top 4-5 car and he’s not even in the top 10 in the drivers championship.
Elber Galarga
Elber Galarga Hónapja
MeltingRubberZ28 yeah you’re right I agree. What I meant to say was in general it’s only the 2 Mercedes and the 2 Redbulls in front of the racing points.
Arguably the third fastest car
Garrett Tomasek
Garrett Tomasek Hónapja
If I hear lewis say it was a tough one more time
Manuel Hónapja
cant even handle one race without a win that guy...
southpaw Hónapja
2021 prediction. Max pips Lewis for the title in final race. Max, Lewis, Alex, Daniel, is my finalist in that order.
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