The Drivers' Post-Race Reaction | 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix 

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We hear Sergio Perez after his maiden Formula 1 victory, Esteban Ocon following his first podium, George Russell's summary of his Mercedes debut and more following a memorable race under the Bahrain lights.
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2020.dec. 6.






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Edgar Noriega
Edgar Noriega 22 órája
I really don’t know where Stroll got that he could have won 🙄🙄🙄, it’s an as..... he was never so close to Ocon 😜😜😜
Jackson Leamey
Jackson Leamey 23 napja
If albon would have capitalized on Mercedes's mistakes and the retirements of verstappen and leclerc and won the race, I think he would have kept his red bull seat
Erick Akuma Fuentes
George and Checo in mercedes 2022
David Southworth
Stroll refuses to even acknowledge Perez, let alone congratulate the guy...
Noi Tung
Noi Tung Hónapja
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
maVericK Hónapja
Fittipaldi looks and sounds really likeable :)
Subail Mg
Subail Mg Hónapja
Sergio perez is the only driver with got points in most races along with luiz hamilton....great man ...somebody says he is underrated but he is in top 10 for years and always scores ..: skilled man and have lots of fans .. everybody loves him🏎🔥
DayDreamer Forex
great work checo ;D ;D
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Hónapja
I hope Charles isn't blaming anyone else but himself
Victor Herrero
Victor Herrero Hónapja
Feel happy for Checo and Russell.!!! Awesome drive for both. I just cannot stand Albon, he is not humble to accept he always underperform that RB car.
Asad Hussain
Asad Hussain Hónapja
is it just me or does lance sound really ungrateful
Daskimus Hónapja
MyGaming Den
MyGaming Den Hónapja
Stroll - "We could have won the race"... actually "We" won the race... with the faster and better driver of the team. All Checo had to do was put some preassure on your for you to crumble into a mistake just like when you felt the pressure in Turkey
Nibba Skittle
Nibba Skittle Hónapja
The only time people wanted mercedes to win
FaT Tony
FaT Tony Hónapja
I'm happy for Ocon!!!
Pukito Kiho
Pukito Kiho Hónapja
Lance stroll is disappointed with p3. He said he could've won the race but his pace was not enough at all. Russell, Bottas and Perez were the only three who deserved to win this race. Not you stroll. P3 is more than enough for you.
Pukito Kiho
Pukito Kiho Hónapja
Lance stroll is disappointed with p3. He said he could've won the race but his pace was not enough at all. Russell, Bottas and Perez were the only three who deserved to win this race. Not you stroll. P3 is more than enough for you.
M4XF8R Hónapja
Perez most deserving guy with golden heart. He deserve a competitive car to be a true champion.
Chris Floyd
Chris Floyd Hónapja
Russell is going to be dominant when he gets the right ride
First Last
First Last Hónapja
Great race. Excellent result for Perez and even Russell. I'm starting to pick on Albon..... Redbull with 6/7th place is bad performance. Please put Perez in the car.
Milo Hónapja
Love Pietro. Go USA!
Rishab Tripathy
Rishab Tripathy Hónapja
Not again, he cant just do that. As if I was not there.
Giovanni P
Giovanni P Hónapja
The worst enemy in Bahrain are the barriers
Na Me
Na Me Hónapja
George p1 Sergio p2 Ocon p3 would've been my dream podium
arturo cortes
arturo cortes Hónapja
Albon always says the same thing when he finish behind Checo
LeoElso Hónapja
Where are all the jokes when Verstappen complains about other people racing him hard...? Poor Albon cannot catch a break
"We race as one" Nice globalist brain washing....
CalgarGTX Hónapja
Verstappen complaining about people being aggressive 😂
BN5 Hónapja
Fun fact: This race is the first race that Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes weren't in the top 5 since Italy 2009
Faisal Khamdan
Faisal Khamdan Hónapja
Nicolas latifi: the car was very reliable also Nicolas Latifi: DNF
Lehi Cândido
Lehi Cândido Hónapja
Lance acting like he deserved the GP more than Perez!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??
Bob 808dum4s
Bob 808dum4s Hónapja
GR: Finally ! the win is in sight ! His car: nope, you won't.
Flowers Hónapja
George Russel completely smashed poor Valttery that is now in a big self crisis and it is a shame the error of Leclerc but heard Max blaming about aggressivness.... 😲 he forgot most of his manouvres
William Knight
William Knight Hónapja
It was probably the debris from the Williams that punctured George's tyre😭🤦‍♂️
Philip Thoonen
Philip Thoonen Hónapja
Valterri it's James....... You just lost your 2021 contract
Schyderap Hónapja
This video is too short. Let them speak for a little longer.
xTheCluex Hónapja
Funny to see, how nobody cares about Ocon.
JanDH_87 Hónapja
i hope super duper ego charles realised that you dont win a race into the first corner!
Collins Matthews
I don't wanna downplay what George did but I believe what hulkenburg did was more impressive. Hulkenburg got called up on a Friday from his couch and outclassed his teammate. George was called up on a Tuesday, is a Mercedes test drive and is in peak driving condition from racing all season long.
Did Stroll just said he could´ve won the race?!? So naive blathering idiot
Dick Martino
Dick Martino Hónapja
Poor George. Mercedes didn't want him to win. Call him in when he had the win in the bag then tell him he had a puncture. Yeah right.
Hennessy Faust
Hennessy Faust Hónapja
wonderboy leclerc hu??? smfh... so happy for checo... well deserved...
Arsh Kamboj
Arsh Kamboj Hónapja
Can you upload Best Of Team Radio 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix?
Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted Hónapja
Charles Ledivebomb, is he ever going to learn?
avada Hónapja
1:45 He drove fast...
JRippa Hónapja
lance "we could have won the race" yea if ocon and checo crash... theres NOOOOOO way he overtakes checo on pace like ever....
Zakk Zakk
Zakk Zakk Hónapja
Happy for checo-p18 to p1 Cried for George- p2 to p9
graham hamlin
graham hamlin Hónapja
Russel should stay in Mercedes for rest of year and put Hamilton in the Williams, Russel proved that it’s the car that wins and not big head Hamilton
Interglobal Films
Way to go Sergio
Jo Bic
Jo Bic Hónapja
I think it's become pretty clear that Max, Charles and George are the future of this sport
louber Hónapja
Stroll really belives he could have won? hahahaha dude can't handle two corners under pressure, whatajoke!
jaganmayee sahoo
I don't know what SEB is doing, I am happier to see George in the earlier laps but disheartened by seeing its not his fault to not get the first place.
Common Sense Moderate
Honestly Stroll should be out, but he's the prince of racing points owner. Otherwise Checo and Vettel would be a truly amazing team
Alan Herrera
Alan Herrera Hónapja
Everyone: what a tough race... Checo: I did my best and I never gave up... Me: that's my Checo :') ...
Erika Hónapja
Happy for Perez, gutted for Russel/Verstappen/Leclerc ..so many emotions in one race
Will Grange
Will Grange Hónapja
Stroll is so cocky he doesn't deserve a seat in f1
Phone Industry
Phone Industry Hónapja
Max: You're just trying to survive first few corners when everyone around is being so agressive... Albon: They race me so hard!
The International
Proof Mercedes are not autonomous. Even the best make mistakes.
mategamer4 Hónapja
i have to say i dont really like mercedes even if i am german but today i was a big fan of george and this is so sad...
NPC 1 Hónapja
Verstappen complaining about everyone around him being aggressive and saying that he finds that annoying? Interesting. To quote someone 'It’s hard racing otherwise we have to stay at home'. Funny how that goes.
Luca Dahse
Luca Dahse Hónapja
I can’t believe Albon said his performance wasn’t bad. It was one of his worst yet, managing p6 when 4 of the biggest contenders for the win were out of the equation
lando sainz
lando sainz Hónapja
I liked the answer of fittipaldi
Doc Warwick
Doc Warwick Hónapja
Stroll P3: Could of won Carlos P4: Pitty we didnt get the podium Daniel P5 : I'm not particularly pleased .. Albon P6 with 2nd best car : I mean , it isnt bad , i don't think it was a bad performance ... and thats why he doesnt deserve he's seat.
gerson almeida
gerson almeida Hónapja
Hamilton must not be selfish and allow Russell to run this weekend. He has not more to prove and nothing to gain. Let the kid get his first trophy.
Ricardo Arguelles
Les hope russel gets to drive next weekend, we can only hope, I’m absolutely blowing away by checo’s win. My man totally deserved it
Redouan El Bouzrouti
The way the race was filmed felt different. It felt more intense.
eduorbai Hónapja
Is Hamilton going to be in abu dhabi? I want Russell again in his car XD
RoPEK123xd Hónapja
the funny thing about this race is that so many drivers made some kind of mistake or were unfortunate enough that eventuaully costed them the win or at the very least podium. there were moments where ricciardo or sainz were running in positions that could put them in front of perez if all that mess related to safety car and mistimed decisions to pit stop were a bit more lenient on them
SpatialDragon Hónapja
Perez dove across the track. Is that illegal? No. Safe? No. Did he win? Yes. Do I like the result? No. He got lucky that he did not break his own car too. Hope he never gets an F1 seat.
Jord Bello
Jord Bello Hónapja
Stroll sounded like a sad pup. Dude youre not even suppose to be there
david pesha
david pesha Hónapja
it was more bad luck than merc's fault.I think that it was the right call to pit,but they messed up the stop.Despite that,Russell was on fresher mediums and he would have definetly passed perez and he would have won the race
Mr West
Mr West Hónapja
Lerec isn't going to learn it seems
Minttu Laakkonen
How is it that nothing bad ever happens to Lewis, its alway Bottas (or in this case especially Russel). Just wondering...
09Mrsubaru Hónapja
Hopefully no one needs those masks next year
Imreness Hónapja
"We've tried everything... well, i've tried everything.." Oh Vettel...
rick van de watering
Mello FLUX
Mello FLUX Hónapja
0:39 checo’s “hola” is so wholesome 😂
mateusz17th Hónapja
At williams, russel cant win because of the car and at Mercedes russel cant win because of the team
C S Hónapja
Hopefully we see checo next year
C S Hónapja
What’s up with stroll lolol
Govind Pilla
Govind Pilla Hónapja
No baby stroll in the thumb nail
Maxime Müller
Maxime Müller Hónapja
how many times will Albon say “it wasn’t bad” again???
Pat176 Hónapja
1:52 Imola left the chat
Jackaplierpie Hónapja
your time will come george :> i have faith in you bud💙
JunimBC Hónapja
Pietro representando demais!! Ter ouvido nosso brasileiro na entrevista depois da corrida me emocionou muito, daleee!! 💥💥
Kyro Steelix
Kyro Steelix Hónapja
1000 comment lesgoo
The BLK Knight
The BLK Knight Hónapja
Great win Perez!. Bad luck Bottas.
maJR Hónapja
1000th comments
Samu Hónapja
At 0:38, Checo in the back screaming HOLAAAA
philip 2299
philip 2299 Hónapja
Leclerc is way to aggresive at the start of every race . He should consider working on that .
bitkarek Hónapja
i feel bad for Max... what a shame to end like that. Those drivers are pros and should not race too hard in the first lap. Shame when someone is trying to be careful and somebody sends him out.
Hiroki Loh ST
Hiroki Loh ST Hónapja
Kudos for Stroll, 1 pole position, 2 podiums. Stop hating him
Legends Den
Legends Den Hónapja
I want to see Verstappen and Lecercs reaction to Perez Winning
Pizza Daddy 22
Pizza Daddy 22 Hónapja
Mandorix Hónapja
Fittipaldi is a really sympathetic guy, hope we'll see him every now and again 👍🏽😁
TvLOverdose Hónapja
What an ironic interview from Verstappen lol
Stiliyan Ivanov
Stiliyan Ivanov Hónapja
Fight for shoes that fit you well, G!
Resi Hónapja
Sadd for George, he deserved to win it. Well at least Checko finsches with a bang, and Albon what else is there to say about this guy, complaining complaining , looking for excuses, but maybe he just needs to put his foot on the peddle for once.
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