The First Onboard Camera In A Formula 1 Race | 1985 German Grand Prix 

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You're watching a piece of history! This is Renault's Francois Hesnault blasting around the Nurburgring at the 1985 German Grand Prix, the first ever live onboard footage used in Formula 1.
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Hercule Poirot
The music of the engine is absolutely awesome
David Hall
David Hall 5 napja
Is it me or does it look like a single seater track day car. I think the skills required to drive then, makes those F1 drivers better drivers in general than today's F1 drivers
César Lupercio
They say that drive an F1 car nowdays is easier compared to old cars, but man, actual cars are significant faster and just the steering wheel is more complicated than the whole car of the video, imagine adjusting some input in that steering wheel while trying to overtake at 350km/h and feeling 5G of pressure...crazy
For a moment I thought it was a yellow Ferrari
Ciaran Earlie
Ciaran Earlie 7 napja
It’s nuts how much more actual driving they did.
Johnny Dumfries??
jody8526937 9 napja
Wow..could we have more of this. I really love manual shifting.
Streaking Alphatauri
Imagine if they had this onboard camera on modern f1 cars.
JS 10 napja
Just look at how heavy the steering was!
Anarchicco 10 napja
Cambio manuale!!! con le doppiette si cambiava...altri cazzi.
yassine Qadchaoui
Fantastico veramente
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla 10 napja
I vaguely remembered this guy being sacked by Brabham for being slow... had no idea he ever drove for Renault. He looks pretty decent in the semi wet track here.
Sploopi 10 napja
And so it begins...
Ric Lee
Ric Lee 11 napja
this engine actually sounds nice... like what a racing car should sound like... what is the engine though?
MrTiti 11 napja
very first camera and they have immediately "ELF" and "Renault" stickers in the cockpit, right between the gauges. They just do not forget anything.
Aston Culf
Aston Culf 11 napja
Not the first onboard camera in an F1 race, but the first live onboard. Phil Hill had a camera mounted to the nose of his car for the first lap of the 1966 Belgian GP to help film Grand Prix.
Mikail Qaisa
Mikail Qaisa 11 napja
Last race
Peter Losch
Peter Losch 11 napja
The best f1 onboard on the internet. Amazing.
Trevor Smyth
Trevor Smyth 11 napja
Is it sprinkling or just occasional bugs and fumes from the car ahead hitting the camera
F. Joyeux
F. Joyeux 11 napja
That 's the Renault's!!
runtherisc 11 napja
I forgot how complex the steering wheels were back then
beezball 11 napja
Manual Transmission, no buttons on the steering wheel. The drivers actually have the car that's under them. I wish we could get manuals back, that separates the men from the boys.
lol shit
lol shit 9 napja
Majority of the men right now can't drive as fast as an F1 driver, that's where you separate the men from the boys.
srs27 12 napja
Awesome footage. Can we please more of the late 80's or early 90's onboards please? Maybe even put a whole onboard race on youtube or through F1TV!
KMX- Rider-UK
KMX- Rider-UK 12 napja
Was that the clutch slipping at the end or wheelspin?
jijevo 2
jijevo 2 12 napja
1966 belgian grand prix: am I a joke to you?
Hector Necromancer
Sometimes I wonder, with similiar engine displacement and configuration. Why the old V6 turbo sounds better?
lol shit
lol shit 9 napja
What we have now is an Hybrid which is responsible for the electric-y sound of the cars, also cars now rev lower than the cars back in the day.
NoneOfYour Beeswax
How was he going to get past the Minardi had its driver not made an error? _Could_ he have overtaken it?
Dušan Čičerikov
What about F1 onboards from 50s, 60s, 70s, that can be find on HUrun, are they not counting?
im_manu02 12 napja
Why does the car sound similar to Yamaha's MT09 ??😳😂
ayush g
ayush g 12 napja
technically the first ever onboard camera was at the 1967 belgiam gp for the grand prix movie, since they wanted actual footage from the race
Oskari Kantonen
That's why it says first ever *live* onboard camera in the thumbnail and in the description
Ravson 12 napja
No radio, zero communication with anyone. You are on your own, alone most of the time. Unbelievable.
Richard Patton
Richard Patton 12 napja
Sad to think that 35 years from now this noise will probably be considered “loud and annoying”...
Eric_765380 Alves Antonio
Qualidade boa pra época. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👏👏👏👏
Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows 12 napja
Benny Parsons stock car during the 1979 Daytona 500 was probably the first live onboard camera during a race. Wasn't mounted on the outside of the car, but in car instead. Big camera, but was technologically advanced back in the day.
Dylan Smit
Dylan Smit 12 napja
Fun fact: the 1985 Renault was 1.5 seconds slower than the 1984 car. That's why it's chasing a Minardi in this clip. Renault wisely left at the end of the year.
Alistair Fannell
Beautiful sound of the V6 turbo engine
Dhameer Govind
Dhameer Govind 12 napja
Renault always first. Just watched a documentary on the history of Renault. Amazing company I must admit.
Naveed Kadechur
Naveed Kadechur 12 napja
The time when Lamborghini was in the sport!
Rajesh A
Rajesh A 12 napja
Let imagine IF camera technology not developed .......Whole Live Broadcasting Business not even think about it current level
teun slosser
teun slosser 12 napja
they should reimplement manual f1 cars, maybe the only way to get todays v6's a bit more joyable
Kaputtmach Man
Kaputtmach Man 12 napja
Amazing to see the old grandstand from 1927 still in use before it was torn down two years later. Spirit of the Ring...
Azivegu 12 napja
The first on-board video was in 16:9? F1 really was ahead of its time
Daniel Mcintosh
Daniel Mcintosh 12 napja
Parth Patel
Parth Patel 12 napja
Steering wheel was so simple....
LOVE X.X.X 12 napja
Julius Cadiz
Julius Cadiz 12 napja
Was he doing clutchless shifting? I'm curious if formula 1 h pattern gearboxes uses a dog box type transmission
Maxi F
Maxi F 12 napja
Great View on the side of francois Renault the track see like the new track but without this Hightech & fans Upgrade 👍🤩
Ale Por 2006
Ale Por 2006 12 napja
Still faster than 2020 Ferrari on qualifying
mujib 12 napja
This is a history
Marius Gamer
Marius Gamer 13 napja
Deutscher Kommentar
DcU 13 napja
F1 should make a museum dedicated to cameras in their cars
steveninthe 13 napja
When the steering wheel wasn't your friend
Emerson Perez
Emerson Perez 13 napja
It's a shame f1 is no longer the spectacle of the best and bravest drivers savagely man handling the scariest most powerful cars the world has ever seen
Kerem Kaan Kıyılar
When the F1 wasn't Formula E
Guglielmo Solimene
Candid car
Guglielmo Solimene
Prime videocamera
MeRawrMe 13 napja
This was also François Hesnault's very last race in F1. He had to retire very early in this race because of clutch problems, which you can hear at the very end of the video.
Usha Elangalloor
Lordof Procastiantion
The car looks stable and grippy!
1911marmonwasp 13 napja
Title is very misleading as this certainly is not the first onboard camera in an F1 race. Phil Hill drove camera cars in the 1966 Monaco and Belgian GP's and there is footage of Alain Prost driving a Renault around Monaco in 1982.
MeRawrMe 13 napja
This video shows the first LIVE onboard camera, not the first footage in history
Kelemeth 13 napja
Just the raw footage. No extra bits. Great video.
H E R ME S TI 13 napja
I like the sound
David Roberts
David Roberts 13 napja
Compare the quality to the vision from the '85 Australian Grand Prix. A major step forward.
Highzone64 13 napja
This wasn’t really the first on board camera was strapped on the nose of Phil hills car at the 196 something Belgium Grand Prix It was used so they could get video for the movie “Grand Prix”
Guiii 13 napja
Its the first onboard on a real race
protocollo 13 napja
Please F1, go back to manual gearing! You will reduce cost and you increase fighting for sure! Thanks
Bukhari Jabar
Bukhari Jabar 13 napja
Mmm... nice engine sounds....
Aayan Ahmad
Aayan Ahmad 13 napja
The sound 👌
Gab 909
Gab 909 13 napja
Give credit where it’s due, Channel 7 Australia were the first at Mt Panorama in 1979
Bratt Pitt
Bratt Pitt 13 napja
0:58 I have no more stress with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Matt Day
Matt Day 13 napja
When real men drove real cars
K Drusty
K Drusty 13 napja
Would love to see Hamilton try and drive one of these weapons
Oscar Lee
Oscar Lee 13 napja
F1 cars looked so slow back then.
Giorgi Laluashvili
Insane stamina and strength was needed to drive those old f1 cars 💪
Paul B.
Paul B. 13 napja
Back when the layout was neat, the kerbs high and punishing, and grass and gravel everywhere. That was Formula One! 1985 was the second race held at the new Grand Prix Strecke after the Nordschleife was abandoned in 1976.
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 13 napja
Incredible footage. Powerful but very fragile.
Tarang Sharma
Tarang Sharma 13 napja
Racing DID happen before i was Even Born
Maximilian Nguyen
and it makes history
Marthinneill Apoi
Driver POV: 1985 German GP
Isaias Rivas
Isaias Rivas 13 napja
The cars look so slow compared to today’s
Aboobacker Junaid
Gear stick, circular steering wheel....wow
T.benjamin harry royal
F1 2050 : And the camera increased the downforce of the car
J. Dimassetyo
J. Dimassetyo 13 napja
35 years later, this footage frame rate is smoother than my phone camera This is future, everybody
Krish T
Krish T 13 napja
Mean men driving mean machines and happily shifting gears by taking the hand of
Igor 13 napja
I miss manual shifting and no traction controls
Aahil Abbas
Aahil Abbas 13 napja
Why not the nordscleife ?
Miguel Angel Linares López
Tg 130
Tg 130 13 napja
Wait what about the car at spa from the movie grand prix
Aum Pauskar
Aum Pauskar 13 napja
The video quality of this camera is much better than what they used in the mp4/4. Well the McLaren's camera was destroyed by Ayrton's speed.
Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander 13 napja
It looks like he drove with 75% Ai
Villeneuve1974 B
But i saw onboards from the 70s
Brandon Hansen
Brandon Hansen 13 napja
Respect to real shifting 👍🏼
Kenny G Choonit
Kenny G Choonit 13 napja
looks so much more fun to drive than todays' cars.
maddogmicknyatv 13 napja
That's what a proper gearbox sounds like, Manual all the way.
Reid McLeod
Reid McLeod 13 napja
Fun Fact: Hesnault was only entered in this race specifically to be the camera car. He was the third driver for Renault that weekend, and it was the last time a team entered 3 cars into a single race.
Ahmad Danish Aqeef
First Live Onboard Last 1 team running 3 cars Interesting
Maxim V
Maxim V 13 napja
Звук такой, словно газ на 2/3 жмет
jakerman11 13 napja
How have we lost the technology to line up the audio since then?
Andrey Silva Da Cunha
Old but gold!
Innosos 13 napja
That's one fast camera man.
Pedro Abarca
Pedro Abarca 13 napja
Manual gear
Jezza slade
Jezza slade 13 napja
i kept trying to push the x button so I could see how close he was behind on the last corner hehehe. cheers guys that was nice
Catcrumbs 13 napja
What's the black disk in the centre of the picture for?
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