The Incredible Logistics of Racing During A Pandemic | DHL 

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Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, F1 faced one of its toughest ever challenges just to pull a season together - and even then there was no certainty what it would look like. What transpired was nothing short of mind-blowing: 17 races in a 24-week epic, a tribute to the ingenuity and brilliance of the teams behind the scenes tasked with making it happen.
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lucymarie100 Órája
Turkey, Imola, and Eifel was not a new circuit to the calendar. These were returning circuits to the calendar. Only Tuscany, Portimao, and Sakhir were new circuits, if you are gonna make something like this, make sure you get your facts right.
Timsu On High Toes
F1 biggest challenge: trying to get that big wing on in 1968
David Bancsi
David Bancsi 20 napja
“Hungary with another 1-2 for Mercedes” Didnt Max finish second there?
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 22 napja
UPS for the win though
szewei85 22 napja
Haha interesting
Aayush Kalra
Aayush Kalra 22 napja
Thanks to all these hardworking men and women for their contribution. :)
Felippe M Marques
Thanks for the best season ever! 👊
jonas90 22 napja
Bravo to all of the workers!
Arnav Prasanna
Arnav Prasanna 23 napja
In Hungary Mercedes had a 1-3
Xavi Sinovas
Xavi Sinovas 24 napja
There's some video in this advert
India Sport
India Sport 24 napja
Formula 1 travels through Indian ocean so many times why not f1 hosts t-shirts and merchandise in India center also because if we order abroad it takes huge cost.
Florian Hofer
Florian Hofer 24 napja
Patina07 25 napja
Meanwhile, my DHL parcel is 2 months delayed.
Grabek max
Grabek max 25 napja
Haaaa. A zwykłej paczki nieraz nie potrafią dostarczyć 😂
Hans Soetermeer
Hans Soetermeer 25 napja
Never seen such a extensive commercial. If only DHL would deliver my packages that fast.
Jonathan Muller
Jonathan Muller 26 napja
DHL Crash of the Year award goes to...
Takunda Mapako
Takunda Mapako 26 napja
Wrongly titled video! I was expecting logistic stuff. How they did it, the facts adn figures. This is like a season recap. Terrible video!
Brian Leemark Po
Thank you for making F1 2020 happen! Waiting for the weekly races helped me cope.
John Smith
John Smith 26 napja
Now just fire the shrill hyperbolic announcer who's louder than the engines, and F1 is all set for next go.
Wesley Lemayian
Wesley Lemayian 26 napja
It's not called the pinnacle of motorsport for nothing. AMAZING!
La grasa Te vigila
Notif 5 days later...nice
llTheGoose 26 napja
If F1 want to consider sustainability, why do they break up the European Calendar with trips to Canada? I Understand there's contracts and stuff involved, but It makes a lot more sense when the next race is only a few hundred kilometres away, rather than across to another Continent..
The Sun
The Sun 27 napja
Nice video
Laurent Cardinal
2020 i love You
jake nenni
jake nenni 27 napja
Thank you guys and gals of f1 💜
Ladislav Havelka
That was more like summary of the season than insight into F1 logistics..
Curtis Brittain
Curtis Brittain 27 napja
Not just dhl all the other logistics drivers, people don’t understand the work that undergoes behind the scenes
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 27 napja
At first, I thought this was a Wendover Production video. Was surprised when it as not him.
T G B 27 napja
Nice DHL ad
Gonzalo García
Gonzalo García 27 napja
If they think I'm gonna watch an 11 minute DHL advert just because it's about F1... well, they're right.
DanosJ 27 napja
Russell was denied a win in Sakhir... Following a puncture? How dare you rewriting history like that...
Mason .mc_
Mason .mc_ 28 napja
I think there should have been a lot more logistics shown in s1 and 2 of drive to survive
Dudek 28 napja
Dieter Gerecke
Dieter Gerecke 28 napja
F1... another bs "sport" I'm done with after a lifelong following...😷
Dieter Gerecke
Dieter Gerecke 28 napja
Scamdemic... there, I fixed it
Debojyoti Sarkar
How many times did he pronounce DHL?
ARA A 28 napja
Another reason why we love F1, so much is happening in this sport
Elliott Wardle
Elliott Wardle 28 napja
Amazing job by F1, DHL and the teams to get a 17 race calendar completed this year.
Ross Macfarlane
Ross Macfarlane 28 napja
this is just an advert...
Dan I.
Dan I. 28 napja
this is a Wendover Productions video but with more race talk and less logistics talk
Diego Mauricio Bravo Gonzalez
Beautiful work!
Fajar Sidiq Ginting Suka
Monopoli cash money bank.
Jayson Ganpat
Jayson Ganpat 28 napja
They stole the guy from Netflix
Kevin Hermawan
Kevin Hermawan 28 napja
Ana Emília Paiva
Secret Santa!
Rony Rodas
Rony Rodas 28 napja
"One of the most rigorous and sofisticated testing systems implemented by any sport" -proceeds to take on the wrist the temperature of the person inside of the car
El BonitiilloO
El BonitiilloO 29 napja
how much money is DHL making from this i guess a lot of money.
FireStormHR 27 napja
I am not so sure. My guess is they do it for free in return for all adverts and title sponsorings like fastest lap
JustFrana 29 napja
Truly an amazing spectacle to move all this stuff all over and so fast as well. But please nothing about this is sustainable.
Daniel Andres
Daniel Andres 29 napja
Sub spanish?
Turkey gp
SlayVid G
SlayVid G 29 napja
Best thing about this season was Lawrence's shoes.
Marat Davletov
Marat Davletov 29 napja
so, pritty nice job from this fedex company
s.a bahai
s.a bahai 29 napja
Formel 1
Kogure 29 napja
Alright, done with the ad, but when does the video begin
Moonis Ahmed
Moonis Ahmed 29 napja
DHL fastest partner award goes to DHL!
Take a shot every time they say DHL
wiktorz 29 napja
The technology centre I think copyright claimed my video once from F1 management
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 29 napja
One big DHL commercial.
Bora Sağlar
Bora Sağlar 29 napja
Put turkısh gp ın 2021 celendar pls
Saadat Ahmed
Saadat Ahmed 29 napja
It was supposed to be more focused on logistics rather than season highlights.
Kristo Thoma
Kristo Thoma 29 napja
2:28 bottas finished 3rd in hungary, couldn`t overtake verstappen
Ataur-Raziq Gonzalez
Bottas was 2nd, go check for yourself
F1Freak F1
F1Freak F1 29 napja
Its stunning what the human race can do when squeezed into a corner. Thanks to DHL, thanks to F1, thanks to the teams working tirelessly for putting this season together. Impressive stuff. I was sure that this season wasnt going to happen but thanks for proving me wrong. We had a spectacular season, one for the books
Diggles_D 29 napja
Hopefully DHL can ship Mazepin out of the sport.
Plojnes 29 napja
4:25 Max became 2 so it was not a 1 2 for mercedes
Sagara Sousuke
Sagara Sousuke 29 napja
I mean, what a joke, they take all those precautions for distancing, place acrylic dividers between the race mechanics,etc and then they jump and hug all together when the race finishes.
AimJokerr 29 napja
Thanks for make this happen.
Swapnil Mittal
Swapnil Mittal 29 napja
That's a poor effort @f1🙍‍♂️
MandoMonge 29 napja
Proudly brought to you by UPS xD
Urban Weekend Warrior
Is the shipping company called DLH? HDL? I didn't quite catch it
Frez QM
Frez QM 29 napja
So it's an ad.
Ignacio Carol
Ignacio Carol 29 napja
where is my secret santa video?
Mehdi Gardezi
Mehdi Gardezi 29 napja
Ty for making F1 this year possible.
Kabir Kumar
Kabir Kumar 29 napja
Alternate title: The Insane Logistics of Formula 1. oh wait...
Franklin Tejada
Franklin Tejada Hónapja
Just THANK YOU ALL! From Dominican Repúblic
Markus Poremba
Markus Poremba Hónapja
Hey f1 it would be great when you could put the races into an order thar requires less travelling. You were transporting the equip back and forth in europe.
Lorenzo Brunelli
Thank you Guys😁
Affan Rafique
Affan Rafique Hónapja
Should have included Vettels podium
Sree L
Sree L Hónapja
F1 2020 for many reasons will remain the best season of this decade. Thank you guys.
Gastro Şef
Gastro Şef Hónapja
Turkish fans Check 6:53
ale Hónapja
I was one of the guys who received the Formula One loads in Sochi. It was an absolutely incredible experience and an unforgettable moment. p.s. People pay thousands of dollars to get into the paddock and take photos with the racing cars and the safety car. Guys, come and work for us at the airport and once a year you can do it for absolutely free)
e Hónapja
Thanks DHL for the amazing season. VAMOSSSSSS
Anthos Lykos
Anthos Lykos Hónapja
Next video should be the logistics of getting F12019 to to run properly during the virtual grand prix.
Alex Wong
Alex Wong Hónapja
DHL, the unsung MVP of F1
Pigs Nation
Pigs Nation Hónapja
I wonder who got the DHL first comment award
Erika Hónapja
I wish we could have some new (or rotating ) circuits every year, like 3 or 4 are swapped every season
Muhammad Ridhwan
I need this type of vid every season. Just wonder how things get pack up n send to locations nicely
Jimmy J Jackson
Jimmy J Jackson Hónapja
& the sponsor for this video surely must be ......."DHL"
Another 1-2 for Mercedes in Hungary? Max split them.
Syed Muhammed Ibrahim
I'm waiting for May favorite hamilton next 2021 title winning scene
Timo Paulissen
Timo Paulissen Hónapja
Hungary wasn’t a 1-2 for mercedes
Rafael Branco
Rafael Branco Hónapja
The logistics of F1 is a sport itself... Petition to star an ongoing series about these heroes
Atticus Marks
Atticus Marks Hónapja
With rated no1 on unnecessary co2 spread around the world
Simo D'lo Mafuxwana
Windover productions channel has a more detailed DHL-free video about the logistics of F1
77 Estate
77 Estate Hónapja
The DHL Formula one fans was stunned by the victory of DHL Mercedes AMG team in DHL Constructors cup and 7th DHL title for DHL Lewis Hamilton. We can’t wait to watch what will happen at DHL Australian Grand Prix in DHL Melbourne.
Dipanshu Singh
Dipanshu Singh Hónapja
Why will Buxton is wearing mercedes mask?
Stephen Hónapja
F1 does QVC
kaasglenneman Hónapja
Mr Dandelion
Mr Dandelion Hónapja
Guys, my skip button doesn't work help
Isyraq Akram
Isyraq Akram Hónapja
I just wanna say thank you formula 1 and everyone for keeping this year’s race going. I didn’t notice how you guys actually make this dreadful year have a lil bit of excitement for most of us
nektro 43
nektro 43 Hónapja
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