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Brand new Yamaha MT-09 2021 - The Dark side of japan is now ready to be ride. The new MT design is only a part of the huge work done for the "Queen" of the Hyper Naked. I test it in Sicily during a vulcano eruption...
MT09 2021: bit.ly/30EqEEu
#hypernaked #yamahamt09 #mt2021
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2021 yamaha mt09 mt 09 revealed mt09 mods

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Warrys González
Warrys González 18 órája
Exelente video amigo
custom kicks
custom kicks 2 napja
Never put your helmet on the ground
Trd 93
Trd 93 4 napja
Best bike to ride in Sicily, that extra torque will help people get away from police lol.
Porque tienes esa cara en la miniatura del vídeo?
mgqfashion 6 napja
Best review I've seen on this bike. Great Job ! Greetings from Luxembourg
Sanny RC
Sanny RC 11 napja
Ciao... came here by suggestion of YT. thx for review. Your English is indeed above average and I could understand most of it. Grazie mille.. Ciao from Holland
Ciro Erez
Ciro Erez 16 napja
Grazie grande Alberto! any news if the new XSR900 will have the new specs?
Operator 17 napja
Beautiful review! Thank you!
mr toyota
mr toyota 22 napja
Thank you for the review. Very easy to understand 👍🏻. I am from Hong Kong and I just ordered a SP version, can’t wait to take it home.
Fadhel Arts Indo
van 29 napja
Why yamaha why?
PagDK 29 napja
And when you live in STUPID Denmark you have to pay 16533Euro for the standard version and 19200Euro for the SP version. F.U danish tax system
Inácio Hónapja
Mais de R$ 70.000 no Brasil! 💸💸💸💸
ahmed firdause
ahmed firdause Hónapja
I swear I wil never buy a bike again after own this new MT09 2021 in Malaysia. Getting old already. This was my last wish for a bike.
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams Hónapja
why this dude look like herobust
Muneer Race
Muneer Race Hónapja
Rdodo67 Hónapja
thank you for a comprehensive and entertaining review.
Andrzej Lech
Andrzej Lech Hónapja
Alberto, very nice review :)!
Jensfos Hónapja
Great review my friend! You just convinced me to put an order down for a new MT09 SP
Muhammad Asri
Muhammad Asri Hónapja
Hi Alberto! I’m quite surprised you’re Italian but you are very fluent in english. Much better than me. 😂
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos Hónapja
Great Video bro. Awesome bike. I love that you shared a little bit of the difference between the confidence a street rider may have over a track rider.
avinash bakash
avinash bakash Hónapja
I love 💖 mt
Jake Abendan
Jake Abendan Hónapja
I miss your track teaching. I hope you come back to track
Daniel Hónapja
suspension is adjustable, instead of customisable but very nice review
Hi from Crete. Looks like a good and cheaper alternative to the ... T9 tracer! With the adding of the windshield of course.
baseline_hitch Shalhoub
I have a 2014 MT09 I absolutely love it ! The new upgrades are really impressive.But I like the old front light and the controls display better.
Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy Hónapja
Y the changed the head lamp, yhe previous look was so much better. I wanted them to keep the previous front look 😭😭😭
Hathum Kittitus
Hathum Kittitus Hónapja
I really like your voice. So easy to understand. I'm an asian.
Yann An Tan
Yann An Tan Hónapja
Thanks for the review Alberto! You have a new sub! Yamaha engineers also lend their expertise in sound engineering in one of the most iconic cars in the world: LEXUS LFA. So really was an eye (or ear) opening for me to know that they are doing it on their bikes, which is great!
My Game
My Game Hónapja
Are you Italian?? Or other European country which the main language is English??...... By the way, Etna Mountain is one of the world active mountain, it always did eruption..... And to live near with Etna Mountain, it's quite Scary😱😱😱😱😱 That is Awesome Bike............
Lee Moe
Lee Moe Hónapja
How comfy it is for a 194cm man?
NIK LM Rider club Thailand
How is Furying different from the old one?
sinXO Hónapja
Not hating, I love the upgrades, especially the electornics, the engine, chasis, but damn they made the bike feel like a cheap plastic crap. The display is like a tamagotchi, really small with huge space around it wasted on nothing, rear is looking really dull and cheap compared to 2014-2020, the front headlight is...why? The gap between the bulb and the display backside is so damn huge they could have given us a 2nd bulb, or make it similar to KTM-s design. The bike in my opinion looks really cheap, but its more expensive. It has lost its charm. Missed opportunity by Yamaha to make a new MT09 breathtaking, design wise. Not gonna upgrade from my OG 2014 with upgraded suspension and QS, no point. Thats my 2 cents.
TripNiVer Vlog
TripNiVer Vlog Hónapja
Sir gift me r3 sir 😇
CaptWindShear Hónapja
Newly subbed! Thank you sir, for the review. I have been looking at exactly this bike for a while now as an option to start riding again. Very helpful. I always did like triples, since the Jota, which is why it got my attention. Volcanoes, on the other hand, I am well used to, where I am in the Andes, LOL!
Mr Kim Jong Un
Mr Kim Jong Un Hónapja
What happened to Yamaha they made the front too poor And look odd.yakkkk. Greetings from BHARAT jai hind.
David Rivera
David Rivera Hónapja
Got more from your review than from the guys here in the states!
Khafidz ainul Yaqien
Ofcourse yamaha sounds good, yamaha was a musical instruments factory
kursed13 Hónapja
Great review! I'm getting used to the new style and all the improvements Yamaha has done makes me think I should buy new.
Playtech269 Hónapja
MT 09 2019 are better
pasiutrial Hónapja
Twin lamps looked so much better on the previous one... It used to look aggressive, now it looks retarded.
iMotoTacticaL Hónapja
Not liking the front brake reservoir sticking out, They should’ve of kept the previous design..adding steering stabilizer would be nice.
Dadhie Moto
Dadhie Moto Hónapja
New Subscriber here from Philippines 🇵🇭 Ride Safe🏍️
Brapsnaps Hónapja
That new display looks great👌
johnny honey
johnny honey Hónapja
I really enjoyed your presentation style 🙂
doni zetta
doni zetta Hónapja
Thank you for sharing near volcano experience
Thomas Lindsey
Thomas Lindsey Hónapja
Mr. Naska, I have a question, how tall are you? I am trying to figure out the best fit for a sportbike for myself being tall.
Binada_ NET
Binada_ NET Hónapja
Looks like a ktm LOL
Crossplane Hónapja
new bike but shit design.
Fabrizio C
Fabrizio C Hónapja
Inglese imbarazzante....
Suraj Tmg
Suraj Tmg Hónapja
can we put old headlight in this new mt09????? bcoz it looks very very ugly other then headlight other part of this bike is looking buttery smooth and sexy
Peoples Ambassador DM
Hello can u review the xsr900??
pardzpajo Hónapja
nice bike bro. i love that sound.
PistolPete63 Hónapja
Great review!
Trackfeet Hónapja
Why are you moving so much on the motorcycle? Aren't it enough to countersteer to make the bike go the way you want to??
Japz ki
Japz ki Hónapja
My dream bike, MTO9. I wish
HojoevenTV #AyyLagi
Solid 🔥♥️ I'm from the Philippines I'm always watching on your video
Δημητρης Γκαραλος
Previous model so much beautiful, no comparison with that shit
Ömer Zülfü
Ömer Zülfü Hónapja
Güzel makinada büyük ihtimal türkiyede olacak sana 160 170 bin lira mt 09 sp..
Praveen Bhandary
Yamaha always king 🤴
Saad T
Saad T Hónapja
Seeing the mt09 design, I’m worried how bad Yamaha are gonna make the new yzf R7 look
Saad T
Saad T Hónapja
Man, if they put a parallel twin in the r6, there goes the F1 engine sound 😭
Michael Rullis
Michael Rullis Hónapja
Oh just for anyone interested it won't live up to the older R7. It's based off the mt07. Was hoping for something wild
Michael Rullis
Michael Rullis Hónapja
Woah they are making a R7?! Jeez what do I live under a rock 😂
Frederic Svensson
What there hell is up with the speedometer display? Looks square, boring and ugly.
demolicious DXD
demolicious DXD Hónapja
I've been dreaming to drive this bike. ❤️ I really love it.
MR B Hónapja
Mt09 2021 copied of ktm duke.
Beautiful video. I was doubting if i should buy the bike, because how it looks. But You told us more than professional motorcycle journalists and you told that in a so passionate way that i am starting to like the bike how it looks. Cheers from the netherlands 🇳🇱
Florin Florin
Florin Florin Hónapja
such a boring design... the dark side of japan really get me asleep
Angel Sapundzhiev
The headlight (or the little eye on the place of the headlight) ruins the entire visual appeal. Only Japanese can create such a great bike with such an ugly appearance.
y j
y j Hónapja
Nice review man. Keep it up
I wanna ride with you 🙂
The Comfort King
Honestly... Im kind of sad, Thats my dream bike... But My salary is only $200 per month, enought to pay bills here in the Philippines. I wish I Have $8000. Or hire me in your counry ..
Rashmika Akila
Rashmika Akila 2 hónapja
raed al-amoudi
raed al-amoudi 2 hónapja
The only thing I hate about this model is the small ass screen they could’ve made a little bit bigger
Roy B
Roy B 2 hónapja
Great review! One of the most in depths I've seen on this to date! Will most likely upgrade to this from my "18 Z900.
Rob Fischer
Rob Fischer 2 hónapja
Those blue stickers are vile. Talk about a color clash. Yuck.
bystrome 2 hónapja
Nice! Wanna take it out for a spin myself! need to try it out when the snow is gone here in sweden!
siddarth chandran
siddarth chandran 2 hónapja
a genuine review , much ❤️ from India . I still don't understand why yamaha had to give that weird facelift to the MT series, no doubt it's a wonderful bike but they killed the road presence of an aggressive street naked. The MT was once and always a performer . The first gen MT 09 had more muscle and it suited for riders between the age of 27-40 The second gen is... THE BEST design till date and it suited for riding groups of almost every age group The current gen is much focused on beginner level and would attract more young blood right from 18 ( legal age to ride motorcycles) and I don't think it would convince a rider in the age group of 27-35 . And this bike being in the A2 CATEGORY (euro licensing policy) , I would never encourage youngsters to own this bike as their first beginner high capacity motorcycle.
Jun 2 hónapja
D mo kami maloloko Nico Bolzico.alam namin ikaw yan..😄😄😄
MT09SP RIDER 2 hónapja
Im spanish but I do understand every single word. Nice job
MongoSaqqara RadCats
Great simple bike review!!!
rollss123 2 hónapja
Love yout track videos and stuff Naska, but this video sucks
hshd vsgsg
hshd vsgsg 2 hónapja
last nail for mt09.. ugly bike..
Mike Graf
Mike Graf 2 hónapja
Please compare with MT-10 !
Prometheus 2 hónapja
idk after riding 200hp + super bikes, naked bikes dont realy ignite any thing in me...
RTG_GENG_BENG 2 hónapja
Wonderful explanation and description bro 👌🏾... Is there anyway possible for me to get a bike i love them but can't afford it 😄
kittrainbow 7
kittrainbow 7 2 hónapja
Bella, grande Naska 👍
b0xcrash 2 hónapja
Yes, most of my family is from Sicily. Also how is the ride by wire on the YAMAHA MT-09? Or Yamaha's in general? I know on the Ducati's I have rode it can create some surging, jerkiness, abrupt or undesired results with modulating the throttle or holding it steady. Putting some inserts in the throttle assembly, for the cam to create a cushion, or rebound, fixes the issues.
Gold Magnet
Gold Magnet 2 hónapja
ill buy this and swap my old mt09 headlights on this one XD
Pedro Rezende
Pedro Rezende 2 hónapja
awesome bike but looks like shit, cant have everything I guess
Khang Vlog
Khang Vlog 2 hónapja
I cannot digest the head light of new MT09, bro,
Edward Gonzaga
Edward Gonzaga 2 hónapja
Very nice watching from philippines keepsafe God bless
J Y 2 hónapja
the bike is awesome with all the upgrade. But deep down we all know that the Master of Torque should have two eyes instead of one..
SEAT TIME386 2 hónapja
Good video nice review but my dealer says June till SP hits USA shores that sucks well have fun riding while I'm just wishing!👍👍
SEAT TIME386 2 hónapja
Sucks for us dont it I've got a deposit on the first one that comes in until then I'll be riding my trusty XG750 street rod
nxi666__ 2 hónapja
Same here in Russia. And I was told the SP version will be available first and then the regular one.
Mr Temps
Mr Temps 2 hónapja
Great review. The design has really grown on me I really like it. I’m thinking of trading my 2020 SP in for a 2021 SP now.
meme XD
meme XD 2 hónapja
Love from india ❤️can be lunch in india ??
Sky MoTo
Sky MoTo 2 hónapja
Good morning idol ingat ,, ride safe
Davy Pig
Davy Pig 2 hónapja
I love the look of the previous bike and I want to see this one in person before I decide between the two. Your commercial has sold me, let Yamaha know.
SOSmotorcycles 2 hónapja
man im jealous i just put a down payment down on a 2021 MT10 and its been 34 days and i still havent got my bike yet.
Marcv338 2 hónapja
uuuuh NO,its ugly.
Mara Horázný
Mara Horázný 2 hónapja
very good bike, with excellent engine. But the new headlamp is very very ugly... Thanks God I own this bike, MK 2014, no ABS, no EVAP, no bullshits :-)
Jai O
Jai O 2 hónapja
I'll be honest I initially hated the design, however I'm starting to prefer this model now.
Filipe Santos
Filipe Santos Hónapja
Fuck guys, i‘m on the same track too! Problably gonna buy the black one 😂
Seb Anoniem
Seb Anoniem 2 hónapja
Same here. A month ago I hated the looks, last week I’ve ordered one 😬
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