Top 10 Formula 3 Overtakes of 2020! 

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With the season concluded in Mugello and the champions crowned, it's time to take a look at the gutsy, brave and risky moves from the stars of Formula 3! Here are 10 of our favourites...
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Dill Pickles
Dill Pickles 9 napja
matthew 2779
matthew 2779 10 napja
I was wondering why this wasn't boring af. But then i realized it's not F1 that's why 😂
Nuno Monteiro Soares
The Viscaal vs Zendeli fight still gives me goosebumps, it's just racing in its purest of forms. Poetic. Sublime. I mean... Gorgeous stuff
Guenther Steiner
I almost jumped a hole in the ceiling during that bent viscaal battle in silverstone
Lightening McQueen
Number 1 definitely was the best!
The Fredd
The Fredd 14 napja
Suanfonson xd
ozanbaskan 14 napja
Wish F1 cars were naturally aspirated. I LOVE the engine noise on these things.
Michael Barreto
Michael Barreto 15 napja
Piastri e Schumacher campeões da prema nas categorias de F2 e F3 e campeã de construtores
Jayolic 15 napja
Wait 2020 is over with?
RAIDEN 15 napja
How to watch f2 and f3 full race?
isak onnela
isak onnela 15 napja
bring f1 to Sweden again
Celso Herrera
Celso Herrera 15 napja
Adelantada de al final épica, mis respetos.
Gerrit-Willem Smit
Pretty sure Viscaal will win the overtake of the year award for that one. Or maybe they will go with the more famous outside overtake of albon on raikkonen
Fernando Silveira
Nao gosto muito de formula 1. Parece autorama. Mas adoro o jogo de video game de F1.
Dragostea din tei
Red Bull and AlphaTauri are looking for a new engine supplier after 2021. Honda announced today, Friday 2 October, that it will stop in Formula 1 after 2021. The Japanese company returned to Formula 1 in 2015 with McLaren, which did not go very well - just ask Fernando Alonso. However, the collaboration with Red Bull and AlphaTauri has been far better and given several race victories, most recently to Gasly at Monza. However, there has also been some dissatisfaction to be traced between Red Bull and Honda, most recently recurring engine problems on Verstappen's car, but it is unknown whether those problems may have contributed to the decision to withdraw from Formula 1. Thus, there are only three engine suppliers left in Formula 1 after 2021: Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault. Under current rules, Renault will be required to supply engines to Red Bull and AlphaTauri, as they have the fewest customers, unless the various teams can persuade Mercedes or Ferrari to supply an engine to Red Bull and AlphaTauri. Red Bull and AlphaTauri have both signed the new Concorde agreement, which binds them to Formula 1 until the end of 2025. "We look forward to a new era of innovation, development and success," said Red Bull boss Christian Horner, noting that he understands and respects Honda's decision.
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1000 Subs with no videos
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Adam Purcell
Adam Purcell 15 napja
Me waiting for the Nurburgring wondering what happened
Coast Guard Chris
3:49 Beautiful racing! 🏎
victoria worship
Why are so many people "roasting" each other in the replies of this comment section.
victoria worship
Lord Mahaveer Maldonado k thx!
Lord Mahaveer Maldonado
That's just the F1 fandom. More toxic than Chernobyl.
Sayeed Chowdhury
Why dont supercars race
Jean Lopez
Jean Lopez 16 napja
That Viscall and Zandelli Race!?!? INSANE!! Viscaal STAYING on the outside! Max Verstappen type stuff there.
Asa Setioko
Asa Setioko 16 napja
F1 should make greatest wingman of all time
Benjamin Klein
Benjamin Klein 16 napja
The last one was amazing
Boom Ting
Boom Ting 16 napja
When the F3 commentators are more energetic than the F1 commentators smh
victoria worship
Boom Ting yh ikr they're barely energetic compared to f1 and F2 has quite energetic commentators but not as energetic
Motorsport Fanboy
0:40 that Piastri overtake on Sargeant reminds me so much of Vettel on Alonso in 2011
Daily Among us videos
This is the willams hq testing cars
Demer PIquet
Demer PIquet 16 napja
#3 should be #1
cameron barnard
cameron barnard 16 napja
I love the thing with these slower cars, the moves last longer!
Γιαννης Μητσου
Number one Silverstone the BEST!!!! move ever that is the reason who I prefer formula 2 and 3 than 1 to watch it!!💗💗👍👍
additome 16 napja
I miss macau
José Dias
José Dias 16 napja
That Carlin livery is so beautiful
McPlayer8t 16 napja
Saw #1 coming, but it still gives me goosebumps every time, what incredible racing from both drivers, a very well deserved win for Bent Viscaal.
Rafael Carlos de Castro Silva
Bravo. #1 was crazy
Keczeli Adam
Keczeli Adam 16 napja
WOOOOW 😯 Ben Viscaal nice overtake 👍😅
Keczeli Adam
Keczeli Adam 16 napja
I'm not that much of F3 fan I'm an FORMULA1 fan
Keczeli Adam
Keczeli Adam 16 napja
😅Ok Sorry
McPlayer8t 16 napja
It’s Bent, not Ben, but yes indeed, it was fantastic.
Victor Hedgehog
Victor Hedgehog 16 napja
1:39 Rare footage of a car with DAS being overtaken
McPlayer8t 16 napja
Haha, I’ve been waiting to see a DAS joke about him.
Ryan Safar
Ryan Safar 16 napja
F1 be like : OH MY GOSH the Ferrari gets p10!
Mark Webber
Mark Webber 16 napja
King Oscar
Epicon 6
Epicon 6 16 napja
That's all the overtakes there are in a season.
Epicon 6
Epicon 6 16 napja
@victoria worship You didn't get it. There are so few overtakes in F1 nowadays that 10 is all we get in a season.
victoria worship
tompparaideri it said "top 10" not all of them you must be blind
Simon Speckmaier
Xendex Motorsports
Would want to see kers removed and the. See the F1 race
Xendex Motorsports
@David Garcia yess . Want to see 1950 when gap is of 4minutes ( satire 😅)
David Garcia
David Garcia 16 napja
You would see even less overtaking
Furry Police
Furry Police 17 napja
Benttt! Beeent! 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
Kisoutras 17 napja
the moment when this short vid shows better racing then the entire f1 season
victoria worship
Do you realise f1 uses faster cars which makes the season far more enjoyable at f1 commentators are soooo much more energetic, also in f3 this year there was less tracks whilst f1 is still going cause of more tracks, I hate to say this but some people are dumb because they need to put Wh they like and hate otherwise you can't like it
Kisoutras 16 napja
@McPlayer8t true
McPlayer8t 16 napja
Slower cars + equal cars = better racing
Gemma Wade
Gemma Wade 17 napja
Number 1 is utterly satisfying
SGT EpicSpeed
SGT EpicSpeed 17 napja
The moment the music changed for the #1 entry, I knew the Viscaal-Zendeli battle will take the top spot.
McPlayer8t 16 napja
I mean, as if it was ever going to be anything else.
I remember watching the F3 race when it was the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix and I was on the edge of my seat watching Viscaal and Zendeli drag race to the start/finish line! That was such an intense last few corners👌🏻
victoria worship Oh yeah but that wasn't an overtake as the video was about intense overtakes, but I know what u mean, but I was working that day so I missed that race😔
victoria worship
What about Lewis really bad tyre on the last lap at silverstone in f1? It got quite close with Hamilton and Verstappen
McPlayer8t Definitely, 100%
McPlayer8t 16 napja
Indeed, and Alex’s commentary was just perfection.
Pleasureman 17 napja
Luiz Fernando H S V Leao
Enzo Fittipaldi: The best overtaker driver in F3
Jader Miani
Jader Miani 16 napja
@Fons Smeur Of course, but it's still a great achievement by him, the majority of other drivers that start on the back stay on the back.
Fons Smeur
Fons Smeur 16 napja
Jader Miani yeah, but if you start from poleposition it is impossible to gain 10 places. Naturally some people in front of him will crash/make mistakes, so that will account for at least a few places
Jader Miani
Jader Miani 16 napja
​@Fons Smeur Actually you have to be faster than those we're overtaking, so it's not that easy in a spec car series (and some skill to make so many overtakes without crashing).
Luiz Fernando H S V Leao
@Jader Miani True! And in the most races he has unlucky and got problems in the car and tyres punctures like in Spa and Monza. That is.. imagine if he wasn't unlucky.. he would finish the championship in Top 8 easily
Fons Smeur
Fons Smeur 16 napja
Jader Miani well, not that hard from his average starting position
Carl Gauss
Carl Gauss 17 napja
3:21 Why does Prema’s DRS close earlier than the DRS of two cars in front?
Xendex Motorsports
Such small season
Marcsidan Parker
@mlepnos yeah, if he hadn't braked he would have collided with the car in front
mlepnos 17 napja
He pressed his brake earlier. DRS closes when the driver presses the brake.
Jraybay 17 napja
Cant wait for next season! Look at this action : D
Liam McCoy
Liam McCoy 17 napja
i can't wait for the best of f2 2020 because f2 is basically just the best when it comes to overtaking
Francesco Zizza
Francesco Zizza 17 napja
Piastri vs Sargeant Alonso vs Vettel Monza 2011 flashbacks
SIDYfe4r 16 napja
All the time you have to leava the space!
Constantinia Smith
I wish logan won the championship. I would love to see another person who will race in f1 under american flag
McPlayer8t 16 napja
I would expect both he and Piastri will move up to F2 next year anyway, so he will get another chance. Either way, I’m an Aussie, so I’m pretty happy about the result.
sarahs mv
sarahs mv 17 napja
Seiddu Plays
Seiddu Plays 17 napja
when f3 has more exciting overtakes and races than f1
moi paslui
moi paslui 16 napja
Well it's easier to have closer racing when cars are spec.
madhu Sagi
madhu Sagi 17 napja
Denny Rachmansyah
Seb might stood a chance here.
Owen Reaney
Owen Reaney 17 napja
A Bloke with a name
I still can't believe my eyes that the 2020 F3 season has ended, Oh well, next season then...
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha 13 napja
At least we got F2 .....next month
victoria worship
Well at least f1 is still going
Xendex Motorsports
Yes but a poor race track in the first place . Spain 🤪
Anand Raghavan
Anand Raghavan 17 napja
F3:REALLY close and nice overtakes F1: Oh, and that's CLOSE! Red bull are only 10 seconds behind Mercedes!!
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha 13 napja
Ferrari is 30 seconds behind
victoria worship
Well f1 has better overtakes than f3 rather because f1 has quicker cars than f3
victoria worship
10 seconds is on.y close if the driver is catching up quick but yh 10 seconds at normal pace is like quarter the race but remember they pit too so that makes a difference
Streaking Alphatauri
Don't forget about formula 2
McPlayer8t 16 napja
Same, maybe with McLaren next year with the Mercedes PU.
Aaron Holloway
Aaron Holloway 17 napja
Can we add f3 to the f1 game
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha 13 napja
yes plz
Boost Trooper
Boost Trooper 14 napja
@McPlayer8t then f4 and karts
Aaron Holloway
Aaron Holloway 16 napja
@Craft Racer when you do host one you get full lobbies stop being such a downer
Craft Racer
Craft Racer 16 napja
Aaron Holloway it’s an F1 game not open wheel feeder series simulator Go onto f1, lobbies, won’t be more than 2 F2 lobbies at a time
Xendex Motorsports
@Aaron Holloway hmm😀
Ryan P
Ryan P 17 napja
That battle at the end wow
M. V.
M. V. 16 napja
@Real Madrid 2 Ligas En 11 Años yeah i also have eyes, but it was still an insane battle
Real Madrid 2 Ligas En 11 Años
The driver who finished second lost control of the car
Vlogs Cool
Vlogs Cool 17 napja
F3 is so so boring
victoria worship
Vlogs Cool it is because they have slower cars than f1 which makes it less fun and also the commentators in f1 seem far more energetic than f3
smaxyyy 17 napja
couldn't be f1
zodiac z
zodiac z 17 napja
that last battle has to be the best last lap battle of this year in motorsports Edit: as other suggested, MotoGP in Styria this year was also one crazy last lap (Miller vs Espargaro vs Oliviera)
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha 13 napja
and Mir vs Rossi at Misano
Ale Creek
Ale Creek 16 napja
I prefered GTE AM battle in the last our at Le Mans
zodiac z
zodiac z 16 napja
Francisco Baeta true, that one was also epic. Styrian MotoGP
Francisco Baeta
Francisco Baeta 16 napja
Dont forget oliveira vs miller vs espargaro
Amazing A The Dreamer
Video Games City
More exciting to watch than F1
victoria worship
Video Games City explain then you must have a reason I like f1 more because the commentators are 50x more energetic
Max200012 17 napja
Who cares
McPlayer8t 16 napja
Everyone who enjoys great motorsport.
J-Taylzy 17 napja
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 17 napja
Christian wants one of these engines, Max won't notice at all
Giorgio Ulceri
Giorgio Ulceri 17 napja
Who is the number 18, the one red who makes the last overtake?
Fons Smeur
Fons Smeur 17 napja
N-parahydroxyphenyl Acetamide
Wonder how much action there will be when these future stars come to F1🤩!
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha 13 napja
Epikmanful 16 napja
@Impactsinox then why you even here, get lost...
victoria worship
Shreyas Vadrewu where then huh
victoria worship
Sayandeep Guin crashes and over takes are action, so I guess you don't care about the points and who wins the season.
victoria worship
Probably not as much action but maybe quite a bit
Ricardo Sogabe
Ricardo Sogabe 17 napja
N/A engines are awesome!
Lewis Yu
Lewis Yu 16 napja
I know right? So fast!
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 17 napja
Simply simply lovley
Race City Minecraft!
This season f2/f3 has been more exciting than F1... CHANGE MY MIND
victoria worship
sven kip
sven kip 17 napja
Of course, everyone knows that. Its been happening dor years
Ivan Plis
Ivan Plis 17 napja
Make a video about how V6 Hybrids ruined Formula 1
Joe Normington
Joe Normington 17 napja
Th3y won't admit it will they
Kiryuium's Friend
Delcrew 17 napja
Any silly season news about the PREMA F3 drivers making the step up to F2?
McPlayer8t 16 napja
No doubt Piastri and Sargeant will make the jump, but I don’t expect any news until the current F2 season is over, even then I think it will be a while.
Furry Police
Furry Police 17 napja
Delcrew Verschoor said on Dutch TV that he wants to move up from F3. He still isn’t sure but he does want to drive in F2 for MP
Delcrew 17 napja
Joshua Miles Now we are waiting on Vesti and Sargent.
Joshua Miles
Joshua Miles 17 napja
Piastri has said that he is in negotiations with at least 2 teams
Jay Stevenson
Jay Stevenson 17 napja
They should put F3 into the next F1 game
bradley williams
@McPlayer8t most likely
McPlayer8t 16 napja
I think the bigger issue might be performance, I mean, it’s a lot of tech to independently control 30 cars on a track simultaneously. Maybe when they move to PS5 and Xbox whateveritis it will be more likely.
LiamTalksF1 17 napja
bradley williams true
bradley williams
@LiamTalksF1 well they got f2 so its not impossible
LiamTalksF1 17 napja
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 17 napja
silverback gorilla
Can you make a video on why honda is leaving f1?
Xendex Motorsports
@silverback gorilla yes that website is little boring
Joe Normington
Joe Normington 17 napja
@silverback gorilla that doesn't mean you shouldn't
silverback gorilla
@Joe Normington I can claim over 90% fans don't see website or app. Most just rely on tv and youtube highlights
TheGalonator 17 napja
WTF1 had the answer for you guys
Abhinav Kumar
Abhinav Kumar 17 napja
They left f1 because they wanted to focus on emission free engines.
Tryviation StreamHighlights
Biblical scenes
J-Taylzy 17 napja
But Aarava isn't on here?
Zakariyya Moosaji
Poleani 17 napja
Sad that we cant have the same video from F1
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha 13 napja
@Mohd Awad we wont
Pond Action
Pond Action 16 napja
Mohd Awad but he’s not arguing with you?
victoria worship
Yep there's been lots of great overtakes.
Mohd Awad
Mohd Awad 16 napja
@zodiac z there's no reason to argue with a blind man
Pond Action
Pond Action 16 napja
zodiac z Ok Albon vs Ricciardo is the perfect example of a boring repetitive overtake, he’s literally got drs down the straight and carries more speed round the outside. Pérez vs Sainz was an ok battle, but Pérez had the advantage of a pink Mercedes plus being one of the best drivers to move round the outside. And then fair enough Leclerc vs Norris was an interesting battle but that’s basically all you are going to get- not enough for a video is what I’m saying. And what is your point with the 2017 overtake and the cars? It makes no difference, great overtake.
Miss Dubai
Miss Dubai 17 napja
HP Gaming
HP Gaming 17 napja
I am not first even tho i came in the first 18 seconds. Great video. I think they should have an F2 and an F3 channel. They are both as competitive as F1. Just because F1 is the highest level does not mean they have the best entertainment. Example: Hamilton has won the last 3 championships. F1 is too one-sided these days.
victoria worship
HP Gaming
HP Gaming 17 napja
Mohd Awad I don’t understand
Mohd Awad
Mohd Awad 17 napja
It's impossible for any f2 driver to win 3 championships in a row, because if they win they aren't allowed to stay
That’s Everything
Music Bubalo
Music Bubalo 17 napja
fOrMuLa 3 fAnPaGe
victoria worship
Music Bubalo they already do
Twiebie Racing
Twiebie Racing 17 napja
Beautiful moves
Branson YT
Branson YT 17 napja
Joe Normington
Joe Normington 17 napja
I can't care less m8
Zzzz 17 napja
F3 > F1 Who’s with me
victoria worship
I don't think anyone realises but f1 has faster cars which makes it more dramatic and fun also the commentators in f3 are far less excited than the f1 commentators
victoria worship
Zzzz 17 napja
Zzzz 17 napja
I agree too HAHA, I mean f1 is where all the top dogs go to so its btr ig. But if someone wants legit racing then f3 is the way too go
Fons Smeur
Fons Smeur 17 napja
F3 is much more exciting, but if I had to choose between watching F1 and F3, I would still watch F1
Lars De wild
Lars De wild 17 napja
Kain RYAN 17 napja
Lars De wild what are you accomplishing by saying that? it’s not like you will win a prize.
V G 17 napja
Bms 432
Bms 432 17 napja
Great overtakes
Leoparder 612
Leoparder 612 17 napja
You have nothing to post???
Luca Gajic
Luca Gajic 17 napja
Joe Normington
Joe Normington 17 napja
I can't care less
Kain RYAN 17 napja
Luca Gajic sorry to break it to you but you aren’t getting a prize fro yhat
V G 17 napja
Abzzy 08
Abzzy 08 17 napja
Ayyy it’s back 👌🏿😤
Akash YENDAMURI 17 napja
Leoparder 612
Leoparder 612 17 napja
Im here so fast that this has no views and 2 comments
Sterg Sterg
Sterg Sterg 17 napja
Joe Normington
Joe Normington 17 napja
I couldn't car3 less
Kain RYAN 17 napja
Sterg Sterg you aren’t getting a prize i don’t think it matters and no one cares
V G 17 napja
kadiatou drame
kadiatou drame 17 napja
my children and I have been watching your video for well now you always make our day my little girl who is 4 years old ask me to start channel like this so I did I will like to invite you to check it out🥰🥰🥰I
V G 17 napja
@Fons Smeur you say it
Fons Smeur
Fons Smeur 17 napja
This is not a regular HUrunr, so copy pasting a comment to promote yourself doesn’t really fit here
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