Top 10 Imola Moments 

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Michael Schumacher's first Ferrari pole, Ralf Schumacher's maiden victory and Hakkinen's costly mistake, to name a few. There have been some memorable moments at the historic Imola circuit, and here are 10!
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Jovan Oparnica
Jovan Oparnica 24 napja
Senna , best driver ever .
Sir Tuğrul Güven
2005 Imola Kimi: I was leading this, but I broke the car.
miceli2363 25 napja
1991, Alain Prost stopped at formation lap.
Captain's Chest
Captain's Chest 25 napja
Senna 91” Interlagos. MEGA EPIC!!!
Julius Kresnik
Julius Kresnik 25 napja
For those of you looking for the 1st song, Most Wanted by Bob Bradley and Steve Dymond
Manc Matty
Manc Matty 26 napja
Q.. how many ads can you fit into an 11 min vid? A... all of them
Aro der Geile Pneu
Ferrari is best
aamgdp 27 napja
the cars were so much smaller back then
Bronson Of Awesomeness
Joe Vega
Joe Vega 27 napja
94 is what matters here!. I hope Tilke never 0ur hands on this circuit!
Nikkeloodeon 27 napja
6:43 Look at how those people are unsafely seated. Now, notice how there are people even further up...
The Grosjean Fan
Rest in peace Senna.❤️❤️❤️
TABU 27 napja
Nice made!
Fanny Decréquy
Fanny Decréquy 27 napja
RIP Senna ans Ratzenberger 🙏💔
The Awesome Doritos 9000
You forgot 1994
CapHowdy 27 napja
Great video, but the voice over is horrible.
ladi9727 27 napja
and 1 year later rules changed and Schumacher did a perfect defensive drive against Alonso. I loved those years man.
Ηλίας Γρηγοριάδης
No one can forget what happened in 1994
Jack Iscariot
Jack Iscariot 28 napja
What about Senna ? It should be TOP 1 !!!
aborigenes1000 28 napja
In DRS times Schumacher would pass Alonso within 2 laps and we would have nothing to talk about. Get rid of DRS. It destroys the actual racing!
Dark Mayhem
Dark Mayhem 28 napja
This is so emotional for me as im a big f1 fan
luís eduardo pereira
Sadly to us Brazilians, none of this amazing moments overshadow the big empty this race gave to us.
Attar Alfaridzi
Attar Alfaridzi 28 napja
1994:R.I.P Roland Ratzenberger and R.I.P Ayrton Senna 2020:R.i.P Lewis Hamilton 😄😁😆😂🤣 👌
Anthony Schmidt-Ellis
Thanks for this. I love this circuit but it always semms to be remeber of THAT day. Its nice to see the other moments this amazing circuit has given us. Thank you.
Sbeb stenning
Sbeb stenning 28 napja
Sempre senna
Xalamander 28 napja
6:55 if Ken Block was in Formula 1
Kushagra Chaturvedy
Back when Ferrari strategy was smart
Toyo Nutin
Toyo Nutin 28 napja
Senna's last message to Prost has been still don't count. That's was the only happy moment for Senna in his final weekend.
M B 28 napja
I was there in 2001 :D
patrick771 28 napja
Today Prost would have overtaken Senna right at the beginning with DRS.
Adrienne Morelato
Pensei que seria um vídeo só com acidentes e mortes.
Doctorgoatboy 28 napja
Schumacher did not run the Ferrari so hard the suspension broke! He hit the pit lane wall on the way out of the pits. He was lucky the suspension lasted to do a quick lap.
Ep!dEm 28 napja
This is the Best thing about 2020. IMOLA is BACK, wish they brought at least the V8s with it...
The Ritual Channel
90s Formula One was an amazing era. I wish we could get racing like that again.
ALE Darca
ALE Darca 28 napja
R.I.P Senna 🇧🇷🇧🇷
The Palbo
The Palbo 29 napja
I love the 2020 race calender, and put out the Saudi Gp Bahrain and Abu Dhabi These are the worst Gps ever!!!
Baka Broadcast
Baka Broadcast 29 napja
For everyone writing about 1994 , this video is called "top moments". Come on now. Great list and great to see how much racing this track actually has had, especially with Senna :)
Abel Mendoza
Abel Mendoza 29 napja
This track is so iconic, wish it would return to the calendar permanently
Southern Boy
Southern Boy 29 napja
Once upon a time F1 was an exciting sport.
My name is hmm
My name is hmm 29 napja
Mag 29 napja
Very emotional some of the moments here. But, please tell this person to name the name of Ayrton correctly. It sounds weird.
Croft Van
Croft Van 29 napja
Quick question; Is it true that, there is an open warrant for Sir Frank Williams if he steps/enters the Imola race track?. As it was the Williams F1 team's mistake which resulted in Senna's death.
Ian Mitchell
Ian Mitchell 29 napja
Just look at that trophy design. Pure craftsmanship.
Mauricio Garcia Loyo
RIP ratzentberg and senna we will never forget you
Pp Lime
Pp Lime 29 napja
JJ letto 1994 also one of the cause of Ayrton senna dead....
Croft Van
Croft Van 29 napja
Cud u explain why, asking as am not well versed in this issue.
Harm 29 napja
Schumacher litterly drove his wheels off
Aravinthan Kirubakaran
Alonso is truly the best
Jeya Lakshmi
Jeya Lakshmi 29 napja
There should be 1994
yigit 29 napja
rule 1 of fight club we do not talk about fight club
Federico Tombolini
Lehto's performance in 1991 shows how better would be F1 without intermediate tyres, introduced in 1996 or 1997, if I remember well.
Federico Tombolini
As always, two incredible moments aren't even mentioned. 2006: Schumacher beats Alonso after a FOURTY-LAP battle,with two stops during it. But of course for the British soul of F1 that doesn't deserve to be remembered,while the (great but) only seventeen-lap battle of the previous year has to be glorified as the moment when the young opponent defeats the sport-hated Italo-German duo. 2003: Schumacher brothers in the first row. Their mother dies during the following night and they come back to Germany for a last kiss. Everyone is sure that they won't start the race, but besides they are set to race and have a wonderful duel in the first part of the race,with Michael eventually taking his saddest victory.
Filippo L.
Filippo L. 29 napja
Imola è la storia della F1...
M.A 29 napja
I knew Alonso/Schumacher 2005 would be the top moment. One of the greastest battles and a superb drive
Tomoko Kishi
Tomoko Kishi 29 napja
Well for most of us, there's only "Top 1" moment in Imola.
Weesky 29 napja
Back in 1994 :(
floorbrother 29 napja
back then when there was rain in an f1 race :(
FF1987 29 napja
Fabio Machado
Fabio Machado 29 napja
great video !!! tks
alex southgate
alex southgate 29 napja
One moment that should be mentioned is 2003, Michael Schumacher winning after him and his brother lost their mother after qualifying the day prior to the race
Dmitriy Garmash
Dmitriy Garmash 29 napja
Where is Senna crash?
August Octavius
August Octavius 29 napja
Where's the background music from?? It’s freaking kickass...
ivan escenza
ivan escenza 29 napja
Letho's theets provides him an extra downforce
Taakala 29 napja
1994 Friday Barichello almost lost his life Saturday Roland Ratzenberger lost his life Sunday Senna lost his life Rip for Ratzenberger and Senna
Double Dog Sportfishing team
RIP Senna!
Jayed AL Sabit
Jayed AL Sabit 29 napja
Am I the only one who doesn't like the track because of we simply know about the incident but don't wanna talk about?
Patrick Rothlisberger
Looking at Berger's crash in '89 looked so sadly familiar.
Ej Pagdanganan
Ej Pagdanganan 29 napja
Senna has to be top 1
V revesz
V revesz 29 napja
Rip senna :(
Becker Inal
Becker Inal 29 napja
How boring is this Season?!
Andre A
Andre A 29 napja
Fernando Alonso for ever will be the guy to beat Schumacher.
Ziyi Lin
Ziyi Lin 29 napja
Where is Yuji Ide?
Danielo Vega
Danielo Vega 29 napja
gp de san marino 1996 gp de san marino 1991 gp de san marino 2001 gp de san marino 1993 gp de san marino 1983 gp de san marino 1985 gp de san marino 1990 gp de san marino 1999 gp de san marino 1989 gp de san marino 2005
Evan Thorpe
Evan Thorpe 29 napja
#1 was the first ever F1 I ever watched
hardik bhate
hardik bhate 29 napja
Say what you want but for me imola=senna always. 😭😭😭😭❤️SENNA SEMPRE always a legend, RIP SENNA AND RATZENBERGER
RockStrongoG Hónapja
What a track with some amazing races!
Ritchie Siepman
Ritchie Siepman Hónapja
1:30. Verstappen did the same thing in Brazil in 2016. He raced from P16 to P3 in the wet
Halls Hónapja
I miss you on sunday morning, I miss you a lot, Ayrton Senna and Roland
Vectro42 Hónapja
And now, we already know the winner.
Albert 97
Albert 97 Hónapja
Of course the kaiser & the asturian samurai were the most legendary moments but nothing is more legendary than Ayrton Senna 💛💚💙
Mazz Hónapja
aka DL
aka DL Hónapja
With all respect... But Imola with the sweeping left hander of Tamburello was a sick track. I wish they could somehow make a wider run-off area by covering the river, just on this spot... That way we would never lose Senna and still have one of F1's fastests turns.
Andrea Brembilla
Man i just realised: Prost fought an upcoming Senna Senna fought an upcoming Schumacher Schumacher fought an upcoming Alonso Alonso fought an upcoming Hamilton. I know there were many other fights, drivers and some other champions (Hill, Villeneuve, Hakkinen, Vettel...), but to me these were all passes of testimony between the real GOATS of F1.
Santos Nutrition
How about the fantastic moment of senna's death
Carsten H
Carsten H Hónapja
They forgot 2006. Big fight with MSC and Alo again. But Schumacher won.
Rasal Hague
Rasal Hague Hónapja
1:39 So glad and heartwarming to see our hero Aryton smiling again! Will always be remembered. RIP Senna and Roland
Toyo Hónapja
Never forget about Senna [*]
The Only Penker
The Only Penker Hónapja
What about Heinz-Harald Frentzen's first F1 win???
TomLinks Hónapja
Tellement de bons moments sur ce circuit !! ❤️❤️
Dioguinho Lima
Dioguinho Lima Hónapja
R.I.P. Senna🇧🇷🇧🇷
Nilesh Pable
Nilesh Pable Hónapja
Does anyone know what soundtracks are used? Especially 1st one
Nilesh Pable
Nilesh Pable Hónapja
6:55 Pronto Nigel S🅱️innala
Nitroboyxl Master
Whats the music on the background ???
Maxi F
Maxi F Hónapja
Senna vs prost Berger vs Mansell & greatest Schumi vs Alonso 1&2 great moments Hamilton should get a new record in the books to be the first one after 14 years
Mujahid Islam
Mujahid Islam Hónapja
This track is laced with tragedy
MafiousBJ Hónapja
1st of May 1994 is definitively not a "Top" moment...more of a sad or shocking one
Ranjit Cherian
Ranjit Cherian Hónapja
can anybody please put out the name of the song at the beginning of this video
Thomas M.
Thomas M. Hónapja
What's the background music after 3:04? Sounds amazing
petp3624 Hónapja
Imola was and will always be the track that killed Roland and Ayrton. Can’t watch a race on that track.
Thiago Seifert
Thiago Seifert Hónapja
As a Brazilian, it's hard to talk about Imola and not remember what happened in 94, but hopefully it'll be a fun race to watch! Excited about it!
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