Top 10 Moments Of F1 Safety Car Chaos 

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From frantic restarts and unforced errors to moments of drama in the pit lane - the introduction of the Safety Car can trigger some seismic shifts in a drivers' fortunes.
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adam habri
adam habri 2 napja
Now thats what i call a cry baby 3:00
Александр Камышев
Schumacher, Vettel and Webber calamityXD
Luke Of Boredom
Funny how most of them do not regard the safety car, despite the title
Filip1906 4 napja
0:02 Look at left upper corner he is hanging there like a cow! Haha
BlueTopHatMan 4 napja
Thijmen Postmus
0:02 why is there somebody flying?
DaReal Speedy
DaReal Speedy 7 napja
1:20 I think Ericsson hit us 😂
Mike Snevets
Mike Snevets 8 napja
Schumacher: “Guan drove into the back of myself and that’s the reason i spun out and hit the wall.” (Hits the tunnel wall) Clip after that: hits another wall
R Carguy
R Carguy 8 napja
In f1 2020 game there was a safety car and Bottas blew up his mercedes
satansu mohanty
satansu mohanty 10 napja
I can count 3 incidents in 2020 alone which could possibly make this list lol Russell crashing behind the safety car The massacre with Sainz crashing into K-Mag and Grosjean shouting And obviously the Mercedes pit stop bungle
Rdga28 12 napja
5:36 me and the boys having a restroom break so we park here
Guenther Steiner
Everyone: making fun of Romain crashing during savety car. Both Goat Michael Schumacher and Goat Lewis Hamilton who crashed during savety car twice:🙄😳
Артем Сергеевич
Last is the best!!
BrianBell4073 18 napja
Someone's crashed...It's Grosjean
Tobimobi 18 napja
2:44 i remember seeing this life when i was a little kid. Had me and my fam laughing
a. lomeli
a. lomeli 20 napja
5:12 bruh momento
Aitor Arotzena
Aitor Arotzena 21 napja
Mugello 2020: "hold my beer"
Canal Do Kasume
Canal Do Kasume 21 napja
LuHi 005
LuHi 005 21 napja
1:25 Kai Ebel. Ich werd ihn vermissen😔
Jørgen Ramdahl
Jørgen Ramdahl 22 napja
Vettel is the BIGGEST baby in Formula 1 EVER
amazing world
amazing world 23 napja
Grosjean falls of the bed Wife: what happen?? Grosjean: i think ericsson hit us
amazing world
amazing world 23 napja
Grosjean falls of the bed Wife: what happen?? Grosjean: i think ericsson hit us
Sada Twinkletoes
It was his race engineer, not Grosjean
Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso 23 napja
You can add Russel at Imola in 2020
Mitchell Spreadborough
Lewis “never accept full responsibility” Hamilton
Jack Fitzsimons
Jack Fitzsimons 24 napja
Any responsibility you mean
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin 27 napja
Did they happen to red flag the '07 grand prix at #1? Reason I ask is they probably should have with how much water was on the track at that time. From the looks of things it should've been red flagged long before those 6 cars went flying off the track. Pure insanity.
Alexander Marinenko
Muggelo smokes calmly on the sidelines...
Roma06 Racing
Roma06 Racing 28 napja
Where’s Jules Bianchi?
TheWilmarcleto 28 napja
did lewis get a penalty for that? "crossing the island thru pits"
JediDavid1703 28 napja
Just want to check I’m not seeing things, at the very start there is a guy riding sitting on the car that’s being lifted by the crane?!
Zara Hónapja
When I saw the start of the last one it was just one car and I thought "why is this number 1", but then 5 more car's flew off the track! :o!
David G.
David G. Hónapja
2:43 wireless petrol power!!
H.L. Onink
H.L. Onink Hónapja
spy1853 Hónapja
第5位 F1でまさかのあおり運転
Carbonfibre Canary
Jeez that last one where the Torro Rosso nearly collides with the teleporter recovery vehicle....
Jose Araiza
Jose Araiza Hónapja
song name?
Depp Rennt
Depp Rennt Hónapja
I don't watch F1 itself, only the occasional clip here on YT. My impression is that Hamilton is a bit thick, is it possible?
Still can't unsee him as the stig Michael Schumacher
Stereotype Hónapja
5:29 - A Canon L lens gives you all the performance you need!
JΛMΛ Hónapja
5:43 this gave me horrible flashbacks to Bianchi :(
Enrique Rivas
Enrique Rivas Hónapja
0:01 so we're not gonna notice the going being lifted along with the car 😂
Sohail Rafique
Sohail Rafique Hónapja
Where's the safety car crashes?
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan Hónapja
For me 2020 Clear winner is Hamilton and Covid19.
ohinek Hónapja
4:52 obviously webbers fault
Russell The cat
Russell The cat Hónapja
Saeed AlFalasi
Saeed AlFalasi Hónapja
Number 2 was 2008 not 2007
Richard Dale
Richard Dale Hónapja
If I’ve ruined his race, no if about it
AK 7563
AK 7563 Hónapja
Update the video, you forgot to add 2020 George Russel
SuperMisterE Hónapja
Schumi in tunnel: idiot.
Maulana Achmad Rachman
0:37 Sbinnala
Bunney Hónapja
Wo IsT dEr VeRüCkTeR fAn
フクロウ Hónapja
6 cars in turn 1 is too iconic
Ling Endrawati
Ling Endrawati Hónapja
Tom Beattie
Tom Beattie Hónapja
~ 5:29 nothing can break the Winkelrock
Tom Beattie
Tom Beattie Hónapja
What happened? i ThInK eRiCsSoN hIt Us
Riku Janatuinen
Riku Janatuinen Hónapja
Hamilton was blind as a bat in 2008
Synchronymous Hónapja
Most of these drivers are such sore losers when they make a mistake
Dean Su
Dean Su Hónapja
Gonna have another worthy addition to this after Sakhir
Fast Driver22
Fast Driver22 Hónapja
0:02 are we going to ignore the guy on the guy on the flying car
Lefki Sarantinou
Lcs Hónapja
4:40, no way i just saw jeremy clarkson take a photo of lewis hamilton
HostileRaccoon Hónapja
bmr 1301
bmr 1301 Hónapja
TOP 5 Hamilton did it on purpose !!
Pain Aux Raisin
Pain Aux Raisin Hónapja
Safety Car: s🅱️inalla
Neles Hónapja
Yash Mali
Yash Mali Hónapja
Michael so quick, he CANNOT drive slow
ari nur
ari nur Hónapja
5:19 they're just do an emergency meetings
Sem Steegmans
Sem Steegmans Hónapja
2:11 well that aged badly
Ace of aces 1
Ace of aces 1 17 napja
@Renata Tostada mercedes does everything better than everyone, even being bad
Ronit Vaswani
Ronit Vaswani 20 napja
@Renata Tostada Ferrari are the most consistent team on the grid in messing up
Renata Tostada
Renata Tostada 23 napja
Mercedes rarely screws up, but man when they do, they do it better than everyone else.
gabingo Hónapja
F1 is so boring that safety car situations takes the attention.
L HT Hónapja
2:20 he’s like “since I’m already rolling I’d make it look a little more dramatic, oh nvm teammate coming thru.”
Formula 1
Formula 1 Hónapja
Winner of the 2020 Bahrain gp Bernd Maylander
Albahzi Fachri
Albahzi Fachri Hónapja
Literly secara harfiah
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas Hónapja
Wow 5:44 noone cared except an annoyed Martin Brundle who explained he almost died that way in Suzuka 1994!
Juan Ramon Escobedo Maldonadi
Heelp my dad and my brother is figthing
Phil Hónapja
Kilian Meyer
Kilian Meyer Hónapja
number 1 would today immediately be a red flag
* Hónapja
1:00 perfectly in sync
elmanu 005
elmanu 005 Hónapja
Romin Grosjean is one of luckiest men ever
sa7man 0808
sa7man 0808 Hónapja
1:25 حمدالله he is alive
Jhonbert Tejano
Jhonbert Tejano Hónapja
Theres no safety car they just crash there own
Spyderino Hónapja
2:37 Look at me Mom, i m in TV! 🤣
Mikinak Hónapja
That last one made me laugh
MkBor6 Hónapja
am i the only one or did some one else hear that grosjeans engineer said i think ericssen hit us instead of grosjean
Tilmana Boeck
Tilmana Boeck Hónapja
Aserbaidschan. ernsthaft? Nord Korea als nächstes, oder eher Tschetschenien?
John Wich Khawsang
John Wich Khawsang 2 hónapja
Should be Top 10 moment ferrari chaos
The coop 48
The coop 48 2 hónapja
The amount of money just gone in seconds. Those cars are so expensive.
Veramente Euforico
Veramente Euforico 2 hónapja
Where is Russel?
Juan Pablo Salas
Juan Pablo Salas 2 hónapja
Look at the date when it was posted
Jeckson Alves
Jeckson Alves 2 hónapja
The #1 is the best ever!
King Sametsi
King Sametsi 2 hónapja
yohanes nainggolan
yohanes nainggolan 2 hónapja
Mugello : hold my red safety car
_GJ92 2 hónapja
Jules :'v
Niko 2 hónapja
I think you should re-do this after Mugello.
sky1601 2 hónapja
oh... Be careful of the dangerous safety car an amateur takes.
Rishi Swaminathan
Rishi Swaminathan 2 hónapja
Mugello 2020 be like...
Antartica Snaper God
now there will be a russian boy in the compilation too
Fernando França Figueiredo Londero
Me:*enters room* the room: 0:07 me: ight ima head out
timtimzi 2 hónapja
lol at no.1 in europe 2007. everyone just went off track
Subwayd00d 2 hónapja
*drives a multi million dollar race car into another multi million dollar race car* thats one of those things i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ never change Hamilton
Joaco Krivo
Joaco Krivo 2 hónapja
Tuscany 2020
FormulaNoob Gaming
FormulaNoob Gaming 2 hónapja
Ericsson 100% hit him
Leutnant Obvious
Leutnant Obvious 2 hónapja
next year Russel will be featured for sure.
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