Top 10 Moments of Lewis Hamilton Brilliance 

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He's got more wins and more poles than any driver in history. He's a seven-time champion, and the first ever active racing knight in Formula 1. As Sir Lewis Hamilton celebrates his 36th birthday, take a look back at 10 of Lewis Hamilton's most impressive moments in F1!
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2021.jan. 7.






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Fernando Pinto
Fernando Pinto 3 órája
I wish i could remember one single Hamilton victory without the best car...Hamilton is another Vettel...he only wins with the best car. ......btw, This video is pathetic
Fernando Pinto
Fernando Pinto 3 órája
I wish I could remember truly epic Hamilton battles...
doug22231 3 órája
The Merc head office better watch this cause if they think George R is going to hold off Max V this season they're are insane. You dont get 7 world championships just cause you have a fast car you need a mistake free driver to drive it.
Niteesh Menon
Niteesh Menon 10 órája
The most memorable moments of mercedes and mcalren
Shiny Diancie
Shiny Diancie 14 órája
Lewis still got that yee yee haircut
Mclaren fan
Mclaren fan 15 órája
That 2018 Germany win was only because there was a valtteri it’s James
lou63179 16 órája
If you don’t like Hamilton get out of my town
Carlitos Bergolo
Carlitos Bergolo 23 órája
Il Migliore pilota di sempre. Grande Lewis!! 💟💟👍🏁 You are the mate.👍🏁
Oleg Gusev
Oleg Gusev Napja
Despite some claims that the current Formula 1 records are a credit to the car, Hamilton has fully earned his current status.
Large Crusader
I like when he kneeled for a national anthem because that solved all of the issues in this world regarding race
Conrad Shezi
He is THE BEST F1 driver ever
Rattus Norvegicus
0:13 Eric Morcambe helping Lewis deal with pre-race nerves.
Zaidg3110 g
It's sir lewis hamilton
Ezequiel Napja
Piloto a control remoto jajja no sabe manejar ni un triciclo!!!
ermak Smoke
Put some respect on his name,sir lewis hamilton
Wsp_Txm 2 napja
just Brilliant
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 napja
Turkey 2020? Despite the controversy I also loved his Australia 2009 drive, Spa 2008 drive and Singapore 2017.
Song at 10:08??
Enigma 2 napja
Skipping paying UK tax must be number one?
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 napja
Along with Jenson Button and David Coultard too!!
Raditya Pramana Putra
I can't wait to the "Top 10 Moments Of Sebastian Vettel Brilliance", later in July 3, 2021! 15/01/2021 19:07.
James T Cat Cato
his mum is "white", if he was considered the same, he would have at least a nomination for GOAT!
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 napja
GOAT aka Knighthood!
steve barman
steve barman 2 napja
US GP 2007 was one of his standout drives, pressured by the reigning F1 champion but managed to hold his nerves causing Alonso to lose his
Gilles Kaske
Gilles Kaske 2 napja
Truth that's undeniable Hamilton early championship showed he is great. The Merc run of championships In the right place at the right time.
Ricky Buba
Ricky Buba 3 napja
13:52 I dropped a tear
AI's Tech Reviews
Yet they say "it's because of his car"
Jussi Eronen
Jussi Eronen 3 napja
It's pretty certain He wins because of his car, but so do the other drivers.
dragonage200 4 napja
"I am Lewis Hamilton, and I AM the Master Class"
Brian Asciak
Brian Asciak 4 napja
Imagine if Mclaren operated like Mercedes he would have 10 championships.
Savage Mode
Savage Mode 4 napja
Alois Tafadzwa
All hail King of the Wets
Karl Kane
Karl Kane 5 napja
Il peggior pilota della storia della f1 .. Qualunque altro pilota vincerebbe con quella macchina ( è risaputo e opinione di tutti i piloti f1 ) con regolamenti cambiati e fatti ad hoc per quel marchio.
That Singapore lap still gives me goosebumps
Literally this guy prove themselves to be the goat on his first corner of his career
yo lo
yo lo 5 napja
why not turkey 2020 and valterri it's james 2018 germany
The best 🏁
Mariaaa_Slm 5 napja
We need a part 2
Mariaaa_Slm 5 napja
Dear F1 we need a Top 20 of this please and ad turkey 2020. Thank you 🙏🏾
Luis Moreno
Luis Moreno 5 napja
hard to win with a car 1,5s more faster than others...
MrNurdiboy 5 napja
Is this the same Sir Lewis Hamilton that broke our national lock down rules by celebrating his 36th birthday in Turks & Cacos? Just asking for a friend........
K3YS 3 napja
@MrNurdiboy you said national lockdown, Monaco is not on national lockdown , you thought he traveled from the uk, clearly, just a typical Lewis hater using no part of his brain whatsoever
MrNurdiboy 3 napja
I think you will find that even residents in Monaco have a travel curfew, I understand that you are probably Lewis fan boys, but you must see that such travel is pretty hypocritical no?
K3YS 3 napja
He didn’t have a party mate, plus, he’s from the uk, but doesn’t live here, he’s not in national lockdown from Monaco
Toro Loco
Toro Loco 4 napja
are you not allowed to travel from monaco?
F. Joyeux
F. Joyeux 5 napja
Best cars ever!!!
How is the 2020 British Grand Prix victory not on this list? The man won with only three wheels on his car!
Chris Bowman
Chris Bowman 5 napja
Still I Rise!!!
Mees Feekes
Mees Feekes 6 napja
You may not like him, but you can't deny... hamilton's got style
Giorgi Laluashvili
Maybe first for last few seasons but not the best of the best
Alberto Zanardo
He’s such a better guy now compared to when he just started driving in F1
Hobson McMaster
tyres are gone to the shop to pick up my 7th world championship and 95 wins
Mehdi Mohamed
Mehdi Mohamed 6 napja
He needs like a top 15-20 tbh.
Pryderic 6 napja
nah, pretty lame
Europass1 6 napja
@14:35 That look on Bottas his face.... Priceless...
John Martin Cantorne
I was alarmed when I saw the title and thumbnail. I thought he retired.
Ad visory
Ad visory 6 napja
You can think about Hamilton what you want but he for sure is one of the best, if not the best driver i ever saw. If you want an equalizer, watch the rain races. This is where you can see talent in every driver. Wasnt surprised verstappen was the only one going with his pace in this video. Also an incredible talented guy. I like the grid right now. A lot of fast guys :)
Jacob Coates
Jacob Coates 6 napja
Genuinely surprised Turkey 2020 wasn't on here. He was on a different level to everyone else.
darwinism18 6 napja
Aida 2007, Japanese GP?
Egit Can Demirbas
We forget turkey like it was nothing gg
Fin Cooke
Fin Cooke 7 napja
Hello, F1 youtube channel admin, If you are reading this comment please can you make, Top 10 moments of Vettel or something along those lines, Many Thanks,
A B 7 napja
He is so talented for this planet. He deifinitely is out of this world. Pure raw talent, the best of them all.
Robbie 7 napja
George Russel
indobleh 7 napja
Silverstone 2008 is one of the greatest Formula 1 drives ever, by anyone.
YT 98
YT 98 7 napja
And people say Verstappen Brazil 2016 get a load of Silverstone 2008, absolute masterclass
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones 7 napja
Anyone know what the name of the song at 6:49 is?
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones 7 napja
I still can't find the song buddy
Milli Vanilli
Milli Vanilli 7 napja
Abr revival
jason bell
jason bell 7 napja
Flat out the best F1 Driver EVER!! Don’t care who says what!
jason bell
jason bell 7 napja
@Milli Vanilli nice fake music 👍🏽
Milli Vanilli
Milli Vanilli 7 napja
Dont care what you say also
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin 7 napja
AWES0ME - --- KEEP_PUSH_HAPPY_X_MASS_AND NEW_YEAR_2021_WISH Y0u MANY HAPYNESS BUDDS..... BIG_MASSIVE C0NGRATULATI0N'S F0R L. N. HAMILT0N INCREDIBLE_RESULTS_AFTEr_MICHAEL_SCHUMACHER_ 7 TITTLE_W0RL_CHAMP_🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤘🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎆🎆🎆🎇🎇🎇🧨✨✨✨🎉🎊🎃🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎁🎁🎁🎁🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎛🎛🎛🎛🎚🎚🎚🎤🎤🎶📢🎵🎵🎼🎼🎼 🍨🍨🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🏁 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘
Szymom Kozik
Szymom Kozik 7 napja
Amazing sound v8 💓
Claudemir Barros
O Hamilton, falou do Botas:”Não é fácil ser meu companheiro”. Bastaria retirar o Bottas, e colocar o Russel, que aí veremos!
Thijs Brabander
He is not brilliant, he just has the fastest car....just as Schuhmacher in the old days. The fastest car makes the champion for 90 percent, the other 10 percent is luck and drivers skill
K3YS 3 napja
Yes, but lewis drives that car the best, f1 is harder than it used to be, the cars get faster and faster, more physical, Lewis drives like no other
Jjeew L
Jjeew L 7 napja
We need an Alonso, Vettel, kimi and button version of this video
YouTube Commenter
Should've included Circuit of the Americas 2015 that left Nico Rosberg complaining, how that?
Paul 7 napja
The context about Monaco 2019 was a bit off because Max had a 5 second penalty so there was not that much of mastery defending as the race was already determined by the penalty
A. M.
A. M. 7 napja
you can say what you want about his car, his luck whatever but you cannot ignore his brilliance!!!
Milli Vanilli
Milli Vanilli 7 napja
Im brilliant and have no car.
Lady Tan
Lady Tan 7 napja
"yeah lewis can you just sort of move your head around and look at the camera fifty times while we change the lighting? we need these shots"
Family Doherty
Ferrari: gets close to pole spinala: brrr haha spinala goes brr
Caffers 7 napja
Hamilton haters. Take note.
K3YS 3 napja
@Milli Vanilli skill.
Milli Vanilli
Milli Vanilli 7 napja
Of what?
gimmigota1 7 napja
Lewis Hamilton is undoubtedly the top 10 greatest ever F1 drivers of all time.
K3YS 3 napja
Top 1*
Milli Vanilli
Milli Vanilli 7 napja
Not top 9?
Andrew Tan
Andrew Tan 7 napja
Hamilton breaks records with styles, with none of the controversies like Schumi did.
Jon Cook
Jon Cook 7 napja
That's 'Sir' Lewis Hamilton 😉
Milli Vanilli
Milli Vanilli 7 napja
Pffft. Who needs royalty?
Tony Kibuchi
Tony Kibuchi 7 napja
Wow!!!..great 18 mins of the GOAT, what of Turkey 2020
CM25 Gaming
CM25 Gaming 7 napja
lewis whos your favorite f1 driver Senna and Glock
Kevin Malcolm
Kevin Malcolm 7 napja
Man F1 would die for Hamilton and leave drivers like Sergio and Albon in the shadow.
Happy birthday Lewis! Sorry its a bit lat but ayye were both celebrating our birthdays ont the same day
AD P 7 napja
People keep saying "it's the car". Yeah, nah. It's not. Sir Lewis Hamilton really is that great.
MayhemDave 5 napja
We think..
Agustín Perez
Always with a champion car...
eingyvbs 7 napja
A lot of people get it wrong. He's not successful because of Mercedes, Mercedes became successful much thanks to him. Truly one among the greatest.
caileyd13 7 napja
Missing Fuji 07 and Istanbul 20
The lovely Fox
The best F1 driver
TheHaiko99 7 napja
just opend this video to leave a dislike
Vaxet 8 napja
I remember screaming YES and clapping at the tv when he block max out of the tunnel in 2019
Ivan Tonšić
Ivan Tonšić 8 napja
I'm not fan of Merc and Lewis, but he's really great driver.
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown 8 napja
If he recognised he has a corner at Snetterton named after him in the way he did when Silverstone did the same, then that would be a top 10 moment.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 8 napja
If you don't think that this man is the goat of f1 idk what to say
Turrican 4D
Turrican 4D 8 napja
I wouldn't find one single brilliant moment of this wannabe knight. It is the car, Russell proved that!
M T 7 napja
Russell will get his chance, don't you worry. He will have to deal with pressure that has now been put upon his shoulders. And don't get it twisted. He outperformed Bottas in a one off race, so what? He did not face Hamilton in the same car and has not proven his worth in a top car over a season with championship pressure.
Huzaifah Qaiser
Monza 2018, turkey 2020?
Dalisu Ngobese
When it rains, Lewis wins. It’s like a law of nature.
Dalisu Ngobese
Lewis haters = Trumpstas
Dalisu Ngobese
Lewis has even perfected the look up model pose in driver promo shots
Bendzsu _89
Bendzsu _89 8 napja
I like how every fan talks about how hamilton beat alonso in 2007, but no one wants to mentions how alonso almost won the 2010 and 2012, while hamilton wasnt close with a better car. Also the 2012 wasnt even meant to be a race winning car.
Samer spark
Samer spark 8 napja
7:41 You misspelled "Hamilton moved under braking, but FIA didnt want to see that because *Hamilton wins for NIKI* sounds better on the newspaper than *Vettel wins after Ver and Ham get both penalised", because thats what happened.
Toro Loco
Toro Loco 7 napja
you realize there was a corner there? you wanted him to not slow down and go straight through the chicane?
Philipp Czeskleba
sorry F1, only 9/10 pts , not enoug top 10 content
James Vaden
James Vaden 8 napja
What people fail to realize is that we are privileged to witness the greatness we are seeing today. We better enjoy it while we still can cuz even if he does sign the contract, he doesn’t have much time left.
alikaty2k7 8 napja
@16:25 His reflexes & car control are so incredible to watch.
Agent QweRty
Agent QweRty 8 napja
Well, Max still thinks Lewis joined F1 in 2014 😅
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 8 napja
We need a Kimi Raikkonen one.
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