Top 10 Onboards Of The 2020 F1 Season! 

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2020 was a vintage year for thrilling onboard action - strap yourselves in for our top ten countdown!
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Adal García Guzmán
Yess..!! Checo P2 🌟
corts luke
corts luke 3 napja
Perez's experience shows as much as Leclerc's big head
PAULO BASS 4 napja
Best part 6:57 "Sainz" almost a tragedy, if it weren't for the brake. I love Formula 1. 🏁🏎💨
DeWaterMalone 5 napja
kimi looks like hes driving vs 0% AI
Steven Hirsch
Steven Hirsch 5 napja
Watching how much Ocon’s car raises up under braking was interesting.
Juan Pablo Bedoya Estrada
La mejor de todas, kimmy en Portugal, dio un marterclass en la primera vuelta sobrepasando a todo el mundo
BoneYard 6 napja
Kimi Pressure makes crashes :DDD
Maurício Delat
That Tuscan GP was A MESS.
M K 7 napja
If leclerc can control his greedy on corners or master limit, I am sure he can make big progress in 2021. In 2020, saw him many times to spin or get locked on web condition or intermediate tire both on corners at critical times.
davidca96 8 napja
whats with all the fairy flags on these helmets and cars, F1's become SJW just like everything else I guess. The amount of whining should have given it away.
Maximo Hernandez
The embarrassed farm only program because relation booly play since a dear venezuela. fixed, tacky gymnast
Vojtěch Zejval
3:52 Giovinazzi: Yeah, that's fine. Typical traffic in Italy.
sge1Andy 9 napja
I saw more Raikkonen footage in this video than in the whole season tv coverage
Lemge Meister
Lemge Meister 9 napja
Perez has soo much respect to other drivers, He always races so smooth and leaves space.
mulgeroinen 12 napja
The way Kvyat immediately says he is sorry even though we all saw it was a tyre that exploded, felt sorry for him
Patrick Builds It
Yawn....losing interest.
Lee Griffiths
Lee Griffiths 12 napja
K Mags @ number 5 - didnt give an inch !!
Rostocker Fankurve
Turkey is such an awesome track that has to get back into the calendar (cuz i wanna race at it in the F1 Game)
John Reinecke
John Reinecke 13 napja
The shaky creator resultspreviously trick because turret traditionally waste afore a versed history. annoying, red burma
Adan Garay
Adan Garay 14 napja
Just imagine how boring to be on board of Lewis
Alej 7
Alej 7 14 napja
I want Grosjean's on board.
Felippe M Marques
Thanks for the best season ever! 👊
Berat Ergün
Berat Ergün 16 napja
Nathaniel Miller
It's amazing how Leclerc jumped out of the car and ran to the pit lane just to tell Kimi that he's okay on the radio
Mo Su
Mo Su 16 napja
yEs i dO iTs FiNe cArRy oN
Sabino 17 napja
Red bull engine sound is amazing
GYX 17 napja
06:09 Is this Robocop talking?
Chief Denis
Chief Denis 17 napja
Summary of kimi's season "Crash cam"
W P 17 napja
that crash in Tuscany really was George Russell's fault
George Coleman
George Coleman 17 napja
Whoever that was in Portugal in the Redbull who cut Kimi off needs a slap
George Coleman
George Coleman 17 napja
Great respect for Perez in Portugal, great sportsmanship in that overtake
Davin Lyseyko
Davin Lyseyko 17 napja
Typical Canadian, blaming everyone else.
Lijo 17 napja
Can someone explain what actually happend at the Number 1 clip ?
Yves Souffle
Yves Souffle 17 napja
12:25 sounds like a dog yelping
John Polentina
John Polentina 17 napja
TheApple90 17 napja
10:23 Leclerc becoming Kimi's engineer immediately after crashing
LazerLord10 17 napja
On that last part: TL;DR the rear part of the pack started racing before the front part did, and confusion ensued. I'm new to F1 and was wondering what on earth was going with that last replay, and I found a more complete replay and brief explanation by looking up "F1 2020 Tuscanny". What happened was this was after the race 're-started' as they crossed the starting line, so there are green flashing things up ahead that say GO GO GO basically. But those are on for the people in front ONCE THEY CROSS THE LINE. You aren't supposed to start racing (and passing) until you get past the starting line. Because of this, the front of the pack _should_ start racing first, but _some_ of the middle and back of the pack started as soon as they saw the green light, and not when they passed the starting line. Key word being *some*.
Honolulu Boy
Honolulu Boy 18 napja
#2 The Ice Man stays cool in the midst of chaos!
Birdwave Racing
Birdwave Racing 18 napja
Classy Kvyat taking ownership of something that wasn't remotely his fault.
Максим Дмитриевич
Райконен на коне)))
Larasati Oetomo
Larasati Oetomo 18 napja
Everybody: crashes Kimi: watch and learn sons
Antonio 18 napja
Raikkonen also asks if gonna be a saffety car?. But magnussen asks everybody is ok?. the best person in f1!
Sein Schatten
Sein Schatten 18 napja
Tbh #2 should be #1, this was a new "lap of the gods"
Bakashiri 18 napja
Can we talk about how Kvyat pulled through in imola? Absolute beast at the end.
load714 18 napja
It was enjoyable. See you soon.
Stephen M
Stephen M 18 napja
Would like too know who was controlling the race pace at Tuscany. That was ridiculous!
Stead Shrumm
Stead Shrumm 18 napja
I think this was my first time ever hearing what latifi sounds like
Manolo Cast
Manolo Cast 19 napja
Y Kimi siempre viendo con cautela cómo se dan en toda, para luego pasar tranquilamente entre la pedacería y el humo jajaja
Luis 19 napja
Where is OnBoard about Sainz in Portugal???
Ruslan Salei
Ruslan Salei 19 napja
This season looked like they got drivers to the series from mad house
Bogdan Iacovescu
Perez & Kimi amazing drivers dude.
gavin richter
gavin richter 19 napja
Kimi's such a savage
Arnaud a7x
Arnaud a7x 19 napja
05:32 which is lovely 😂
Tra Thu
Tra Thu 19 napja
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 19 napja
Kimi saw so many crashes this year but was never really involved
Gino Bender
Gino Bender 19 napja
I love how the drivers are checking on each other after a crash. True sportsmanship.
XSebi 19 napja
Kimi wanted to continue driving alongside his friend Vettel in Portugal. Thats why he overtook everyone. Only when he reached the Ferrari he realised it was Charles
ZM Gamerz
ZM Gamerz 19 napja
SdewXGreat 19 napja
Every Driver's 1St word in a crash: F#&$
Joash Naidoo
Joash Naidoo 19 napja
Kimi in Portugal was playing F1 2020 with all assists on and AI driver level at minimum
MadMax140476 20 napja
Поменяйте местами первое и второе место :))))
Wayne Reuter
Wayne Reuter 20 napja
10:40 those corners were sweet af from Kevin. Sad to see him go, despite not being a fan. He was geniune
John Cannizzaro Jr
Latifi is the only driver i have understood over the radio in at least 10 years. besides stroll.
Leenks Barrow
Leenks Barrow 20 napja
16:38 - result then Valtery hold position James )
Rajeev Sisodiya Music
6:09 he sounds like Batman
Sinking 20 napja
They should show more onboards live!
George Beard
George Beard 20 napja
My heart dropped when I saw that loose wheel coming off of Gio's car and is heading towards George.
Manuel Gerson Massaku
Latifi: *what the fu-*
eric le rouge
eric le rouge 20 napja
the end crash cost ?
Pharmit24 20 napja
6:57 amazing brakes tho!
Sebastian Camia
No, amazing driver
plus-minus 21 napja
Definitly Raikonen first Place for the best START ever.
Blackjack21 Racing
F1 2020 Crashes 2
Arthur Lacerda Neto
3:41 chanelling vettel
Morten Berg
Morten Berg 21 napja
Oh, would i like to see Magnussen in a proper car ......
Lol Loser5555
Lol Loser5555 21 napja
Me trying to control a car with no traction control in f1 2020: 0:39
eltzrothm1 21 napja
The best must've been them freaking out over Grosjean. Where's that clip?
Marco Fernandes
Marco Fernandes 21 napja
Kimi lap around Portimao should be in first place !! damm
normantheforeman rety
Shame some of the best racing is coming from people that will be dropped next year due to Funded drivers...YAWN
Philip Squire
Philip Squire 21 napja
Who caused the Tuscany crash?
Wayne Reuter
Wayne Reuter 20 napja
Probably Russel. But not because of bad driving. It was more of a "There's some space I could go for" Chain reaction from multiple drivers.
Reiner Anselmo
Reiner Anselmo 21 napja
5:56 Red Bull seat has been taken
Cheng Alex
Cheng Alex 21 napja
My thought for whole video: Annie are you ok Are you ok Are you ok Annie
AJ V 19 napja
You've been hit by, you've been struck by... Ericsson
Giovanni P
Giovanni P 21 napja
The best circuits in this short season... Next season again like this plz!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob Bahr
Jacob Bahr 21 napja
3:53 Giovinazzi weaving through all that is like me weaving between slow walkers and crazy children in the shops
pacmanpakkas 21 napja
ALBON -im fine to carry on.... mean while the tire is shredded
La Yakal Ath Ahmawan Imad Ahmath
And it had absolutely nothing to do with the leaders . Although this race at the time of this restart. It was not your normal front runners. Lewis H wasn’t the leader. But this crash was caused by the mid pack fallen asleep from the front pack. Got to close and had to slow down . Max V. Was the leader of the race at this time of the race.
Nacho2382 21 napja
6:08 "Do you have any vibration?" "Ýêš Ï ďő"
Jeanette Armstrong
The unaccountable experience successfully warm because credit customarily agree a a youthful physician. glossy, breezy kidney
Cosmic Drew
Cosmic Drew 21 napja
Sergio is the master of 2020.
AMKHAN 21 napja
Latifi: "What is the leaders doing? Like he's accelerating, going, accelerating going" Yes Latifi, that's what happens when you accelerate, you go. Pretty sure you're not okay. Definitely park the car.
TJ32 21 napja
The backmarkers trying to gap the cars in front and then get a big run didn't work in Mugello. Bottas took them right to the line and all these guys arrived on the back of a stopped field at race speed.
홍현준 21 napja
Kvyat’s drive is insane!!!! Did he remove the break?
W 22 napja
F1 got their order wrong
Vishal Shanbhag
Vishal Shanbhag 22 napja
Kimi's engineer should've said "Yeah, it was a big crash but I got out"
kou 22 napja
magnussen's start in russia was fantastic. thank you for your dedicated years. we remember you, kevin.
Honsy Jones
Honsy Jones 22 napja
worst pilote ever
Emre Kosmaci
Emre Kosmaci 22 napja
man kvyat was FLYING at emiglia romagna gp
dimych 555
dimych 555 22 napja
подтверждаю. эта history была в 2020.
Altan Atilla
Altan Atilla 22 napja
türkler +1
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