Top 10 Overtakes Of The 2020 F2 Season! 

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Strap yourselves in for a thrilling countdown of the most awesome, edge-of-your-seat overtakes from the 2020 F2 season...
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Vinícius Apolinario
Formula Schumacher
rajesh kadupukotla
Schumacher must have watched that move from his father several times..
Victor Oprea
Victor Oprea 12 napja
Schumacher start at Monza
fp50 fff
fp50 fff 19 napja
Michael Schumacher?
Elizabeth Del castillo
3:19 this threw me off so badly because he sounded like Matty from WTF1
enspa1r 19 napja
M Siddy
M Siddy 20 napja
Where the heck was Hamilton's double overtake at one corner
Jex Koo
Jex Koo 20 napja
It says its 8 minutes ago but its actually 6 days ago
Sergey Korsikov
Sergey Korsikov 21 napja
Mazepin - love him or hate him, but he can deliver
Ashwik Raj
Ashwik Raj 21 napja
2:28 brain overclocked
Giuseppe Monteleone
When formula 1???
XR Waferr
XR Waferr 23 napja
Great moves by Mazepin!
Luan Rodrigues
Luan Rodrigues 24 napja
Seriously, THAT was the number 1? So much incredible three wide ones!!
Mikael Sirola
Mikael Sirola 24 napja
F2 top drivers 2020 Schumacher, Ilott, Mazepin !
a 25 napja
How can Tsunoda overtaking 2 cars at turn 1 in Bahrain not be on here.
saad kasu
saad kasu 25 napja
Mazepin is talented but he needs to understand who and what he represents now that he is in F1.
Thermometer10 25 napja
Those huge rims look ridiculous
Rakzo Racing
Rakzo Racing 25 napja
Excelente Schumacher y Tsunoda
Stwart Stwrt
Stwart Stwrt 25 napja
Well done gelael,markelov,matsushita,ghioto 👋👋, see yaa 😎
Mgaming YT
Mgaming YT 25 napja
Dammmm N1 move was kinda spicy Edit: yup
Knorrman Ritter NWO
Knorrman Ritter NWO
*only 10 overtakes in f1
Carlos crispiniano gomes dos santos
this channel be shame, only show overtakes of Shumacher and Indecent pilot Mazepin, wants to bring him from. Money, money, money UNTIL HERE ?
Reginaldo Ferreira Campos
Better to the F1
Telegram Estonia BACKUP
The cars look so slow compared to F1
Yan Lee
Yan Lee 26 napja
What a switchback!
Laurie 26 napja
Ooph that confused me. Top ten 2020 overtakes on the f1 channel, 10 overtakes?... Then saw it was F2, the world is normal again
Nico 26 napja
The nouveau riche dictators racetracks would have the F1 for 2020......you should be ashamed of yourselves....
Lorenzo Gulli
Lorenzo Gulli 26 napja
For me it s a bit partial this classification...mazepin in mugello passes 3,with one round the outside....
1ellisd1 26 napja
Shwartzmann vs Zhou in Mugello?
Billsoneagle Gaming
Is the only way to watch F2 in the US using F1 TV on the app?
Decas 200
Decas 200 26 napja
Tsunoda vs ilott in russia is better isn it?
Rin Kaneno
Rin Kaneno 26 napja
I like overtakes involving tsunoda 'cause he's very clean whenever he overtakes and is overtaken.
a 25 napja
Yep, he’s a fast driver and also overtakes very smart.
kaminagi0911 26 napja
Gabriel Aquino
Gabriel Aquino 26 napja
00:26 -> Nissany put Haas in his pocket 🤣
samuel henrique
samuel henrique 26 napja
DRUGOVICH 😎👍🏽👍🏽🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🏎
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas 26 napja
F2 is currently more entertaining than F1
Wolf 26 napja
There is not nearly enough Zhou in this video. That guy has some awesome overtakes this year.
Ou nice 😊
JesseGaming _YT
JesseGaming _YT 26 napja
petition to make a seperate formula 2 and formula 3 channel
Nicho Mamba
Nicho Mamba 26 napja
This musik should be used for the f1 2021 game
MascoFloyd 26 napja
Can we make the 2020 season a meme as well
Mufc Racer
Mufc Racer 26 napja
F2 is amazing to watch sometimes even better racing than f1
Saeed AlFalasi
Saeed AlFalasi 26 napja
Schumacher overtaking Tsunoda was excellent
Charlie Jackson
Charlie Jackson 26 napja
No Ilott thats what you get when you qualify top 3 all season
Machado 26 napja
Mazepin ia a hazard on the track. Great sub for K Mag.
philip russell
philip russell 26 napja
Great compilation.
keithwarr 26 napja
Sean no hope🗿🗿🗿
ლუ კა
ლუ კა 26 napja
Christopher Anderson
H DHIL 26 napja
Next video, the only 15 overtakes in F1 2020
phoen1x 26 napja
I liked the part where Schumacher overtook somebody
Tony Bleau
Tony Bleau 24 napja
Oh...so the whole video really. 🤣
f1manic 26 napja
F2 has missed 2 more best overtakes. 1st : Jehan daruvala takes 3 cars in 1 corner at British gp sprint race in last 3 laps. 2nd: Daruvala Round the outside Overtakes I Hungary Feature race 3 times in last corner. 3rd: Daruvala late braking skill with Mazepin in british gp sprint race in last lap, in last corner taking P4
Tony Bleau
Tony Bleau 24 napja
Guessing you're a Daruvala fan 😉
Devyansh Joshi
Devyansh Joshi 26 napja
Why you didn't include Daruvala's move on like 4 cars in one corner
david orama
david orama 27 napja
F2 was as exciting as F1 in 2020
dennis526 27 napja
F2 is simply better to watch than F1 for obvious reasons
Felipe Kimi
Felipe Kimi 27 napja
Simply Tsunoda is the best
Sven Rythian
Sven Rythian 27 napja
Deletraz did a Mazepin on Mazepin
katanezza prod.
katanezza prod. 26 napja
@Adam Dix I think Mazepin expected that Drugovich will go from left side thats why he went too deep into right side. Not defending but saying what probably he could think and miscalculated. Every driver does some mistakes not only Mazepin
Adam Dix
Adam Dix 26 napja
If he did Mazepin, Mazepin would smash that sign (like Drugovich in sakhir)
Jack Barnes
Jack Barnes 27 napja
Zhou seemed like a championship favourite for the first few races, however unreliability, no luck, and a few bad races really hurt his confidence and his championship standing
La Source
La Source 27 napja
I thought Tsunoda's move on Ilott in Sochi was one of the best.
Fredrik Z
Fredrik Z 27 napja
Honestly I can come up with 10 totally different Top 10 overtakes. Picking overtakes in F2 is a mission impossible.
Tony Bleau
Tony Bleau 24 napja
The last one is in every top 10 for sure. Tsunoda has a very nice one as well but you're right for the most part.
Monobola 27 napja
For Mazepin's fanboys: Watch Belgian and Sakhir feature race
AlotL1keVegas 27 napja
Excellent racing 👌
Diogo Pereira
Diogo Pereira 27 napja
Fantastic move from shumacher on tsunoda. #1
Pubg Gamer
Pubg Gamer 27 napja
He is the best rider of the car . So very nice
Nathan 27 napja
Shame Mazepin is such a muppet off track as he can really race and isn't afraid to risk his car to get past others
YaBoiDenny 26 napja
Молодой Человек
doesn't it bother you that he was forced out there?
Mishael Trivennios
F1 top of HAMboring time.
Leon 27 napja
No one can watch this video and then still think Schumacher wasn't the best by quite a margin
Alexander AK
Alexander AK 27 napja
Tsunoda v Schumacher Might be a thing for a while in F1
Leo Bertermann
Leo Bertermann 27 napja
Because there only were like 10 overtakes
Luke Mallory
Luke Mallory 27 napja
Per lap sometimes.
TerribleFire 27 napja
It would be criminal if Mugello isnt on the calendar again
Jackson Taber
Jackson Taber 27 napja
The switchback is so satisfying
Lys Lins
Lys Lins 27 napja
They are all amazing
Da Baby
Da Baby 27 napja
Its funny how the best overtake is in sochi
rocko melone
rocko melone 27 napja
Am I the only one that believes that rank 10 is better thatn rank 1 here? :D
Melaskan 27 napja
Such. A Great. Season!
PbPomper 27 napja
ClemensLucas 27 napja
Will F2 and F3 ever get their own channel?
Z Motorsport
Z Motorsport 27 napja
Illot on Schumacher at the last race in Sakhir deserves a mention!
Zamzam Nurjaman
Zamzam Nurjaman 27 napja
Mike Cano
Mike Cano 27 napja
Anyone buying the Formula 1 Topps Chrome cards? I heard they are going to be crazy cool? What are your thoughts? Price is already increase 3x so I don't want to wait even longer to get some.
Leoparder 612
Leoparder 612 27 napja
Who else thinks that this video was posted to tell the viewers that mazepin is worth a watch? Btw i think its not a coincidence that the most of the overtakes are Mazepin and Tsunoda and Schumacher
francesco bonetalli
For me the best one was made by Schumacher in Mugello between Arrabbiata 1 and 2...spectacular
Leoparder 612
Leoparder 612 27 napja
F3 right now: AM I A JOKE TO YOU???
The_ Probot53
The_ Probot53 27 napja
Never really watched f2 but it seems really entertaining, I will watch more next year for sure
Knorrman Ritter NWO
Its 10 times better as bormula 1 since years
Wolf 26 napja
I started watching this year. It was great. There was a lot of talent in this years field. Looking forward to next season.
Pt Bot
Pt Bot 26 napja
This year F2 was incredible. Lots of contenders and great races.
Bring back the f** V12's
100%, you won't regret it
The Sun
The Sun 27 napja
Nice 👍
KaRpoUzaSFTW akaForTheWolves
We need Alex Jacques in F1
José Mota
José Mota 25 napja
I prefer him in f2 because, f2 is more exciting, and that makes you feel the emotion
Study Power
Study Power 27 napja
I agree. he is doing F1 next year but only for UK viewers and mainly on highlights.
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 27 napja
3 out of 10 Schumi - love it
Kai Song
Kai Song 27 napja
The Schumacher Switchback! what a overtake
Fade Pianist
Fade Pianist 27 napja
So much under steer
Vàze Śky
Vàze Śky 27 napja
Notice how Schumi had 4 of the 10 best overtakes of the year, he definetely has the blood of a legend in his veins.
Rock 'The Dwayne' Johnson
no he's just terrible in quali. Ilott is incredible at quali so he doesn't have any overtakes in this vid
Elliot 27 napja
Or were just very bad in quali and had very many chances in the race ;)
Race Day Recap
Race Day Recap 27 napja
I recap the whole 2020 F1 season in ten minutes, so if your interested, check it out and let me know what you think!
Laura 27 napja
Schumacher is such a talented driver!
JΛMΛ 27 napja
How can I watch F2 ?
Krishna Shankar
Krishna Shankar 27 napja
They were streaming the races on HUrun this year, I don't know about next year
LET'S TALK 27 napja
Do European guys try to 'overtake' chicks instead of 'making a pass.'
K/Inada 27 napja
terrible BGM
Sasha Nayar
Sasha Nayar 27 napja
wut about zhou's divebomb on the outside of the second chicane at monza?
JLR 87
JLR 87 27 napja
Not only is Schumachers overtake on tsunoda brilliant it managed to make Sochi exciting
Matías Sandoval
Hope next season is as exiting as this year's
Peeetrsn CZ
Peeetrsn CZ 27 napja
Next video should be: Top 10 most unsportsmanlike moments of Nikita Mazepin...
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