Top 5 Formula 2 Moments | 2020 Russian Grand Prix 

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Epic battles, a photo-finish, and lots more! Check out the top five moments from Round 10 of the FIA Formula 2 Championship...
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Geilster2876 21 napja
2:39 Hamilton: Interesting Tactics I would say!
Márton Szeleczki
Mathematically, 9 drivers can win the championship. Schumacher, Ilott, Tsunoda, Lundgaard, Shwartzman, Mazepin, Deletraz, Zhou and Ghiotto. Who will be the champion? I vote for Ilott. Somehow he catches up.
Flavvin 21 napja
how do i watch f2 races in the us.
loraine heseltine
I'm not meaning to be horrible but the way Zhou says China and Chinese😂😂😂
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez 22 napja
That Schumacher overtake was pure mastership.
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez 22 napja
That crash was terrifying to watch. I almost stopped breathing until I saw the drivers coming out on their own.
Paul T Smith
Paul T Smith 22 napja
Some nasty shunts!!
Fujiwara 藤原
Fujiwara 藤原 22 napja
3:06 Binotto like "all part of the Ferrari master plan"
Matteus Thierry Henry Nyoto
I don't know if the crash was because of Ghiotto or Aitken 1. Aitken already stayed in his line but Ghiotto gets closer to Aitken and they crashed 2. Or it's the marbles on the circuit that makes Aitken slide into Ghiotto
Viktor Pesti-Geiger
Guanyu Joe
Mahriz Hossain
Mahriz Hossain 23 napja
Why does it seem that all accidents that would have been fatal without the Halo occurs more frequently since the Halo has been introduced??
HidderLeo BR
HidderLeo BR 23 napja
@Mahriz Hossain ok I don't remember correctly
Mahriz Hossain
Mahriz Hossain 23 napja
@HidderLeo BR I get your point. But the way the crashes occur now actually would have hit the drivers head. Leclerc would have been dead if not for the Halo. The clip clearly shows that Fernando's car missed Leclerc because it hit the Halo.
HidderLeo BR
HidderLeo BR 23 napja
An example: Alonso belgium 2012 would have hit the Halo If It had one. Alonso did not have an injury but at the time they would have Said he was saved by the Halo. So it's kinda overrated but It should stay of course. That happened with Leclerc in belgium also. It came close but It had a chance to not hit him. I think You get my point
Giuseppe Micciche
I think is teh crash of Jack Aitken and Luca Ghiotto my favourite moments and Photo Finish
Levente Gamimg
Levente Gamimg 23 napja
Formula 1 post Fortuna 2
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 23 napja
There are problems with the 180° sweep of Turns 3 & 4 or there are problems with the TecPro barrier or both. Whether it's a collision, a failure or a driver error, drivers don't have the time to slow down before impact. As such, they can end up stuck between or underneath the TecPro. I think there are serious questions to be answered around the safety of Sochi. Not just at this complex of corners, but elsewhere. The whole 'left of the bollards' thing is also a mess.
Srihari Desai
Srihari Desai 24 napja
I dont get it The sprint race was classified for 5 laps and Daruvala got the penalty at lap 6 so why was his penalty added :(
Srihari Desai
Srihari Desai 24 napja
Correct me if I'm wrong?
Ganapathy subramanian
ferrari are in trouble with such talent at their disposal at one point all three ferrari juniors where in the top three in the standings this is amazing
McPlayer8t 24 napja
Tsunoda’s pass on Ilott was better than Schumachers pass on Tsunoda, but they didn’t show that one.
Jean Pierre Amalek
The first time that i´m a little bit sad that a Talented Guy go to F1 the coming season (Schumacher), F2 is right now a much better show than F1.. strange "evolution", F1 looks for me more & more like a kind of rc-cars... ps. sorry for my English
McPlayer8t 24 napja
If they used a normal timing line, Ghiotto would have gotten that podium.
Duval In The Wall
XMattyG on commentary tho
Motorsports Guy
Motorsports Guy 24 napja
Number 5 more worse than Carlos Sainz crash in 2015 in the same circuit
whale oil beef hooked
Oi is that that wtf1 muppet commentating? How on earth did he get the call up???
ØZ 24 napja
Ferrari Masterplan at the end there
MichealZuma365 24 napja
Glad to hear the drivers are all OK. That was a hefty crash.
GP Tech
GP Tech 24 napja
Jehan daruvala very dissapointing performance
Matthew Hauth
Matthew Hauth 24 napja
How is #5 not #1 or #2?
Gábor Králik
Gábor Králik 24 napja
I hope we get a 10 or 20 minute highlights video of the whole season.
Dante Coates
Dante Coates 24 napja
I wish F1 would have an actual level playing-field like F2, so that we'd actually see some real battle of pure driving skills and less of the battle of expensive performance parts.
Dante Coates
Dante Coates 23 napja
@McPlayer8t i don't think what Pierre needs is a RedBull seat, from what happened when he was in the team i think that he deserves a faster car in the upper class but one that suits his style the most and not just be another attempt at "replicating" Verstappen
McPlayer8t 24 napja
Yes Albon, he has trouble overtaking a Williams for goodness sake, and he is never really on the pace that Verstappen shows. It’s time they gave Kvyat or Gasly another chance, though I suspect they will just wait for Yuki Tsunoda to get enough super license points and try him next.
Chandra Shekar
Chandra Shekar 24 napja
@McPlayer8t albon?
McPlayer8t 24 napja
Well that’s what Formula 1 has always been about. Hamilton winning another championship is no real achievement if the odds are more than 50%. We like to talk about drivers, but really they don’t mean that much, so long as they can get the job done. It’s the teams that make the bigger difference and that is clear... except for Albon
Ma Hu
Ma Hu 24 napja
That’s why I like Indycar.
Charles Hollinshead
Get rid of wtf1
Chandler Tedbury-French
Why does this channel upload F2 content?
SGT EpicSpeed
SGT EpicSpeed 24 napja
Exposure on potential F1 drivers. Having a separate channel wouldn't get the amount of views than being integrated into the F1 channel.
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 24 napja
Mars 24 napja
I didn't understand who won, was it Schumacher or Zhou?
Mars 24 napja
@GamePad4Life Oh ok, awesome, thanks for the info
GamePad4Life 24 napja
Schumacher won the feature race and Zhou won the sprint race
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell 24 napja
Lewis acted like a spoiled brat during the awards ceremony Would not celebrate! He needs to learn to be as even tempered when things don’t go his way as he is when he wins. The word entitled comes to mind.
AstroGaming 24 napja
Oh wow I didn't know Lewis was in this video. You're talking about Lewis Hamilton right?
Der Unbekannte
Der Unbekannte 24 napja
Schumi is back
Christopher Tumilson
"That was quite close. Needle in a haystack stuff" I'm not sure that means what you think it means.
Ryan Sosnowicz
Ryan Sosnowicz 21 napja
It’s definitely something Martin Brundle would say
KX Toh
KX Toh 23 napja
@scottfdietrich all roads lead to it?
scottfdietrich 24 napja
Well, when in Rome,
João Pires
João Pires 24 napja
He was definitely thinking of threading the needle 🤣
F1 Lover
F1 Lover 24 napja
Yeah. Lol
mario alfonso lasso erazo
kuba84 pro
kuba84 pro 24 napja
3:08 is that a s🅱️inotto?
Selim Denizli
Selim Denizli 12 napja
@sAnS tHe SkElEtOn İ-İ what?
sAnS tHe SkElEtOn
Selim Denizli I know this is a strange a request but can you turn right in the first left corner you find
Selim Denizli
Selim Denizli 21 napja
@Adiyat Hasan bucchin?
Adiyat Hasan
Adiyat Hasan 22 napja
Oscar Micó
Oscar Micó 24 napja
HECKproductions 24 napja
the first one is unreal he was so disoriented he didnt even know what way to climb out
AlmightyGamer 24 napja
Alguien más vino a escuchar si hacen: "suanfonson" :'v
Will's Epic Channel
0:23 Without the halo, who knows what would have happened when Aitken slid under the barrier.
KX Toh
KX Toh 23 napja
@Petrolhead Gaming had the halo not been there, the barrier would be right up in jacks face, potentially dangerous cuz its pretty hefty and ur going in quick
Petrolhead Gaming
Im a big fan of the halo but I don’t think in that situation it would’ve made a difference
Alief Fauzan thecat
I don't know math but i know it's hella hurt
Bing Yiu
Bing Yiu 24 napja
Lol even able to make top 5 moments on this race 🤣
Bing Yiu
Bing Yiu 23 napja
@Curtis Riceman if don't get the joke don't have to reply like this genius
Curtis Riceman
Curtis Riceman 23 napja
more than 1 race genius
Luke Mamaril
Luke Mamaril 24 napja
If Schumacher graduates to F1 and kimi stays.. kimi would have raced with two generations of two f1 drivers Xd
Maximilian Nitzsche
He has already smh
Petrolhead Gaming
Vettel has raced Schumacher so has Hamilton and Alonso and Grosjean and Perez and Riccardo
João Pires
João Pires 24 napja
@Tolga Z Kavuncu Jan Magnussen last raced F1 in 1997, Kimi started in 2001. Verstappen is right, though.
Luke Mamaril
Luke Mamaril 24 napja
@HECKproductions sorry i meant two generations of two drivers
Marijn 24 napja
Tolga Z Kavuncu He never raced against Msgnussen’s dad
wujek 24 napja
i can sleep well, zhou finally won
Bosco24 24 napja
Love this Category! 🔥
Βασίλης Δημούσης
Should be more races in the calendar
ThunderAndi 24 napja
Please make a new channel for f2
Owain Roberts
Owain Roberts 24 napja
Just wondering who dislikes on such a vague video???
Yiwan Ye
Yiwan Ye 24 napja
so happy for Zhou... for making history in F2
maxouf1 24 napja
I always hear his name like "Grand New Joe"
Fredrik Z
Fredrik Z 23 napja
OK as Chinese I'm lost too now
Alif Saleh
Alif Saleh 23 napja
Now i can't unhear it because of you. Thanks, and curse you.
José Dias
José Dias 24 napja
*Common, where's the bests moments of Samaia, The King of Speed?*
McPlayer8t 24 napja
Well at least he has stayed out of trouble for the most part, unlike last years version.
nishesh 24 napja
Anyone else heard tyres screeching at start of sprint race?
sarmedi hutautara
1:03 "F" Sign Driver VS "F" Steering wheel Driver
TheZefBoi 24 napja
Already the best season I've ever seen in any race class
DerLuke 22 napja
@TheZefBoi OK I forgive you
TheZefBoi 22 napja
@DerLuke It was but I didnt watch f1 back then but it was
Samarth Dalvi
Samarth Dalvi 24 napja
Dude, have u watched MotoGP this year??? The championship there is super tight, even tighter than F2 this year.
Venu Krithish
Venu Krithish 24 napja
Dude. That's a bit far fetched
ab8jeh 24 napja
2012 was just ridiculous tyre random F1 for most of the season. Maldonado won a race ffs. It was poor. (Edit:2010 on the other hand was indeed a great season).
Farzad Edulkaka
Farzad Edulkaka 24 napja
Alex's colleague please refrain from shouting. Even otherwise you can make race interesting :)
Gianni Knies
Gianni Knies 24 napja
Back from wtf1?
shelbylea simpson
I am greatful they are okay that was HUGE but glad they're both okay and they walked away glad they're okay should come back strong if they can fix the car (Great job to the marshells they're really greatful)!
Yoshi Kempenaers
If Ghiotto got stuck, things could have been much worse with that car catching fire...
Pedro Garcia Lopez
Sochi showdown lol the track made F2 boring man
Eric Heinrich
Eric Heinrich 24 napja
Guanyu zhou!!!!
Simon GK
Simon GK 24 napja
I don’t know why, but the accidents in Formula 2 always scare me way more then those in Formula 1... After what happend in Spa 2019 it seems to me F2 cars just aren’t as safe as the F1 cars.
FlapJack 24 napja
With no little to no competition in F1 and the title pretty much decided, thankgod for F2
Amazing A The Dreamer
Joining the battle right before the crash... why can't the TV directors get it spot on all the time?
jealva 24 napja
F2 has better racing than F1 these days.
KungFu Barbie
KungFu Barbie 23 napja
@jealva yeah 2012 was great. 6 world champions and 3 or 4 cars battling for wins. Pastor Maldanado even won a race. Lol.
jealva 24 napja
KungFu Barbie I get your point but 2010 was great in F1 with the different cars as was 2012, the last exciting season in Formula 1.
KungFu Barbie
KungFu Barbie 24 napja
Of course. F2 cars are equal while F1 cars aren't equal.
Don Barzini
Don Barzini 24 napja
Please do top 2 F5 moments
Samara 24 napja
schumacher fighting one spot after another. Those comebacks. Really hoping this will come to formula 1. In Formula One we currently have, safety cars red flags and penality points for hamilton and still hamilton leads by miles. I dont mind if he becomes world champion, I just want to see the races becoming closer
Venu Krithish
Venu Krithish 24 napja
Schumacher isn't going to solve that problem. But the new owners are going in the right direction with the budget cap. Let see in a few years
Saki 24 napja
to think matt went from the youtubers championship to commentating F2 and F1 PLC
HighDef 24 napja
Lol this is the music from the end of 1320Videos
Lance Stonks
Lance Stonks 24 napja
prema becoming greater and faster than Ferrari
F2P AllTheWay
F2P AllTheWay 24 napja
Juan Hugo making a great pass!
chadvader93 24 napja
F2 is the real highlight for me this season, never disappoints
Matías Sandoval
Wish they uploaded more from F2
Kramarić GOAT
Kramarić GOAT 24 napja
@Irish Man hoffenheim and kramaric 😍🐐
Irish Man
Irish Man 24 napja
not hoffenheim no?
Official Ollie
Official Ollie 24 napja
So glad they're both OK
Volchara007ua 24 napja
João Leite
João Leite 24 napja
sergio perez 👍
joe is pointless
"first w" LOL
João Leite
João Leite 24 napja
walteri bottas 👍
João Leite
João Leite 24 napja
lewis hamillton 👍
Irish Man
Irish Man 24 napja
Tony Sun
Tony Sun 24 napja
Our boy Matt commentating!
Sadikur Rahman
Sadikur Rahman 24 napja
I mean Yh sure it’s nice to see him commentating but at least with a bit more energy like Jacques then that’ll probably be one of the best match up ever
PhoenixGT3 24 napja
promik 24 napja
J love this filma
Scott Wyatt
Scott Wyatt 24 napja
That crash happens a few years ago and Ghiotto is dead
Pablo Santos
Pablo Santos 24 napja
Hello guys
Brosef Fritzl
Brosef Fritzl 24 napja
the schumacher switchback
Alexander AMBON
Alexander AMBON 24 napja
Just like his dad did that on montoya australia
Richard Naujoks
Richard Naujoks 24 napja
It's been so great watching him silence the critics that were saying he's only gotten so far bc of his last name.
au-havoc 24 napja
clicked on this video faster than the 2020 ferrari
Alex C
Alex C 24 napja
So you waited a while, had something to eat, then clicked on it after watching 3 BTCC Silverstone rounds
321gofast 24 napja
Not saying much
ÖSI 24 napja
I love f2
Cole Custer & Noah Gragson Fan 41 9
Luca and Jack’s crash still gives me chills
Jack Marston
Jack Marston 23 napja
Luca's car burned!
General Grievous
Russia is kinda dangerous
Jay Stevenson
Jay Stevenson 24 napja
Tf you mean still it was 2 days ago
Daniel James
Daniel James 24 napja
Yeah it was a big one glad they were ok
nifte 24 napja
Amazing job by the barriers tbh
glow tail
glow tail 24 napja
We join this battle OHH THATS A BIG CRASH
glow tail
glow tail 23 napja
And the race is red flagged to repair the damage on the barriers
Jack Islanders 80 81 82 83
I wonder what the clinching scenario is for Schumacher to clinch the title
Keczeli Adam
Keczeli Adam 24 napja
Wooow 😀
promik 24 napja
Nishraj singh
Nishraj singh 24 napja
Schumacher making his dad proud 👏
[仲間] HunterD
@Irish Man I would like to see him in a Merc. Yes, his father had his biggest success with Ferrari, BUT this Team doesnt exists anymore. Michael also had a big influence in the actual Mercedes AMG Team and he is one of the reasons, why Merc got this dominant.
TimTomJimJom 23 napja
Dev Vadchhedia you definitely thought you were a genius typing out that comment. So smug
Irish Man
Irish Man 24 napja
Dev Vadchhedia r u braindead
RampantFury925 24 napja
@Dev Vadchhedia He means in a race, genius.
Dev Vadchhedia
Dev Vadchhedia 24 napja
@Irish Man wdym, he has already driven Ferraris at hockenheim and mugello....
Synthal Siwem
Synthal Siwem 24 napja
What a huge accident... luckily they’re okay. The halo probably saved their lives because they went under the barrier
Nikias Johannes Thomsen
No not particularly, Sainz went under the barriers as well here in Sochi in 2015 and Heikki Kovalainen even much further under barriers with much more speed in Barcelona in 2008...so don't think the HALO saved either one of these two lifes in this F2 race here tbh
Synthal Siwem
Synthal Siwem 24 napja
fernando ueno exactly racing is getting safer and safer luckily
fernando ueno
fernando ueno 24 napja
And as they want under the barrier, they didn't come back in the middle of traffic, if they did we could have had another accident like Hubert's 🙏
Shine Automotive
hi all
Javier Panelo
Javier Panelo 24 napja
kadiatou drame
kadiatou drame 24 napja
my children and I have been watching your video for well now you always make our day my little girl who is 4 years old ask me to start channel like this so I did I will like to invite you to check it out🥰🥰
Ilya Mulira
Ilya Mulira 24 napja
The safety these days r way better Some years ago they would have died
amir qwerty
amir qwerty 24 napja
@Piløt We would've lost a lot more drivers that day if it weren't for the level of safety.
ChrisK 24 napja
@Piløt We did, but the worst circumstances came together that day and nothing could've saved Huberts life. The technology could've been way ahead of it's time but he still would've had no chance. But either way, safety in Motorsport is build on dead people. So we still came a long way.
Oliver Ward
Oliver Ward 24 napja
Piløt think he means years ago they would’ve probs been dead less chance of dying these in motorsport
Piløt 24 napja
We literally lost a driver last year
Henry Musson
Henry Musson 24 napja
Joseph Waldner
Joseph Waldner 24 napja
RookjeGames !!!
RookjeGames !!! 24 napja
Krish T
Krish T 24 napja
First :)
Nick Gulch
Nick Gulch 24 napja
Top 10 Tyre Dramas In F1
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