Toto Wolff Interview | Building Mercedes Into Seven-Time Champions 

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The meteoric rise of Mercedes from their re-entry to F1 in 2010 to all-conquering seven-time champions - told by the man who helped to mastermind it all, Toto Wolff...
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Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez 12 órája
Total admiration!
Josh Gee
Josh Gee 21 órája
Ricciardo needs the Mercedes seat in 2023 or 2024 as his swan song and can teach Russell the ropes as teamates.. Ricciardo deserves it... Hamilton, Verstappen, Leclerc,Russell and Ricciardo are the best of the best and deserve to showcase it.
ET Napja
I’d love to read his autobiography/business management/leadership book!
roslirh Napja
To me Toto Wolff & Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 is similar to Alex Ferguson & Man United. Top class manager
Alfons Pettersson
The humbleness of Wolff is something to strive for! Dont remember exactly how he said it but its something along the lines of "i dont know areodynamics well or how to build an engine, but i know how to communicate with People and take care of them so they can do their job even better"
Vasu Gangrade
Vasu Gangrade 2 napja
By far the best one on one interview in a while. Toto is a man of few words, but every word is well articulated. Glad to hear him for 90% of the video. Excellent interview.
Nicholas Lam
Nicholas Lam 2 napja
Best human on earth ToTo ! Amazing team principal ever
Ik n
Ik n 3 napja
Tiago Ogris
Tiago Ogris 4 napja
Super Torger, ein Österreicher den man in Ehren halten kann! 🤜🏿 weiter so !!! Grüße aus der Heimat
Bellum Pullum
Bellum Pullum 4 napja
I think what stood out to me the most was that the interviewer is using the beaten term used by every corporate entity "family", Toto was very careful to use his own term "cameradery", and you continue to see that same attention to detail and selective answering through the interview. That man is a beast!
M. 4 napja
"If you are underfinanced, you are not going to win"
wenn es mir mal schlecht geht gönn ich mir ein englisches Interview vom Toto oder Günther, i can say both are very great to hear. thx!
Jhazzfer Javier
Thank you F1 and Toto for this great interview. I learned a lot about communication and leadership.thanks
Mithereal 4 napja
I want to know how much of Mercedes' success is down to having the technically best engine vs having the best teamwork and workplace culture? Hard to know for sure, if it's the engine then all this talk is pretty much redundant and misleading
Abbas Rizvi
Abbas Rizvi 4 napja
Ferrari are you watching?
Nanda Dwi Rendragraha
with toto wolff even the lord maldonado could achieve a podium
Flying Spagetti
Maldonado ALREADY won Spanish GP 2012 with Toto Wolff and Williams.
Jin Bauer
Jin Bauer 5 napja
Merc achieved their success without embroiled in any technical nor sporting controversies (under Merc ownership), unlike their nemesis. That commands the admiration.
Flying Spagetti
@WhiteNinjainblack the engine development was freezed for HONDA. Without that, Honda couldn't reach this level.
Are you kidding or what? What about FIA, and rule that Engine development is freezed when Mercedes had built most powerful engine on the grid.
atomiumfire 5 napja
German perfectionist, we can clearly see that. He has definitely worked to being the best, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that smooth and 'fair' during the Nico period - a 'mistakes were made but it was part of a process and growing/learning as a team' would have been nice
Chuyew 5 napja
Interesting. Austrian leader in German Machine. Looks familiar.
Ralf Zink Pohlhammer
I truely admire him
Test One
Test One 5 napja
Ahhh, true leadership in an era where there is such a deficit of leadership is a nice thing to witness
adrian wright
adrian wright 5 napja
Anyone in that team. COULD BE YOU ✌️
Uz. F
Uz. F 5 napja
IMO this guy is the Sir Alex F of Formula One 💯
Stoabock89 !
Stoabock89 ! 5 napja
9:46: Valtteri, it´s James.
Aaron Coke
Aaron Coke 5 napja
This is brilliant!! My one critique...it wasn't long enough we needed more.
Philip Tran
Philip Tran 5 napja
Tell the truth about the deal with Nico !
Kieran McMahon
Toto's honesty is incredibly admirable. From even a brief mention of trauma in his youth explaining his winning mentality, to the flaws he saw at Mercedes taking over as principle. Toto could run a flower shop and I'd still work for him.
Hesus in Overwatch
He is 50% polish- 50% romanian. He speaks polish.
Elijah Cooper
Elijah Cooper 5 napja
That Mercedes furniture makes more camera appearences then any team member!
NomB 5 napja
This is not an interview, it's lessons for life! Love listening to Toto always!
CanYouSeeMeTM 6 napja
Germany power!!!!
Christian B.
Christian B. 6 napja
Love his honesty
Toto is a remarkable person, not just a remarkable leader.
Snow Rabbit
Snow Rabbit 6 napja
Please call Dhr. Phill for Lewis.. F1 has become totally unbelievable in the hybrid era...
jintie 6 napja
Please turn captions on, at least auto generated! I miss out on a lot of my favourite things without them
Harry One
Harry One 6 napja
Most boring ever
Zan Jii
Zan Jii 6 napja
What a great interview
Patrick Egan
Patrick Egan 6 napja
Man I'd love to work for Toto
Toto to the Mercedes board "Come with me if you want to live ....and win a world championship"
Louis Andrew
Louis Andrew 6 napja
Does this mean he is staying?
Bingyi Huang
Bingyi Huang 6 napja
who had a formula 1 ad at the start of the video
Asomiddin Alimov
4:53 im not being racist but lewis is only black guy in the team lolll
samuel fitzpatrick
Toto is a boss he's just simply the greatest executive in the sport.💯💥💣
Mert Çalıcı
He showed that in Williams in 2012 season and in 2012 he was executive chairman in Williams
ChristiannYT 6 napja
Toto could be a great president like if you will vote fot him
Deepit Kotian
Deepit Kotian 6 napja
F1 2020 races are basically like US Grand Prix 2005, only 6 cars actually racing.
A Bloke with a name
@Deepit Kotian Fortunately we have the all new 2022 regulations coming up Bad news is that we're still more than a year away.
Deepit Kotian
Deepit Kotian 5 napja
@A Bloke with a name thats more to do with the exciting tracks we have had this year, baring the midfield battle and Monza it has been a sleepfest, the sport is going a downward spiral if the leading car laps the 4th place car regularly. And evidently with some of F1 tweets clearly relying on Rain, red flags etc to make it an exciting race, clearly shows what's wrong with the sport
A Bloke with a name
Well if you only look at the boring races we had then it's a massive sleepfest, but set that aside we've had a lot of decent to extraordinary races this year.
Flying Spagetti
Wich car?
Allan Reardon
Allan Reardon 6 napja
What a boss. What an interesting individual.
Tomislav Pijanec
What an incredible leader. I admire him so much.
Marie Muckle
Marie Muckle 6 napja
Toto is level headed, can he please take over Boris Johnson’s job. Vote Toto, vote Toto, vote Toto✋
Flying Spagetti
The brexshiter are not deserved Toto. They vote Boris, gave him 80 seat mayority, they deserved that.
Snifey secret channel
Each year toto hairstyles will get stronger each season's
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
01:21 team principal talks about principles 😁
steve bucuris
steve bucuris 6 napja
there is not an I in team but there is a me.
Pieter Devloo
Pieter Devloo 6 napja
Huge congrats to Toto and merc amgf1
Toto dropping truth bombs on us, wow
mert dikmeoğlu
Mr. Wolff you must write a book about your life and not all about f1. You are the man and legend for most of young f1 fans
Richard Rivera
Class act, what a leader.
HadriAn 6 napja
I admire him so much! As much as I want the Mercedes dominance to end I seriously respect them and they fully deserve everything they achieve.
Jackdaw 6 napja
Ferrari would have 7 easy had the FIA not decided to target them with rules changes. Also, Toto didn't build the success we see in Mercedes today, it was Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher. The same guys who did the 6 in a row with Ferrari. Toto and Lewis are just right place right time to reap the benefits of the work they put in.
Flying Spagetti
LOL. When Scumacher contract end, they prefer Hamilton than Schumacher. When Hamilton saw the car, he said that the car need huge modification and he was right.
Shreesha Shastry
Huge respect for TOTO
Jerome Naidu
Jerome Naidu 6 napja
And then Toto says; 'Get down... get down...'
Milen Yordanov
Just like it before watching it. We all know that it is going to be awesome
Banzai Boy
Banzai Boy 6 napja
Just want to hear him say "congrattalations" again.
atom 5 napja
Bogdan Ivan
Bogdan Ivan 6 napja
Great guy.
Hugo Zupan
Hugo Zupan 6 napja
Mr Toto Wolff laddies and gentlemen 🎩
Yoshida Saki
Yoshida Saki 6 napja
Too simplistic table you got there... Even Toto didn't want to bang it
Chl D
Chl D 6 napja
TW is the mastermind behind the Mercedes success and also Hamilton's. Glad to see him as a Team Principal, he seems like a neat guy to work with.
Samet Özkan
Samet Özkan 6 napja
Wurz and Wolff is Arnold's relations.
Smokeybear 6 napja
Great interview Will !!!
Ahmet Furkan
Ahmet Furkan 6 napja
Handsome clever crazy = toto
kasa masa
kasa masa 6 napja
9:52 Toto: "there mustn't be any favouritism, drivers are very sensitive..." Will Buxton: *side eyes cameraman
kasa masa
kasa masa 2 napja
@jedikillah101 yeah I agree with you, it's just interesting to see the allegations whether founded or not, about Mercedes favouring Hamilton in subtle ways. For instance at Imola; Bottas asking to go on the softer compound tyre for his pitstop, to go on an alternate strategy to Hamilton but it getting refused by the team. It's the little instances which I think can really play on a driver's mind, whether it's one of kind great or a rookie as their teammate
jedikillah101 2 napja
I get it, Hamilton is the 7 time world champion after all and a talent that only appears once in a generation. I think we are so used to seeing the greatness of Hamilton that everytime Bottas makes a mistake, it's amplified. Bottas is great, just not AS great as Hamilton.
Kyle Joynes
Kyle Joynes 6 napja
Toto has nice hair
Todd Wardell
Todd Wardell 6 napja
Dieter's trust in him is such a HUGE part of where they are now. Not easy to do for the top corporate guys, respect
Mert Çalıcı
Dieter trusted him because he was extremely successful in Williams as chairman before he came Mercedes
anan thu
anan thu 6 napja
Ross Brawn laid the foundation .
William Fence
William Fence 6 napja
Massively inspirational . Why wouldn't you want to work for him.
Matimba Risenga
Can we replace Bot with Max please Toto
No. Overrated.
Pamella Markland
Lewis Hamilton provides he is the best F1 driver in the history of this spot. Toto demonstrating the success of a master of management. Ĺay off all you racists haters
Shiv Sai
Shiv Sai 6 napja
@500 Years wut
500 Years
500 Years 6 napja
Lewis Hamilton proves he is the best F1 driver in the history of this sport. Toto demonstrating the success of a master of management. Ĺay off all you racists haters.
Petyr Kowalski
Toto is a truly superb leader.
11RossLeronX 6 napja
OOOOOF *Lewis is a Legend* *Mercedes F1 is a Legend* *Toto Wolff is a Legend* But what i love the most is that they're not Boastful, except sometimes, but they're not always to the point they're already being really Offensive
Rutger Jansen
Rutger Jansen 6 napja
As Mercedes gained dominance in F1, turning it into the sport HAMBOTVER, it hasn't been more boring then it can get. Don't answer, don't look, I followed it since 1977 and I know what I since then....
This is the kind of boss whom everybody would like to work for. Respect +++++
TiMe NiZe
TiMe NiZe 4 napja
@rounak Everyone can tell you are not performing when you are leaving without telling anyone, thats not special. But the leaders who give everything themselfes expect nothing less from their workers and colleagues. That means if you dont want to dedicate your life to F1 its not the right thing and only few people are willing to do that
rounak 4 napja
@TiMe NiZe isn't every one is like that?? My boss would fire me if i take 1 week leave without informing them
TiMe NiZe
TiMe NiZe 4 napja
Yes and no. He will expect the best from you and nothing less, that is what it takes to win. If you are that person, its the dream, if you dont perform you are fired
atom 5 napja
You'd be surprised
Franco Imperial
Youtube King
Youtube King 6 napja
What he said can be applied in every field of life. Totto speaks like a business magnate.
Pro Custom
Pro Custom 6 napja
Omech Nelson
Omech Nelson 6 napja
27 tables hated this video
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson 6 napja
nice one. id like to get toto as a MBA lecturer
son 6 napja
The Chad of F1
Rosemary Hill
Rosemary Hill 6 napja
Sigh...Be still my heart!
C A 6 napja
I dont give a rat's a$$ for this guy...or his life another spoiled multimillionaire
Varun Sambi
Varun Sambi 6 napja
I wish Niki was here. I love all Niki toto combined interviews.
Thebassist Noeve
Totto must write a book about how he has lead such a successful team for so many years.
Stephen Miles
Stephen Miles 6 napja
I think an autobiography once all of his racing leadership is done would be AWESOME!
Severin Performance
Eventually once he steps back. Right now he should focus his energy into more world titles and crushing all opponents
Alex Hernandez
Fuccin 10000000%
Olemmers 6 napja
Zenan 6 napja
stop, any Spagetti guy who wont go to his races will read it
momo 6 napja
I want to see him in movies.
Clinton Marais
What a leader!
AKing1 6 napja
Watching Mercedes dominance may be boring, but they are the best
Tim Casey
Tim Casey 6 napja
Maybe Christian Horner should think the same - how long has he been team principle at Red Bull?
Mert Çalıcı
Christian Horner just thinks about short term goals
ViPDriver GT
ViPDriver GT 6 napja
16 years
Alaina Callahan
I would give anything to work for a leader like Toto Wolff.
Chazas 6 napja
song in the intro?
Francisco Vilanova
A.J. Green
A.J. Green 6 napja
My future of F1 wish... Toto and Lewis get together and buy Haas in a year or two. Those two could put together a team to challenge Mercedes-AMG even with Ferrari power.
A.J. Green
A.J. Green 2 napja
@Doug Parker NASCAR, yes. Indy car, no that was Newman-Haas. No relation.
A.J. Green
A.J. Green 6 napja
@Doug Parker You are correct that Stewart-Haas has won many races since they started. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of our only American F1 team and have great respect for Gunther Steiner. I do think that the one thing they're missing is a Tony Stewart. A big time winning driver at the head of a team brings the experience that only a winning driver can.
Doug Parker
Doug Parker 6 napja
@A.J. Green it's just that Gene Haas knows how to win.he has won in NASCAR and I believe in Indy car as well.that's the basis of my belief
A.J. Green
A.J. Green 6 napja
@Doug Parker Bless your heart! I wish I had been watching the same races as you!
Doug Parker
Doug Parker 6 napja
Haas has the potential for wins
Farid Atawneh
Farid Atawneh 6 napja
You won by rules and regulations which favoured you, the FIA is in your pocket. When the rules tie the hands of other teams behind their backs it is no longer a fair sport. So if you win a 100 times, F1 is a defunct sport. And you can shove your titles you know where.
Flying Spagetti
@Farid Atawneh if it's not cheat, why this year Ferrari engine losing its power? Obviously it's against the rule. That's a cheat. Compared to Mercedes DAS, that's not against this year rule.
Farid Atawneh
Farid Atawneh 5 napja
@Flying Spagetti It’s not a cheat, it’s how racing should be, allow each team to achieve its potential without garbage regulations.
Flying Spagetti
Ferrari International Assistant? Who protect Ferrari from their engine cheat?
MI7 6 napja
toto and claire williams are my favorite team managers.
Mert Çalıcı
Toto was an executive chairman in Williams in 2012
xevious2501 6 napja
What Todo and Hamilton has done for Mercedes is priceless. 8 Constructors championship and 7 drivers championship both surpassing Ferrari in consecutive wins And matching Schumi's Record in the modern era. This is Legacy built. Exactly the sorta validity to a company's highest claims that would see's its doors breaking open with new customers for decades to come. Ferrai's Fan hood is a cult, due to Ferraris mythos and legacy. Now Mercedes has that in spades, having effectively taken the spot long held by Ferrari. Children of this era, see Mercedes as the unstoppable force in F1 as did kids of the past saw Ferrari. And those kids grow up to be future buyers and investors in the brand they saw was winners. Mecedes F1 success is priceless to a luxury brands image. And Mercedes is doing very well right now. a legacy that will likely hold for decades to come, if not till the end of modern F1.
stephen thwaite
Toto under his leadership has brought together the best engineers and designers to produce an unbeatable car.I’m afraid I am not a driver fanboy.Driver fanboys and girls are essential to the sport though the drivers who have won both F3 and GP2 are amazing talents who I have the utmost respect for.This includes Hamilton though he’s not the only one currently in F1 and anyone of those drivers could be victorious in such a wonderful car.The engineers and designers though,don’t receive the praise and accolades drivers do which is grossly unfair.
xevious2501 6 napja
Yup i know lol just seeing if people are on their toes.
Stephen Miles
Stephen Miles 6 napja
Yes, remember that Nico won Driver in ’16, and Lewis already had one from McLaren in ‘08. So 7 Constructors for Merc, 7 Drivers for Lewis.
Ashley Daniels
under Mercedes f1,they have won 7, 11 in total with other cars/teams,including Mercedes f1. agree with everything else
Rick Filho
Rick Filho 6 napja
Mercedes car has extra eletric power,so HAM cam win. F1 is a JOKE!
A Bloke with a name
@Rick Filho Right now you're just talking nonsense, I won't be able to comprehend anything you said even if I tried to. Au revoir.
Rick Filho
Rick Filho 5 napja
@A Bloke with a name the power unit delivers more current than other cars!It is a black box ,no one can open or see,it is very well done for cheating!This way anyone could be 7x!HAM is an actor,shoul go to Hollywood.
A Bloke with a name
Electric power ?, so you're saying that Mercedes engines has an extra mini electric motor to power the wheels ? If so then why is Williams still at the back of the grid ? This comment is a massive laughing stock.
Flying Spagetti
How about 2019 Ferrari engine? Where's that extra power came from?
Flying Spagetti
How about 2019 Ferrari engine? Where's that extra power came from?
Yandz The man
Yandz The man 6 napja
For me, he's up there with Brawn, Dennis and Todt
Origins of The Silver War (COMPLETE)