Toto Wolff On New F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali And Russia Review | F1 Nation Podcast 

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Hosts Tom Clarkson and Alex Jacques hear from Mercedes boss on why Stefano Domenicali is perfect for the F1 CEO job, and what Lewis Hamilton breaking Michael Schumacher's win record would mean for the German's legacy.
0:00 Intro
4:12 Hamilton's "winning" mentality
7:53 Ballads with Bottas
11:04 Mind games at Renault
14:35 Battle for third in constructors title race
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philipp ruest
philipp ruest 29 napja
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 29 napja
Conspiracy tip of the day; when someone like joe biden has to read a telempromter you wonder who is behind the president elect, are us the people being controlled from hidden people behind the scenes, how do we know whos words they are, is he just reading what his handlers want him to read?? is he just a puppet?? certainly looks like it!
juan080876 29 napja
President elect??? It seems that it is you who are fake Sir. Wake up and stop complaining about everything. You sound scared of your own shadow. Enjoy life. Learn to love.
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 29 napja
u basically have ross brawn, jean todt and stefano all ex ferrarri dudes in the FIA top line up, if ferrarri dont win soon then there is no hope for them because now they can cheat more than ever before!!! But they dont want Toto wolf head of Merc to be in the FIA do they??? but its ok to have 3 ex ferrarri staff there Ferrarri say Wolf is a conflict of interest! but its ok to have 3 ex Ferrarri staff up there, is that not a conflict of interest??? ahhhh let me think now???
Southern Realist
12:10 Daniel has had a different upbringing to Lewis. You people want everyone to sound like you or they're not normal... This is how you create divisions and casts in society. You use words in an eloquent way to say: if you don't sound like us, you're not one of us mentality.
Badbad Ynot
Badbad Ynot Hónapja
dont forget the mail bag AJ
Ryarama F1gobshite
Really....PER will get upgrades nxt race?!!!
Femi CEO
Femi CEO Hónapja
D-ric is fighting for 5th, Hamilton fighting for the win. Poor comparison.
Anatoliy Hónapja
So sad for Sainz. Since he saw real Ferrari pace in Spa he is in the baaaaaaad mood. Just can’t concentrate and focus himself on results.
KungFu Barbie
KungFu Barbie Hónapja
Didn't he finish 2nd in Monza. I'm pretty sure Monza was after Spa.
shinybaldy Hónapja
Wanna talk about Leclerc escaping penalties again? No seatbelt? Fuel inconsistency? Punting stroll?
dxtr68 29 napja
@tambulee Might, more like IS.
tambulee Hónapja
Ferrari might be the FIA's favorite child 🤔
M C Hónapja
Hamilton penalties were total bunk, unless there was some other communication from race control nobody is talking about. *Event Notes Art. 19.1* says you have to do practice starts to the right side of the pit lane exit, after the pit lane exit lights (nothing about "immediately", just "after"). *Sporting regs Art. 28.2,* and the Event Notes, both say the "pit lane exit" ends at the second safety car line; at Sochi, the second safety car line is located at Marshall Post 1.4, which is after the point where the pit lane blends into the track. Hamilton clearly did his practice starts before this point. I can find literally nothing justifying the penalties.
Samanthaflower Hónapja
M C He’s black, that’s enough!🤷🏾‍♀️
Keshu Rao
Keshu Rao Hónapja
Why such bias against Ocon? Give the guy a break, he's back after a lay off. I was not expecting him to beat Ricciardo this year.
Femi CEO
Femi CEO Hónapja
@Hardik Mehta Really? Like Riccardo is a slump
Hardik Mehta
Hardik Mehta Hónapja
Yeah but he should start beating him atleast in more races in second half otherwise that seat would be hard to hold.
Anatoliy Hónapja
Keshu Rao yeah. Waiting next year with Alonso. Will be such an interesting battle.
WopWopRambo Hónapja
Great podcast I love the insights you can't get anywhere else. My question would be who will be the next team principle at Williams?
Thomas De Quincey
Isn't the point that the Stewards could easily have interpreted the same rule in Lewis' favour? To the right after the lights is so vague they had to come up with the imaginary "box" to penalise him. So it comes down to benefit of the doubt. Lewis didn't get it, but I suspect every other driver would have. And anyone but Lewis would have been reprimanded after the race. Still, love the podcast.
Tumppi Hónapja
Formula 1 podcast. BEST PODCAST!
Charlie Hónapja
Nothing about steward Mika Salo leaking decisions to the press before their public?? Put Lewis pen aside & its still a huge scandal, no other sport would allow that, imagine the ethics breach over betting markets etc. Literally no F1 media is even covering it even tho Finnish TV are on video stating the penalty way before it was announced, FIA is a joke since Charlie passed
Charlie Hónapja
Tbh all teams literally employ at least 1 very senior engineer to sit on pitwall & 90% of their job is just FIA communications & knowing the rules....At Merc its Ron Meadows....poor guy is not having his best year, unfair to assume drivers know the whole lengthy rulebook, especially as it changes & varies by track....It's why they employ people to get on top of it.
M C Hónapja
There was literally nothing written for them to go on; it was just assumed that people would do what Masi wanted, the stewards ran with that interpretation, but it's complete bull. I sympathize 100% with Merc and Hamilton in this case, there was no justification for any penalties and the stewards messed up completely.
Alan Ali 12
Alan Ali 12 Hónapja
Who remembers when the title was Toto Being blocked by Ferrari?
SavretićD Hónapja
Yeah,I thought this is new video lol
SerPurple Hónapja
I read that and said how sad F1 is using clickbait
Vincent Ras
Vincent Ras Hónapja
Maybe Alex can speak with a normal voice and not try to sound like the end product of a night gone wrong with Jeremy Clarkson and yet to be named Radio 2 DJ.
RottieShep CALIBRE
Every driver should know all the rules.. get this guy off Tom.. how ridiculous was that comment
Femi CEO
Femi CEO Hónapja
@M C Masi is actually being a big inconsistent idiot. Mr action but so inconsistent. Most penalties and penalties point in the last 10years
M C Hónapja
There was literally nothing written down that indicated what Hamilton did was illegal, I've read the pertinent documents myself. It was just Masi assuming people would all go in the same place, and capriciously/baselessly deciding that anyone who didn't would get punished, and the stewards going along with it. I find these penalties utterly scandalous for F1's legitimacy and fans and media should be screaming at Masi and the stewards right now.
Charlie Hónapja
If drivers should know it all...Then why does every team have 1 senior guy on the pitwall who's job is just 90% FIA communications & knowing the rules inside out....most drivers literally say they don't know them all because there's both so many & they change for every track & every other year.....In the cockpit you need to be told it mostly
Sayon Palit
Sayon Palit Hónapja
why does toto sound like he is crying?
devon 26
devon 26 Hónapja
Can you guys make this 10 hours longer!
matthew 2779
matthew 2779 Hónapja
I can barely watch the boring as sport. you think I'm wasting my time listening to you too talk about it like it's important or interesting ? 😂
ab8jeh Hónapja
I don't get it. There are literally hundreds of other sports out there, go find something else and stop wasting your life then.
Johnny L
Johnny L Hónapja
You literally have a playlist dedicated to F1
Manoj Mahalingam
Danny is on the way out on a team that trusted him to build the team. His team was swapping positions for him, and despite Ocon making it difficult, Danny did mess it up. How are we even contrasting that with Hamilton And then with Vettel - would be interesting if Renault was as bad as the Ferrari.
Missouri Re sole
Best thing Ferrari did this year
juan080876 Hónapja
Initially Hamilton received 2 penalty points on his Super License for his infringement. It happens to be the same amount Roman received for his multi car shunt in 2018. Penalties towards Hamilton seem to be more heavy handed.
KungFu Barbie
KungFu Barbie Hónapja
2020 F1
2020 F1 Hónapja
There was a penalty reversal by the fIA. Removed Hamilton's 2 Super License penalty points He said he was going to impose fines on the Mercedes team. That's fortunate. Are you interviewing for that?
Lerroy Odima
Lerroy Odima Hónapja
We needed a podcast
why everyone unrespect with hamilton? me too.
mafantasee 29 napja
Then take bottas chair at merc 😂😂😂. @KungFu Barbie
KungFu Barbie
KungFu Barbie Hónapja
@Jonathan Griffiths I just don't think people like him winning all the time.
Jonathan Griffiths
Two words , skin colour
DeWeberis Hónapja
Ferrari c@ckbl@ck on T@t@ ⚔️ It's a castration 😳
Chris Cochran
Chris Cochran Hónapja
I feel like Lewis was more upset by the fact that he would have tied Schumacher for the most wins.
Femi CEO
Femi CEO Hónapja
I don't think Valteri wins without the penalty
Charlie Hónapja
Doubt it its just a matter of time, I'm sure he'd rather win it next race in Germany other than boring old Sochi....Media has kinda killed the 91 win record with their hype even for him it seems
MR. SemperFi
MR. SemperFi Hónapja
Nah, he doesn’t give a f*** about records.
IA32 Hónapja
Of course he would get denied, who on earth wants the team principal of the most dominant team in history to be CEO of the sport too Unless he left the TP role at Mercedes, but that's not happening
Samanthaflower Hónapja
‘Who on earth wants the team principle of the most dominant team in history to be CEO of the sport too?’ You mean like Jean Todt? 🙄 Ferrari is the most dominant team in F1, not Mercedes! And oh look, an ex-Ferrari team principle is in a position of power in F1! SHOCKING! 😱
Kyle McLeod
Kyle McLeod Hónapja
He’d likely do great in the role. Obviously he’d need to divest his current interests, but he knows how to build a great organization.
SerPurple Hónapja
Look how they changed the title. It was a clickbait title
Charlie Hónapja
@Thomas Baldwin He'd obviously sell it to take the Liberty role in future. FIA boss Jean Todt still has active conflict of interests as his son literally manages Charles Leclerc at a team that is heavily linked to the family.....Not saying there's a correlation but no driver lately has got off for slam dunk pens like Leclerc has e.g. Stroll crash, No seatbelts + more
Thomas Baldwin
Thomas Baldwin Hónapja
He's also a shareholder of Mercedes is he not? That screams conflict of interest
Alexander Wong
Alexander Wong Hónapja
Nonna YoBeesWax
Nonna YoBeesWax Hónapja
So what exactly is the difference between this and Beyond The Grid?
Nonna YoBeesWax
Nonna YoBeesWax Hónapja
@Charlie ahhh okay! thanks a bunch! :)
Charlie Hónapja
@Leonardo Luiz Yup. This is basically after every race & covers several topics in 30 mins. Beyond the Grid is ex/current F1 personnel doing a more traditional podcast format going over their careers etc.
Leonardo Luiz
Leonardo Luiz Hónapja
This is two interviewers analysing F1 stuff. Beyond the grid interviews someone related to F1.
Pedapudi Vishnuram
This does not even appear in the channel 🤣
Pedapudi Vishnuram
terry andreson
terry andreson Hónapja
Dead Bot
Dead Bot Hónapja
Ferrari's veto power shouldn't exist
Thomas Baldwin
Thomas Baldwin Hónapja
FIA: Ferrari, we would like to remove your Veto power... Ferrari: Yeah, we're going to veto that one
nheex Hónapja
Lewis gets 10 sec penalty Everyone liked that one
Alex Dunbarr
Alex Dunbarr Hónapja
Not everyone, only ferrari butthurt fans.
SavretićD Hónapja
I didnt
Akshith Venkata
Akshith Venkata Hónapja
@김준영 true bro true👍🏼
김준영 Hónapja
@Veloce Reckless m8, with all they have achieved, do you really think they will be that unprofessional? It doesn't matter if they were ferrari personnels or not. THEY ARE one the best personnels in f1 history, and they will do their upmost to do the best for the sport that they love more than anyone, and they have. They did not destroy mercedes like the fia did in 2005, completely destroying ferrari's winning philosophy. If they really wanted to show that 'ferrari' nature, they would have struck a 2005 to mercedes after 2018. Did they? Don't shame them. They really are no where near the realm of stupidity. And as you can tell by my name, I am not an italian nor am I part of the tifosi. If they had that kind of a biased way of working, they would have never had a career in f1 spanning over 3 decades.
Veloce Reckless
Veloce Reckless Hónapja
Im not satisfied until FIA arent run by ferrari. Get neutrals in who arent biased
Andre Khoo
Andre Khoo Hónapja
Re-Mecs Hónapja
Patrick Tee
Patrick Tee Hónapja
Janne Reckweg
Janne Reckweg Hónapja
Not First
swimdeep 1
swimdeep 1 Hónapja
Did you have to wait 10 seconds before posting.
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Louis Joubert
Louis Joubert Hónapja
Archie Hónapja
G_pad Hónapja
My hero
niuean3000 Hónapja
Murat keleş
Murat keleş Hónapja
niuean3000 Hónapja
you second bro