Up Close With AlphaTauri Mechanics | 2020 Italian Grand Prix 

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Watch the final race preparations from the perspective of the mechanics as they readied Dany Kvyat and Pierre Gasly's cars for what turned into a spectacular afternoon at Monza for the Italian-based team.
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2020.nov. 7.






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TheNeoNTex 3 napja
Kris A
Kris A 5 napja
When Tie Fighters and X-Wings need crews, these guys will be ready. ;)
Dragonio 7 napja
5:55 the fact that the red smoke looks orange makes it seem more like the Indian flag
Basrie Christian
Best teamwork moment
Imani Domma
Imani Domma 12 napja
Those are some really nice tatts
Tom de Wolff
Tom de Wolff 12 napja
Do from Red Bull and max
Mohammad hosain Ghassempour
6:51 that's why they've won the race.
Alex Vrego
Alex Vrego 14 napja
Thanks for this, F1 ❤
Família Guedes
Família Guedes 14 napja
Tão bonito ver isto 😊😊🙂
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 14 napja
06:08 Aham! I was always thinking if these installation laps harming race tyres. Apparently not.
woll dippen
woll dippen 14 napja
imagine vettel doing this all on its own
Luis Ruíz
Luis Ruíz 15 napja
What a video! more of this @f1
Imran Ali
Imran Ali 15 napja
More wins than albon 😂
sam 15 napja
I love how of all the races, it happened they did this in the race Gasly won at.
Kick The Habit
Kick The Habit 15 napja
It was the mechanics kiss of the front of the car that won em the race
Brunogsilv99 15 napja
Please do this more often!
Michael 15 napja
I’d like to see POV of Red Bull mechanics in Hungary.
Brenden Scott
Brenden Scott 16 napja
That is awesome, thanks for sharing. Would be great to see some more behind the scenes.
Gabriel Cifuentes
it's a mechanical perspective without a pit stop view?
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 16 napja
Wow you guys have crazy technology, in the us we are doing stuff ghetto style
Eros Racing
Eros Racing 16 napja
Thx for this
Mario Manzini
Mario Manzini 16 napja
Fantastic: How to build a victory.
damojump 16 napja
Would have been great to see the mechanics view through the race too.
Valentino 16 napja
This too much to handle for who don't know nothing about it
edboibrz 16 napja
its been 2 months and im still getting emotional about pierre winning
Chad MacLean
Chad MacLean 16 napja
Not available for me as of 08NOV20
Tino Solla
Tino Solla 16 napja
Great video !!!
Kieran Gunter
Kieran Gunter 16 napja
I love watching this now - the guys are just doing their normal job and they have absolutey no idea what kind of day is about to come there way.
Alvin XK Tan
Alvin XK Tan 16 napja
this is the type of content I subscribed for
ooonte 16 napja
This is a great piece.
DaniMacYo 16 napja
This is awesome. So intense it’s great seeing what goes on before the cars go out and race. I was actually getting all nervous watching this like I’m preparing the car and trying to do my job right before the race. Lol. I guess it’s the immersion we get from these camera views. Also after seeing this, you see how much goes into getting the car all ready for the race and when it doesn’t go well it’s like all that hard work for nothing feeling you know. Or when it goes right how much it means to the teams. This kind of view really gives you a better prospective and understanding for all the hard work and emotions in F1.
Alfaafan Yusufa Achmad
Still gives me chills
Pierre Jullion
Pierre Jullion 16 napja
6:51 the kiss of victory
Thomas Caswell
Thomas Caswell 16 napja
still got them chills from that finish!
Tiziano Pegoraro
7:19 a V8 out of nowhere LOL
Chan Chan
Chan Chan 16 napja
As much as we love the drivers,team principals,race engineers and strategist,these mechanics are literally the backbone of any F1 team from front running like Mercedes or backmarkers like Williams. These guys deserve all the respect they get from making race changing but fast pit stops to working on every aspects of what is a sophisticated and complex car to get it ready for the weekend.
윤성민 16 napja
We wamt more of these stuff instead of Weraceasone hypocrites
Patrick van der Kraan
We need more of this ! Pls 🙏
Spurdublone 16 napja
Sensational content
tjockiskatten 17 napja
Awesome! More content like this, please.
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan 17 napja
Ok but which Italian GP is this?
stefan bogi
stefan bogi 16 napja
Italian one (Monza)
Aisha Nur
Aisha Nur 17 napja
i never knew they sang the national anthem of each respective country
Argiris 17 napja
I would like to thank the whole team for giving all of us, a slight essense of the excitment and passion they experience through every race... Nothing but rspect to you and all the mechanics of every other team on the grid...
Too sad honda is leaving :(
y1521t21b5 17 napja
8:04 Arguably the greatest moment of the _F1_ hybrid era thus far! Goosebumps!
123Tubie 17 napja
keep rolling the pre race preparation they'll win every time
Luke Benjamin
Luke Benjamin 17 napja
im a bigger AT fan than RB
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
who would have thought that being a F1 cameraman,you need to have a engineering and physics degree and have knowledge of how to tune and work on a car?
roy canuck
roy canuck 17 napja
Monza 2019: Charles Leclerc's emotional win in front of Tifosi Monza 2020: Pierre Gasly's emotional win for AT Monza has been delivering amazing races lately!
John Smith
John Smith 17 napja
Edited by a kid with the attention span of a flea. When are children hired to do video editing going to unlearn this flash card method of composing a vid? When a fan looks at the incredibly complex parts on the most expensive cars on Earth, they are only made aggravated by a half second glimpse that then moves to more half second glimpse. It's an evil way to show the car, you cannot nearly digest what you are looking at. Instead, DWELL on the various parts, for ten seconds not a half second.
Mini Gasly
Mini Gasly 17 napja
What an amazing atmosphere
Aaron Anish
Aaron Anish 17 napja
that was one of the best races i have seen till now
Carl ThatMooKoo
Carl ThatMooKoo 17 napja
What a weekend to choose for making this video. Really cool.
Tambos Simanjuntak
So happy for Alpha Tauri’s podium. Especially when RB’s crew applaud them from their garage when Alpha’s crew rushing the podium for pierre... well done! We need more content like this, F1.. 🤙🤙
auzzyboy 17 napja
Ace video. Glad my virtual sim racing team dont have to under go any of this pressure :p
BFB-DanceySteve 17 napja
I'm more of a Hadar person. Beta Centauri for the win! First, second and third.
Edward Jam
Edward Jam 17 napja
That was pretty cool.
勝P5 17 napja
Soooooooo cooooooooool!!!!!
Sarang Date
Sarang Date 17 napja
Oh my!. The hard work work & details the mechanics have to go through just for us to enjoy the race!
Muhammad Ilham
Muhammad Ilham 17 napja
Loved this kind of video, it shows respect for the mechanics for their hard work preparing the car 👍
TrinhThieuGia 17 napja
This is so cool. Wish they show more of this in Drive to Survive
Wessel- 22
Wessel- 22 17 napja
The perfect job doesnt exi.....
MaquiNando 17 napja
6:52" that smack made the win ❤️❤️
Crispin Sandford
Total Pros!
Jonas Horlacher
Jonas Horlacher 17 napja
I thought this was imola at first
Axl Hangoover
Axl Hangoover 17 napja
The entire video is the Italian National Anthem! I'm Italian and I really enjoy every time I can see or hear this team doing something (no matter what thing).
Pablo Tassinari
Pablo Tassinari 17 napja
Hussam Hakim
Hussam Hakim 17 napja
can we keep the number of dislikes on 69 please :D
Zetzsuna _S14
Zetzsuna _S14 17 napja
6:15 We need Gasly's engineer @
Alexander Chisholm
leclercs crash still gives me goosebumps
Venom669 17 napja
How warm do the tire get with those tire warmers? Or what is the temp they are going for?
Luigi Di Lascio
Luigi Di Lascio 17 napja
I'm so glad AlphaTauri is having a bit of attention lately, especially for both drivers' results. Seems to be such a promising team 🇮🇹
boeh buthelezi
boeh buthelezi 17 napja
So do AlphaTuri mechanics also get promoted to Red Bull if they perform well? 🤔
winsai silagan
winsai silagan 17 napja
They win 2nd in Monza First the Toro Rosso 2nd the alpha tauri wow
Riccardo Bonacina
Love to hear them speak italian❤️
Pokimenstrual Cramps NOT
What amazes me most, is that they can take it down very quick! Very Impressive
Benyamin Pinto
Benyamin Pinto 17 napja
Awesome video
Kipch Pineda
Kipch Pineda 17 napja
Crofty saying "Pierre Gasly wins the Italian grand prix" always gives me a smile,
Siniset 17 napja
You chose correct race to do this.
Sou Fiane_11
Sou Fiane_11 17 napja
Bravo Pierre
simon hoare
simon hoare 17 napja
Love Love this sort of content. Wish we could see more. Kudos.
Thierry 17 napja
I felt in love with this video 😍😍
Riki12004 17 napja
4:43 😳😳😳
La viiictoiiiire de Pierre Gaslyyyyy
Doubledeepfried 17 napja
Axle warmer? Learn stuff every day
Russell Sherry
Russell Sherry 17 napja
Very cool thanks F1 and I appreciate what is involved with the people and system behind the scenes please let us see more of it 🤗🏁🏁
Erik Iwaniw
Erik Iwaniw 17 napja
Is it just me or do we all still get chills from this win?
JotaSE30 17 napja
If this was a Ferrari mechanics video it would have started with "Hey there it's Josh, welcome back to Let's Game It Out" and the car would have been called Grace.
Pablo Felipe Villalobos Gonzalez
Simply fantastic!!!!
Dany Daniel
Dany Daniel 17 napja
yes , more and more mechanic work more please ^^
Rude Boy
Rude Boy 17 napja
African GP, when is the championship returning to the continent F1?
abc 17 napja
More such content please
Vojtěch Klepetko
7:18 thats a V10 sound!
twenty2 17 napja
3:57 T-posing to assert dominance
Steve Bruce
Steve Bruce 17 napja
Must be more to F1 than tyre blankets...?
deedas 17 napja
I thought this was last week's. I assumed I was about to see what went wrong with Gasly's car.
Pierre Ndong
Pierre Ndong 17 napja
Grande Pierino 😂
Daniel Miranda
Daniel Miranda 17 napja
Sanok Maynik
Sanok Maynik 17 napja
imagine being the mechanics just wanting a P7 or something like that