Valtteri Bottas' Pole Lap | 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix | Pirelli 

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For the 15th time in his career, Valtteri Bottas claims pole position as he edges his Mercedes team mate to the top spot by less than a tenth of a second.
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Lawand Sabir Noori
From hero to zero
Luqman Hakimi
Luqman Hakimi 15 napja
Months later and this is still very fast.
Rodrigo Augusto Barbosa Vaz
Great work! Um desses é uma benção. Super Top Qualified.
Deki K.
Deki K. 18 napja
Scary how late he brakes
Michael Le
Michael Le 18 napja
P8 2021*
Rodrigo Augusto Barbosa Vaz
Imola GP FANTASTIC you are a MANIAC!!! 🤣🤣
Much faster then 2004 button lap
Julio M
Julio M 20 napja
Jose Alexander
Jose Alexander 24 napja
Where is that final chicken turn?
Paolo Ciarpaglini
These F1 cars are absurds. Imola was an great circuit, you had to fight against the circuit, but at this speed in the corners seems like a kart circuit. Are cars without a soul and color a part, indistinguishibles one from the other.
Paolo Ciarpaglini
@Julio M just feelings ?, all the motorsport racings world is born for give pure emotions and top feelings, what rest today about.., a therdy or fourth for cent not more. Look how much easy is becamed today take the Acque Minerali, most simply than drink a glass of juice. No one correction on the steering during all the lap, sound miles a far from also only one decade a go, not a minimum vibration, c'omon.. In qualifying all that count is brake in the right point and take the right line, for the rest this cars travel on two binary. I was rest dazed see IMOLA leterally devoured in this way.. Indeed, shocked is more appropriate.
Julio M
Julio M 20 napja
Too much feelings in your comment, not a single fact, and full of lies.
Felis Catus
Felis Catus Hónapja
Hope Bottas will take pole position as well in this 2021 season 🤛
Lucas William
Lucas William Hónapja
A driver player of LIVE FOR SPEED driver of F1 very nice
Dona Hónapja
0:22 ........Ayrton........
Erina Myrtaj
Erina Myrtaj 3 hónapja
io sono un tifoso di bottas
Fellipe Miranda
Fellipe Miranda 3 hónapja
0:18 Sad corner!
X Yellowcard X
X Yellowcard X 3 hónapja
Codies track limits be like: ReEeEeEeEe
Anonimo Mononimo
Anonimo Mononimo 3 hónapja
Incredible, we will have this circuit in the 2021 game :')
PigeonsFlys 4 hónapja
Burned Potatoes
Burned Potatoes 4 hónapja
The way he go to the Villeneuve chicane was insane
Emanuele Taverniti
Emanuele Taverniti 4 hónapja
Wonderful circuit
JJ4824 5 hónapja
This track is awesome I'm so sad that other gps have spots on 2021 calendar and not this
JJ4824 5 hónapja
I forgot completely that Bottas got pole here
Shayyan 5 hónapja
If this was a lap in the F1 game, penalties will be for: 0:30 0:36 0:45 0:53 1:00 1:02 1:14
Lo No
Lo No 5 hónapja
Vive firarri😂
SunTzu192 5 hónapja
Christian Valterry Horner
Tushar Girotra
Tushar Girotra 6 hónapja
Is that the brake bias that he keeps changing? 56-56.5....
Hyperdatio 6 hónapja
His engineer is looking suprised by Valtteri!!
Joe Sheppard
Joe Sheppard 6 hónapja
The fastest race car in history on one of the best circuits in the world... A sight to behold.
mito Penny
mito Penny 6 hónapja
This car sounds horrible, I need v12
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 6 hónapja
Go Bottas
Thapelo Motsabi
Thapelo Motsabi 6 hónapja
With those huge kerbs you'd expect some big steering corrections but nope
J. Jacomet
J. Jacomet 6 hónapja
Il faut remettre cette piste ce circuit imola au calendrier officielle du championnat du monde de formule1 à chaque saison ce circuit est génial et spécial elle fait partie du patrimoine de la f1!!!!!!
J. Jacomet
J. Jacomet 6 hónapja
I love this track the best track of formula one history
Cow Cow
Cow Cow 6 hónapja
Why was the final chicane removed?
GingerZX 6 hónapja
if they told me this was in the game i would believe this
Declan Wilhelm
Declan Wilhelm 6 hónapja
70 dislikes from Lewis and the Hamiltons
christian maccioni
christian maccioni 6 hónapja
Nico rosberg’s track analysis are working😂
cicatriz 6 hónapja
Bottas robbed by fate yet again
ALex79cbr 6 hónapja
Schumacher 2004 (Ferrari F2004) 1: 22.732 2: 26.649 Bottas 2020 (Mercedes W11) 1: 23.432 2: 25.478 Ferrari F2004 is slower in the corners but faster in the straight. The question is, is Ferrari F2004 with 2020 tires faster than the W11? I think so
ALex79cbr 5 hónapja
@Julio M Marc Gene with an F2003ga at Laguna Seca lapped on slick tires, after which he said that the car was glued to the ground and that compared to the grooved tires it was at least 3 seconds faster.
Julio M
Julio M 5 hónapja
No, the F2004 is designed bespoke to grooved tyres in order to tear every single drop of performance out of them. If you put slicks on the 2004 it would be nothing but a mess.
Nice Garry
Nice Garry 6 hónapja
all car
Thamindu kavinda
Thamindu kavinda 6 hónapja
Oh man awsome handling. Unbelievable driving specially at bend car is so stable.
John John
John John 6 hónapja
I’m happy for Riccardo and Le Clerc, those 2 are doing amazing work with the cars that they have.
Neil Whitaker
Neil Whitaker 6 hónapja
I don't watch F1 anymore since the quiet engines (just checking this out because I love Imola) but I have to say the speed he goes through Tamburello, Villeneuve, the descent into Aqua Minerale and Rivazza I was hit with the feeling that my body wouldn't be able to cope even if I was a passenger. I'm mid 40s now and I could feel my stomach getting butterflies watching this sitting on my comfy chair.
joker1907 6 hónapja
Can someone please explain those big numbers on the dashboard to me? They were shown everytime after Bottas pushed a button. What do they stand for? @0:25 55,3 @0:39 56,0 @1:05 56,5
red bull & vodka
red bull & vodka 6 hónapja
brake bias
RoWdY The 1
RoWdY The 1 6 hónapja
So I take it the team lied to Bottas and Hamilton and told them that it was practice 3 😅
Mohd Rusdi Mohd Mokhtar
That car is the best in the world... With all the tech it has... No other track car that can beat it...the acceleration from corners is out of this world
조태성 6 hónapja
I really miss final chicane
Such a beautiful track
seplayer 6 hónapja
Marshals in real life: Oh he just exceeded a bit but that okay.... Marshals in Codemasters' F1 2020: BLACK FLAG BLACK FLAG Exceeding track limits by 1 milimeter.
Greg Hadji
Greg Hadji 6 hónapja
1.02 bottas seems to be beyond track limits for this qualy lap.
jason daniel barry
jason daniel barry 6 hónapja
Do you even lift bro 😱
Käpt'n Hansen President Jamaica Rumverschnitt
I have to say, I miss Variante Bassa and the old pitlane. But we probably wouldn’t get overtakes with it.
SoulFlare 692
SoulFlare 692 6 hónapja
The way these cars turn seems unnatural, as it goes against physics
GER Aleks
GER Aleks 6 hónapja
Id like to see a comparison between this lap and the pole lap 2006.
kostas konstantinidis
No need for a single steer correction..it's like auto pilot..they really need to do something about it..
MrYoumitube 6 hónapja
Let's just give the Trophy to Lewis already, give him a holiday and watch the others race for the win. Mercedes is killing the sport!
Tomás Nicolau da Costa
0:35 what was that? Mind boggling acceleration
muhammad shofwan
muhammad shofwan 6 hónapja
0:34 sound like a sudden acceleration on mercedes team in every quali season, what's that?
muhammad shofwan
muhammad shofwan 6 hónapja
I dont mind Mercedes dominated the race but i hope for a battle between Lewis and Bottas
Hazman 6 hónapja
Many times I said that Hamilton > Schumacher...in this time, Bottas > Hamilton...that's the fact
Just think that they have stopped car development. Imagine how fast it would be if they kept developing that thing
alain Gattelet
alain Gattelet 6 hónapja
One tenth ahead on qualification, 5 tenth behind on race. Search for the error 😳
ONETABS 6 hónapja
Bottas must've thought he was still in FP3
david garton
david garton 6 hónapja
What a nice superstar.
Stefan B
Stefan B 6 hónapja
Precisely 1:02, He's out of the track, outside the track limits so he should've had his lap time deleted.
Abhishek S
Abhishek S 6 hónapja
I don't see any overtaking spots
Hoàng Thế Hào Lương
Pole lap video should have the speed expression
Ashish kumar Bilhar
Hope he will not be ruining his pole position like earlier
N/A Gaming
N/A Gaming 6 hónapja
lap shouldve been deleted, raikonnens time was deleted for the same reason
max payne
max payne 6 hónapja
Sono un motociclista amatore che a imola gira in 2.06, vedere queste F1 quanto vanno e la velocità che hanno in curva è assurdo, siamo al limite della fisica! Imola the best track of the world!!
Jinansh Mehta
Jinansh Mehta 6 hónapja
The way he controlled that car 🤯🤯🤯🤯
StarFox85 6 hónapja
incredible speed wow..
MIKI-X- 79
MIKI-X- 79 6 hónapja
Adoro imola!!!!
Rishabh K
Rishabh K 6 hónapja
Race day: Valteri bottas in lead. Radio: "Valteri it's James! Box this lap, box, box." Last lap: "And Lewis Hamilton wins the Grand Prix."
King James
King James 6 hónapja
Mercedes team doesn't sound so happy for bottas pole. Ofcourse tomorrow they pull down his pace to make Lulu go front. That's what they have been doing since long time. Proof for that is bottas consolation race wins after Lulu wins championships
Lushendrick YDK
Lushendrick YDK 6 hónapja
This track is awesome
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 6 hónapja
That car is a beautiful freak.
Aaron C
Aaron C 6 hónapja
Defo as excited when classic F1 tracks makes a comeback, like the nirburgring
Matthew 6 hónapja
This circuit needs to be on Gran Turismo 7 😋
The Jevi
The Jevi 6 hónapja
Just imagine your entire season is you versus your only competition your teammate, and you just beat him by a tenth, that's like the holy Grail of wins, when you're up against one of the greatest drives the world has seen LH#44.
Yash Rayasam
Yash Rayasam 6 hónapja
Bottas knew it was Hamilton behind him. He didn't even ask 😂
Pranav P S
Pranav P S 6 hónapja
I don't see how it could be anyone else either. It's written in the stars.
Andre Preston
Andre Preston 6 hónapja
The grip around these high G corners is incredible, great lap for Bottas
A Bains
A Bains 6 hónapja
Need comparison please
hams photo-vlogs
hams photo-vlogs 6 hónapja
Bottas lacks speed consistency during race day, and seemed managing tyre wear worse than Ham...I bet he will loose the first place again.
Phanindra K
Phanindra K 6 hónapja
Scenario was Bottas take the pole in Qualifying But Hamilton win the race Everytime .. Because of Lewis wins I was bit of bhooring ...
Salman Fauzi
Salman Fauzi 6 hónapja
He already knew his only rival on taking the pole
hamish counsell
hamish counsell 6 hónapja
I hope imola comes back full time and replaces russia or abu. Imolas flow looks so nice
Peter Fernandez
Peter Fernandez 6 hónapja
What a beautiful circuit. I think they should return sometime in the future.
Joe Kidd
Joe Kidd 6 hónapja
orio_ 6 hónapja
I've never seen a lap from Bottas that has looked that precise. These turn ins are beautifully judged and direct. Impressive.
Ianevitable 6 hónapja
How many times are they gonna change how the car looks
ThirdEnergy 6 hónapja
Tomorrow: Valtteri are james, you have to save fuel from the fifth to the last lap, Hamilton will only do it in the first five laps then he will win with 25 seconds advantage
Brown Wilson
Brown Wilson 6 hónapja
1:10 I quit my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Aditya Shukla
Aditya Shukla 6 hónapja
What's the 56.0 and 56.5 values showing on the screen during the lap ? Is it brake bias ?
Nick Hill
Nick Hill 6 hónapja
The question is, can he hold onto P1? Lol, j/k, of course he won't. Congrats on another P1, Lewis!
TheTimeTraveller 6 hónapja
I think the reason Ham is always better in race trim is because Hamilton is the master at tyre care. Like Vettel says, he massages the tyres, and treats them lovely
Joe Shelton
Joe Shelton 6 hónapja
What a lap by Valtteri Bottas. 🏁
Kashby281 6 hónapja
Every weekend the pole lap on Saturday and sometimes the race winner on a Sunday are spoiled for me by this channel because I don't watch the races live since they're always at like midnight in Australia 😢
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza 6 hónapja
Oh boy do I love this track Its only at these moments we realize how unbelievable these machines are... Totally crazy
John Uftring
John Uftring 6 hónapja
Yeah, now hopefully he can convert this to P1 at the checker on Sunday. Valtteri has the one lap chops, but man, I want to see him keep this level of performance on Sunday. Lewis just has the finesse on race day that Valtteri doesn't have.
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 6 hónapja
Track limits out of the chicane but he got away with it. Great lap otherwise.
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